BabelStone Fonts : BabelStone Han PUA


BabelStone Han PUA v. 1.085 includes 4,358 unencoded CJK ideographs in the PUA, in the range U+E100 through U+F8B3. All characters except those marked with a star are also present at the same code points in BabelStone Han version 10.0.0. This font is updated frequently (whenever I add new characters), whereas the main BabelStone Han font is only updated once or twice a year.

Many of the characters listed below have already been submitted to the Ideographic Rapporteur Group (IRG) for encoding in the ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode standards, but the process of encoding CJK ideographs is long and convoluted, and it may take five years or longer from proposal submission up until the time that a character is available in Unicode. The current encoding status of each character is provided in the table below, and further information on current (and future) CJK encoding proposals is available on my website here.

If you want me to add any unencoded characters to this font for your use, please let me know (on twitter or by email), and I will be happy to consider adding them for free.

PUA Characters in BabelStone Han PUA

Code Point Character IDS Note Source Source Refs. Encoding Status
U+E100 ⿰山岂 Simplified form
= U+5D66 嵦
U+E101 ⿱㐅収 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E102 ⿰𧾷卬 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E103 ⿱艹妑 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E104 ⿱㞢目 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E105 ⿱⿻㇇丶朩 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E106 ⿳爫串又 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E107 ⿳日共米 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E108 ⿱北空 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E109 ⿱甫心 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E10A ⿰曹阝 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E10B ⿰草阝 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E10C ⿰岑阝 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E10D ⿱艹阐 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E10E ⿱艹闡 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E10F ⿰礻長 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E110 ⿰氵鼂 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E111 ⿱艹车 Simplified form
= U+8397 莗
U+E112 ⿰车页 Simplified form
= U+294B7 𩒷
U+E113 ⿻𠂇人 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E114 ⿰⿸厂臣阝 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E115 ⿱陳土 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E116 ⿱𨹚土 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E117 ⿱艹⿷匚豕 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E118 ⿳亠口冂 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E119 ⿵门束 Simplified form
= U+28D28 𨴨
U+E11A ⿱此隹 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E11B ⿰崔页 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E11C ⿰崔頁 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E11D ⿰山炎 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E11E ⿵门石 Simplified form
= U+4992 䦒
U+E11F ⿱艹邓 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E120 ⿰䔲阝 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E121 ⿱豆廾 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E122 ⿰⿱一句阝 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E123 ⿱帶口 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E124 ⿰車冬 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E125 ⿰重阝 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E126 ⿰賣阝 《中华姓氏源流大辞典》
U+E555 * ⿱髟逄 Variant
= U+9AFC 髼
ZHZH p. 1779 L2/17-204
U+E556 * ⿰镸⿱彡頁 Variant
= U+9B1A 鬚
ZHZH p. 1776 L2/17-204
U+E557 * ⿰車⿳口冖月 Variant
= U+8F2F 輯
ZHZH p. 1362 L2/17-204
U+E558 * ⿰骨⿸产𡿨 Variant
= U+29A77 𩩷
ZHZH p. 1599 L2/17-204
U+E559 * ⿰骨䏍 Variant
= U+4BDA 䯚
ZHZH p. 1599 L2/17-204
U+E55A * ⿰昏荒 Variant
= U+660F 昏
ZHZH p. 927 L2/17-204
U+E55B * ⿰木⿱龷冄 Variant
= U+69CB 構
ZHZH p. 757 L2/17-204
U+E55C * ⿰戎鳥 Variant
= U+2A01A 𪀚
ZHZH p. 1779 L2/17-204
U+E55D * ⿰氵⿱穴文 Variant
= U+6DF1 深
ZHZH p. 557 L2/17-204
U+E55E * ⿰山戛 Variant
= U+21F1B 𡼛
ZHZH p. 454 L2/17-204
U+E55F * ⿱虱䖵 Variant
= U+8671 虱
ZHZH p. 1216 L2/17-204
U+E560 * ⿰石𠠵 Variant
= U+7832 砲
ZHZH p. 1020 L2/17-204
U+E561 * ⿰鼠宴 Variant
= U+9F34 鼴
ZHZH p. 1781 L2/17-204
U+E562 * ⿰扌⿱百夊 Variant
= U+6270 扰
ZHZH p. 349 L2/17-204
U+E563 * ⿰犭⿳⿱⺊乛七巾 Variant
= U+864E 虎
ZHZH p. 497 L2/17-204
U+E564 * ⿰訁凬 Variant
= U+8AF7 諷
ZHZH p. 1462 L2/17-204
U+E565 * ⿳亠𣍹𧘇 Variant
= U+27708 𧜈
ZHZH p. 141 L2/17-204
U+E566 * ⿱⺮虗 Variant
= U+7C34 簴
ZHZH p. 1250 L2/17-204
U+E567 * ⿰耑攵 Variant
= U+63E3 揣
ZHZH p. 877 L2/17-204
U+E568 * ⿺辶⿹?刀 Variant
= U+28559 𨕙
ZHZH p. 644 L2/17-204
U+E569 * ⿺辶? Variant
= U+5EF6 延
ZHZH p. 634 L2/17-204
U+E56A * ⿺辶⿱木目 Variant
= U+907C 遼
ZHZH p. 643 L2/17-204
U+E56B * ⿰𧾷𠬝 Variant
= U+8E4D 蹍
ZHZH p. 1411 L2/17-204
U+E56C * ⿰飠莽 《四川方言词源》 (巴蜀书社,2014年) p. ??
U+E56D * ⿱艹覇 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E56E * ⿰扌麽 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E56F * ⿱𥫗秔 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E570 * ⿰衤溪 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E571 * ⿰衤領 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E572 * ⿰貝康 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E573 * ⿰口肋 《粵音指南》
U+E574 * ⿰口𩋘 《粵音指南》
U+E575 * ⿰丫鸟 Simplified form
= U+2EB28 𮬨
G_LGYJ0002 Ext. G Candidate
U+E576 * ⿰鱼卜 Simplified form
= U+2CD42 𬵂
G_PGLG1002 Ext. G Candidate
U+E577 * ⿱红丁 Simplified form
= U+2CEE4 𬻤
G_PGLG1003 Ext. G Candidate
U+E578 * ⿰氵马 Simplified form
= U+6EA4 溤
G_PGLG1004 Ext. G Candidate
U+E579 * ⿰日连 Simplified form
= U+2D9D2 𭧒
G_PGLG2013 Ext. G Candidate
U+E57A * ⿰纟中 Simplified form
= U+2B0DE 𫃞
G_PGLG2014 Ext. G Candidate
U+E57B * ⿰纟等 Simplified form
= U+2616F 𦅯
G_PGLG2015 Ext. G Candidate
U+E57C * ⿰口动 Simplified form
= U+35E2 㗢
G_PGLG2016 Ext. G Candidate
U+E57D * ⿰度多 Simplified form
G_PGLG2017 Ext. G Candidate
U+E57E * ⿰书史 Simplified form
= U+2DA21 𭨡
G_PGLG2018 Ext. G Candidate
U+E57F * ⿰纟告 Simplified form
= U+2603D 𦀽
G_PGLG2019 Ext. G Candidate
U+E580 * ⿰召鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CC2 䳂
G_PGLG3050 Ext. G Candidate
U+E581 * ⿰乍鸟 Simplified form
= U+29FDE 𩿞
G_PGLG3051 Ext. G Candidate
U+E582 * ⿰伏鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A022 𪀢
G_PGLG3052 Ext. G Candidate
U+E583 * ⿰纟巾 Simplified form
G_PGLG3053 Ext. G Candidate
U+E584 * ⿰扌许 Simplified form
= U+2D892 𭢒
G_PGLG3054 Ext. G Candidate
U+E585 * ⿰𧾷贺 Simplified form
= U+2E717 𮜗
G_PGLG3055 Ext. G Candidate
U+E586 * ⿰累鸟 Simplified form
= U+2EB52 𮭒
G_PGLG3056 Ext. G Candidate
U+E587 * ⿰纟美 Simplified form
= U+2C5EE 𬗮
G_PGLG3057 Ext. G Candidate
U+E588 * ⿰口东 Simplified form
= U+35A6 㖦
G_PGLG4008 Ext. G Candidate
U+E589 * ⿰手夆 Simplified form
G_PGLG4009 Ext. G Candidate
U+E58A * ⿰纟丁 Simplified form
= U+7CFD 糽
G_PGLG5009 Ext. G Candidate
U+E58B * ⿰鱼过 Simplified form
= U+29F23 𩼣
U+E58C * ⿰扌笨 马骥《成都方言》(2012年) p. 67
U+E58D * ⿸尸侨 Corrupt form
= U+2AA17 𪨗
U+E58E * ⿱不见 Simplified form
= U+8994 覔
U+E58F * ⿰犭怒 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E590 * ⿱山曹 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E591 * ⿰氵冀 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E592 * ⿰骨間 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E593 * ⿰石矍 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E594 * ⿰土來 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E595 * ⿺辶宙 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E596 * ⿺鬼固 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E597 * ⿱斷土 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E598 * ⿰氵具 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E599 * ⿰山内 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E59A * ⿰衤毳 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E59B * ⿰車犬 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E59C * ⿰山貝 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E59D * ⿰犭羿 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E59E * ⿸尸衣 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E59F * ⿰田叔 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5A0 * ⿰犭卡 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5A1 * ⿰犭瓦 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5A2 * ⿰犭朋 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5A3 * ⿱日狄 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5A4 * ⿰⿱日來阝 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5A5 * ⿰賀阝 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5A6 * ⿰阝畱 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5A7 * ⿰巾帛 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5A8 * ⿰氵賽 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5A9 * ⿰山嶴 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5AA * ⿱山畬 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5AB * ⿰石梟 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5AC * ⿰土靈 《中國古今地名大辭典》
U+E5AD * ⿰石太 《广东省志・地名志》
U+E5AE * ⿰贝录 Simplified form
= U+2E693 𮚓
U+E5AF * ⿰贝可 Simplified form
= U+27D5B 𧵛
U+E5B0 * ⿰釒而 《雷州方言詞典》
U+E5B1 * ⿰口廹 《雷州方言詞典》
U+E5B2 * ⿰米⿴囗夕 《雷州方言詞典》
U+E5B3 * ⿰米意 《雷州方言詞典》
U+E5B4 * ⿰虫厚 《雷州方言詞典》
U+E5B5 * ⿰目契 《雷州方言詞典》
U+E5B6 * ⿰冫頁 《雷州方言詞典》
U+E5B7 * ⿰冫兆 《雷州方言詞典》
U+E5B8 * ⿰𧾷貢 《雷州方言詞典》
U+E5B9 * ⿰木虽 《雷州方言詞典》
U+E5BA * ⿱钧心 Simplified form
= U+618C 憌
U+E5BB * ⿰讠遂 Simplified form
= U+8B62 譢
U+E5BC * ⿰弱欠 《北京土话》
U+E5BD * ⿰娄瓜 Simplified form
= U+24B0F 𤬏
U+E5BE * ⿰忄寻 Simplified form
= U+61B3 憳
U+E5BF * ⿰齿合 Simplified form
= U+2A601 𪘁
U+E5C0 * ⿰甚页 Simplified form
= U+4AD6 䫖
U+E5C1 * ⿰讠巤 Simplified form
= U+27B5E 𧭞
U+E5C2 * ⿰口窜 《北京土话》
U+E5C3 * ⿰贝婁 Simplified form
= U+27DE1 𧷡
U+E5C4 * ⿰讠喦 Simplified form
= U+27B0C 𧬌
U+E5C5 * ⿰石𣎵 《五华客家话研究》
U+E5C6 * ⿱穴局 《五华客家话研究》
U+E5C7 * ⿰讠叉 Simplified form
= U+8A0D 訍
U+E5C8 * ⿰可页 Simplified form
= U+29478 𩑸
U+E5C9 * ⿰纟厘 Simplified form
= U+7DFE 緾
U+E5CA * ⿰氵𬮴 Simplified form
= U+240F7 𤃷
U+E5CB * ⿰忄𭖒 《五华客家话研究》
U+E5CC * ⿰土败 Simplified form
= U+213EF 𡏯
U+E5CD * ⿰石杂 Simplified form
= U+255ED 𥗭
U+E5CE * ⿰山勇 《奉化县地名志》
U+E5CF * 《浙江省青田县地名志》
U+E5D0 * ⿰山耶 《云南省巍山彝族回族自治县地名志》
U+E5D1 * ⿰牜营 Simplified form
= U+3E5A 㹚
U+E5D2 * ⿰虫族 《象山县地名志》
U+E5D3 * ⿰虫进 Simplified form
= U+45EF 䗯
U+E5D4 * ⿰土忠 《浙江省开化县地名志》
U+E5D5 * ⿰木宙 《浙江省遂昌县地名志》
U+E5D6 * ⿰鱼先 Simplified form
= U+29DA4 𩶤
U+E5D7 * ⿰口𪜭 《增訂粤語撮要》
U+E5D8 * ⿰口攀 《增訂粤語撮要》
U+E5D9 * ⿰亻𠃓 Simplified form
= U+5052 偒
U+E5DA * ⿰氵蓝 Simplified form
= U+7046 灆
U+E5DB * ⿰栗玉 [清]段~(《聊齋志異》做序者)
U+E5DC * ⿰口倚 Beginning Hakka (Hong Kong, 1948) Lesson 20 (p. 56)
U+E5DD * ⿰口耐 Beginning Hakka (Hong Kong, 1948) Lesson 21 (p. 59)
U+E5DE * ⿰口戊
U+E5DF * ⿰口庚
U+E5E0 * ⿰口癸
U+E5E1 * ⿰口巳
U+E5E2 * ⿰車啇
U+E5E3 * ⿰虫夅 Sichuan dialect for 'rainbow'
U+E5E4 * ⿰石娄 Simplified form
= U+2554D 𥕍
U+E5E5 * ⿱雨狐
U+E5E6 * Ancient form
= U+66F2 曲
U+E5E7 * ⿱臼土 Ancient form
= U+57CB 埋
《漢語大字典》 (2nd ed., 2010) p. 3240
U+E5E8 * ⿱⿻千⿰万万千 則天文字. Reconstructed form of "千千万万" (U+20866 𠡦) 《漢語大字典》 (2nd ed., 2010) p. 47
U+E5E9 * ⿰饣毫
U+E5EA * ⿵門皿 ~翁主釭𨫀(《文物》1979.7 p. 92)
U+E5EB * ⿰钅兰 Simplified form
= U+9484 钄
U+E5EC * ⿰灵阝 湖南~县 (酃县)
U+E5ED * ⿸疒征 Simplified form
= U+7665 癥
U+E5EE * ⿺廴曲 四川昭化县~迴乡
U+E5EF * ⿰口𡿪 [唐]彦谦,《蟹》(《全唐詩》p. 7681)
U+E5F0 * ⿰木娑 曹旅宁,《溥心畬别传》 (2016)
U+E5F1 * ⿰酉芻 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》卷首詞
U+E5F2 * ⿰忄查 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》卷首詞
U+E5F3 * ⿱髟𦲸 Variant
= U+9B17 鬗
《漢語大詞典》 v. 12 p. 752: ~
U+E5F4 * ⿳艹𫲽冉 葶~ = 葶䔭 《漢語大詞典》 v. 9 p. 480: 葶~
U+E5F5 * ⿱艹躄 蹩~ = 蹩躄 《漢語大詞典》 v. 10 p. 546: 蹩~
U+E5F6 * ⿰馬叅 Variant
= U+9A42 驂
《漢語大詞典》 v. 12 p. 906: ~
U+E5F7 * ⿱一𥘅 《漢語大詞典》 v. 7 p. 828: ~
U+E5F8 * ⿳亾口⿲月鳥凡 Variant
= U+9E01 鸁
《漢語大詞典》 v. 6 p. 1418: ~
U+E5F9 * ⿰酉旬 Variant
= U+91BA 醺
《漢語大詞典》 v. 9 p. 1447: ~
U+E5FA * ⿰𧾷衰 Variant
= U+2810D 𨄍
《漢語大詞典》 v. 10 p. 532: ~
U+E5FB * ⿰𧾷⿱穴佰 跼~ = 跼縮 《漢語大詞典》 v. 10 p. 487: 跼~
U+E5FC * ⿰骨录 一𬴒~ = 一骨魯 《漢語大詞典》 v. 1 p. 105: 一𬴒~
U+E5FD * ⿰扌⿱芔今 吉~ = 吉拜/吉𢷎 《漢語大詞典》 v. 3 p. 96: 吉~
U+E5FE * ⿳⿱⿻一中冖石衣 后~ = 項橐 《漢語大詞典》 v. 3 p. 142: 后~
U+E5FF * ⿰衤歛 含~ = 含殮/含歛 《漢語大詞典》 v. 3 p. 233: 含~
U+E600 * ⿰晏頁 多~ = 多𩖍/多鷃 《漢語大詞典》 v. 3 p. 1184: 多𩖍
U+E601 * ⿱剌虫 毛~蟲 = mistake for 毛𧌐蟲 (毛刺虫) 《漢語大詞典》 v. 6 p. 1004: 毛~蟲
U+E602 * ⿰忄愁 《漢語大詞典》 v. 7 p. 744: 𢢁~
U+E603 * ⿰石犖 确~ = 确犖 《漢語大詞典》 v. 7 p. 1053: 确~
U+E604 * ⿰忄⿱品亏 眙~ = 眙愕/眙𥈭 《漢語大詞典》 v. 7 p. 1202: 眙愕
U+E605 * ⿰礻局 畚~ = 畚挶 《漢語大詞典》 v. 7 p. 1340: 畚~
U+E606 * ⿰馬義 白~ = 白義/白蟻 《漢語大詞典》 v. 8 p. 218: 白~
U+E607 * ⿰𥘈籴 皂~ = 皂隸 《漢語大詞典》 v. 8 p. 250: 皂~
U+E608 * ⿴囗巷 萎~ = 委巷 《漢語大詞典》 v. 9 p. 443: 萎~
U+E609 * ⿰火千 蠟~兒 = 蠟簽兒 《漢語大詞典》 v. 8 p. 995: 蠟~兒
U+E60A * ⿰火皂 羅~ = 羅唣 《漢語大詞典》 v. 8 p. 1051: 羅~
U+E60B * ⿱辝火 𧾨~ = 𧾨𤐮/𧾨𤒞/𧾨𨐹 《漢語大詞典》 v. 9 p. 1155: 𧾨~
U+E60C * ⿰𧾷荖 ~跎 = 蹉跎 《漢語大詞典》 v. 10 p. 516: ~
U+E60D * ⿺走妥 䠢~ = 䠢𧽒 《漢語大詞典》 v. 10 p. 526: 䠢~
U+E60E * ⿰亻産 蹇~ = 蹇産/蹇滻/蹇嵼 《漢語大詞典》 v. 10 p. 535: 蹇~
U+E60F * ⿱輿𠀆 鑾~ = 鑾輿 《漢語大詞典》 v. 11 p. 1438: 鑾~
U+E610 * ⿺先母 《漢語大詞典》 v. 12 p. 452: 鬼~
U+E611 * ⿳𦣻冖犬 《漢語大詞典》 v. 12 p. 469: 𩲤~
U+E612 * ⿱𥫗滬 魚~ = 魚滬/魚扈 《漢語大詞典》 v. 12 p. 1201: 魚~
U+E613 * ⿰鹿冀 麒~ = 騏驥 《漢語大詞典》 v. 12 p. 1293: 麒~
U+E614 * ⿰亻裊 偠~ = 偠㒟 《漢語大詞典》 v. 1 p. 1538: 偠~ G_HC100075 L2/17-204
U+E615 * ⿰亻⿹韱心 親~ = 親戚/親慼/親𢦫 《漢語大詞典》 v. 10 p. 346: 親戚 G_HC100081 L2/17-204
U+E616 * ⿰竒刂 Variant
= U+525E 剞
《漢語大詞典》 v. 2 p. 780: 劫~ G_HC100117 L2/17-204
U+E617 * ⿰磨刂 切~ = 切磨 《漢語大詞典》 v. 2 p. 563: 切~ G_HC100119 L2/17-204
U+E618 * ⿱媠土 Variant
= U+58AE 墮
《漢語大詞典》 v. 4 p. 367: 婀~ G_HC100292 L2/17-204
U+E619 * ⿱囟大 白~ = 白澤 《漢語大詞典》 v. 8 p. 212: 白澤 G_HC100309 L2/17-204
U+E61A * ⿱彐𣱲 鈍~ = 鈍丞 《漢語大詞典》 v. 11 p. 1215: 鈍丞 G_HC100496 L2/17-204
U+E61B * ⿱彑⿲匕矢凡 野~ = 野彘 《漢語大詞典》 v. 10 p. 412: 野彘 G_HC100497 L2/17-204
U+E61C * ⿰扌听 明~ = 明哲/明智 《漢語大詞典》 v. 5 p. 607: 明~ G_HC100563 L2/17-204
U+E61D * ⿰扌焭 《漢語大詞典》 v. 6 p. 916: 操~ G_HC100587 L2/17-204
U+E61E * ⿰木圼 杌~ = 杌陧 《漢語大詞典》 v. 4 p. 773: 杌~ G_HC100697 L2/17-204
U+E61F * ⿱殺木 末~ = 末殺/末摋 《漢語大詞典》 v. 4 p. 698: 末殺 G_HC100720 L2/17-204
U+E620 * ⿱辟歷 劈~ = 劈歷 《漢語大詞典》 v. 2 p. 745: 劈~ G_HC100744 L2/17-204
U+E621 * ⿰目松 《漢語大詞典》 v. 6 p. 1383: 朦~ G_HC101004 L2/17-204
U+E622 * ⿰目廓 《漢語大詞典》 v. 7 p. 1237: 瞁~ G_HC101010 L2/17-204
U+E623 * ⿱穴縣 宇~ = 宇縣 《漢語大詞典》 v. 3 p. 1295: 宇~ G_HC101076 L2/17-204
U+E624 * ⿱艹俄 白~ = 白義 《漢語大詞典》 v. 8 p. 197: 白~ G_HC101399 L2/17-204
U+E625 * ⿱艹啚 Variant
= U+83D1 菑
《漢語大字典》 (2nd ed., 2010) p. 3495 G_HC201421 L2/17-204
U+E626 * ⿳䒤罒寸 Variant
= U+8513 蔓?
《漢語大詞典》 v. 3 p. 951: 衍~ G_HC101427 L2/17-204
U+E627 * ⿱艹逸 《漢語大詞典》 v. 12 p. 703: 飛~ TE-2759 L2/17-204
U+E628 * ⿰馬总 麝香~ = 麝香驄 《漢語大詞典》 v. 12 p. 1301: 麝香驄 G_HC102437 L2/17-204
U+E629 * ⿰氵钦 Simplified form
= U+23FA0 𣾠
SJ/T 11239—2001 30–38
U+E62A * ⿱山在 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–17
《四川、云南、贵州地名考( 中国植物志参考资料4 )》
U+E62B * ⿰土妥 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–03
U+E62C * ⿰纟劳 《中华人民共和国地名大词典》
U+E62D * ⿱艹⿱次⿰次次 SJ/T 11239—2001 24–63
U+E62E * ⿰磨鸟 《中华人民共和国地名大词典》
U+E62F * ⿱山时 Simplified form
= U+5D75 嵵
SJ/T 11239—2001 27–55
U+E630 * ⿰石侯 SJ/T 11239—2001 37–26
U+E631 * ⿰钅耶 Simplified form
= U+9381 鎁
U+E632 * ⿰山龙 Simplified form
= U+5DC4 巄
U+E633 * ⿰禾户 《浙江地名疑难字研究》
U+E634 * ⿱山兑 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–65
U+E635 * ⿰土幽 《浙江地名疑难字研究》
U+E636 * ⿺爪罗 《浙江地名疑难字研究》
U+E637 * ⿰土最 SJ/T 11239—2001 23–08
U+E638 * ⿰土兢 《浙江地名疑难字研究》
U+E639 * ⿱𥫗埜 SJ/T 11239—2001 41–13
U+E63A * ⿰木⿱成林 SJ/T 11239—2001 34–09
U+E63B * ⿰耒责 Simplified form
= U+802B 耫
U+E63C * ⿲彳卖亍 Simplified form
= U+27605 𧘅
U+E63D * ⿰石迏 SJ/T 11239—2001 36–81
U+E63E * ⿰山夸 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–18
U+E63F * ⿱合瓦 SJ/T 11239—2001 34–34
U+E640 * ⿳䒑⿰丬工乙 《景洪县地名志》
U+E641 * ⿱山洼 《云南省勐腊县地名志》
U+E642 * ⿰氵仆 Simplified form
= U+6FEE 濮
U+E643 * ⿱大尖 《湖南省安化县地名录》
U+E644 * ⿱生𡖅 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–60
U+E645 * ⿰木业 Simplified form
= U+6A8F 檏
SJ/T 11239—2001 32–67
U+E646 * ⿺廴占 《湖南省郴州市地名录》
U+E647 * ⿰土仚 《湖南省桂东县地名录》
U+E648 * ⿱𡉁皿 《湖南省桂东县地名录》
U+E649 * ⿺𠃊土 SJ/T 11239—2001 18–91
U+E64A * ⿰土⿱乃土 SJ/T 11239—2001 19–93
U+E64B * ⿰土宽 Simplified form
= U+214B5 𡒵
SJ/T 11239—2001 22–55
U+E64C * ⿸广西 SJ/T 11239—2001 29–01
U+E64D * ⿱秋石 SJ/T 11239—2001 37–25
U+E64E * ⿴囗亦 SJ/T 11239—2001 26–20
U+E64F * ⿱孔手 SJ/T 11239—2001 34–70
U+E650 * ⿰纟豪 《汉阳县地名志》
U+E651 * ⿰土教 SJ/T 11239—2001 22–61
U+E652 * ⿰鱼炎 Simplified form
= U+29E25 𩸥
U+E653 * ⿸厂西 SJ/T 11239—2001 17–03
U+E654 * ⿰山仓 Simplified form
= U+5D62 嵢
U+E655 * ⿰木肉 《贵州省毕节县地名录》
U+E656 * ⿱虎虤 SJ/T 11239—2001 39–91
U+E657 * ⿱𫥑石 《贵州省凤冈县地名录》
U+E658 * ⿰禾劳 Simplified form
= U+25892 𥢒
U+E659 * ⿰女虚 《赫章县地名录》
U+E65A * ⿰皮寸 SJ/T 11239—2001 39–72
U+E65B * ⿰⿱石石欠 《贵州省开阳县地名录》
U+E65C * ⿰木匮 Simplified form
= U+6AC3 櫃
U+E65D * ⿰纟困 Simplified form
= U+7D91 綑
U+E65E * ⿱皕瓦 SJ/T 11239—2001 34–38
U+E65F * ⿱次⿰次次 SJ/T 11239—2001 18–09
U+E660 * ⿰虫克 SJ/T 11239—2001 40–14
U+E661 * ⿰虫尚 《贵州省绥阳县地名志》
U+E662 * ⿰缶云 《贵州省织金县地名录》
U+E663 * ⿺九隹 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–62
U+E664 * ⿱山尘 《安徽省祁门县地名录》
U+E665 * ⿰木乌 Simplified form
= U+3BA7 㮧
U+E666 * ⿱格次 SJ/T 11239—2001 33–92
U+E667 * ⿰彳胡 《安徽省濉溪县地名录》
U+E668 * ⿱秋土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–94
U+E669 * ⿱𥫗昔 SJ/T 11239—2001 40–89
U+E66A * ⿱艹⿺九隹 SJ/T 11239—2001 24–33
U+E66B * ⿺爪竿 SJ/T 11239—2001 35–01
U+E66C * ⿰石丙 SJ/T 11239—2001 36–41
U+E66D * ⿰土叚 《黟县志》
U+E66E * ⿰土⿱六𧘇 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–63
U+E66F * ⿰𤣩冈 Simplified form
= U+24987 𤦇
SJ/T 11239—2001 32–16
U+E670 * ⿰衤𫉬 褡~ Daniel Kane, The Sino-Jurchen Vocabulary of the Bureau of Interpreters (1989) p. 333
U+E671 * ⿰土舍 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–55
U+E672 * ⿰角小 SJ/T 11239—2001 42–12
U+E673 * ⿰氵府 SJ/T 11239—2001 30–25
U+E674 * ⿰氵鉴 SJ/T 11239—2001 30–79
《春满⿰氵鉴河浪花飞 民族情韵永流长——陆华柏钢琴作品〈⿰氵鉴河之歌〉试析》
U+E675 * ⿰巾京 SJ/T 11239—2001 26–36
U+E676 * ⿳⺊冖㠯 SJ/T 11239—2001 17–09
U+E677 * ⿸厂丫 《古代汉语教程》
U+E678 * ⿰禾𬜯 Simplified form
= U+25879 𥡹
U+E679 * ⿸鹿吾 《古代汉语教程》
U+E67A * ⿰馬牢 《古代汉语教程》
U+E67B * ⿰馬豕 《古代汉语教程》
U+E67C * ⿰夜馬 《古代汉语教程》
U+E67D * ⿰衤𧄐 《古代汉语教程》
U+E67E * ⿰月查 《肥东县志》
U+E67F * ⿰虫宪 Simplified form
= U+4606 䘆
U+E680 ⿰山员 Simplified form
= U+21ED6 𡻖
U+E681 ⿰亻岽 《成武县地名志》
U+E682 ⿰土晃 《江西省武宁县地名志》
U+E683 ⿱田一 《江西省修水县地名志》
U+E684 ⿰纟车 Simplified form
= U+2603A 𦀺
U+E685 ⿰土剌 《江西省永修县地名志》
U+E686 ⿰火劳 Simplified form
= U+243EA 𤏪
U+E687 ⿰石乌 Simplified form
= U+40D6 䃖
U+E688 ⿰呆鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A063 𪁣
U+E689 ⿱艹鲁 Simplified form
= U+27026 𧀦
U+E68A ⿱艹碣 《江西省瑞金县地名志》
U+E68B ⿱元鱼 Simplified form
= U+29D76 𩵶
U+E68C ⿰扌彡 《江西省会昌县地名志》
U+E68D ⿱山去 《江西省石城县地名志》
U+E68E ⿱山仍 《江西省清江县地名志》
U+E68F ⿰土览 Simplified form
= U+21511 𡔑
U+E690 ⿰车勾 Simplified form
= U+282B5 𨊵
U+E691 ⿰山毫 《高安县志》
U+E692 ⿰土皋 《江西省奉新县地名志》
U+E693 ⿱不合 《江西省奉新县地名志》
U+E694 ⿰钅宜 《江西省宜丰县地名志》
U+E695 ⿰木贺 Simplified form
= U+2ACFA 𪳺
U+E696 ⿰石皂 《江西省万载县地名志》
U+E697 ⿰土昏 《江西省上饶市地名志》
U+E698 ⿱动灬 Simplified form
= U+52F2 勲
U+E699 ⿰山段 《江苏省峡江县地名志》
U+E69A ⿱入门 《江西省万安县地名志》
U+E69B ⿱艹降 《江西省金溪县地名志》
U+E69C ⿰𤣩富 《江西省南城县地名志》
U+E69D ⿰土层 Simplified form
= U+214B8 𡒸
U+E69E ⿱穴坬 《江西省瑞昌县地名志》
U+E69F ⿰山英 中华人民共和国第二代人民身份证
U+E6A0 ⿰虫虚 《江苏省宝应县地名录》
U+E6A1 ⿱⿵大一日 《安徽省泾县地名录》
U+E6A2 ⿰氵噩 《江苏省邗江县地名录》
U+E6A3 ⿱𡉁土 《江苏省泰县地名录》
U+E6A4 ⿱山孔 《江苏省盱眙县地名录》
U+E6A5 ⿰田乏 《湖南省芷江县地名录》
U+E6A6 ⿰氵败 《湖南省芷江县地名录》
U+E6A7 ⿰土董 《湖南省凤凰县地名录》
U+E6A8 ⿱渐金 Simplified form
= U+28B9C 𨮜
U+E6A9 ⿰山申 《湖南省新晃侗族自治县地名录》
U+E6AA ⿱蓐廾 《漢語大字典》
U+E6AB 《古文异体关系整理与研究》
U+E6AC ⿱丶? 《古文异体关系整理与研究》
U+E6AD ⿱艹马 Simplified form
= U+450D 䔍
U+E6AE ⿰扌⿱艹坔 《大运河的传说》
U+E6AF ⿰石𢛳 福建省福州市公交仁德站公交站牌
U+E6B0 ⿰纟太 《部分计量单位名称统一用字表》(《稀有金属》1977年第3期)
U+E6B1 ⿺瓦万 《中華大字典》 p. 107
U+E6B2 ⿰扌㕘 《现代汉语词典》(第7版) p. 128
U+E6B3 ⿰口𬮦 Simplified form
= U+2116D 𡅭
U+E6B4 ⿰身娄 Simplified form
= U+8EC1 軁
U+E6B5 ⿰钅盧 Simplified form
= U+946A 鑪
U+E6B6 ⿺走爪 《闽南方言大词典》
U+E6B7 ⿸疒稣 Simplified form
= U+24F00 𤼀
U+E6B8 ⿰鱼古 Simplified form
= U+9B95 鮕
U+E6B9 ⿰米臼 《闽南方言大词典》
U+E6BA ⿱髟隹 《闽南方言大词典》
U+E6BB ⿰月贵 Simplified form
= U+81AD 膭
U+E6BC ⿰审力 Simplified form
= U+3524 㔤
U+E6BD ⿰彳参 Simplified form
= U+22555 𢕕
U+E6BE ⿰参刂 Simplified form
= U+527C 剼
U+E6BF ⿰感页 Simplified form
= U+4AF2 䫲
U+E6C0 ⿰贲羽 Simplified form
= U+7FF8 翸
U+E6C1 ⿰鱼乾 Simplified form
= U+2B671 𫙱
U+E6C2 ⿰女严 Simplified form
= U+5B4D 孍
U+E6C3 ⿰鱼成 Simplified form
= U+9BCE 鯎
U+E6C4 ⿰旁见 Simplified form
= U+89AB 覫
U+E6C5 ⿰鱼沙 Simplified form
= U+9BCB 鯋
U+E6C6 ⿰钅卬 Simplified form
= U+491D 䤝
U+E6C7 ⿱莫用 《闽南方言大词典》
U+E6C8 ⿰舟夹 Simplified form
= U+26A40 𦩀
U+E6C9 ⿰讠及 Simplified form
= U+8A2F 訯
U+E6CA ⿱屈衣 《闽南方言大词典》
U+E6CB ⿰钅录 Simplified form
= U+9332 録
U+E6CC ⿰鸟马 Simplified form
= U+9DCC 鷌
U+E6CD ⿰亻恶 Simplified form
= U+50EB 僫
U+E6CE ⿱保贝 Simplified form
= U+8CF2 賲
U+E6CF ⿰目无 Simplified form
= U+77B4 瞴
U+E6D0 ⿰扌贞 Simplified form
= U+63C1 揁
U+E6D1 ⿰豆歷 lịch 《大南寔錄》(Đại Nam thực lục) 第十九册 (東京:慶應義塾大學,1980年) p. 7298
U+E6D2 ⿰亻畬 《福建省志·方言志》(北京:方志出版社,1998年) p. 275
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U+E6D4 ⿱小兒 佟建荣 著:《西夏姓名研究》(北京,2015年) pp. 212–213
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U+E6D8 ⿱艹𥅘 huā Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 160
U+E6D9 ⿰矢面 huī Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 166
U+E6DA ⿰石束 Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 230
U+E6DB ⿰口羸 léi Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 236
U+E6DC ⿰馬永 mài Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 263
U+E6DD ⿺兀貌 Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 280
U+E6DE ⿺毛若 ruò Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 344
U+E6DF ⿰石審 shěn Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 360
U+E6E0 ⿰扌窣 Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 387
U+E6E1 ⿰妥刂 tuǒ Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 413
U+E6E2 ⿰氵夐 xiòng Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 460
U+E6E3 ⿺毛戉 yuè Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 528
U+E6E4 ⿰氵笮 zhā Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 538
U+E6E5 ⿰口孱 zhàn Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 542
U+E6E6 ⿰矢次 Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 572
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U+E6E8 ⿰扌篾 《成都方言詞典》 p. 155
U+E6E9 ⿰扌宵 《成都方言詞典》 p. 155
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U+E6EB ⿳𥫗⿴北白几 Omar L. Kilborn, Chinese Lessons for First Year Students in West China (1917) p. 67
U+E6EC ⿰高⿱品水 Omar L. Kilborn, Chinese Lessons for First Year Students in West China (1917) p. 156
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U+E6EE ⿰虫戛 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 87
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U+E6F0 ⿰米堯 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 180
U+E6F1 ⿰月乃 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 267
U+E6F2 ⿸疒壬 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 284
U+E6F3 ⿰口恁 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 285
U+E6F4 ⿰口⿵门牙 Simplified form
= U+20F6B 𠽫
《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 137
U+E6F5 ⿰牙岂 Simplified form
= U+24611 𤘑
《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 138
U+E6F6 ⿰亻赖 Simplified form
= U+2B8FB 𫣻
《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 138
U+E6F7 ⿰米尧 《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 139
U+E6F8 ⿰纟囊 Simplified form
= U+26203 𦈃
《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 141
U+E6F9 ⿰皮央 《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 141
U+E6FA ⿰丁央 《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 141
U+E6FB ⿹气咅 《福州话实用字典》 p. 13
U+E6FC ⿰口鄂 《福州话实用字典》 p. 237
U+E6FD ⿸疒鐵 《福州话实用字典》 p. 300
U+E6FE ⿰鱼奚 《澄海方言研究》 p. 143
U+E6FF ⿰卤咸 《澄海方言研究》 p. 196
U+E700 ⿰勿是 《澄海方言研究》 p. 254
U+E701 ⿱𥫗怎 《东莞方言分类词典》 p. 30
U+E702 ⿰毕鸟 《东莞方言分类词典》 p. 59 G_PGLG3049 Ext. G Candidate
U+E703 ⿵门西 《东莞方言分类词典》 p. 150
U+E704 ⿰臭斤 《东莞方言分类词典》 p. 204
U+E705 ⿰石长 《东莞方言分类词典》 p. 312
U+E706 ⿰𧾷尽 《东莞方言分类词典》 p. 329
U+E707 ⿵门丅 HZFY p. 88
U+E708 ⿰虫冓 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 8 folio 7a
U+E709 ⿰土觜 SJ/T 11239—2001 23–31
U+E70A ⿱覀之 沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 69
U+E70B ⿸疒攻 沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 73
U+E70C ⿰口厖 沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 83
U+E70D ⿰乡邦 沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 89
U+E70E Variant
= U+4E56 乖
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 177
U+E70F ⿰馬⿱灭又 沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 221
U+E710 ⿰犭㞪 Variant
= U+5CF1 峱
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 260
U+E711 ⿰⿳⺊冖米攵 沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 260
U+E712 ⿱此⺀ Variant
= U+4E9B 些
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 278
U+E713 ⿰石憑 沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 311
U+E714 ⿱代石 沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 338
U+E715 ⿰目叔 沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 384
U+E716 ⿰亻䘚 Variant
= U+5005 倅
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 144
U+E717 ⿱宀䘚 Variant
= U+21A27 𡨧
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 408
U+E718 ⿱山䘚 Variant
= U+5D12 崒
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 375
U+E719 ⿰扌䘚 Variant
= U+637D 捽
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 408
U+E71A ⿰氵䘚 Variant
= U+6DEC 淬
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 144
U+E71B ⿰火䘚 Variant
= U+7120 焠
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 144
U+E71C ⿱犭䘚 Variant
= U+731D 猝
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 408
U+E71D ⿰米䘚 Variant
= U+7CB9 粹
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 144
U+E71E ⿰訁䘚 Variant
= U+8AB6 誶
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 144
U+E71F ⿰酉䘚 Variant
= U+9189 醉
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 144
U+E720 ⿰䘚隹 Variant
= U+28FFC 𨿼
沈乘麐 著:《韻學驪珠》(中华书局,2006年) p. 416
U+E721 ⿰屯鸟 刘艳新、向能来、彭书桃 著:《似鹅非鹅 似鸭非鸭 知道吗?它是~》,《湖北日报》,2015年8月11日,06版
U+E722 ⿰屯鳥 Traditional form of U+E721. Evidence needed!
U+E723 ⿰山布
U+E724 ⿰土匡 SJ/T 11239—2001 20–21
U+E725 ⿰火身 SJ/T 11239—2001 35–51
U+E726 ⿵门弄 SJ/T 11239—2001 29–47
U+E727 ⿰土𨈣 SJ/T 11239—2001 22–76
U+E728 ⿱㚘土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–27
U+E729 ⿰氵状 Simplified form
= U+23D8D 𣶍
U+E72A ⿰氵众 Simplified form
= U+6F68 潨
SJ/T 11239—2001 29–89
U+E72B ⿰土少 SJ/T 11239—2001 19–30
U+E72C ⿺见↷见
U+E72D ⿵门见 Simplified form
= U+28D3C 𨴼
SJ/T 11239—2001 29–28
U+E72E ⿰山先 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–26
U+E72F ⿱不足 SJ/T 11239—2001 41–78
U+E730 ⿱艹帮 SJ/T 11239—2001 24–13
U+E731 ⿺乙平 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–77
U+E732 ⿱不立 SJ/T 11239—2001 39–26
U+E733 ⿰土夺 SJ/T 11239—2001 20–16
U+E734 ⿱山往 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–84
U+E735 ⿰畜定
U+E736 ⿰忄廉
U+E737 ⿵门贡 Simplified form
= U+28D9B 𨶛
SJ/T 11239—2001 29–48
U+E738 ⿱𥫗丕
U+E739 ⿰山务 Simplified form
= U+21EB1 𡺱
SJ/T 11239—2001 27–03
U+E73A ⿱艹媽
U+E73B ⿰石裴
U+E73C ⿰石寡 SJ/T 11239—2001 37–80
U+E73D ⿱入子 《孝义县志》(北京: 海潮出版社, 1992) p. 30
SJ/T 11239—2001 17–66
U+E73E ⿰土九 SJ/T 11239—2001 19–06
U+E73F ⿰土刃 SJ/T 11239—2001 19–20
U+E740 ⿰身大 SJ/T 11239—2001 42–01
U+E741 ⿱㓁且 SJ/T 11239—2001 18–21
U+E742 ⿰氵轨 Simplified form
= U+23DFE 𣷾
U+E743 ⿱叔土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–43
U+E744 ⿱亠丿 Qínpǔ (琴譜) notation for 吟
U+E745 ⿰土𤲞 SJ/T 11239—2001 23–35
U+E746 ⿱薮土
U+E747 ⿰氵⿸厂元 2nd stage simplification
= U+6E90 源
U+E748 ⿰冫口 SJ/T 11239—2001 17–87
U+E749 ⿰土⿱田令 SJ/T 11239—2001 22–40
U+E74A ⿱山瓜 SJ/T 11239—2001 26–93
U+E74B ⿱车石
U+E74C ⿰土虔 SJ/T 11239—2001 22–36
U+E74D ⿲土水土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–25
U+E74E ⿰土戋 Simplified form
= U+2134C 𡍌
SJ/T 11239—2001 19–59
U+E74F ⿱天怕 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–64
U+E750 ⿱𥫗毫 SJ/T 11239—2001 41–17
U+E751 ⿰纟坠
U+E752 ⿰齿最 Simplified form
= U+2A666 𪙦
U+E753 ⿰农毛 Simplified form
= U+23C0A 𣰊
U+E754 ⿱出水 SJ/T 11239—2001 35–90
U+E755 ⿵门水 Simplified form
= U+9596 閖
SJ/T 11239—2001 29–34
U+E756 ⿰马登 Simplified form
= U+4BB4 䮴
U+E757 ⿰月苔
U+E758 ⿸𠂇⿰亅丶
U+E759 ⿰𧾷勾
U+E75A ⿰鸟鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A15D 𪅝
U+E75B ⿱⿰角角⿰角角
U+E75C ⿱⿰鸟鸟⿰鸟鸟
U+E75D ⿱𡫥𡫥
U+E75E ⿰纟厚
U+E75F ⿰氵篦 SJ/T 11239—2001 30–87
U+E760 ⿰扌琶 SJ/T 11239—2001 25–19
U+E761 ⿰呆易
U+E762 ⿱错六
U+E763 ⿵门录
U+E764 ⿷匚相
U+E765 ⿶凵灵
U+E766 ⿰曾等
U+E767 ⿰皮兄
U+E768 ⿸尸査
U+E769 ⿱𥫗抯
U+E76A ⿱勿坏
U+E76B ⿱勿顽
U+E76C ⿱勿会
U+E76D ⿰钅责 Simplified form
= U+494A 䥊
U+E76E ⿰厓见 Simplified form
= U+2784B 𧡋
U+E76F ⿰纟赤 Simplified form
= U+26017 𦀗
U+E770 ⿱那样
U+E771 ⿰夸支
U+E772 ⿱艹勒 SJ/T 11239—2001 24–37
U+E773 ⿰口如
U+E774 ⿰氵粀
U+E775 ⿰钅嬴 Simplified form
= U+28BE4 𨯤
U+E776 ⿰身贫 Simplified form
= U+2827A 𨉺
U+E777 ⿰米齐 SJ/T 11239—2001 41–65
U+E778 ⿸疒财 Simplified form
= U+2B7AD 𫞭
U+E779 ⿰米妻
U+E77A ⿰⿱肉米产
U+E77B ⿱酥灬
U+E77C ⿱折瓦
U+E77D ⿰土聂 Simplified form
= U+214F3 𡓳
U+E77E ⿱未母
U+E77F ? (甩 with reversed tail)
U+E780 ⿰饣劳
U+E781 ⿸尸妥
U+E782 ⿰纟些
U+E783 ⿰酉合
U+E784 ⿰禺欠
U+E785 ⿰虫施
U+E786 ⿰火勒
U+E787 ⿰火阉 Simplified form
= U+24477 𤑷
U+E788 ⿰鱼卑 Simplified form
= U+4C5D 䱝
U+E789 ⿰未曾
U+E78A ⿰石又 SJ/T 11239—2001 36–08
U+E78B ⿱龷叩 Abbreviation for 革命 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E78C ⿱艹⿸厂生 Abbreviation for 共産 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E78D ⿱仝心 Abbreviation for 同志 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E78E ⿵門丅 Abbreviation for 問題 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E78F ⿸厂史 Abbreviation for 歷史 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E790 ⿱⿳亠丷冖义 Abbreviation for 帝國主義 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E791 ⿱次义 Abbreviation for 資本主義 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E792 ⿱?及 Abbreviation for 無産階級 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E793 ⿱次及 Abbreviation for 資本階級 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E794 ⿴囗示 Abbreviation for 國際 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E795 ⿱艹守 L2/17-111
U+E796 ⿰土只 王谢杨, 生僻地名用字
U+E797 ⿰土窊 王谢杨, 生僻地名用字
SJ/T 11239—2001 22–56
U+E798 ⿱石非 王谢杨, 生僻地名用字
SJ/T 11239—2001 36–94
U+E799 ⿰米某 L2/17-099
U+E79A ⿰亻赏 Simplified form
= U+511F 償
24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 4820
U+E79B ⿰亻员 Simplified form
= U+508A 傊
24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 4778
U+E79C ⿰钅宝 Simplified form
= U+28C26 𨰦
24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 5024
U+E79D ⿰钅粟 Simplified form
= U+4954 䥔
24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 6775
U+E79E ⿰钅与 Simplified form
= U+28B94 𨮔
24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 6528
U+E79F ⿰礻类 Simplified form
= U+79B7 禷
24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 4522
U+E7A0 ⿰讠言 Simplified form
= U+8AA9 誩
24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 6528
U+E7A1 ⿰火齐 Simplified form
= U+3E04 㸄
24Shi : Míng Shǐ 明史 p. 223
U+E7A2 ⿰钅盖 Simplified form
= U+9449 鑉
24Shi : Míng Shǐ 明史 p. 1806
U+E7A3 ⿰钅尹 Simplified form
= U+28960 𨥠
24Shi : Míng Shǐ 明史 p. 5329
U+E7A4 ⿰钅类 Simplified form
= U+28C25 𨰥
24Shi : Míng Shǐ 明史 p. 4405
U+E7A5 ⿰口薄 KC-00569 Ext. G Candidate
U+E7A6 ⿰扌阖
U+E7A7 ⿺毛八
U+E7A8 ⿰目丐
U+E7A9 ⿻⿻丅八从 HFDC p. 3185
U+E7AA ⿰饣农 Simplified form
= U+297CA 𩟊
HFDC p. 3508
U+E7AB ⿺风隶 HFDC p. 4330
U+E7AC ⿰亻⿱龹马 Simplified form
= U+512F 儯
HFDC p. 4910
U+E7AD ⿰鸟戋 Simplified form
= U+2CDDF 𬷟
HFDC p. 5011
U+E7AE ⿰曹勺 HFDC p. 5270
U+E7AF ⿰坌页 Simplified form
= U+2CC47 𬱇
HFDC p. 6621
U+E7B0 ⿰齿赞 Simplified form
= U+2A687 𪚇
HFDC p. 6809
U+E7B1 ⿱⺮枢 Simplified form
= U+4269 䉩
HFDC p. 6848
U+E7B2 ⿰钅戛 Simplified form
= U+2CAFF 𬫿
HFDC p. 7254
U+E7B3 ⿰麦夜 Simplified form
= U+2A345 𪍅
HFDC p. 7309
U+E7B4 ⿰麦连 Simplified form
= U+2A366 𪍦
HFDC p. 7436
U+E7B5 ⿰麦粦 Simplified form
= U+2A374 𪍴
HFDC p. 7436 GHZ84910.02 Ext. G Candidate
U+E7B6 ⿰麦㐱 HFDC p. 7436
U+E7B7 ⿱鑫车 Simplified form
= U+28403 𨐃
HFDC p. 7474
U+E7B8 ⿰禾⿴囗也 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 12 folio 5a
U+E7B9 ⿸疒各 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 20 folio 6b
U+E7BA ⿰扌欒 《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》卷五
U+E7BB ⿰扌栾 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 24 folio 1b
《李渔全集》第十三卷:《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》(浙江古籍出版社2010年) p. 183
U+E7BC ⿰革反 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 30 folio 4a
U+E7BD ⿴囗扁 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 31 folio 6b
U+E7BE ⿰𧾷⿱蓺𧘇 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 32 folio 5b
U+E7BF ⿰扌闔 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 32 folio 10a
U+E7C0 ⿰石店 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 33 folio 3b
U+E7C1 ⿰火夸 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 41 folio 3a
《李渔全集》第十三卷:《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》(浙江古籍出版社1991年) p. 134
U+E7C2 ⿰飠皆 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 49 folio 15b
U+E7C3 ⿰饣皆 《李渔全集》第十三卷:《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》(浙江古籍出版社1991年) p. 238
U+E7C4 ⿰飠禾 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 49 folio 15b
U+E7C5 ⿰饣禾 《李渔全集》第十三卷:《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》(浙江古籍出版社1991年) p. 238
U+E7C6 ⿰石否 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 62 folio 25b
U+E7C7 ⿰糹堂 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 68 folio 20b
U+E7C8 ⿰纟堂 《李渔全集》第十四卷:《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》(浙江古籍出版社1991年) p. 51
U+E7C9 ⿰倉頁 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 744
U+E7CA ⿱⿰石豕土 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 744
U+E7CB ⿱艹𣧃 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 745
U+E7CC ⿰咠頁 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 745
U+E7CD ⿰衤义 Variant
= U+8869 衩
《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 746
U+E7CE ⿸屵吕 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 747
U+E7CF ⿰𦰩夾 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 748
U+E7D0 ⿰扌𠪨 Variant
= U+22DF9 𢷹
《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 748
U+E7D1 ⿰釒䓒 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 749
U+E7D2 ⿰釒臭 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 749
U+E7D3 ⿺麥頁 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 749
U+E7D4 ⿱𥫗𫄻 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 750
U+E7D5 ⿱𥫗八 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 750
U+E7D6 ⿰片倉 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 753
U+E7D7 ⿸片丶 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 753
U+E7D8 ⿱穴作 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 755
U+E7D9 ⿰糹亨 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 755
U+E7DA ⿰衤祭 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 755
U+E7DB ⿰⿱叕木刂 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 755
U+E7DC ⿰衤舀 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 755
U+E7DD ⿰衤邑 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 756
U+E7DE ⿰扌甯 Variant
= U+64F0 擰
《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 756
U+E7DF ⿸厂查 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 756
U+E7E0 ⿺走荅 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 757
U+E7E1 ⿰軍夋 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 757
U+E7E2 ⿰口⿸广些 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 758
U+E7E3 ⿰口⿱?𠮷 Corrupt form
= U+20F79 𠽹
《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 758
U+E7E4 ⿰扌甹 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 760
U+E7E5 ⿺爪昜 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 760
U+E7E6 ⿰巴攵 Variant
= U+22EF7 𢻷
《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 761
U+E7E7 ⿰市鳥 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 762
U+E7E8 ⿱站瓦 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 763
U+E7E9 ⿰木⿴囗𠂭 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 763
U+E7EA ⿺辶𬀷 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 764
U+E7EB ⿰牜業 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 764
U+E7EC ⿰魚秀 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 766 KC-05935 Ext. G Candidate
U+E7ED ⿰魚隼 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 766
U+E7EE ⿰享⿳一䒑几 Corrupt form
=U+23135 𣄵
《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 766
U+E7EF ⿰虫苟 《蒲松齡集》(上海古籍出版社出版,1986年) p. 766
U+E7F0 ⿱夭下 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–48
U+E7F1 ⿰马犬 Simplified form
= U+4B7E 䭾
SJ/T 11239—2001 31–88
U+E7F2 ⿱山皮 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–11
U+E7F3 ⿺九六 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–47
U+E7F4 ⿱山伏 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–28
U+E7F5 ⿱牛田 SJ/T 11239—2001 38–06
U+E7F6 ⿱山地 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–13
U+E7F7 ⿱穴地 SJ/T 11239—2001 39–45
U+E7F8 ⿰阝弄 SJ/T 11239—2001 18–50
U+E7F9 ⿱甪土
U+E7FA ⿱㐌土
U+E7FB ⿱外土 SJ/T 11239—2001 19–85
U+E7FC ⿸尸寸 SJ/T 11239—2001 31–46
U+E7FD ⿰石寻 Simplified form
= U+25587 𥖇
SJ/T 11239—2001 36–75
U+E7FE ⿰土仓 Simplified form
= U+2A907 𪤇
SJ/T 11239—2001 19–39
U+E7FF ⿰木间 Simplified form
= U+6A7A 橺
SJ/T 11239—2001 33–15
U+E800 ⿱𥫗畚 SJ/T 11239—2001 41–11
U+E801 ⿳一田一 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–12
U+E802 ⿹⺄身 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–83
U+E803 ⿱𥫗䑬 SJ/T 11239—2001 41–25
U+E804 ⿰鱼严 Simplified form
= U+29F74 𩽴
SJ/T 11239—2001 42–35
U+E805 ⿰土处 SJ/T 11239—2001 19–84
U+E806 ⿰土夭 SJ/T 11239—2001 19–35
U+E807 ⿱敬土 SJ/T 11239—2001 23–05
U+E808 ⿳甫𠆢氺 SJ/T 11239—2001 35–92
U+E809 ⿺辶芫 SJ/T 11239—2001 31–34
U+E80A ⿱解山 SJ/T 11239—2001 28–33
U+E80B ⿴囗昏 SJ/T 11239—2001 26–25
U+E80C ⿰土干 SJ/T 11239—2001 19–12
U+E80D ⿱𥫗样 SJ/T 11239—2001 41–09
U+E80E ⿰石罢 SJ/T 11239—2001 37–37
U+E80F ⿰土在 SJ/T 11239—2001 20–15
U+E810 ⿲彳车亍 Simplified form
= U+4853 䡓
SJ/T 11239—2001 28–39
U+E811 ⿰氵汆 SJ/T 11239—2001 29–90
U+E812 ⿰冫蚕 SJ/T 11239—2001 18–05
U+E813 ⿰日百 L2/17-062
U+E814 ⿰纟尼 Simplified form
= U+25FE1 𥿡
U+E815 * ⿱波虫 ~蟖 《四川方言词源》 (巴蜀书社,2014年) p. 29
U+E816 ⿹⺄田 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–78
U+E817 ⿱𥫗厘 L2/17-062
U+E818 ⿰土郎 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–68
U+E819 ⿺辶小 SJ/T 11239—2001 31–19
U+E81A ⿰土冲 L2/17-062
U+E81B ⿱石井 SJ/T 11239—2001 36–17
U+E81C ⿱𥫗强 SJ/T 11239—2001 41–27
U+E81D ⿱𢪒土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–53
U+E81E ⿰土劣 SJ/T 11239—2001 20–23
U+E81F ⿰土躭 L2/17-062
U+E820 ⿺尾康 SJ/T 11239—2001 31–56
U+E821 ⿺毛羊 SJ/T 11239—2001 34–85
U+E822 ⿱分水 SJ/T 11239—2001 35–86
U+E823 ⿸尸下 SJ/T 11239—2001 31–45
U+E824 ⿻乃丶 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–39
U+E825 ⿰土凸 SJ/T 11239—2001 19–63
U+E826 ⿱𥫗鲁 Simplified form
= U+25D87 𥶇
SJ/T 11239—2001 41–26
U+E827 ⿰土巫 SJ/T 11239—2001 20–70
U+E828 ⿰𤣩曹 SJ/T 11239—2001 32–42
U+E829 ⿱山许 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–43
U+E82A ⿰土處 L2/17-062
U+E82B ⿱山与 Simplified form
= U+3818 㠘
SJ/T 11239—2001 26–50
U+E82C ⿰石呈 L2/17-062
U+E82D ⿰亻庵 L2/17-062
U+E82E ⿰田屯 SJ/T 11239—2001 38–05
U+E82F ⿰土𢆓 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–79
U+E830 ⿰土袅 Simplified form
= U+21469 𡑩
SJ/T 11239—2001 22–50
U+E831 ⿰土⿱㓁工 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–19
U+E832 ⿰土冝 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–17
U+E833 ⿱不光 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–18
U+E834 ⿰土非 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–41
U+E835 ⿰缶晏 SJ/T 11239—2001 40–43
U+E836 ⿰缶並 SJ/T 11239—2001 40–42
U+E837 ⿱艹园 Simplified form
= U+8597 薗
SJ/T 11239—2001 23–88
U+E838 ⿱山奋 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–78
U+E839 ⿱山引 SJ/T 11239—2001 26–76
U+E83A ⿱山长 SJ/T 11239—2001 26–61
U+E83B ⿸厂带 SJ/T 11239—2001 17–04
U+E83C ⿱山角 SJ/T 11239—2001 27–64
U+E83D ⿰土恋 SJ/T 11239—2001 22–51
U+E83E ⿱山猫 SJ/T 11239—2001 28–18
U+E83F ⿱山因 L2/17-062
U+E840 ⿰土来 SJ/T 11239—2001 20–71
U+E841 ⿰氵雾 SJ/T 11239—2001 30–77
U+E842 ⿰虫⿱死肉 SJ/T 11239—2001 40–34
U+E843 ⿱大男 SJ/T 11239—2001 24–78
U+E844 ⿰氵丫 SJ/T 11239—2001 29–63
U+E845 ⿱沃鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A055 𪁕
SJ/T 11239—2001 39–09
U+E846 ⿱大方 L2/17-062
U+E847 ⿰木企 L2/17-062
U+E848 ⿰日兵 L2/17-062
U+E849 ⿱夭上 SJ/T 11239—2001 16–49
U+E84A ⿰土贡 Simplified form
= U+213B4 𡎴
SJ/T 11239—2001 20–64
U+E84B * ⿰乐鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A1F1 𪇱
U+E84C ⿱田令 SJ/T 11239—2001 38–14
U+E84D ⿱山了 SJ/T 11239—2001 26–45
U+E84E ⿰土肴 SJ/T 11239—2001 21–56
U+E84F ⿰土勇 SJ/T 11239—2001 22–19
U+E850 ⿵门朱 SJ/T 11239—2001 29–42
U+E851 ⿰土廉 SJ/T 11239—2001 23–38
U+E852 ⿰口热 SJ/T 11239—2001 26–03
U+E853 ⿱合水 SJ/T 11239—2001 35–91
U+E854 ⿰土斜 SJ/T 11239—2001 22–79
U+E855 ⿰石晏 L2/17-062
U+E856 ⿰土间 Simplified form
= U+58B9 墹
SJ/T 11239—2001 21–12
U+E857 ⿱巛贝 Simplified form
= U+27D32 𧴲
SJ/T 11239—2001 32–11
U+E858 ⿰石齿 Simplified form
= U+255CA 𥗊
U+E859 ⿸疒立 L2/17-062
U+E85A ⿰叉页 L2/17-062
U+E85B ⿰义页 Unifiable variant of ⿰叉页 SJ/T 11239—2001 39–84
U+E85C ⿰茶阝 L2/17-062
U+E85D ⿰阝台 L2/17-062
U+E85E ⿰氵⿳甫𠆢氺 L2/17-062
U+E85F ⿰山贡 Simplified form
= U+21EAD 𡺭
SJ/T 11239—2001 27–46
U+E860 ⿰女㔾 Variant
= U+5983 妃
HJFC p. 8
U+E861 ⿰彳囬 Variant
= U+5F8A 徊
HJFC p. 8
U+E862 ⿰扌𠮠 Variant
= U+62D0 拐
HJFC p. 8
U+E863 ⿰扌⿱日工 Variant
= U+63D1 揑
HJFC p. 8
U+E864 ⿱?毛 Variant
= U+6BEB 毫
HJFC p. 8
U+E865 ⿱自夲 Variant
= U+768B 皋
HJFC p. 9
U+E866 ⿰糹𠪨 Variant
= U+7E8F 纏
HJFC p. 9
U+E867 ⿱𠔿卓 Variant
= U+7F69 罩 (U+262DA 𦋚)
HJFC p. 9
U+E868 ⿱艹囬 Variant
= U+8334 茴
HJFC p. 9
U+E869 ⿱?几 Variant
= U+864E 虎
HJFC p. 9
U+E86A ⿰⿳口十囬阝 Variant
= U+9119 鄙
HJFC p. 9
U+E86B ⿰酉㔾 Variant
= U+914D 配
HJFC p. 9
U+E86C ⿳⿱丷一⿲止自巳夂 Variant form
= U+5914 夔
U+E86D ⿰产刂 Draft simplified form
= U+5277 剷
HJFC p. 4
U+E86E ⿰⿻王丷力 Draft simplified form
= U+52C1 勁
HJFC p. 4
U+E86F ⿱吅厂 Draft simplified form
= U+56B4 嚴
HJFC p. 4
U+E870 ⿰口苏 Draft simplified form
= U+56CC 囌
HJFC p. 4
U+E871 ⿷匚佥 Draft simplified form
= U+5969 奩
HJFC p. 4
U+E872 ⿱宀⿰丬未 Draft simplified form
= U+5BD0 寐
HJFC p. 4
U+E873 ⿱刀寸 Draft simplified form
= U+5C0E 導
HJFC p. 4
U+E874 ⿰彳⿻王丷 Draft simplified form
= U+5F91 徑
HJFC p. 4
U+E875 ⿱?友 Draft simplified form
= U+6182 憂
HJFC p. 4
U+E876 ⿸?心 Draft simplified form
= U+616E 慮
HJFC p. 5
U+E877 ⿰扌𡨴 Draft simplified form
= U+64F0 擰
HJFC p. 5
U+E878 ⿱将󠄀木 Draft simplified form
= U+69F3 槳
HJFC p. 5
U+E879 ⿰木𡨴 Draft simplified form
= U+6AB8 檸
HJFC p. 5
U+E87A ⿰木⿱⿲丨丨⿱𠂉丶見 Draft simplified form
= U+6B16 欖
HJFC p. 5
U+E87B ⿰丬水 Draft simplified form
= U+6F3F 漿
HJFC p. 5
U+E87C ⿰氵𡨴 Draft simplified form
= U+6FD8 濘
HJFC p. 5
U+E87D ⿲氵貝戋 Draft simplified form
= U+6FFA 濺
HJFC p. 5
U+E87E ⿰氵⿸?心 Draft simplified form
= U+6FFE 濾
HJFC p. 5
U+E87F ⿰丬啬 Draft simplified form
= U+7246 牆
HJFC p. 5
U+E880 ⿰犭𡨴 Draft simplified form
= U+7370 獰
HJFC p. 5
U+E881 ⿸疒节 Draft simplified form
= U+7664 癤
HJFC p. 5
U+E882 ⿸疒邕 Draft simplified form
= U+7670 癰
HJFC p. 5
U+E883 ⿰糹韦 Draft simplified form
= U+7DEF 緯
HJFC p. 6
U+E884 ⿰糹𪺮 Draft simplified form
= U+7E34 縴
HJFC p. 6
U+E885 ⿰糹𠬤 Draft simplified form
= U+7E79 繹
HJFC p. 6
U+E886 ⿰糹宾 Draft simplified form
= U+7E7D 繽
HJFC p. 6
U+E887 ⿰糹卖 Draft simplified form
= U+7E8C 續
HJFC p. 6
U+E888 ⿰月坣 Draft simplified form
= U+819B 膛
HJFC p. 6
U+E889 ⿸?月 Draft simplified form
= U+819A 膚
HJFC p. 6
U+E88A ⿲丨丿⿱𠂉品 Draft simplified form
= U+81E8 臨
HJFC p. 6
U+E88B ⿰舟监 Draft simplified form
= U+8266 艦
HJFC p. 6
U+E88C ⿱艹⿻王丷 Draft simplified form
= U+8396 莖
HJFC p. 6
U+E88D ⿸?力 Draft simplified form
= U+865C 虜
HJFC p. 6
U+E88E ⿰訁仑 Draft simplified form
= U+8AD6 論
HJFC p. 6
U+E88F ⿰訁风 Draft simplified form
= U+8AF7 諷
HJFC p. 6
U+E890 ⿰訁韦 Draft simplified form
= U+8AF1 諱
HJFC p. 6
U+E891 ⿰訁刍 Draft simplified form
= U+8B05 謅
HJFC p. 6
U+E892 ⿰訁卖 Draft simplified form
= U+8B80 讀
HJFC p. 6
U+E893 ⿱⿲丨丨又豆 Draft simplified form
= U+8C4E 豎
HJFC p. 6
U+E894 ⿰貝卖 Draft simplified form
= U+8D16 贖
HJFC p. 6
U+E895 ⿰車仑 Draft simplified form
= U+8F2A 輪
HJFC p. 6
U+E896 ⿰車乔 Draft simplified form
= U+8F4E 轎
HJFC p. 6
U+E897 ⿺辶⿻王丷 Draft simplified form
= U+9015 逕
HJFC p. 6
U+E898 ⿰丬酉 Draft simplified form
= U+91AC 醬
HJFC p. 6
U+E899 ⿰釒冈 Draft simplified form
= U+92FC 鋼
HJFC p. 6
U+E89A ⿰釒产 Draft simplified form
= U+93DF 鏟
HJFC p. 7
U+E89B ⿰釒聂 Draft simplified form
= U+9477 鑷
HJFC p. 7
U+E89C ⿰⿻𤣩丷頁 Draft simplified form
= U+9838 頸
HJFC p. 7
U+E89D ⿰飠戋 Draft simplified form
= U+991E 餞
HJFC p. 7
U+E89E ⿰馬𠬤 Draft simplified form
= U+9A5B 驛
HJFC p. 7
U+E89F ⿵鬥九 Draft simplified form
= U+9B2E 鬮
HJFC p. 7
U+E8A0 ⿰目楚 chú XFC p. 127
U+E8A1 ⿰石恩 èn XFC p. 249
U+E8A2 ⿰马居 Simplified form
= U+29905 𩤅
XFC p. 494
U+E8A3 ⿰阝仑 Simplified form
= U+966F 陯
XFC p. 592
U+E8A4 ⿰身长 Simplified form
= U+8EBC 躼
XFC p. 594
U+E8A5 ⿰纟勉 Simplified form
= U+26094 𦂔
XFC p. 645
U+E8A6 ⿰米⿴囗夂 XFC p. 667
U+E8A7 ⿺风毛 Simplified form
= U+4AFD 䫽
XFC p. 708
U+E8A8 ⿰身建 qián XFC p. 753
U+E8A9 ⿸广𤆌 sāo XFC p. 797
U+E8AA ⿰帚召 sáo XFC p. 797
U+E8AB ⿰讠庶 Simplified form
= U+8B36 謶
XFC p. 856
U+E8AC ⿰勿爱 wài XFC p. 946
U+E8AD ⿰讠甲 Simplified form
= U+46C5 䛅
XFC p. 987
U+E8AE ⿰衾页 Simplified form
= U+2951D 𩔝
XFC p. 1028
U+E8AF ⿳⿴𦥑同冖月 Variant
= U+81D6 臖
xùn, xìn
XFC p. 1037
U+E8B0 ⿰扌缘 Simplified form
= U+22DFB 𢷻
XFC p. 1108
U+E8B1 ⿰讠曹 Simplified form
= U+470A 䜊
XFC p. 1118
U+E8B3 ⿰贝娄 Simplified form
= U+27DE1 𧷡
XGBY p. 201
U+E8B4 ⿰口估 XGBY p. 318
U+E8B5 ⿰口睡 XGBY p. 331
U+E8B6 ⿰口榃 《肇庆市志》 (Guangzhou, 1996) p. 900
U+E8B8 ⿰飠帮 KBC p. 20
U+E8B9 ⿰贝店 KBC p. 51
U+E8BA ⿰日念 KBC p. 58
U+E8BB ⿰日聂 Simplified form
= U+2330D 𣌍
KBC p. 58
U+E8BC ⿰月下 KBC p. 111
U+E8BD ⿰火壳 KBC p. 123
U+E8BE ⿱𥫗垒 KBC p. 169
U+E8BF ⿰扌麦 Simplified form
= U+2B77E 𫝾
KBC p. 175
U+E8C0 ⿰𧾷农 Simplified form
= U+2819E 𨆞
KBC p. 216
U+E8C1 ⿰土阿 KBC p. 217
U+E8C2 ⿱艹洗 KBC p. 244
U+E8C3 ⿰𧾷帣 KBC p. 262
U+E8C5 ⿰𧾷匝 KBC p. 303
U+E8C6 ⿰翏宽 Simplified form
= U+21B18 𡬘
KF p. 48
U+E8C7 ⿰戾支 Variant
= U+3A90 㪐
KF p. 61
U+E8C8 ⿺走责 Simplified form
= U+47C4 䟄
KF p. 61
U+E8C9 ⿰石国 Simplified form
= U+2554F 𥕏
KF p. 61
U+E8CA ⿰口万 Simplified form
= U+5667 噧
KF p. 133
U+E8CB ⿱𥫗残 Simplified form
= U+4254 䉔
《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 29
U+E8CC ⿰目买 Simplified form
= U+4072 䁲
《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 71
U+E8CD ⿰钅而 《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 85
U+E8CE ⿰目单 Simplified form
= U+2DFDE 𭿞
《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 96
U+E8CF ⿰口页 Simplified form
= U+35BD 㖽
《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 100
U+E8D0 ⿱四十 《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 126
U+E8D1 ⿱五十 《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 126
U+E8D2 ⿱六十 《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 126
U+E8D3 ⿱七十 《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 126
U+E8D4 ⿱八十 《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 126
U+E8D5 ⿰岂犬 Simplified form
= U+7343 獃
《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 174
U+E8D6 ⿰口岳 《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 225
U+E8D7 ⿰马念 Simplified form
= U+9A10 騐
《海康方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1993) p. 286
U+E8D8 ⿱士𧹒 Non-standard simplified form
= U+8CE3 賣
U+E8D9 ⿰米⿱成肉 Variant
= U+81A5 膥
U+E8DA ⿵門侖
U+E8DB ⿰月察
U+E8DC ⿰口促
U+E8DD ⿰口歴
U+E8DE ⿱艹嫖 《粤西十縣市粤方言調查報告》 (Guangzhou, 1998) p. 522
U+E8DF ⿰釒帮 《粤西十縣市粤方言調查報告》 (Guangzhou, 1998) p. 504
U+E8E0 ⿰虫叔 《粤西十縣市粤方言調查報告》 (Guangzhou, 1998) p. 533
U+E8E1 ⿰口恣 《粤西十縣市粤方言調查報告》 (Guangzhou, 1998) p. 669
U+E8E2 ⿰奈隶 《粤西客家方言调查报告》 (Guangzhou, 1999) p. 87
U+E8E3 ⿰石连 Simplified form
= U+40DB 䃛
《粤西客家方言调查报告》 (Guangzhou, 1999) p. 113
U+E8E4 ⿱㓝田 Fāngyán 方言 1979.4 p. 303
U+E8E5 ⿱小面 Fāngyán 方言 1990.1 p. 11
U+E8E6 ⿲口亻糸 Variant
= U+55BA 喺
Fāngyán 方言 1990.2 p. 135
U+E8E7 ⿰女能 Fāngyán 方言 1990.2 p. 156
U+E8E8 ⿰𧾷呙 Simplified form
= U+8E3B 踻
Fāngyán 方言 1990.3 p. 174
U+E8E9 ⿰赤兒 Fāngyán 方言 1990.3 p. 176
U+E8EA ⿰⿱日工殳 Variant
= U+6BC1 毁
Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 243
U+E8EB ⿰口怕 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 270
U+E8EC ⿰口逻 Simplified form
= U+21197 𡆗
Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 271
U+E8ED ⿵门尔 Simplified form
= U+28CF4 𨳴
Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 273
U+E8EE ⿰厓鸟 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 274
U+E8EF ⿰钅牢 Simplified form
= U+289AD 𨦭
Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 275
U+E8F0 ⿰土坚 Simplified form
= U+21416 𡐖
Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 280
U+E8F1 ⿱艹梦 Simplified form
= U+26FCF 𦿏
Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 280
U+E8F2 ⿰目盖 Simplified form
= U+2DFEB 𭿫
Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 281
U+E8F3 ⿳⺍冖土 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 282
U+E8F4 ⿰口铎 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 282
U+E8F5 ⿰口猛 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 282
U+E8F6 ⿰口劣 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 283
U+E8F7 ⿰目迎 《普通话水平测试实施纲要》 (Beijing, 2004) p. 260
U+E8F8 ⿰犭活 《普通话水平测试实施纲要》 (Beijing, 2004) p. 265
U+E8F9 ⿰口样 《普通话水平测试实施纲要》 (Beijing, 2004) p. 275
U+E8FA ⿱汤皿 Simplified form
= U+76EA 盪
《韶关土话调查研究》 (Guangzhou, 2009) p. 200
U+E8FB ⿰𠂎己 Modern form of U+20479 𠑹 《上海话大词典(拼音输入版)》 (Shanghai, 2008) p. 301
U+E8FC ⿰魚来 Semi-simplified form
= U+9BE0 鯠
《潮汕方言:潮人的精神家园》 (Guangzhou, 2012) p. 98
U+E8FD ⿴囗君 《潮汕方言:潮人的精神家园》 (Guangzhou, 2012) p. 118
U+E8FE ⿳穴士𧹒 Non-standard simplified form
= U+7AC7 竇
《广府方言》 (Guangzhou, 2012) p. 94
U+E8FF ⿰钅掌 Simplified form
= U+9423 鐣
《肇庆民间歌谣》 (Guangzhou, 1988) p. 54
U+E900 ⿰口爷 《肇庆民间歌谣》 (Guangzhou, 1988) p. 64
U+E901 ⿰衤寿 Simplified form
= U+2E5BB 𮖻
《肇庆民间歌谣》 (Guangzhou, 1988) p. 68
U+E902 ⿰土骨 《长治方言志》 (Beijing, 1985) p. 100
U+E903 ⿸尸𤼭 《廉江县志》 (Guangzhou, 1995) p. 757
U+E904 ⿰虫吕 《信宜方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1987) p. 145
U+E905 ⿰爿臿 Mistake for U+7250 牐 ? 《北京话词典》 (Beijing, 2013) p. 95
U+E906 ⿺走颠 Mistake for U+27F4D 𧽍 ? 《北京话词典》 (Beijing, 2013) p. 222
U+E907 ⿰火⿱龹马 Mistake for U+71A5 熥 ? 《北京话词典》 (Beijing, 2013) p. 841
U+E908 ⿸广夫 Vulgar simplified form
= U+5E93 库
U+E909 ⿰目妻 《胭脂扣》 (Beijing, 2013) p. 109
U+E90A ⿰木烹 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 14
U+E90B ⿰缶牚 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 14
U+E90C ⿱猄心 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 14
U+E90D ⿰虘支 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 16
U+E90E ⿰月扒 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 19
U+E90F ⿰月枕 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 28
U+E910 ⿰扌坎 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 28
U+E911 ⿰𫥎刂 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 33
U+E912 ⿰氵⿱穴𢀛 Variant
= U+6ED8 滘
《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 36
U+E913 ⿰纟咅 Simplified form
= U+42E8 䋨
《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 36
U+E914 ⿰丽見 Semi-simplified form
= U+4695 䚕
《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 42
U+E915 ⿱折手 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 48
U+E916 ⿰氵⿴囗𠅇 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 55
U+E917 ⿰口揖 《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 56
U+E918 ⿰土⿱㓁林 Variant
= U+2BB9A 𫮚
《粤语特殊方言用字研究》 (Beijing, 2002) p. 75
U+E919 ⿱囚? 《五雜組》 (Ming ed.) juan 13 f. 29b
U+E91A ⿱㐫冏 《五雜組》 (Ming ed.) juan 13 f. 29b
U+E91B ⿰镸重 《五雜組》 (Ming ed.) juan 13 f. 29b
U+E91C ⿰虫崩 Eiso Chan, Proposal to add an ideograph to UAX #45 (2016-12-24) UTC-02973
U+E91D ⿰訁⿱艹㠩 Variant
= U+8B0A 謊
Fāngyán Diàochá Zìbiǎo 方言調查字表 (Beijing: Shangwu yinshuguan, 1981) p. 64.
U+E91E ⿲糹?⻏ Variant
= U+7D81 綁
Fāngyán Diàochá Zìbiǎo 方言調查字表 (Beijing: Shangwu yinshuguan, 1981) p. 66.
U+E91F ⿰当瓦 Simplified form
= U+3F46 㽆
Tán Wénxīn 谭文炘. "Diànbái Líhuà (Mǐnnán yǔxì) cíyǔ lìshì (xùyī)" 电白黎话(闽南语系)词语例释(续一); Wénshǐ Xiéyīng 文史撷英 no. 13 (1994) p. 43.
U+E920 ⿱句黾 Simplified form
= U+2A4DF 𪓟
Tán Wénxīn 谭文炘. "Diànbái Líhuà (Mǐnnán yǔxì) cíyǔ lìshì (xùyī)" 电白黎话(闽南语系)词语例释(续一); Wénshǐ Xiéyīng 文史撷英 no. 13 (1994) p. 44.
U+E921 ⿲讠言言 Simplified form
= U+27B5B 𧭛
Tán Wénxīn 谭文炘. "Diànbái Líhuà (Mǐnnán yǔxì) cíyǔ lìshì (xù'èr)" 电白黎话(闽南语系)词语例释(续二); Wénshǐ Xiéyīng 文史撷英 no. 13 (1998) p. 57.
U+E922 ⿰𧾷岚 Simplified form
= U+2814F 𨅏
Tán Wénxīn 谭文炘. "Diànbái Líhuà (Mǐnnán yǔxì) cíyǔ lìshì (xù'èr)" 电白黎话(闽南语系)词语例释(续二); Wénshǐ Xiéyīng 文史撷英 no. 13 (1998) p. 61.
U+E923 ⿱不风 Simplified form
= U+295B2 𩖲
Tán Wénxīn 谭文炘. "Diànbái Líhuà (Mǐnnán yǔxì) cíyǔ lìshì (xùsān)" 电白黎话(闽南语系)词语例释(续三); Wénshǐ Xiéyīng 文史撷英 no. 13 (2000) p. 79.
U+E924 Variant
= U+5049 偉
U+E925 Variant
= U+97DC 韜
U+E926 ⿱啟月 Variant
= U+43FF 䏿
CSHTZ p. 12
U+E927 ⿰纟施 Simplified form
U+2609B 𦂛
CSHTZ p. 14
U+E928 ⿱大䖵 CSHTZ p. 26
U+E929 ⿰钅昴 CSHTZ p. 34
U+E92A ⿰釒昴 Traditional form of U+E929 NEEDS SOURCE
U+E92B ⿰自坐 Corrupt form
= U+213E9 𡏩
CSHTZ p. 56
U+E92C ⿰自力 Corrupt form
= U+20852 𠡒
CSHTZ p. 72
U+E92D ⿱龸石 Variant
= U+2C488 𬒈
CSHTZ p. 154
U+E92E ⿰氵⿸厂⿰屰刂 CSHTZ p. 166
U+E92F ⿳亠矛木 CSHTZ p. 175 KC-01754 Ext. G Candidate
U+E930 ⿰录攵 Variant
= U+3A96 㪖
CSHTZ p. 178
U+E931 ⿱髟闲 Simplified form
= U+9B1C 鬜
CSHTZ p. 203 KC-06943
U+E932 ⿱㓁幕 = U+20587 𠖇 GC p. 108
U+E933 ⿲糹耳少 = U+7DF2 緲 GC p. 109
U+E934 ⿰扌⿱⿲丨丨⿱𠂉丶見 = U+652C 攬 GC p. 292
U+E935 ⿰氵厯 = U+701D 瀝 GC p. 304
U+E936 ⿰口厯 = U+56A6 嚦 GC p. 304
U+E937 ⿸疒厯 = U+7667 癧 GC p. 304
U+E938 ⿱雨厯 = U+9742 靂 GC p. 305
U+E939 ⿰釒𫠣 = U+934A 鍊 GC p. 316
U+E93A ⿰衤僉󠄂 = U+895D 襝 GC p. 317
U+E93B ⿻刀乀 = U+5169 兩 GC p. 320
U+E93C ⿸?⿱田皿 = U+76E7 盧 GC p. 326
U+E93D ⿰⿱爫冊乚 = U+4E82 亂 GC p. 334
U+E93E ⿰阝⿳一口冏 = U+9694 隔 GC p. 344
U+E93F  ⿰木⿳一口冏 = U+69C5 槅 GC p. 344
U+E940 ⿱艹宼 = U+26DB2 𦶲 GC p. 401
U+E941 ⿵門𪛉 = U+9B2E 鬮 GC p. 507
U+E942 ⿰亻㐄 = U+4EF6 件 GC p. 512
U+E943 ⿱𥫗𫔮 = U+25CD1 𥳑 GC p. 513
U+E944 ⿰訁⿱𠫓冉 = U+8B1B 講 GC p. 525
U+E945 ⿰糹⿻王丷 = U+26007 𦀇 GC p. 529
U+E946 ⿰車⿻王丷 = U+4856 䡖 GC p. 589
U+E947 ⿱丷丁 = U+20503 𠔃 GC p. 608
U+E948 ⿱冖? = U+5BEB 寫 GC p. 630
U+E949 ⿱?厶 = U+53BF 县 GC p. 659
U+E94A ⿱雨业 = U+865B 虛 GC p. 687
U+E94B ⿱丿⿸中丶 = U+8846 衆 GC p. 781
U+E94C ⿱⿻千北一 = U+57C0 埀 GC p. 832
U+E94D ⿰彳⿳䒑? = U+5F93 従 GC p. 1004
U+E94E ⿰骨⿳丿罒水 = U+29A7A 𩩺衆 GC p. 1071
U+E94F ⿰⿷匚又鳥 = U+9D0E 鴎 GC p. 1090
U+E950 ⿰土裴 HZFY p. 21
U+E951 ⿰石囦 HZFY p. 84
U+E952 ⿰𧾷费 HZFY p. 100
U+E953 ⿰山𫥎 Simplified form
= U+5DC9 巉
HZFY p. 179
U+E954 ⿰鼠鸟 HZFY p. 181
U+E955 ⿰女圼 HZFY p. 187
U+E956 ⿸尸丛 HZFY p. 187
U+E957 ⿰𧾷⿵门𫠣 Simplified form
= U+8E9D 躝
Cf. U+2816C 𨅬
HZFY p. 190
U+E958 ⿰虫歪 HZFY p. 311
U+E959 ⿰卤齐 Simplified form
= U+2A286 𪊆
HZFY p. 313
U+E95A ⿰木泡 HZFY p. 384
U+E95B ⿰目足 HZFY p. 394
U+E95C ⿰禾厌 HZFY p. 456
U+E95D ⿰身历 Simplified form
= U+2829B 𨊛
HZFY p. 456
HFDC p. 7126
U+E95E ⿰替页 Simplified form
= U+29557 𩕗
HZFY p. 459
U+E95F ⿰耆页 HZFY p. 459
U+E960 ⿺乙當 Traditional form corresponding to U+EA48 Please contact me if you have evidence for this character
U+E961 ⿰扌⿱𠂉品 Traditional form corresponding to U+EA4F Please contact me if you have evidence for this character
U+E962 ⿰亻闌 Traditional form corresponding to U+E969 Please contact me if you have evidence for this character
U+E963 ⿰𧾷鸟 Simplified form
= U+28119 𨄙
Léizhōuhuà Zìdiǎn 雷州话字典 (Guangzhou, 2013) p. 635
U+E964 ⿰口张 Simplified form
= U+2BAE7 𫫧
Léizhōuhuà Zìdiǎn 雷州话字典 (Guangzhou, 2013) p. 635
U+E965 ⿰刃刃 Léizhōuhuà Zìdiǎn 雷州话字典 (Guangzhou, 2013) p. 636
U+E966 ⿰口敬 Léizhōuhuà Zìdiǎn 雷州话字典 (Guangzhou, 2013) p. 636
U+E967 ⿰虫啬 Simplified form
= U+27497 𧒗
Léizhōuhuà Zìdiǎn 雷州话字典 (Guangzhou, 2013) p. 644
U+E968 ⿰虫革 Léizhōuhuà Zìdiǎn 雷州话字典 (Guangzhou, 2013) p. 644
U+E969 ⿰亻阑 Simplified form Léizhōuhuà Zìdiǎn 雷州话字典 (Guangzhou, 2013) p. 646
U+E96A ⿰禾总 Simplified form
= U+25865 𥡥
Léizhōuhuà Zìdiǎn 雷州话字典 (Guangzhou, 2013) p. 648
U+E96B ⿱山宕 Léizhōu Gēyùn 雷州歌韵 (Hong Kong, 2015) p. 18
U+E96C ⿰鱼共 Simplified form
= U+4C4B 䱋
Léizhōu Gēyùn 雷州歌韵 (Hong Kong, 2015) p. 21
U+E96D ⿰𧾷禀 Léizhōu Gēyùn 雷州歌韵 (Hong Kong, 2015) p. 52
U+E96E ⿰隹鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CE1 䳡
Léizhōu Gēyùn 雷州歌韵 (Hong Kong, 2015) p. 98
U+E96F ⿱艹堡 Léizhōu Gēyùn 雷州歌韵 (Hong Kong, 2015) p. 110
U+E970 ⿰口⿸虍命 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E971 ⿰亻⿱七天 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E972 ⿰口⿸虍令 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E973 ⿱天本 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E974 ⿴囗旡 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E975 ⿱大亨 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E976 ⿸尸元 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E977 ⿰身真 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E978 ⿱天卩 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E979 ⿰君⿱玄火 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97A ⿰氵⿱屯火 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97B ⿴囗神 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97C ⿱入塵 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97D ⿱罒⿰肖光 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97E ⿰月窗 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97F  ⿱幻京 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E980 ⿰虚覺 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E981 ⿰生妄 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E982 ⿰氵⿱民心 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E983 ⿱朋寂 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E984 ⿱地元 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E985 ⿰亻𡥘 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E986 ⿰木⿳金⿰水火土 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E987 ⿱天天 《亳州老君碑古字譜》 GHZ10025.02 Ext. G Candidate
U+E988 ⿱三⿰三三 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E989 ⿱⿲男男男女 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E98A ⿱無⿰無無 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E98B ⿰正真 Error for U+9755 靕 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E98C ⿳䀠冖叔 Error for U+E983 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E98D ⿰木⿳金⿰水土土 Error for U+E986 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E98E ⿰春春 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E98F ⿱春⿰春春 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E990 ⿰花花 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E991 ⿱花⿰花花 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E992 ⿰雷雷 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E993 ⿰雨雨 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E994 ⿱雨⿰雨雨 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E995 ⿱林林 中华人民共和国第二代居民身份证用字
U+E996 ⿰扌⿱因皿 《吴化粤语研究》(Beijing, 2014) p. 37
U+E997 ⿰虫釆 《吴化粤语研究》(Beijing, 2014) p. 50
U+E998 ⿰扌⿱罒维 《吴化粤语研究》(Beijing, 2014) p. 185
U+E999 ⿲扌至⿺支丶 《日译吴音的读音层次与六朝南音》(Guangzhou, 2014) p. 431
U+E99A ⿰月⿱目一 《日译吴音的读音层次与六朝南音》(Guangzhou, 2014) p. 449
U+E99B ⿳日八寸 《日译吴音的读音层次与六朝南音》(Guangzhou, 2014) p. 451
U+E99C ⿱利今 《日译吴音的读音层次与六朝南音》(Guangzhou, 2014) p. 148
U+E99D ⿱不是 《新潮汕字典》(Guangzhou, 2009) p. 13
U+E99E ⿱不畏 《新潮汕字典》(Guangzhou, 2009) p. 13
U+E99F ⿰勿畏 《新潮汕字典》(Guangzhou, 2009) p. 13
U+E9A0 ⿷匚赣 《新潮汕字典》(Guangzhou, 2009) p. 40
U+E9A1 ⿰讠亚 《新潮汕字典》(Guangzhou, 2009) p. 114
U+E9A2 ⿱⿷匚夹心 《新潮汕字典》(Guangzhou, 2009) p. 414
U+E9A3 ⿰木戏 《新潮汕字典》(Guangzhou, 2009) p. 525
U+E9A4 ⿰目聂 《新潮汕字典》(Guangzhou, 2009) p. 781
U+E9A5 ⿰虫九 《新潮汕字典》(Guangzhou, 2009) p. 682 G_Z1722201 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+E9A6 ⿳丿由一 Early form of simplified fish radical
= U+9C7C 鱼
《汉字简化方案》(Beijing, 1956) p. 10
U+E9A7 ⿰衤习 Example of an incorrect simplification of U+8936 褶 《简化字总表》(Beijing, 1964) p. 5
U+E9A8 ⿰讠夸 Example of an incorrect simplification of U+8A87 誇 《简化字总表》(Beijing, 1964) p. 5
U+E9A9 ⿰丰阝 Example of an incorrect simplification of U+9146 酆 《简化字总表》(Beijing, 1964) p. 12
U+E9AA ⿱戈兀 Example of an incorrect way of writing of U+5C27 尧 《简化字总表》(Beijing, 1964) p. 13
U+E9AB ⿰算攵 = U+23014 𣀔 《东干语调查研究》(Beijing, 2012) p. 122
U+E9AC ⿱壮大 = U+5958 奘 《东干语调查研究》(Beijing, 2012) p. 123
U+E9AD ⿰氵壮 = U+23D23 𣴣 《东干语调查研究》(Beijing, 2012) p. 147
U+E9AE ⿳𠚊八夂 = U+21570 𡕰 《东干语调查研究》(Beijing, 2012) p. 152
U+E9AF ⿰扌𢦣 《东干语调查研究》(Beijing, 2012) p. 158
U+E9B0 ⿰口秘 19SXXKF p. 33
U+E9B1 ⿰口徐 19SXXKF p. 33 G_Z0642302 Ext. G Candidate
U+E9B2 ⿰口晡 19SXXKF p. 34
U+E9B3 ⿰阝⿱且下 19SXXKF p. 35
U+E9B4 ⿰口遐 19SXXKF p. 35
U+E9B5 ⿰口桍 19SXXKF p. 35
U+E9B6 ⿱敝也 19SXXKF p. 35
U+E9B7 ⿰扌惹 19SXXKF p. 35
U+E9B8 ⿰口擎 19SXXKF p. 35
U+E9B9 ⿰去丫 19SXXKF p. 35
U+E9BA ⿰口柿 19SXXKF p. 36
U+E9BB ⿺廴歪 19SXXKF p. 36
U+E9BC ⿰衤這 19SXXKF p. 36
U+E9BD ⿰矢哥 19SXXKF p. 37
U+E9BE ⿰矢過 19SXXKF p. 37
U+E9BF  ⿰口娣 19SXXKF p. 37
U+E9C0 ⿰口溪 19SXXKF p. 38
U+E9C1 ⿱穴來 19SXXKF p. 38
U+E9C2 ⿰口剿 19SXXKF p. 40
U+E9C3 ⿰女臼 19SXXKF p. 41
U+E9C4 ⿰口潭 19SXXKF p. 42
U+E9C5 ⿰口惨 19SXXKF p. 42
U+E9C6 ⿰口杉 19SXXKF p. 42
U+E9C7 ⿰⿱⺈韭刂 19SXXKF p. 42
U+E9C8 ⿰口掩 19SXXKF p. 42
U+E9C9 ⿰亻⿱氏森 19SXXKF p. 42
U+E9CA ⿰力罧 19SXXKF p. 43
U+E9CB ⿰口鵪 19SXXKF p. 43
U+E9CC ⿰夸晏 19SXXKF p. 44
U+E9CD ⿰口奠 19SXXKF p. 44
U+E9CE ⿰𧾷練 19SXXKF p. 44
U+E9CF ⿰巾賛 19SXXKF p. 45
U+E9D0 ⿰口玎 19SXXKF p. 46
U+E9D1 ⿰口汀 19SXXKF p. 46
U+E9D2 ⿰口勝 19SXXKF p. 46
U+E9D3 ⿰月頃 19SXXKF p. 46
U+E9D4 ⿰喜分 19SXXKF p. 46
U+E9D5 ⿰口肫 19SXXKF p. 47
U+E9D6 ⿰未⿱成肉 Variant
= U+81A5 膥
19SXXKF p. 47
U+E9D7 ⿰諞另 19SXXKF p. 47
U+E9D8 ⿲彳忽亍 19SXXKF p. 47
U+E9D9 ⿰口横 19SXXKF p. 47
U+E9DA ⿰扌釘 19SXXKF p. 47
U+E9DB ⿰口聼 19SXXKF p. 47
U+E9DC ⿰口零 19SXXKF p. 47
U+E9DD ⿰骨横 19SXXKF p. 48
U+E9DE ⿰口釘 19SXXKF p. 48
U+E9DF ⿰口儉 19SXXKF p. 48
U+E9E0 ⿰口帮 19SXXKF p. 48
U+E9E1 ⿰口卬 19SXXKF p. 49
U+E9E2 ⿰口仰 19SXXKF p. 49
U+E9E3 ⿱⿰爿寽酉 19SXXKF p. 49
U+E9E4 ⿰口想 19SXXKF p. 49
U+E9E5 ⿱冖棟 19SXXKF p. 50
U+E9E6 ⿰口凍 19SXXKF p. 50
U+E9E7 ⿰𧾷壓 19SXXKF p. 51
U+E9E8 ⿰屑甲 19SXXKF p. 51
U+E9E9 ⿰口洽 19SXXKF p. 51
U+E9EA ⿰去⿱⿻土⿰口口回 19SXXKF p. 51
U+E9EB ⿲氵丢⿱⿻土⿰口口回 19SXXKF p. 51
U+E9EC ⿰口蛤 19SXXKF p. 52
U+E9ED ⿰區⿱⿻土⿰口口回 19SXXKF p. 52
U+E9EE ⿰窄未 19SXXKF p. 52
U+E9EF ⿰虫⿹⺄翟 19SXXKF p. 52
U+E9F0 ⿰口測 19SXXKF p. 53
U+E9F1 ⿺皮曷 19SXXKF p. 53
U+E9F2 ⿸尸失 19SXXKF p. 54
U+E9F3 ⿰口極 19SXXKF p. 54
U+E9F4 ⿱去一 19SXXKF p. 54
U+E9F5 ⿰口浡 19SXXKF p. 55
U+E9F6 ⿰口核 19SXXKF p. 55
U+E9F7 ⿰文屈 19SXXKF p. 55
U+E9F8 ⿺辶⿱知石 19SXXKF p. 56
U+E9F9 ⿰口暦 19SXXKF p. 56
U+E9FA ⿰口跡 19SXXKF p. 56
U+E9FB ⿰急客 19SXXKF p. 56
U+E9FC ⿰𧾷⿱旧亦 19SXXKF p. 56
U+E9FD ⿰去客 19SXXKF p. 56
U+E9FE ⿱厶洛 19SXXKF p. 56
U+E9FF  ⿰扌綽 19SXXKF p. 57
U+EA00 ⿰口督 19SXXKF p. 57
U+EA01 ⿲口木彔 19SXXKF p. 57
U+EA02 ⿰口酷 19SXXKF p. 57
U+EA03 ⿰急鹿 19SXXKF p. 58
U+EA04 ⿰口擺 19SXXKF p. 348
U+EA05 ⿰血⿱乃見 19SXXKF p. 354
U+EA06 ⿰虫⿱其牙 19SXXKF p. 354
U+EA07 ⿰皮罌 19SXXKF p. 355
U+EA08 ⿰口倮 19SXXKF p. 356
U+EA09 ⿰口疏 19SXXKF p. 356
U+EA0A ⿰口狂 19SXXKF p. 356
U+EA0B ⿰口盲 19SXXKF p. 357 G_Z1542402 Ext. G Candidate
U+EA0C ⿰口象 19SXXKF p. 357
U+EA0D ⿰口様 19SXXKF p. 357
U+EA0E ⿰冫拳 19SXXKF p. 358
U+EA0F ⿸疒滞 19SXXKF p. 358
U+EA10 ⿺走⿰育攵 19SXXKF p. 358
U+EA11 ⿰爭力 19SXXKF p. 358
U+EA12 ⿺爪也 19SXXKF p. 358
U+EA13 ⿰甹刂 19SXXKF p. 358
U+EA14 ⿰山厄 19SXXKF p. 359
U+EA15 ⿰啄央 19SXXKF p. 359
U+EA16 ⿺皮丫 19SXXKF p. 359
U+EA17 ⿰貝曷 19SXXKF p. 359
U+EA18 ⿱拂厄 19SXXKF p. 360
U+EA19 ⿸疒⿱吹來 19SXXKF p. 360
U+EA1A ⿸⿹丁𧾷参 19SXXKF p. 360
U+EA1B ⿰扌⿱辛林 19SXXKF p. 360
U+EA1C ⿰口⿱乃田 19SXXKF p. 360
U+EA1D ⿰𢸦大 19SXXKF p. 360
U+EA1E ⿰虫⿱丘引 19SXXKF p. 361
U+EA1F ⿺包甪 19SXXKF p. 366
U+EA20 ⿰厶埃 19SXXKF p. 366
U+EA21 ⿰日矣 19SXXKF p. 366
U+EA22 ⿰扌⿱立天 19SXXKF p. 370
U+EA23 ⿰口街 19SXXKF p. 370
U+EA24 ⿰氵⿱㐬咸 19SXXKF p. 370
U+EA25 ⿰口兜 19SXXKF p. 373
U+EA26 ⿱穴弗 19SXXKF p. 378
U+EA27 ⿰厉见 《广州音字典》 (2003) p. 40
U+EA28 ⿰扌灭 《广州音字典》 (2003) p. 145
U+EA29 ⿰口迶 《广州音字典》 (2003) p. 219
U+EA2A ⿰子贝 《广州音字典》 (2003) p. 252
U+EA2B ⿰木贡 《广州音字典》 (2003) p. 312
U+EA2C ⿰扌呙 《广州话正音字典》 (2002) p. 216
U+EA2D ⿰口医 《广州话正音字典》 (2002) p. 245
U+EA2E ⿰口箩 《广州话正音字典》 (2002) p. 265
U+EA2F ⿱⿰未攵牛 《番漢合時掌中珠》
U+EA31 ⿰饣益 PGDJYZ p. 4
U+EA32 ⿳亠保足 PGDJYZ p. 7
U+EA33 ⿰崩瓦 PGDJYZ p. 11
U+EA34 ⿰木乒 PGDJYZ p. 19
U+EA35 ⿰月盆 PGDJYZ p. 20
U+EA36 ⿱亡网 PGDJYZ p. 23
U+EA37 ⿰鱼亡 PGDJYZ p. 23
U+EA38 ⿱米臼 PGDJYZ p. 25
U+EA39 ⿰饣文 PGDJYZ p. 26
U+EA3A ⿰米蒙 PGDJYZ p. 29
U+EA3B ⿱口目 PGDJYZ p. 33
U+EA3C ⿰口乜 PGDJYZ p. 48
U+EA3D ⿰扌刁 PGDJYZ p. 48 G_Z1212101 Ext. G Candidate
U+EA3E ⿱罒肉 PGDJYZ p. 48
U+EA3F  ⿱吊石 PGDJYZ p. 50
U+EA41 ⿰钅尚 PGDJYZ p. 57
U+EA42 ⿺辶秃 PGDJYZ p. 62
U+EA44 ⿱丑心 PGDJYZ p. 64
U+EA45 ⿰亻圼 PGDJYZ p. 65
U+EA46 ⿰𧾷乜 PGDJYZ p. 65
U+EA47 ⿱你虫 PGDJYZ p. 65
U+EA48 ⿺乙当 PGDJYZ p. 66
U+EA49 ⿰月良 PGDJYZ p. 66
U+EA4A ⿱不多 PGDJYZ p. 67
U+EA4B ⿱艹肉 PGDJYZ p. 68
U+EA4C ⿰扌恧 PGDJYZ p. 68
U+EA4D ⿰扌𬷽 PGDJYZ p. 73
U+EA4E ⿺走利 PGDJYZ p. 73
U+EA4F ⿰扌⿱⿸𠂉丶𫩏 PGDJYZ p. 77
U+EA50 ⿰纟了 PGDJYZ p. 78
U+EA51 ⿱雨计 PGDJYZ p. 80
U+EA52 ⿴囗录 PGDJYZ p. 80
U+EA53 ⿰牙吕 PGDJYZ p. 80
U+EA54 ⿵冂⿻二丨? PGDJYZ p. 80
U+EA55 ⿱亦米 PGDJYZ p. 81
U+EA56 ⿰弓中 PGDJYZ p. 82
U+EA57 ⿰饣素 PGDJYZ p. 85
U+EA59 ⿰口巩 PGDJYZ p. 104
U+EA5A ⿰鱼乜 PGDJYZ p. 105
U+EA5B ⿱卬石 PGDJYZ p. 118
U+EA5C ⿰口显 PGDJYZ p. 120
U+EA5D ⿰牙厄 PGDJYZ p. 120
U+EA5E ⿰讠显 PGDJYZ p. 120
U+EA5F ⿰扌显 PGDJYZ p. 120
U+EA60 ⿰忄显 PGDJYZ p. 121
U+EA61 ⿰鱼显 PGDJYZ p. 121
U+EA62 ⿰月显 PGDJYZ p. 169
U+EA63 ⿺辶约 PGDJYZ p. 176
U+EA64 ⿰飠文 Traditional form corresponding to U+EA39 Please contact me if you have evidence for this character
U+EA65 ⿰扌𩾒 Traditional form corresponding to U+EA4D Please contact me if you have evidence for this character
U+EA66 ⿱䜌米 Traditional form corresponding to U+EA55 Please contact me if you have evidence for this character
U+EA67 ⿰魚乜 Traditional form corresponding to U+EA5A Please contact me if you have evidence for this character
U+EA68 ⿰忄㬎 Traditional form corresponding to U+EA60 Please contact me if you have evidence for this character
U+EA69 ⿰魚㬎 Traditional form corresponding to U+EA61 Please contact me if you have evidence for this character
U+EA6A ⿺辶約 Traditional form corresponding to U+EA63 Please contact me if you have evidence for this character
U+EA6B ⿰甲夹 Simplified form
= U+24C8D 𤲍
HDZ p. 35
U+EA6C ⿰巾夹 HDZ p. 848
U+EA6D ⿰魚𠀕 HDZ v. 14 p. 4991
U+EA6E ⿰鱼𠀕 HDZ v. 14 p. 4991
U+EA6F ⿱能⿲丶丶丶 Jiāngmén Rìbào 江门日报 2008-02-12 p. A04
U+EA70 ⿱㐭水 UTC-01202 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA71 ⿱𠆢永 UTC-01203 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA72 ⿰土叐 UTC-01204 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA73 ⿰土有 UTC-01205 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA74 ⿰土仰 UTC-01206 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA75 ⿰土夙 UTC-01207 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA76 ⿱土旬 UTC-01208 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA77 ⿱兓土 UTC-01209 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA78 ⿰土受 UTC-01210 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA79 ⿰土夜 UTC-01211 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA7A ⿰土兹 UTC-01212 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA7B ⿰灻同 UTC-01213 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA7D ⿱㳭土 UTC-01215 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA7E ⿰土孫 UTC-01216 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA7F  ⿰土⿱𥃭木某 UTC-01217 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA80 ⿰土常 UTC-01218 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA81 ⿰土⿱直木 UTC-01219 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA82 ⿰土畢 UTC-01220 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA83 ⿱復土 UTC-01221 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA84 ⿰土嘗 UTC-01222 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA85 ⿰土簿 UTC-01224 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA86 ⿰土黨 UTC-01225 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA87 ⿱安清 UTC-01226 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA88 ⿱⿰木殻心 UTC-01227 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA89 ⿰月⿱龹圭 UTC-01228 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA8A ⿰木宇 UTC-01229 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA8B ⿰木𢁙 UTC-01230 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA8C ⿰木⿱𪜌子 UTC-01231 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA8D ⿰木釡 UTC-01232 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA8E ⿰木弼 UTC-01233 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA8F ⿱弼木 UTC-01234 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA90 ⿰木陽 UTC-01235 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA91 ⿰木資 UTC-01236 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA92 ⿻𣄼水 UTC-01238 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA93 ⿰氵坒 UTC-01240 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA94 ⿰氵⿸尸永 UTC-01241 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA95 ⿰氵壴 UTC-01242 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA96 ⿰氵𦭞 UTC-01243 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA97 ⿰氵⿳⺊彐龰 UTC-01244 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA98 ⿰氵𡱝 UTC-01245 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA99 ⿰氵⿱水聿 UTC-01246 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA9A ⿰氵莑 UTC-01247 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA9B ⿰氵䨜 UTC-01248 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA9C ⿰氵𦀎 UTC-01249 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA9D ⿰氵⿱㓞青 UTC-01250 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA9E ⿰氵寢 UTC-01251 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EA9F ⿰氵⿱安青 UTC-01252 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAA0 ⿰沙莫 UTC-01254 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAA1 ⿰氵⿸尸焚 UTC-01255 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAA2 ⿰氵⿵門⿱土必 UTC-01256 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAA3 ⿰𤀤殳 UTC-01257 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAA4 ⿰火㔾 UTC-01258 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAA5 ⿰火午 UTC-01259 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAA6 ⿸尸⿹𠃌火 UTC-01260 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAA7 ⿱囘火 UTC-01261 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAA8 ⿰火危 UTC-01262 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAA9 ⿱𪢶火 UTC-01263 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAAA ⿱丞火 UTC-01264 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAAB ⿱尾火 UTC-01265 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAAC ⿰火⿱刀田 UTC-01266 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAAD ⿰火若 UTC-01267 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAAE ⿱⿰弓吉灬 UTC-01268 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAAF ⿱炎共 UTC-01269 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAB0 ⿰火堇 UTC-01270 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAB1 ⿰火從 UTC-01271 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAB2 ⿱炏冏 UTC-01272 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAB3 ⿰火欵 UTC-01273 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAB4 ⿰火棊 UTC-01274 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAB5 ⿱楊火 UTC-01275 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAB6 ⿱𤇾冏 UTC-01276 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAB7 ⿰火聚 UTC-01277 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAB8 ⿰火熒 UTC-01278 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAB9 ⿱⿰并馬火 UTC-01279 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EABA ⿰火⿱𤇾呆 UTC-01280 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EABB ⿰牟金 UTC-01281 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EABC ⿺瓜金 UTC-01282 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EABD ⿰矛金 UTC-01283 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EABE ⿰票⿱夂隹 UTC-01284 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EABF  ⿱𥫗鐻 UTC-01285 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAC0 ⿱艹溶 UTC-01288 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAC1 ⿱艹漚 UTC-01289 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAC2 ⿰赤營 UTC-01290 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAC3 ⿱分金 UTC-01291 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAC4 ⿰釒亘 UTC-01292 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAC5 ⿱⿰夕弋金 UTC-01293 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAC6 ⿱厽金 UTC-01294 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAC7 ⿰釒丞 UTC-01295 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAC8 ⿰釒皁 UTC-01296 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAC9 ⿱⿰夕戈金 UTC-01297 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EACA ⿰釒甸 UTC-01298 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EACB ⿱⿰歹戈金 UTC-01299 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EACC ⿰釒㓧 UTC-01300 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EACD ⿰釒朐 UTC-01301 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EACE ⿰釒离 UTC-01302 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EACF ⿰釒脊 UTC-01303 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAD0 ⿰釒⿱谷心 UTC-01304 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAD1 ⿰釒夐 UTC-01305 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAD2 ⿰釒嘗 UTC-01306 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAD3 ⿰釒䛲 UTC-01307 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAD4 ⿰釒⿳⿴𦥑同冖見 UTC-01308 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAD5 ⿰⿱火丁頁 UTC-01309 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAD6 ⿰馬宋 UTC-01310 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAD7 ⿰魚⿱日欵 UTC-01311 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+EAD8 ⿰酉辱 rǒng Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 340
U+EAD9 ⿰口聚 zhòu Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 562 KC-00544 Ext. G Candidate
U+EADA ⿱艹穙 Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 308
U+EADB ⿺鬼貌 mào Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 268
U+EADD ⿰氵⿱?? USAT-05567
U+EADE ⿰扌𣠵 UCS2003 glyph for U+2386E 𣡮
U+EADF ⿰齿殳 Simplified form
= U+2B819 𫠙
IRGN1305A No. 18 (《客家話詞典》 p. 146)
U+EAF6 ⿰𤣩巳 ZHZH p. 718 G_CY0651
U+EAF7 ⿱罒丸 ZHZH p. 1222
U+EAF9 ⿳日火山
U+EAFA ⿱卌卌 Dunhuang abbreviation for 涅槃 Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 292
U+EAFB ⿱艹⿻廾丶 Dunhuang abbreviation for 菩提 Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 309
U+EAFC ⿱厶乙 Dunhuang abbreviation for 某乙 Dūnhuáng Súzìdiǎn 敦煌俗字典 (Shanghai, 2005) p. 281
U+EAFD ⿰娄页 Chéngdūhuà Fāngyán Cídiǎn 成都话方言词典 (Chengdu, 1987)
U+EAFE ⿺花再 Kokusho Sōmokuroku 国書総目録 (Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 1964) vol. 2 p. 60
U+EAFF  ⿳⿲日䜌干⿲月⿲長馬長戈心 L2/17-083
U+EB00 ⿰口二 HFDC p. 1204 UTC-02769 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB01 ⿰飠于 U+2CCA8 𬲨 HFDC p. 2131 G_ZFY00921
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB02 ⿰飠亏 U+2CCA7 𬲧 HFDC p. 2131 G_ZFY00920
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB03 ⿰韦及 Simplified form
= U+29395 𩎕
HFDC p. 2370 G_ZFY00662
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB04 ⿰饣不 Simplified form
= U+4B2A 䬪
HFDC p. 2793 G_ZFY00113
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB06 ⿰了鸟 Simplified form
= U+2CDBC 𬶼
HFDC p. 3038 G_CYY01484
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB07 ⿰糹勾 U+2C617 𬘗 HFDC p. 3052 UTC-02778 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB08 ⿰扌节 Simplified form
= U+64F3 擳
HFDC p. 3199 G_ZFY00621
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB0A ⿰𧾷迷 Buddhist sutras? (please let me know if you you have evidence for this character)
U+EB0B ⿰廷刂 HFDC p. 3416 G_ZFY00045
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB0C ⿱牛心 HFDC p. 3421 G_ZFY00212
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB0D ⿰亻爺 U+2B89C 𫢜 HFDC p. 3440 UTC-02785 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB0E ⿰白𠃓 Simplified form
= U+24F89 𤾉
HFDC p. 3450 G_ZFY00273
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB0F ⿳⿱夕一𠂊巾 HFDC p. 3800 G_ZFY00256
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB10 ⿰曹力 HFDC p. 3869 UTC-02788 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB11 ⿰扌压 Simplified form
= U+22E65 𢹥
HFDC p. 3996 G_ZFY00584
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB12 ⿰扌負 U+2BF28 𫼨 HFDC p. 4022 UTC-02790 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB13 ⿺見句 U+2B329 𫌩 HFDC p. 4141 G_ZFY00815
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB14 ⿰乇页 Simplified form
= U+29452 𩑒
HFDC p. 4185; HDZ p. 4644 G_CH202312
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB15 ⿱𥫗大 HFDC p. 4221 G_ZFY01004
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB16 ⿰月尕 HFDC p. 4316 G_ZFY00891
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB17 ⿸疒冈 Simplified form
= U+2C3F2 𬏲
HFDC p. 4351 UTC-02795 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB18 ⿰讠别 Simplified form
= U+279F8 𧧸
HFDC p. 4475 G_ZFY00345
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB19 ⿰讠夋 Simplified form
= U+8A9C 誜
HFDC p. 4482 G_ZFY00358
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB1A ⿳艹大车 Simplified form
= U+2B239 𫈹
HFDC p. 4629 G_ZFY00526
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB1B ⿱大龟 HFDC p. 4694 G_ZFY00470
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB1C ⿰口孭 U+2BA91 𫪑 HFDC p. 4808 G_ZFY00779
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB1D ⿰气页 Simplified form
= U+29461 𩑡
HFDC p. 4858 G_ZFY00925
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB1E ⿰亻亟 HFDC p. 4944 G_ZFY00252
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB1F ⿰冫参 Simplified form
= U+205FF 𠗿
HFDC p. 5089 G_ZFY00356
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB20 ⿰米专 Simplified form
= U+429C 䊜
HFDC p. 5135 G_ZFY01044
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB21 ⿰訁卷 U+2C903 𬤃 HFDC p. 5188 UTC-02808 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB22 ⿰身反 HFDC p. 5574 G_ZFY00127
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB23 ⿰飠其 U+2CCBD 𬲽 HFDC p. 5643 G_ZFY00954
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB24 ⿰各皮 HFDC p. 5687 G_ZFY00193
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB25 ⿺风豕 Simplified form
= U+295DB 𩗛
HFDC p. 5690 G_ZFY00827
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB26 ⿰讠荂 Simplified form
= U+27AAE 𧪮
HFDC p. 5830 G_ZFY00373
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB27 ⿰纟苗 Simplified form
= U+7DE2 緢
HFDC p. 5860 G_ZFY00173
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB28 ⿰麦末 Simplified form
= U+4D32 䴲
HFDC p. 5876 G_ZFY00640
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB29 ⿰麦穴 Simplified form
= U+4D33 䴳
HFDC p. 5877 G_ZFY00616
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB2A ⿱幵朿 HFDC p. 5877 G_ZFY00041
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB2B ⿰扌篤 U+2BF62 𫽢 HFDC p. 6022 G_ZFY00678
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB2C ⿰扌⿱冖免 HFDC p. 6040 G_ZFY00648
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB2D ⿰⿳⿱⺊冖一贝攴 Simplified form
= U+22FE1 𢿡
HFDC p. 6049 UTC-02824 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB2E ⿰虎乌 Simplified form
= U+459A 䖚
HFDC p. 6049 G_ZFY00258
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB2F ⿰钅吞 Simplified form
= U+289D0 𨧐
HFDC p. 6150 G_ZFY00923
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB30 ⿰钅囱 HFDC p. 6165 G_ZFY00963
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB32 ⿰臾欠 Unifiable with U+238A7 𣢧 HFDC p. 6206 G_ZFY00897
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB33 ⿱备灬 Simplified form
= U+3DF6 㷶
HFDC p. 6248 G_ZFY00266
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB34 ⿰米页 Simplified form
= U+982A 頪
HFDC p. 6303 G_ZFY01023
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB35 ⿰米产 HFDC p. 6303 UTC-02833 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB36 ⿰米産 HFDC p. 6303 G_ZFY01013
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB37 ⿰木络 HFDC p. 6403 G_ZFY00559
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB38 ⿰木絡 HFDC p. 6403 UTC-02836 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB39 ⿰扌頓 U+2BF6B 𫽫 HFDC p. 6470 G_ZFY00594
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB3A ⿰扌料 HFDC p. 6496 G_ZFY00618
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB3B ⿰车㚇 Simplified form
= U+28348 𨍈
HFDC p. 6504 G_ZFY00488
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB3C ⿰𧾷产 Simplified form
= U+28109 𨄉
HFDC p. 6556 G_ZFY00702
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB3D ⿰乍舍 HFDC p. 6595 G_ZFY00986
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB3E ⿰钅𦐇 Simplified form
= U+9389 鎉
HFDC p. 6624 G_ZFY00965
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB40 ⿰火阁 HFDC p. 6679 G_ZFY01055
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB41 ⿰火閣 HFDC p. 6679 G_ZFY01057
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB42 ⿰⿸尸?殳 HFDC p. 6728 G_ZFY00888
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB43 ⿱队韭 Simplified form
= U+2940C 𩐌
HFDC p. 6729 G_ZFY00899
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB44 ⿰土𣳾 HFDC p. 6750 G_ZFY00571
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB45 ⿰酉劳 Simplified form
= U+288C3 𨣃
HFDC p. 6758 G_ZFY00051
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB46 ⿰复鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A0C3 𪃃
HFDC p. 6846 G_ZFY00969
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB47 ⿰饣象 Simplified form
= U+297A7 𩞧
HFDC p. 6878 G_ZFY00283
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB48 ⿰月𬜯 Simplified form
= U+443D 䐽
HFDC p. 6879 G_ZFY00867
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB49 ⿱將且 U+2C312 𬌒
Correct glyph form for U+2459B 𤖛.
HFDC p. 6956 UTC-02856 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB4A ⿰訁嵒 U+2C920 𬤠 HFDC p. 6957 UTC-02857 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB4B ⿰⿸户米页 HFDC p. 6963 G_ZFY00453
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB4C ⿰𠁁见 Simplified form
= U+27878 𧡸
HFDC p. 6969 G_ZFY00876
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB4D ⿰皮骨 HFDC p. 6969 G_ZFY00539
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB4E ⿰木畧 HFDC p. 6988 G_ZFY00536
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB4F ⿰口價 U+2A88B 𪢋 HFDC p. 7058 UTC-02862 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB50 ⿰虫祝 HFDC p. 7080 G_ZFY00646
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB51 ⿺鬼页 Simplified form
= U+4AE5 䫥
HFDC p. 7126 G_ZFY00098
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB52 ⿰辛画 Simplified form
= U+28436 𨐶
HFDC p. 7136 G_ZFY00019
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB53 ⿰糹超 U+2C644 𬙄 HFDC p. 7185 UTC-02868 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB54 ⿰日闌 U+2C058 𬁘 HFDC p. 7243 UTC-02869 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB55 ⿰𧾷某 HFDC p. 7246 G_ZFY00761
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB56 ⿰木稣 Simplified form
= U+6AEF 櫯
HFDC p. 7312 UTC-02872 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB58 ⿰歹賴 U+2AD47 𪵇 HFDC p. 7321 UTC-02874 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB59 ⿰骨奄 HFDC p. 7343 G_ZFY00865
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB5B ⿰魚彎 U+2CDA5 𬶥 HFDC p. 7359 G_ZFY00128
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB5C ⿸疒⿳?八土 Mistake for U+7666 癦 HFDC p. 7423 G_ZFY00001
U+EB5D ⿰黄单 Simplified form
= U+4D50 䵐
HFDC p. 7438 G_ZFY00569
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB5E ⿰卤最 Simplified form
= U+4D1D 䴝
HFDC p. 7444 G_ZFY00228
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB5F ⿰讠龠 Simplified form
= U+8B91 讑
HFDC p. 7470 G_ZFY00457
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB60 ⿱冖赣 HFDC p. 7519 G_ZFY00426
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB61 ⿱冖贛 HFDC p. 7519 G_ZFY00427
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB62 ⿰釒卢 ZHZH p. 1777 UTC-02711 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB63 ⿰土𫥎 Simplified form
= U+214E6 𡓦
ZHZH p. 234 UTC-02624 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB64 ⿰亻紂 U+2A73A 𪜺 Pu Songling Ji 蒲松齡集 (Shanghai, 1986) p. 881 UTC-02955 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB65 ⿱㐀火 Possibly unifiable with U+7097 炗 Kangxi Zidian 康熙字典 (Beijing, 1958) p. 124 G_K0124.07
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB66 ⿱⿹勹⿱一吕夊 Kangxi Zidian 康熙字典 (Beijing, 1958) p. 369 G_K0369.24
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB67 ⿰木𦯬 Possibly unifiable with U+2363B 𣘻 Kangxi Zidian 康熙字典 (Beijing, 1958) p. 547 G_K0547.10
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB68 ⿰木⿱𥫗𦀤 Unifiable with U+23839 𣠹 Kangxi Zidian 康熙字典 (Beijing, 1958) p. 563 G_K0563.27
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB6B ⿺辶⿱艹𦍒 Kangxi Zidian 康熙字典 (Beijing, 1958) p. 1061 G_K1061.19
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB6C ⿰虫⿱佳夬 Mistake
=U+27466 𧑦
Kangxi Zidian 康熙字典 (Beijing, 1958) p. 1098 G_K1098.28
U+EB6F ⿱木月 Kangxi Zidian 康熙字典 (Beijing, 1958) p. 1613 G_K1613.41
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB70 ⿰𤣩卢 Simplified form
= U+74D0 瓐
Song Shi 宋史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 527 G_GJZ00069
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB71 ⿰钅表 Simplified form
= U+9336 錶
Shi Dingguo 史定国, Jianhuazi Yanjiu 简化字研究 (Beijing, 2004) p. 187 UTC-02909 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB72 ⿰岁月 Simplified form
= U+26856 𦡖
Shi Dingguo 史定国, Jianhuazi Yanjiu 简化字研究 (Beijing, 2004) p. 92 UTC-02908 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB73 ⿰钅金 Simplified form
= U+9342 鍂
Wenshi Tiandi 文史天地 1998 no. 2 p. 18 UTC-02950 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB74 ⿱鱼⿰鱼鱼 Simplified form
= U+9C7B 鱻
Yuwen Tiandi 语文天地 2000 no. 16 p. 30 UTC-02951 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB75 ⿱菆心 Jiangxi Chutu Muzhi Xuanbian 江西出土墓志选编 (Nanchang, 1991) p. 534 UTC-02910 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB76 ⿰口猪
U+EB78 ⿰火色 Bansenshukai 《萬川集海》 vol. 5
ZHZH p. 954
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB79 ⿰召见 Simplified form
= U+467C 䙼
ZHZH p. 1401 UTC-02672 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB7A ⿰君见 Simplified form
= U+89A0 覠
ZHZH p. 1402 UTC-02673 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB7B ⿰钅半 Simplified form
= U+9261 鉡
ZHZH p. 1520 UTC-02679 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB7C ⿰钅非 Simplified form
= U+4935 䤵
ZHZH p. 1530 UTC-02682 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB7D ⿰束见 Mistaken form of U+2C88D See IRG N2108
U+EB7E ⿰扌⿱龸子 ZHZH p. 344 UTC-02632 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB7F  ⿸广马 Simplified form
= U+2227F 𢉿
HFDC p. 2180 UTC-02773 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB80 ⿱口小 Chén Xiǎojǐn 陈晓锦 Wēng Zéwén 翁泽文, “粤语西翼考察——广西贵港粤语之个案研究”; in Nánfāng Yǔyánxué Cóngshū 南方语言学丛书 (Guangzhou, 2010) p. 251 G_CYY00156
U+EB81 ⿰口朴 Dōnggānyǔ Diàochá Yánjiū 东干语调查研究 (Beijing, 2012) p. 118
U+EB82 ⿰月霄 Wú Shǒulǐ 吴守禮, Táiyǔ Zhèngzì 台語正字 (Taibei, 2005) p. 9
U+EB83 ⿰圭頁 Wú Shǒulǐ 吴守禮, Táiyǔ Zhèngzì 台語正字 (Taibei, 2005) p. 16
U+EB84 ⿺毛昔 Wú Shǒulǐ 吴守禮, Táiyǔ Zhèngzì 台語正字 (Taibei, 2005) p. 19
U+EB85 ⿰勿愛 Wú Shǒulǐ 吴守禮, Táiyǔ Zhèngzì 台語正字 (Taibei, 2005) p. 25
U+EB86 ⿰美水 Wú Shǒulǐ 吴守禮, Táiyǔ Zhèngzì 台語正字 (Taibei, 2005) p. 27
U+EB87 ⿰亦馬 Wú Shǒulǐ 吴守禮, Táiyǔ Zhèngzì 台語正字 (Taibei, 2005) p. 37
U+EB88 ⿰妻母 Wú Shǒulǐ 吴守禮, Táiyǔ Zhèngzì 台語正字 (Taibei, 2005) p. 66
U+EB89 ⿰妻某 Wú Shǒulǐ 吴守禮, Táiyǔ Zhèngzì 台語正字 (Taibei, 2005) p. 66
U+EB8A ⿰歹奧 Wú Shǒulǐ 吴守禮, Táiyǔ Zhèngzì 台語正字 (Taibei, 2005) p. 148
U+EB8B ⿰要卜 Wú Shǒulǐ 吴守禮, Táiyǔ Zhèngzì 台語正字 (Taibei, 2005) p. 184
U+EB8C ⿰鱼恒 Simplified form
= U+4C74 䱴
ZHZH p. 1713 UTC-02696 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB8D ⿰犭亞 HDZ p. 1449 UTC-01769 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB8E ⿱𠄟门 Simplified form
= U+28CCC 𨳌
HFDC p. 1117 G_ZFY00028
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB8F ⿰钅星 Simplified form
= U+935F 鍟
HFDC p. 6840 G_BK102115
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB90 ⿱不长 Simplified form
= U+28C65 𨱥
HFDC p. 3184 G_CYY00007
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB91 ⿵门丨 Simplified form
= U+2B518 𫔘
HFDC p. 906 G_CYY01400
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB92 HFDC p. 143 UTC-02765 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB93 ⿱不言 ZHZH p. 1451 TC-6046
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB94 ⿰米团 Simplified form
= U+7CF0 糰
ZHZH p. 1293 G_CYY01195
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB95 ⿱执足 Simplified form
= U+481F 䠟
ZHZH p. 1413 UTC-02674 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB96 ⿰土匮 Simplified form
= U+367A 㙺
ZHZH p. 239 UTC-02627 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB97 ⿱卤土 Simplified form
= U+2A256 𪉖
ZHZH p. 1676 UTC-02694 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB98 ⿰革迁 Simplified form
= U+97C6 韆
ZHZH p. 1570 UTC-02690 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB9A 冫风 Yinyue Shijie 音乐世界 1987 no. 6 p. 44 G_RM100093
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB9B 钅鉴 Simplified form
= U+28C39 𨰹
Gongcheng Dizhi Xuebao 工程地质学报 2001 no. 3 p. 272 G_BK102176
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB9C 钅羊 Simplified form
= U+289A1 𨦡
Lishui Shifan Zhuanke Xuexiao Xuebao 水师范专科学校学报 vol. 23 (2001) no. 5 p. 31 G_BK102064
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB9D 艹腾 Simplified form
= U+8645 虅
Shandi Nongye Shengwu Xuebao 山地农业生物学报 vol. 26 (2007) no. 2 p. 64 G_RM101435
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB9E 氵卤 Simplified form
= U+6EF7 滷
Shuichan Keji Qingbao 水产科技情报 1973 no. 2 p. 1 G_RM100792
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EB9F ⿰土见 Simplified form
= U+57B7 垷
ZHZH p. 221 G_CYY00214
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBA0 ⿰土夹 Simplified form
= U+57C9 埉
ZHZH p. 224 G_CYY00254
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBA1 ⿰土华 Simplified form
= U+58B7 墷
ZHZH p. 225 G_CYY00272
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBA2 ⿱将土 Simplified form
= U+588F 墏
ZHZH p. 234 G_CYY00381
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBA3 ⿰土𬜯 Simplified form
= U+3662 㙢
ZHZH p. 236 UTC-02626 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBA4 ⿱艹颓 Simplified form
= U+8608 蘈
ZHZH p. 297 G_GJZ00129
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBA5 ⿰口参 Simplified form
= U+5607 嘇
HFDC p. 5434 G_ZFY00746
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBA6 ⿰口缂 Simplified form
= U+210C8 𡃈
HFDC p. 7061 G_ZFY00756
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBA7 ⿰氵荐 Simplified form
= U+7033 瀳
ZHZH p. 552 G_GJZ00057
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBA8 ⿰女毕 Simplified form
= U+2181A 𡠚
ZHZH p. 686 G_GJZ00027
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBA9 ⿰女贞 Simplified form
= U+5A9C 媜
ZHZH p. 686 G_RM100322
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBAA ⿱斩女 Simplified form
= U+371E 㜞
ZHZH p. 691 G_GJZ00030
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBAB ⿰火坚 Simplified form
= U+719E 熞
ZHZH p. 954 TC-5B3F
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBAC ⿰石戋 Simplified form
= U+788A 碊
ZHZH p. 1021 G_CYY01016
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBAD ⿰舟带 Simplified form
= U+825C 艜
HFDC p. 7127 G_ZFY00188
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBAE ⿰钅厄 Simplified form
= U+922A 鈪
ZHZH p. 1515 G_CYY01385
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBAF ⿰钅吉 Simplified form
= U+92A1 銡
ZHZH p. 1521 RW1488
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBB0 ⿰钅界 Simplified form
= U+9385 鎅
ZHZH p. 1534 G_CYY01395
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBB1 ⿰钅耑 Simplified form
= U+9374 鍴
ZHZH p. 1534 G_BK102116
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBB2 ⿰钅冓 Simplified form
= U+28A8B 𨪋
ZHZH p. 1537 G_BK102131
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBB3 ⿰钅盍 Simplified form
= U+9391 鎑
ZHZH p. 1537 G_BK102130
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBB4 ⿰钅唐 Simplified form
= U+9395 鎕
ZHZH p. 1539 G_BK102143
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBB5 ⿰钅鹿 Simplified form
= U+93D5 鏕
ZHZH p. 1542 G_DZ102152
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBB6 ⿰马马 Simplified form
= U+9A33 騳
ZHZH p. 1647 G_BK102449
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBB7 ⿰齿句 Simplified form
= U+9F63 齣
ZHZH p. 1749 G_BK102980
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBB8 ⿱𠗒土 ZHZH p. 1763 G_CYY00380
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBB9 ⿸厂叔 ZHZH p. 37 TC-4524
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBBA ⿰丐阝 ZHZH p. 173 TC-2D53
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBBB ⿰甸阝 ZHZH p. 177 TC-5075
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBBC ⿰完阝 ZHZH p. 177 TC-507A
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBBD ⿰京阝 ZHZH p. 179 G_CYY01380
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBBE ⿰土賣 ZHZH p. 246 TE-2B49
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBBF  ⿱艹斗 ZHZH p. 254 G_CYY01238
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBC0 ⿱芠韭 U+8640 虀 ZHZH p. 298 UTC-02631 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBC1 ⿰扌⿳厶大氺 ZHZH p. 357 UTC-02633 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBC2 ⿰扌舜 ZHZH p. 363 TD-5C44
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBC3 ⿰口敝 ZHZH p. 412 G_WZ100223
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBC4 ⿰口笪 ZHZH p. 413 UTC-02637 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBC5 ⿱山欧 ZHZH p. 446 UTC-02638 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBC6 ⿱拜山 ZHZH p. 450 G_WZ100412
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBC7 ⿱山歐 ZHZH p. 460 UTC-02640 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBC8 ⿱執巾 ZHZH p. 471 UTC-02641 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBC9 ⿰𤣩鲁 ZHZH p. 730 G_CYY00939
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBCA ⿰日殳 ZHZH p. 829 TC-3277
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBCB ⿰礻⿳入一朩 ZHZH p. 986 UTC-02654 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBCC ⿱告心 ZHZH p. 996 TC-572D
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBCD ⿰石亟 ZHZH p. 1028 UTC-02657 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBCE ⿰目眷 ZHZH p. 1061 G_HC101008
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBCF ⿰生柬 ZHZH p. 1073 UTC-02659 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBD1 ⿱折白 ZHZH p. 1097 G_BK100981
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBD2 ⿸疒丹 ZHZH p. 1104 G_BK100963
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBD3 ⿸疒哥 ZHZH p. 1114 G_CYY00972
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBD4 ⿸疒积 Simplified form
= U+766A 癪
ZHZH p. 1114 RW1247
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBD5 ⿰耳尤 ZHZH p. 1174 TC-4F38
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBD6 ⿰虫疋 ZHZH p. 1197 TC-5F7D
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBD7 ⿰纟户 Simplified form
= U+42C6 䋆
ZHZH p. 1313 G_BK101155
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBD8 ⿰車乙 ZHZH p. 1353 UTC-02669 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBD9 ⿰车乙 ZHZH p. 1353 G_CYY01360
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBDA ⿰車加 ZHZH p. 1356 TD-3333
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBDB ⿱雨賜 ZHZH p. 1501 TE-475B
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBDC ⿰魚林 ZHZH p. 1708 TE-3A2C
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBDD ⿰土匚 ZHZH p. 1764 G_CYY00195
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBDE ⿰土責 ZHZH p. 1764 TD-4A22
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBDF ⿰土畬 ZHZH p. 1764 G_CYY00452
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBE0 ⿰石臼 ZHZH p. 1772 G_CYY01032
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBE1 ⿰米荅 ZHZH p. 1775 TE-3A2C
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBE2 ⿸尸坔 HFDC p. 5211 G_ZFY00882
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBE3 ⿱串皿 HFDC p. 6125 G_CYY00983
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBE4 ⿰米馬 HFDC p. 4429 G_ZFY01022
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBE5 ⿰米马 HFDC p. 4429 G_CYY01189
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBE6 ⿰角間 HDZ p. 4189; ZHZH p. 1447 UTC-02139 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBE7 ⿰华甲 Simplified form
= U+26F8F 𦾏
HDZ p. 75 G_CH100958
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBE8 ⿸厂义 Simplified form
= U+3552 㕒
HDZ p. 78 G_CH100150
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBE9 ⿸厂⿱犬女 Simplified form
= U+5B2E 嬮
HDZ p. 82 G_CH200154
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBEA ⿷匚卖 Simplified form
= U+5335 匵
HDZ p. 100 G_BK100135
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBEB ⿷匚单 Simplified form
= U+5330 匰
HDZ p. 101 G_CH100136
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBEC ⿰亻从 Simplified form
= U+5F9E 從
HDZ p. 157 G_CH200035
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBED ⿰亻戋 Simplified form
= U+4FF4 俴
HDZ p. 162 UTC-01678 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBEE ⿰亻当 Simplified form
= U+5105 儅
HDZ p. 181 G_CH100041
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBEF ⿰亻间 Simplified form
= U+50F4 僴
HDZ p. 201 G_CYY00088
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBF0 ⿰亻𫔮 Simplified form
= U+50E9 僩
HDZ p. 201 UTC-01681 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBF1 ⿰亻带 Simplified form
= U+50C0 僀
HDZ p. 224 G_BK100053
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBF2 ⿰亻贵 Simplified form
= U+50D3 僓
HDZ p. 229 G_CH200054
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBF3 ⿰亻虑 Simplified form
= U+5122 儢
HDZ p. 241 G_CH100060
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBF4 ⿰亻赞 Simplified form
= U+5139 儹
HDZ p. 277 G_CH100078
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBF5 ⿱加仑 Simplified form
= U+55E7 嗧
HDZ p. 301 G_CH100128
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBF6 ⿰冫毕 Simplified form
= U+34D6 㓖
HDZ p. 326 G_CH100096
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBF7 ⿰冫卖 Simplified form
= U+51DF 凟
HDZ p. 328 G_CYY00129
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBF8 ⿰专刂 Simplified form
= U+5278 剸
HDZ p. 356 G_CH200105
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBF9 ⿰丽刂 Simplified form
= U+2082B 𠠫
HDZ p. 372 G_BK100113
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBFA ⿰虑力 Simplified form
= U+52F4 勴
HDZ p. 410 G_CH100124
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBFB ⿰⿱𣦵贝又 Simplified form
= U+3562 㕢
HDZ p. 434 UTC-01692 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBFC ⿰土韦 Simplified form
= U+3654 㙔
HDZ p. 453 G_CYY00208
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBFD ⿰土冈 Simplified form
= U+5808 堈
HDZ p. 454 G_CH100248
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBFE ⿰土𠬤 Simplified form
= U+58BF 墿
HDZ p. 468 UTC-01695 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EBFF  ⿰土乔 Simplified form
= U+58A7 墧
HDZ p. 471 G_BK100259
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC00 ⿰土佥 Simplified form
= U+2146F 𡑯
HDZ p. 478 G_CYY00308
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC01 ⿰土带 Simplified form
= U+5886 墆
HDZ p. 494 UTC-01698 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC02 ⿰土监 Simplified form
= U+58CF 壏
HDZ p. 506 G_CH300281
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC03 ⿰土阎 Simplified form
= U+58DB 壛
HDZ p. 518 G_CH200287
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC04 ⿱渐土 Simplified form
= U+58CD 壍
HDZ p. 518 G_CYY00440
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC05 ⿰口夹 Simplified form
= U+550A 唊
HDZ p. 662 G_CH100184
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC06 ⿰口贪 Simplified form
= U+55FF 嗿
HDZ p. 694 G_CH200203
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC07 ⿰口尝 Simplified form
= U+5690 嚐
HDZ p. 704 G_BK100210
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC08 ⿰口亲 Simplified form
= U+56AB 嚫
HDZ p. 710 G_CH200212
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC09 ⿰口监 Simplified form
= U+5682 嚂
HDZ p. 719 G_CH200218
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC0A ⿰口献 Simplified form
= U+56D0 囐
HDZ p. 742 G_CH200226
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC0B ⿰口颜 Simplified form
= U+3616 㘖
HDZ p. 755 G_CH200231
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC0C ⿰口赞 Simplified form
= U+56CB 囋
HDZ p. 757 G_CH200233
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC0D ⿰山从 Simplified form
= U+5D77 嵷
HDZ p. 788 G_CH200383
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC0E ⿱山龙 Simplified form
= U+5DC3 巃
HDZ p. 791 G_CH100386
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC0F ⿰山东 Simplified form
= U+5D20 崠
HDZ p. 791 G_CH300387
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC10 ⿰山卢 Simplified form
= U+3820 㠠
HDZ p. 791 G_CH100389
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC11 ⿱山业 Simplified form
= U+5DAA 嶪
HDZ p. 791 G_CH200390
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC12 ⿱山尧 Simplified form
= U+5DA4 嶤
HDZ p. 795 G_BK100394
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC13 ⿱山则 Simplified form
= U+5D31 崱
HDZ p. 795 G_CH300396
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC14 ⿰山会 Simplified form
= U+21F3E 𡼾
HDZ p. 796 G_CH200397
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC15 ⿰山军 Simplified form
= U+21EA0 𡺠
HDZ p. 797 G_BK100399
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC16 ⿰山农 Simplified form
= U+5DA9 嶩
HDZ p. 797 UTC-01719 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC17 ⿱山严 Simplified form
= U+5DD6 巖
HDZ p. 798 G_CYY00607
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC18 ⿱山狱 Simplified form
= U+5DBD 嶽
HDZ p. 815 UTC-01721 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC19 ⿱山献 Simplified form
= U+5DDA 巚
HDZ p. 827 G_BK100431
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC1A ⿰山赞 Simplified form
= U+5DD1 巑
HDZ p. 834 G_CH200434
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC1B ⿰巾乌 Simplified form
= U+22113 𢄓
HDZ p. 843 G_CH100444
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC1C ⿰巾戋 Simplified form
= U+5E34 帴
HDZ p. 844 G_CH200447
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC1D ⿰巾娄 Simplified form
= U+385E 㡞
HDZ p. 860 G_CH100452
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC1E ⿰巾阑 Simplified form
= U+5E71 幱
HDZ p. 867 G_CH100456
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC1F ⿲彳⿳山一鱼攵 Simplified form
= U+9C34 鰴
HDZ p. 914 G_CH100508
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC20 ⿸广会 Simplified form
= U+5EE5 廥
HDZ p. 947 G_CH300460
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC21 ⿸广带 Simplified form
= U+5ED7 廗
HDZ p. 956 UTC-01730 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC22 ⿸广⿱夹土 Simplified form
= U+22283 𢊃
HDZ p. 957 UTC-01731 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC23 ⿸广𫺁 Simplified form
= U+3977 㥷
HDZ p. 959 UTC-01732 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC24 ⿱宀为 Simplified form
= U+5BEA 寪
HDZ p. 983 G_CH200349
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC25 ⿰子亚 Simplified form
= U+5B72 孲
HDZ p. 1088 UTC-01734 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC26 ⿰女𠃓 Simplified form
= U+5A78 婸
HDZ p. 1102 G_CH100317
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC27 ⿰女专 Simplified form
= U+5AE5 嫥
HDZ p. 1103 G_CH200320
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC28 ⿱𫇦女 Simplified form
= U+5AC8 嫈
HDZ p. 1108 UTC-01737 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC29 ⿰女黾 Simplified form
= U+21898 𡢘
HDZ p. 1133 G_CH100328
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC2A ⿰女赖 Simplified form
= U+5B3E 嬾
HDZ p. 1159 G_BK100336
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC2B ⿰𤣩车 Simplified form
= U+2496D 𤥭
HDZ p. 1180 UTC-01740 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC2C ⿰𤣩㐫 Simplified form
= U+7459 瑙
HDZ p. 1190 UTC-01741 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC2D ⿰𤣩寿 Simplified form
= U+74B9 璹
HDZ p. 1192 UTC-01742 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC2E ⿰𤣩肃 Simplified form
= U+749B 璛
HDZ p. 1203 UTC-01743 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC2F ⿰木广 Simplified form
= U+6ACE 櫎
HDZ p. 1244 G_CH200677
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC30 ⿰木仑 Simplified form
= U+68C6 棆
HDZ p. 1256 G_CH200680
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC31 ⿰木厉 Simplified form
= U+6AD4 櫔
HDZ p. 1264 UTC-01746 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC32 ⿱⿲丨丨⿱𠂉丶木 Simplified form
= U+2353F 𣔿
HDZ p. 1265 UTC-01747 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC33 ⿰木刍 Simplified form
= U+3BB2 㮲
HDZ p. 1272 G_CH100684
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC34 ⿰木写 Simplified form
= U+23790 𣞐
HDZ p. 1274 G_CH100685
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC35 ⿰木𠬤 Simplified form
= U+6AA1 檡
HDZ p. 1276 G_CH100686
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC36 ⿰木产 Simplified form
= U+3BC6 㯆
HDZ p. 1292 G_CH100692
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC37 ⿰木军 Simplified form
= U+694E 楎
HDZ p. 1294 G_CH200694
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC38 ⿰木尽 Simplified form
= U+3BF8 㯸
HDZ p. 1294 G_CH100695
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC39 ⿰木时 Simplified form
= U+69AF 榯
HDZ p. 1300 G_CH200698
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC3A ⿰木肃 Simplified form
= U+6A5A 橚
HDZ p. 1329 G_CH300707
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC3B ⿰木贲 Simplified form
= U+6A68 橨
HDZ p. 1332 G_CH100708
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC3C ⿰木带 Simplified form
= U+3BC2 㯂
HDZ p. 1333 G_CH100709
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC3D ⿰木萧 Simplified form
= U+6AF9 櫹
HDZ p. 1367 G_CH100723
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC3E ⿰木阎 Simplified form
= U+6AE9 櫩
HDZ p. 1377 G_CH300726
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC3F  ⿰木绵 Simplified form
= U+6AB0 檰
HDZ p. 1379 G_CH200727
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC40 ⿰木赖 Simplified form
= U+6AF4 櫴
HDZ p. 1395 G_CH100731
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC41 ⿰木数 Simplified form
= U+6AE2 櫢
HDZ p. 1400 G_CH200732
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC42 ⿰犭卢 Simplified form
= U+7379 獹
HDZ p. 1436 G_CH100883
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC43 ⿰犭亚 HDZ p. 1440 G_BK100884
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC44 ⿰犭乔 Simplified form
= U+7362 獢
HDZ p. 1442 G_CH200886
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC45 ⿰犭来 Simplified form
= U+730D 猍
HDZ p. 1446 G_CYY00918
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC46 ⿰犭呙 Simplified form
= U+7327 猧
HDZ p. 1447 G_CH200891
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC47 ⿰犭员 Simplified form
= U+24814 𤠔
HDZ p. 1447 G_BK100890
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC48 ⿰犭斩 Simplified form
= U+7351 獑
HDZ p. 1450 G_CH100892
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC49 ⿰犭贲 Simplified form
= U+7356 獖
HDZ p. 1454 G_CH100896
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC4A ⿰犭婴 Simplified form
= U+248CE 𤣎
HDZ p. 1464 G_CH100900
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC4B ⿲犭⿱艹单斤 Simplified form
= U+7382 玂
HDZ p. 1475 UTC-01773 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC4C ⿰无瓦 Simplified form
= U+7512 甒
HDZ p. 1523 G_CH200944
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC4D ⿱⿰贝贝瓦 Simplified form
= U+7516 甖
HDZ p. 1528 G_BK100946
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC4E ⿰娄瓦 Simplified form
= U+750A 甊
HDZ p. 1531 G_CH100949
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC4F ⿰区攴 Simplified form
= U+657A 敺
HDZ p. 1553 UTC-01777 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC50 ⿰乔攵 Simplified form
= U+657F 敿
HDZ p. 1560 G_CH200607
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC51 ⿰日严 Simplified form
= U+66EE 曮
HDZ p. 1620 G_CH200643
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC52 ⿱日离 Simplified form
= U+34BF 㒿
HDZ p. 1641 G_CH100658
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC53 ⿱日难 Simplified form
= U+3B2E 㬮
HDZ p. 1642 G_CH100659
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC54 ⿰氵从 Simplified form
= U+6F0E 漎
HDZ p. 1680 G_CH100780
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC55 ⿰氵东 Simplified form
= U+6DB7 涷
HDZ p. 1696 G_CH200782
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC56 ⿱执水 Simplified form
= U+6F10 漐
HDZ p. 1715 G_BK100784
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC57 ⿱亦水 Simplified form
= U+7053 灓
HDZ p. 1715 G_CH100024
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC58 ⿰氵毕 Simplified form
= U+6EED 滭
HDZ p. 1720 G_CH200785
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC59 ⿰氵岂 Simplified form
= U+6EB0 溰
HDZ p. 1723 G_RM100787
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC5A ⿰氵闯 Simplified form
= U+3D92 㶒
HDZ p. 1731 G_CH100788
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC5B ⿰氵佥 Simplified form
= U+6FB0 澰
HDZ p. 1746 G_CH100794
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC5C ⿰氵闲 Simplified form
= U+6F96 澖
HDZ p. 1750 G_CH100795
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC5D ⿰氵顶 Simplified form
= U+3D3F 㴿
HDZ p. 1758 G_CH100798
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC5E ⿰氵览 Simplified form
= U+7060 灠
HDZ p. 1793 G_CH100805
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC5F ⿰氵亲 Simplified form
= U+7019 瀙
HDZ p. 1804 G_CH100806
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC60 ⿰氵养 Simplified form
= U+7001 瀁
HDZ p. 1806 G_GH100807
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC61 ⿰氵贺 Simplified form
= U+3D51 㵑
HDZ p. 1812 G_BK100810
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC62 ⿰氵营 Simplified form
= U+702F 瀯
HDZ p. 1838 G_CH300816
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC63 ⿰氵婴 Simplified form
= U+7034 瀴
HDZ p. 1848 G_CH200817
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC64 ⿰氵隐 Simplified form
= U+3D8F 㶏
HDZ p. 1857 G_CH100820
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC65 ⿰氵翚 Simplified form
= U+7008 瀈
HDZ p. 1875 G_CH100828
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC66 ⿰氵简 Simplified form
= U+3D95 㶕
HDZ p. 1885 G_CH100830
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC67 ⿰氵箫 Simplified form
= U+701F 瀟
HDZ p. 1897 UTC-01802 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC68 ⿰氵鲜 Simplified form
= U+3D8D 㶍
HDZ p. 1898 G_CH100835
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC69 ⿰湿页 Simplified form
= U+7066 灦
HDZ p. 1906 UTC-01804 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC6A ⿰扌长 Simplified form
= U+6381 掁
HDZ p. 1943 G_CH100553
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC6B ⿰扌乌 Simplified form
= U+6440 摀
HDZ p. 1947 UTC-01806 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC6C ⿰扌闪 Simplified form
= U+3A1B 㨛
HDZ p. 1965 G_CH100557
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC6D ⿰扌孙 Simplified form
= U+640E 搎
HDZ p. 1985 G_CH200561
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC6E ⿰扌丽 Simplified form
= U+6526 攦
HDZ p. 1987 G_CH200562
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC6F ⿰扌坚 Simplified form
= U+647C 摼
HDZ p. 1990 G_CH100564
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC70 ⿰扌闰 Simplified form
= U+648B 撋
HDZ p. 1996 G_CH200566
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC71 ⿰扌规 Simplified form
= U+646B 摫
HDZ p. 2000 G_CH200568
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC72 ⿰扌斩 Simplified form
= U+6472 摲
HDZ p. 2005 G_CH200569
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC73 ⿰扌带 Simplified form
= U+6455 摕
HDZ p. 2024 G_CH200574
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC74 ⿰扌贵 Simplified form
= U+648C 撌
HDZ p. 2029 G_CH200575
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC75 ⿰扌骞 Simplified form
= U+3A77 㩷
HDZ p. 2090 G_CH100590
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC76 ⿱舆手 Simplified form
= U+22E4F 𢹏
HDZ p. 2091 G_CH101317
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC77 ⿰牜冈 Simplified form
= U+7285 犅
HDZ p. 2116 G_CH200870
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC78 ⿰牜𢀖 Simplified form
= U+727C 牼
HDZ p. 2121 G_CH200872
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC79 ⿰牜尧 Simplified form
= U+3E53 㹓
HDZ p. 2122 G_CH100874
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC7A ⿰牜罢 Simplified form
= U+72A4 犤
HDZ p. 2131 G_CH100877
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC7B ⿰宁毛 Simplified form
= U+3CB0 㲰
HDZ p. 2140 G_CH200762
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC7C ⿰娄毛 Simplified form
= U+6C00 氀
HDZ p. 2147 G_CH100765
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC7D ⿰监毛 Simplified form
= U+3CAF 㲯
HDZ p. 2148 G_CH100766
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC7E ⿰片戋 Simplified form
= U+724B 牋
HDZ p. 2160 G_BK100866
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC7F  ⿰月乡 Simplified form
= U+81B7 膷
HDZ p. 2194 G_CH200661
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC80 ⿰月尧 Simplified form
= U+81AE 膮
HDZ p. 2216 G_CH200663
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC81 ⿰月黾 Simplified form
= U+2339C 𣎜
HDZ p. 2238 UTC-01828 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC82 ⿰月肃 Simplified form
= U+4439 䐹
HDZ p. 2243 G_CH100667
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC83 ⿱吂⿲月鸟凡 Simplified form
= U+9E01 鸁
HDZ p. 2275 G_CH100029
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC84 ⿰乌欠 Simplified form
= U+6B4D 歍
HDZ p. 2290 G_CH100738
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC85 ⿰佥欠 Simplified form
= U+6B5B 歛
HDZ p. 2294 G_CH200739
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC86 ⿰肃欠 Simplified form
= U+6B57 歗
HDZ p. 2298 G_BK100741
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC87 ⿰方⿱𠂉会 Simplified form
= U+65DD 旝
HDZ p. 2340 G_CH200629
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC88 ⿱火长 Simplified form
= U+3DC3 㷃
HDZ p. 2349 G_CH100841
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC89 ⿰火𠬤 Simplified form
= U+71E1 燡
HDZ p. 2355 G_CH200843
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC8A ⿰火参 Simplified form
= U+2435C 𤍜
HDZ p. 2370 G_BK100851
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC8B ⿰火贲 Simplified form
= U+71CC 燌
HDZ p. 2373 G_BK100852
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC8C ⿰忄广 Simplified form
= U+61ED 懭
HDZ p. 2432 G_CH200510
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC8D ⿰忄专 Simplified form
= U+6171 慱
HDZ p. 2436 G_CH200513
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC8E ⿰忄仑 Simplified form
= U+60C0 惀
HDZ p. 2438 G_CH100515
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC8F ⿱执心 Simplified form
= U+6179 慹
HDZ p. 2451 G_CH100520
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC90 ⿰忄刘 Simplified form
= U+61F0 懰
HDZ p. 2460 G_CH200521
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC91 ⿱贡心 Simplified form
= U+6150 慐
HDZ p. 2462 G_BK100523
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC92 ⿰忄𫔮 Simplified form
= U+61AA 憪
HDZ p. 2469 UTC-01846 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC93 ⿱斩心 Simplified form
= U+6159 慙
HDZ p. 2473 G_BK100527
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC94 ⿰忄黾 Simplified form
= U+61B4 憴
HDZ p. 2479 G_CH100528
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC95 ⿰忄罗 Simplified form
= U+39AC 㦬
HDZ p. 2479 G_CH200529
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC96 ⿰忄质 Simplified form
= U+61EB 懫
HDZ p. 2480 G_CH100530
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC97 ⿱带心 Simplified form
= U+6178 慸
HDZ p. 2484 G_CH100531
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC98 ⿰忄𬜯 Simplified form
= U+6172 慲
HDZ p. 2501 UTC-01852 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC99 ⿰忄党 Simplified form
= U+6203 戃
HDZ p. 2502 G_CH200534
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC9A ⿱滞心 Simplified form
= U+61D8 懘
HDZ p. 2518 UTC-01854 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC9B ⿱𬥈心 Simplified form
= U+22927 𢤧
HDZ p. 2525 UTC-01855 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC9C ⿰母鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CC7 䳇
HDZ p. 2550 G_CH100756
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC9D ⿰礻𠃓 Simplified form
= U+7993 禓
HDZ p. 2555 G_CH201049
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC9E ⿰礻会 Simplified form
= U+79AC 禬
HDZ p. 2566 G_CH101050
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EC9F ⿰礻题 Simplified form
= U+79B5 禵
HDZ p. 2581 G_CH201057
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECA0 ⿰石历 Simplified form
= U+7930 礰
HDZ p. 2588 G_CH201017
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECA1 ⿰石为 Simplified form
= U+40E3 䃣
HDZ p. 2591 G_CH201019
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECA2 ⿱𫇦石 Simplified form
= U+40D5 䃕
HDZ p. 2592 UTC-01862 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECA3 ⿰石龙 Simplified form
= U+7932 礲
HDZ p. 2592 G_CH201020
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECA4 ⿰石𠬤 Simplified form
= U+790B 礋
HDZ p. 2597 G_CH201023
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECA5 ⿰石亚 Simplified form
= U+40C1 䃁
HDZ p. 2598 G_CYY01022
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECA6 ⿰石严 Simplified form
= U+7939 礹
HDZ p. 2602 G_CH101031
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECA7 ⿰石呙 Simplified form
= U+78A2 碢
HDZ p. 2604 G_CYY01040
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECA8 ⿰石间 Simplified form
= U+78F5 磵
HDZ p. 2606 G_BK101035
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECA9 ⿰石贤 Simplified form
= U+7925 礥
HDZ p. 2608 G_CH101037
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECAA ⿰石钦 Simplified form
= U+40E2 䃢
HDZ p. 2616 G_CH101041
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECAB ⿰石监 Simplified form
= U+791B 礛
HDZ p. 2619 G_CH201044
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECAC ⿰石诸 Simplified form
= U+40F4 䃴
HDZ p. 2622 G_CH201045
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECAD ⿰目从 Simplified form
= U+779B 瞛
HDZ p. 2650 G_CH100994
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECAE ⿱𫇦目 Simplified form
= U+405D 䁝
HDZ p. 2653 UTC-01874 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECAF ⿰目训 Simplified form
= U+7793 瞓
HDZ p. 2657 G_BK100998
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECB0 ⿱亦目 Simplified form
= U+77D5 矕
HDZ p. 2662 G_CH200026
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECB1 ⿰目丽 Simplified form
= U+77D6 矖
HDZ p. 2665 G_CH200999
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECB2 ⿰目坚 Simplified form
= U+25278 𥉸
HDZ p. 2665 G_CH101000
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECB3 ⿰目𫔮 Simplified form
= U+77AF 瞯
HDZ p. 2668 UTC-01879 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECB4 ⿰目规 Simplified form
= U+77A1 瞡
HDZ p. 2669 G_CH201003
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECB5 ⿰目黾 Simplified form
= U+252DD 𥋝
HDZ p. 2673 G_CH101005
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECB6 ⿰目党 Simplified form
= U+77D8 矘
HDZ p. 2683 G_CH201006
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECB7 ⿱残皿 Simplified form
= U+250AB 𥂫
HDZ p. 2749 G_CH100988
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECB8 ⿱赣皿 Simplified form
= U+400D 䀍
HDZ p. 2757 UTC-01884 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECB9 ⿰矢见 Simplified form
= U+4093 䂓
HDZ p. 2765 G_BK101012
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECBA ⿰矢罢 Simplified form
= U+77F2 矲
HDZ p. 2769 G_CH201014
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECBB ⿰禾广 Simplified form
= U+7A6C 穬
HDZ p. 2775 G_CH201060
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECBC ⿰禾齐 Simplified form
= U+7A67 穧
HDZ p. 2788 G_CH201062
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECBD ⿰禾资 Simplified form
= U+4185 䆅
HDZ p. 2811 G_CH101068
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECBE ⿰白乐 Simplified form
= U+76AA 皪
HDZ p. 2834 G_CH100980
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECBF  ⿸疒为 Simplified form
= U+24E89 𤺉
HDZ p. 2850 G_CH100965
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECC0 ⿸疒齐 Simplified form
= U+7660 癠
HDZ p. 2859 G_BK100970
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECC1 ⿸疒贵 Simplified form
= U+3FC9 㿉
HDZ p. 2872 G_BK100975
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECC2 ⿸疒挛 Simplified form
= U+7674 癴
HDZ p. 2879 G_BK100978
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECC3 ⿱须立 Simplified form
= U+41D3 䇓
HDZ p. 2905 G_CH201079
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECC4 ⿱穴龙 Simplified form
= U+7AC9 竉
HDZ p. 2915 G_CH101071
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECC5 ⿱穴条 Simplified form
= U+7AB1 窱
HDZ p. 2922 G_CH101072
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECC6 ⿱穴⿰正见 Simplified form
= U+7AC0 竀
HDZ p. 2926 G_CH201073
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECC7 ⿰皮卖 Simplified form
= U+25032 𥀲
HDZ p. 2948 G_CH100983
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECC8 ⿰卖皮 Simplified form
= U+76BE 皾
HDZ p. 2948 G_GJZ00080
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECC9 ⿰戋虎 Simplified form
= U+8666 虦
HDZ p. 3013 G_CH201457
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECCA ⿰虫无 Simplified form
= U+87F1 蟱
HDZ p. 3029 UTC-01902 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECCB ⿰虫车 Simplified form
= U+86FC 蛼
HDZ p. 3030 G_CH101459
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECCC ⿱⿲丨丨又虫 Simplified form
= U+8738 蜸
HDZ p. 3030 UTC-01904 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECCD ⿰虫从 Simplified form
= U+45E5 䗥
HDZ p. 3032 G_CH101462
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECCE ⿰虫仑 Simplified form
= U+8726 蜦
HDZ p. 3032 G_CH101463
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECCF ⿰虫为 Simplified form
= U+87E1 蟡
HDZ p. 3033 G_CH101464
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECD0 ⿰虫戋 Simplified form
= U+45C3 䗃
HDZ p. 3034 G_CH201470
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECD1 ⿱龙虫 Simplified form
= U+882A 蠪
HDZ p. 3035 G_CH103007
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECD2 ⿰虫𠬤 Simplified form
= U+880C 蠌
HDZ p. 3039 G_CH101474
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECD3 ⿰虫𢀖 Simplified form
= U+86F5 蛵
HDZ p. 3039 G_CYY01298
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECD4 ⿱亚虫 Simplified form
= U+8741 蝁
HDZ p. 3041 G_CH101475
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECD5 ⿰虫过 Simplified form
= U+27496 𧒖
HDZ p. 3041 G_CH101476
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECD6 ⿰虫岂 Simplified form
= U+8798 螘
HDZ p. 3042 G_GH101478
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECD7 ⿱陈虫 Simplified form
= U+87B4 螴
HDZ p. 3052 G_CH201486
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECD8 ⿰虫责 Simplified form
= U+27410 𧐐
HDZ p. 3053 G_CH201487
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECD9 ⿰虫斩 Simplified form
= U+87B9 螹
HDZ p. 3055 G_CH101489
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECDA ⿰虫贲 Simplified form
= U+87E6 蟦
HDZ p. 3062 G_CH101495
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECDB ⿰虫婴 Simplified form
= U+8833 蠳
HDZ p. 3081 G_CH101502
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECDC ⿱维虫 Simplified form
= U+45FD 䗽
HDZ p. 3085 G_HC101503
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECDD ⿱难肉 Simplified form
= U+81E1 臡
HDZ p. 3130 UTC-01921 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECDE ⿰缶贯 Simplified form
= U+7F46 罆
HDZ p. 3134 G_CYY01214
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECDF ⿰舌单 Simplified form
= U+269F4 𦧴
HDZ p. 3142 G_CH101324
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECE0 ⿱𥫗专 Simplified form
= U+7BFF 篿
HDZ p. 3146 UTC-01924 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECE1 ⿱𥫗卢 Simplified form
= U+7C5A 籚
HDZ p. 3151 UTC-01925 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECE2 ⿱𥫗过 Simplified form
= U+7C3B 簻
HDZ p. 3160 UTC-01926 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECE3 ⿱𥫗乔 Simplified form
= U+7C25 簥
HDZ p. 3164 UTC-01927 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECE4 ⿱𥫗汤 Simplified form
= U+7C1C 簜
HDZ p. 3168 UTC-01928 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECE5 ⿱𥫗约 Simplified form
= U+7BB9 箹
HDZ p. 3168 UTC-01929 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECE6 ⿱𥫗钟 Simplified form
= U+7C66 籦
HDZ p. 3191 UTC-01930 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECE7 ⿱𥫗辂 Simplified form
= U+7C35 簵
HDZ p. 3200 UTC-01931 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECE8 ⿱𥫗赢 Simplified form
= U+7C6F 籯
HDZ p. 3235 UTC-01932 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECE9 ⿰舟双 Simplified form
= U+826D 艭
HDZ p. 3261 G_CH201325
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECEA ⿰舟刍 Simplified form
= U+447C 䑼
HDZ p. 3262 G_CH101326
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECEB ⿰舟娄 Simplified form
= U+825B 艛
HDZ p. 3267 G_CH201329
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECEC ⿰衤艺 Simplified form
= U+897C 襼
HDZ p. 3280 G_CH201508
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECED ⿰衤龙 Simplified form
= U+8971 襱
HDZ p. 3285 G_CH101511
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECEE ⿰衤厌 Simplified form
= U+277A3 𧞣
HDZ p. 3291 G_GH101517
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECEF ⿰衤农 Simplified form
= U+895B 襛
HDZ p. 3293 G_CH201520
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECF0 ⿰衤丽 Simplified form
= U+8979 襹
HDZ p. 3297 G_CH101522
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECF1 ⿰衤参 Simplified form
= U+8942 襂
HDZ p. 3305 G_CH201527
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECF2 ⿰羊几 Simplified form
= U+263D1 𦏑
HDZ p. 3331 G_CH101283
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECF3 ⿰羊娄 Simplified form
= U+263B9 𦎹
HDZ p. 3343 G_CH101292
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECF4 ⿰米长 Simplified form
= U+7CBB 粻
HDZ p. 3350 G_CH201132
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECF5 ⿰米𬞕 Simplified form
= U+7CF7 糷
HDZ p. 3372 UTC-01946 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECF6 ⿱艹与 Simplified form
= U+85C7 藇
HDZ p. 3383 G_CH201334
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECF7 ⿱艹𠃓 Simplified form
= U+26CDD 𦳝
HDZ p. 3386 G_CH201335
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECF8 ⿱艹归 Simplified form
= U+862C 蘬
HDZ p. 3400 G_CH201343
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECF9 ⿱艹对 Simplified form
= U+85B1 薱
HDZ p. 3409 G_CH201349
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECFA ⿱艹过 Simplified form
= U+8596 薖
HDZ p. 3411 G_CH201354
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECFB ⿱艹师 Simplified form
= U+8492 蒒
HDZ p. 3414 G_CH101355
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECFC ⿱艹岂 Simplified form
= U+4507 䔇
HDZ p. 3416 G_CH201357
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECFD ⿱艹杀 Simplified form
= U+8531 蔱
HDZ p. 3418 G_CH101358
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECFE ⿱艹杂 Simplified form
= U+4579 䕹
HDZ p. 3419 G_BK101360
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ECFF  ⿱艹负 Simplified form
= U+842F 萯
HDZ p. 3419 G_CH101361
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED00 ⿱艹刘 Simplified form
= U+85F0 藰
HDZ p. 3419 G_CH101362
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED01 ⿱艹设 Simplified form
= U+850E 蔎
HDZ p. 3422 G_CH201363
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED02 ⿱艹𫔮 Simplified form
= U+8551 蕑
HDZ p. 3437 UTC-01961 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED03 ⿱𫇦示 Simplified form
= U+799C 禜
HDZ p. 3438 UTC-01962 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED04 ⿱艹纳 Simplified form
= U+84B3 蒳
HDZ p. 3440 G_PGLG2020
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED05 ⿱艹纷 Simplified form
= U+84B6 蒶
HDZ p. 3440 G_CH101378
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED06 ⿱艹卖 Simplified form
= U+85DA 藚
HDZ p. 3444 G_CH201379
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED07 ⿱艹斩 Simplified form
= U+852A 蔪
HDZ p. 3445 G_CH201380
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED08 ⿱艹终 Simplified form
= U+8520 蔠
HDZ p. 3456 G_CH101391
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED09 ⿱艹项 Simplified form
= U+26EA3 𦺣
HDZ p. 3457 G_BK101394
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED0A ⿱艹贲 Simplified form
= U+8561 蕡
HDZ p. 3457 G_CH401395
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED0B ⿱艹复 Simplified form
= U+8567 蕧
HDZ p. 3465 G_GH101398
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED0C ⿱艹虑 Simplified form
= U+85D8 藘
HDZ p. 3479 G_BK101410
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED0D ⿱艹罢 Simplified form
= U+85E3 藣
HDZ p. 3480 G_CH101411
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED0E ⿱艹职 Simplified form
= U+8635 蘵
HDZ p. 3492 G_CH101419
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED0F ⿱艹赖 Simplified form
= U+85FE 藾
HDZ p. 3519 G_HC301430
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED10 ⿱艹⿰⿱米犬页 Simplified form
= U+8631 蘱
HDZ p. 3549 G_CH101449
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED11 ⿱艹嚣 Simplified form
= U+4580 䖀
HDZ p. 3555 G_CH101451
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED12 ⿱羽夹 Simplified form
= U+7FDC 翜
HDZ p. 3568 G_CH101294
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED13 ⿰寿羽 Simplified form
= U+7FFF 翿
HDZ p. 3569 G_CH201296
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED14 ⿰纟不 Simplified form
= U+7D11 紑
HDZ p. 3592 G_CH201149
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED15 ⿰纟介 Simplified form
= U+7D12 紒
HDZ p. 3596 G_CH101153
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED16 ⿰纟丙 Simplified form
= U+42D1 䋑
HDZ p. 3601 G_CH101157
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED17 ⿰纟付 Simplified form
= U+7D28 紨
HDZ p. 3606 G_CH101163
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED18 ⿰纟句 Simplified form
= U+7D47 絇
HDZ p. 3607 G_CH201166
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED19 ⿰纟主 Simplified form
= U+7D38 紸
HDZ p. 3608 G_CH201167
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED1A ⿰纟玄 Simplified form
= U+7D43 絃
HDZ p. 3608 G_BK101168
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED1B ⿰纟它 Simplified form
= U+7D3D 紽
HDZ p. 3609 G_CH201171
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED1C ⿰纟弘 Simplified form
= U+7D2D 紭
HDZ p. 3610 G_CH101173
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED1D ⿰纟亙 Simplified form
= U+7D5A 絚
HDZ p. 3615 G_CH101176
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED1E ⿰纟成 Simplified form
= U+7D7E 絾
HDZ p. 3615 G_BK101178
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED1F ⿰纟夹 Simplified form
= U+7D8A 綊
HDZ p. 3615 G_BK101177
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED20 ⿰纟毕 Simplified form
= U+7E2A 縪
HDZ p. 3615 G_CH101179
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED21 ⿰纟朱 Simplified form
= U+7D51 絑
HDZ p. 3617 G_CH101185
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED22 ⿰纟乔 Simplified form
= U+7E51 繑
HDZ p. 3617 G_CH201184
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED23 ⿰纟争 Simplified form
= U+42EB 䋫
HDZ p. 3620 G_CH101188
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED24 ⿰纟次 Simplified form
= U+7D58 絘
HDZ p. 3622 G_CH301192
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED25 ⿰纟亥 Simplified form
= U+7D6F 絯
HDZ p. 3623 G_CH301191
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED26 ⿰纟并 Simplified form
= U+7D63 絣
HDZ p. 3624 G_CH301193
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED27 ⿰纟求 Simplified form
= U+7D7F 絿
HDZ p. 3626 G_CH301196
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED28 ⿰纟孛 Simplified form
= U+7D8D 綍
HDZ p. 3626 G_CH301197
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED29 ⿰纟辰 Simplified form
= U+26044 𦁄
HDZ p. 3627 G_BK101198
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED2A ⿰纟员 Simplified form
= U+7E1C 縜
HDZ p. 3630 G_CH201200
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED2B ⿰纟豸 Simplified form
= U+7D7C 絼
HDZ p. 3632 G_CH101202
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED2C ⿰纟免 Simplified form
= U+7D7B 絻
HDZ p. 3632 G_CH201203
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED2D ⿰纟间 Simplified form
= U+26158 𦅘
HDZ p. 3632 G_CH201204
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED2E ⿰纟𠬶 Simplified form
= U+7D85 綅
HDZ p. 3633 UTC-02006 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED2F ⿰纟或 Simplified form
= U+7DCE 緎
HDZ p. 3636 G_CH201213
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED30 ⿰纟画 Simplified form
= U+7E63 繣
HDZ p. 3636 G_CH201207
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED31 ⿰纟疌 Simplified form
= U+7DC1 緁
HDZ p. 3638 G_CH301208
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED32 ⿰纟妻 Simplified form
= U+7DC0 緀
HDZ p. 3638 G_CH201209
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED33 ⿰纟易 Simplified form
= U+7DC6 緆
HDZ p. 3640 G_CH201214
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED34 ⿰纟卑 Simplified form
= U+7DBC 綼
HDZ p. 3642 G_CH201216
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED35 ⿰纟忩 Simplified form
= U+7DCF 総
HDZ p. 3643 G_BK101217
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED36 ⿰纟忽 Simplified form
= U+26055 𦁕
HDZ p. 3644 G_BK101218
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED37 ⿰纟炎 Simplified form
= U+7DC2 緂
HDZ p. 3646 G_CH201221
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED38 ⿰纟肃 Simplified form
= U+7E61 繡
HDZ p. 3648 G_BK101223
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED39 ⿰纟参 Simplified form
= U+7E3F 縿
HDZ p. 3648 G_CH201224
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED3A ⿰纟封 Simplified form
= U+42FD 䋽
HDZ p. 3649 G_CH101226
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED3B ⿰纟牵 Simplified form
= U+7E34 縴
HDZ p. 3652 G_BK101230
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED3C ⿰纟㚇 Simplified form
= U+7DF5 緵
HDZ p. 3657 G_CH301232
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED3D ⿰纟怱 Simplified form
= U+7DEB 緫
HDZ p. 3657 G_BK101234
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED3E ⿰纟逆 Simplified form
= U+7E0C 縌
HDZ p. 3658 G_CH201237
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED3F  ⿰纟索 Simplified form
= U+4307 䌇
HDZ p. 3662 G_BK101239
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED40 ⿰纟原 Simplified form
= U+7E13 縓
HDZ p. 3663 G_CH201240
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED41 ⿰纟致 Simplified form
= U+7DFB 緻
HDZ p. 3663 G_GH101241
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED42 ⿰纟宰 Simplified form
= U+7E21 縡
HDZ p. 3668 G_CH301244
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED43 ⿰纟旋 Simplified form
= U+7E3C 縼
HDZ p. 3677 G_CH201249
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED44 ⿰纟習 Simplified form
= U+430C 䌌
HDZ p. 3678 G_CH201252
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED45 ⿰纟散 Simplified form
= U+7E56 繖
HDZ p. 3680 G_BK101253
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED46 ⿰纟惠 Simplified form
= U+7E50 繐
HDZ p. 3680 UTC-02030 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED47 ⿰纟雋 Simplified form
= U+26188 𦆈
HDZ p. 3682 UTC-02031 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED48 ⿰纟尊 Simplified form
= U+7E5C 繜
HDZ p. 3684 G_CH201258
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED49 ⿰纟矞 Simplified form
= U+7E58 繘
HDZ p. 3685 G_CH201259
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED4A ⿰纟赖 Simplified form
= U+261DB 𦇛
HDZ p. 3687 G_CH101261
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED4B ⿰纟解 Simplified form
= U+7E72 繲
HDZ p. 3691 G_CH201262
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED4C ⿰纟蔥 Simplified form
= U+261CE 𦇎
HDZ p. 3693 G_CH101266
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED4D ⿰纟僕 Simplified form
= U+7E80 纀
HDZ p. 3694 G_CH101268
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED4E ⿰纟憂 Simplified form
= U+7E8B 纋
HDZ p. 3696 G_CH201270
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED4F ⿺走乐 Simplified form
= U+47CF 䟏
HDZ p. 3715 G_CH101751
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED50 ⿺走尧 Simplified form
= U+8DAC 趬
HDZ p. 3717 G_CH201752
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED51 ⿺走乔 Simplified form
= U+8DAB 趫
HDZ p. 3717 G_CH301754
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED52 ⿺走卖 Simplified form
= U+27FA5 𧾥
HDZ p. 3723 G_CH101755
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED53 ⿰车㔾 Simplified form
= U+282A0 𨊠
HDZ p. 3746 UTC-02043 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED54 ⿰车凡 Simplified form
= U+8ED3 軓
HDZ p. 3749 G_CH101800
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED55 ⿰车义 Simplified form
= U+8F59 轙
HDZ p. 3749 G_CH301801
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED56 ⿰车王 Simplified form
= U+8ED6 軖
HDZ p. 3749 G_CH201803
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED57 ⿰车屯 Simplified form
= U+8ED8 軘
HDZ p. 3750 G_CH201806
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED58 ⿰车反 Simplified form
= U+484A 䡊
HDZ p. 3751 G_CH201810
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED59 ⿰车巴 Simplified form
= U+282B9 𨊹
HDZ p. 3752 G_CH101812
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED5A ⿰车戋 Simplified form
= U+8F1A 輚
HDZ p. 3752 G_CH201814
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED5B ⿰车平 Simplified form
= U+8EEF 軯
HDZ p. 3753 G_CH201813
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED5C ⿱⿲丨丨⿱𠂉丶车 Simplified form
= U+28352 𨍒
HDZ p. 3753 UTC-02054 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED5D ⿰车付 Simplified form
= U+8EF5 軵
HDZ p. 3756 G_CH201818
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED5E ⿰车氐 Simplified form
= U+8EE7 軧
HDZ p. 3757 G_CH101822
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED5F ⿰车句 Simplified form
= U+8EE5 軥
HDZ p. 3758 G_CH301821
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED60 ⿰车包 Simplified form
= U+8EF3 軳
HDZ p. 3758 G_CH101823
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED61 ⿰车对 Simplified form
= U+8F5B 轛
HDZ p. 3759 G_CH201824
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED62 ⿰车共 Simplified form
= U+8F01 輁
HDZ p. 3762 G_CH101827
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED63 ⿱共车 Simplified form
= U+8F02 輂
HDZ p. 3763 G_CH301826
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED64 ⿰车旬 Simplified form
= U+282EE 𨋮
HDZ p. 3764 G_CH101829
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED65 ⿰车完 Simplified form
= U+8F10 輐
HDZ p. 3771 G_CH201835
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED66 ⿰车君 Simplified form
= U+8F11 輑
HDZ p. 3771 G_CH201836
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED67 ⿰车青 Simplified form
= U+8F24 輤
HDZ p. 3771 G_CH201838
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED68 ⿰车夌 Simplified form
= U+8F18 輘
HDZ p. 3772 G_CH201840
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED69 ⿰车取 Simplified form
= U+8F19 輙
HDZ p. 3772 G_BK101839
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED6A ⿰车卖 Simplified form
= U+283D4 𨏔
HDZ p. 3772 G_CH101841
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED6B ⿰车非 Simplified form
= U+8F2B 輫
HDZ p. 3773 G_CH201844
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED6C ⿰车果 Simplified form
= U+8F20 輠
HDZ p. 3774 G_CH301842
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED6D ⿰车朋 Simplified form
= U+8F23 輣
HDZ p. 3776 G_CH201847
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED6E ⿰车臽 Simplified form
= U+8F21 輡
HDZ p. 3777 G_CH201848
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED6F ⿰车宛 Simplified form
= U+485D 䡝
HDZ p. 3778 G_CH101849
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED70 ⿰车耑 Simplified form
= U+8F32 輲
HDZ p. 3780 G_CH201853
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED71 ⿰车复 Simplified form
= U+8F39 輹
HDZ p. 3781 G_CH201855
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED72 ⿰车度 Simplified form
= U+2834F 𨍏
HDZ p. 3783 G_CH101857
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED73 ⿰车秦 Simplified form
= U+8F43 轃
HDZ p. 3784 G_CH201861
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED74 ⿰车监 Simplified form
= U+8F5E 轞
HDZ p. 3785 G_CH201862
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED75 ⿱殸车 Simplified form
= U+4870 䡰
HDZ p. 3788 G_CH101864
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED76 ⿰车啬 Simplified form
= U+8F56 轖
HDZ p. 3789 G_CH301866
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED77 ⿰车𦓔 Simplified form
= U+283AA 𨎪
HDZ p. 3792 UTC-02081 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED78 ⿰车尞 Simplified form
= U+8F51 轑
HDZ p. 3793 G_CH301869
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED79 ⿰车番 Simplified form
= U+8F53 轓
HDZ p. 3794 G_CH201872
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED7A ⿰车童 Simplified form
= U+4874 䡴
HDZ p. 3794 G_CH201873
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED7B ⿰车孱 Simplified form
= U+8F4F 轏
HDZ p. 3795 G_CH201874
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED7C ⿰车蓋 Simplified form
= U+4877 䡷
HDZ p. 3795 G_CH101878
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED7D ⿰车献 Simplified form
= U+487E 䡾
HDZ p. 3795 G_CH101876
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED7E ⿱𣪠车 Simplified form
= U+8F5A 轚
HDZ p. 3795 G_CH101875
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED7F  ⿰车蔺 Simplified form
= U+8F65 轥
HDZ p. 3797 G_CH301881
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED80 ⿰车磊 Simplified form
= U+283D2 𨏒
HDZ p. 3798 G_CH101883
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED81 ⿰车臱 Simplified form
= U+487B 䡻
HDZ p. 3798 G_CH101885
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED82 ⿰酉𠬤 Simplified form
= U+91B3 醳
HDZ p. 3817 G_CH301960
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED83 ⿰酉𬜯 Simplified form
= U+490D 䤍
HDZ p. 3831 UTC-02093 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED84 ⿰酉监 Simplified form
= U+288E8 𨣨
HDZ p. 3832 G_CH101967
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED85 ⿱辰会 Simplified form
= U+4888 䢈
HDZ p. 3847 G_BK101887
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED86 ⿰豕觅 Simplified form
= U+27C7B 𧱻
HDZ p. 3855 G_BK101720
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED87 ⿰豕娄 Simplified form
= U+474F 䝏
HDZ p. 3857 G_CH101721
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED88 ⿱弋贝 Simplified form
= U+8CA3 貣
HDZ p. 3864 G_CH201726
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED89 ⿰贝元 Simplified form
= U+8CA6 貦
HDZ p. 3866 UTC-02099 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED8A ⿰贝氐 Simplified form
= U+8CBE 貾
HDZ p. 3874 G_CH101730
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED8B ⿰贝卒 Simplified form
= U+8CE5 賥
HDZ p. 3891 G_CH201734
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED8C ⿰云费 Simplified form
= U+9745 靅
HDZ p. 3892 G_CH100018
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED8D ⿰贝鬼 Simplified form
= U+27DDB 𧷛
HDZ p. 3894 UTC-02103 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED8E ⿳⺻灬贝 Simplified form
= U+8CEE 賮
HDZ p. 3895 G_BK101738
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED8F ⿰贝⿱龹贝 Simplified form
= U+4789 䞉
HDZ p. 3896 UTC-02105 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED90 ⿰贝益 Simplified form
= U+8CF9 賹
HDZ p. 3896 G_BK101737
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED91 ⿰贝猋 Simplified form
= U+8D06 贆
HDZ p. 3899 G_CH201739
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED92 ⿰贝廉 Simplified form
= U+27E16 𧸖
HDZ p. 3901 G_CH101742
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED93 ⿰贝臧 Simplified form
= U+8D13 贓
HDZ p. 3902 UTC-02109 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED94 ⿱虤贝 Simplified form
= U+8D19 贙
HDZ p. 3903 UTC-02110 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED95 ⿰必见 Simplified form
= U+8995 覕
HDZ p. 3909 G_CH201543
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED96 ⿰鼻卜 GHZ85094.04 Ext. G Candidate
U+ED97 ⿰丽见 Simplified form
= U+4695 䚕
HDZ p. 3911 G_CH101548
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED98 ⿰间见 Simplified form
= U+89B8 覸
HDZ p. 3911 UTC-02113 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED99 ⿰娄见 Simplified form
= U+27883 𧢃
HDZ p. 3915 G_CH101549
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED9A ⿰虘见 Simplified form
= U+89B0 覰
HDZ p. 3917 UTC-02115 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED9B ⿰𤔔见 Simplified form
= U+89B6 覶
HDZ p. 3918 G_CH101550
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED9C ⿰䖒见 Simplified form
= U+89BB 覻
HDZ p. 3918 UTC-02117 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED9D ⿰𧾷双 Simplified form
= U+281EF 𨇯
HDZ p. 3936 UTC-02118 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED9E ⿰𧾷岁 Simplified form
= U+4829 䠩
HDZ p. 3946 UTC-02119 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+ED9F ⿰𧾷丽 Simplified form
= U+8EA7 躧
HDZ p. 3952 UTC-02120 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDA0 ⿰𧾷连 Simplified form
= U+8E65 蹥
HDZ p. 3952 UTC-02121 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDA1 ⿰𧾷带 Simplified form
= U+8E5B 蹛
HDZ p. 3967 UTC-02122 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDA2 ⿱带足 Simplified form
= U+4820 䠠
HDZ p. 3967 G_HC301773
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDA3 ⿰𧾷贵 Simplified form
= U+8E6A 蹪
HDZ p. 3968 UTC-02124 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDA4 ⿰无阝 Simplified form
= U+9126 鄦
HDZ p. 4005 UTC-02125 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDA5 ⿰为阝 Simplified form
= U+912C 鄬
HDZ p. 4008 G_CH301925
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDA6 ⿰枭阝 Simplified form
= U+9121 鄡
HDZ p. 4030 G_CH201940
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDA7 ⿰费阝 Simplified form
= U+912A 鄪
HDZ p. 4035 G_CH101948
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDA8 ⿰身单 Simplified form
= U+8EC3 軃
HDZ p. 4064 G_CH101789
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDA9 ⿺辶𠃓 Simplified form
= U+903F 逿
HDZ p. 4070 G_CH201888
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDAA ⿺辶尧 Simplified form
= U+9076 遶
HDZ p. 4082 UTC-02131 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDAB ⿺辶带 Simplified form
= U+9070 遰
HDZ p. 4112 UTC-02132 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDAC ⿰谷龙 Simplified form
= U+8C45 豅
HDZ p. 4159 G_CH101711
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDAD ⿰谷卖 Simplified form
= U+8C44 豄
HDZ p. 4160 G_CH101712
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDAE ⿰角乐 Simplified form
= U+89FB 觻
HDZ p. 4179 G_CH201553
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDAF ⿳⺍冖角 Simplified form
= U+89F7 觷
HDZ p. 4180 G_CH201554
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDB0 ⿰角来 Simplified form
= U+469E 䚞
HDZ p. 4184 G_CH101557
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDB1 ⿰角间 HDZ p. 4185 G_BK101558
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDB2 ⿰讠丩 Simplified form
= U+8A06 訆
HDZ p. 4196 G_CH101579
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDB3 ⿰讠𠃓 Simplified form
= U+8AF9 諹
HDZ p. 4201 G_CH101582
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDB4 ⿰讠艺 Simplified form
= U+8B9B 讛
HDZ p. 4202 G_CH101583
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDB5 ⿰讠屯 Simplified form
= U+8A30 訰
HDZ p. 4203 G_CH101585
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDB6 ⿰讠反 Simplified form
= U+46C0 䛀
HDZ p. 4206 G_CH101588
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDB7 ⿰讠为 Simplified form
= U+8B4C 譌
HDZ p. 4208 G_BK101590
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDB8 ⿰讠冘 Simplified form
= U+8A26 訦
HDZ p. 4208 G_CH101592
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDB9 ⿱𫇦言 Simplified form
= U+8B0D 謍
HDZ p. 4210 UTC-02147 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDBA ⿰讠央 Simplified form
= U+8A47 詇
HDZ p. 4212 G_CH101600
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDBB ⿰讠冉 Simplified form
= U+279A6 𧦦
HDZ p. 4212 G_CH201599
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDBC ⿰讠失 Simplified form
= U+8A44 詄
HDZ p. 4212 G_CH201602
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDBD ⿰讠令 Simplified form
= U+8A45 詅
HDZ p. 4214 G_CH201605
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDBE ⿰讠句 Simplified form
= U+8A3D 訽
HDZ p. 4215 G_CH101606
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDBF  ⿰讠包 Simplified form
= U+46CC 䛌
HDZ p. 4215 G_BK101607
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDC0 ⿰讠永 Simplified form
= U+8A60 詠
HDZ p. 4216 G_BK201609
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDC1 ⿰讠奴 Simplified form
= U+8A49 詉
HDZ p. 4217 G_CH101614
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDC2 ⿰讠夹 Simplified form
= U+279F5 𧧵
HDZ p. 4222 G_CH101615
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDC3 ⿰讠合 Simplified form
= U+8A65 詥
HDZ p. 4226 G_CH101619
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDC4 ⿰讠各 Simplified form
= U+8A7B 詻
HDZ p. 4228 G_CH101620
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDC5 ⿰讠多 Simplified form
= U+8A83 誃
HDZ p. 4229 G_CH201623
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDC6 ⿰讠交 Simplified form
= U+8A68 詨
HDZ p. 4229 G_CH101625
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDC7 ⿰讠志 Simplified form
= U+8A8C 誌
HDZ p. 4234 G_BK201633
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDC8 ⿰讠严 Simplified form
= U+8B9D 讝
HDZ p. 4234 G_CH101630
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDC9 ⿰讠甫 Simplified form
= U+8AA7 誧
HDZ p. 4235 G_CH101635
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDCA ⿰讠冏 Simplified form
= U+27A1D 𧨝
HDZ p. 4237 G_BK101638
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDCB ⿰讠利 Simplified form
= U+8A97 誗
HDZ p. 4237 G_CH301639
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDCC ⿰讠幸 Simplified form
= U+46ED 䛭
HDZ p. 4243 G_CH101641
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDCD ⿰讠林 Simplified form
= U+8AC3 諃
HDZ p. 4245 G_CH101643
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDCE ⿰讠卓 Simplified form
= U+27A33 𧨳
HDZ p. 4246 G_BK101645
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDCF ⿰讠叕 Simplified form
= U+8AC1 諁
HDZ p. 4255 G_CH101652
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDD0 ⿰讠聂 Simplified form
= U+8B98 讘
HDZ p. 4267 G_CH101665
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDD1 ⿰讠原 Simplified form
= U+8B1C 謜
HDZ p. 4268 G_CH101667
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDD2 ⿰讠高 Simplified form
= U+8B1E 謞
HDZ p. 4271 G_CH201671
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDD3 ⿰讠奢 Simplified form
= U+8B47 譇
HDZ p. 4275 G_CH101676
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDD4 ⿰讠移 Simplified form
= U+8B3B 謻
HDZ p. 4277 G_CH101679
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDD5 ⿰讠敢 Simplified form
= U+8B40 譀
HDZ p. 4279 G_CH101683
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDD6 ⿰讠隋 Simplified form
= U+470F 䜏
HDZ p. 4279 G_BK101684
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDD7 ⿰讠習 Simplified form
= U+8B35 謵
HDZ p. 4279 G_CH101686
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDD8 ⿰讠臯 Simplified form
= U+27B01 𧬁
HDZ p. 4283 G_CH101689
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDD9 ⿰讠亶 Simplified form
= U+8B60 譠
HDZ p. 4290 G_CH101694
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDDA ⿰讠意 Simplified form
= U+8B69 譩
HDZ p. 4290 G_BK101695
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDDB ⿰讠⿱𡨄巳 Simplified form
= U+27B2F 𧬯
HDZ p. 4291 UTC-02181 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDDC ⿰讠需 Simplified form
= U+8B73 譳
HDZ p. 4292 G_CH101698
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDDE ⿱雨对 Simplified form
= U+4A34 䨴
HDZ p. 4326 G_CH202244
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDDF ⿱雨单 Simplified form
= U+29166 𩅦
HDZ p. 4334 G_CH102249
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDE0 ⿵门女 Simplified form
= U+28CD0 𨳐
HDZ p. 4361 UTC-02186 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDE1 ⿵门牙 Simplified form
= U+9595 閕
HDZ p. 4364 G_CH102198
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDE2 ⿵门为 Simplified form
= U+49B1 䦱
HDZ p. 4367 G_CH202201
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDE3 ⿵门平 Simplified form
= U+959B 閛
HDZ p. 4368 G_CH202203
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDE4 ⿵门身 Simplified form
= U+28256 𨉖
HDZ p. 4377 G_CYY01426
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDE5 ⿰杀闪 Simplified form
= U+95B7 閷
HDZ p. 4382 G_CH102209
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDE6 ⿵门曷 Simplified form
= U+49AA 䦪
HDZ p. 4386 G_CH102213
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDE7 ⿵门俞 Simplified form
= U+28D66 𨵦
HDZ p. 4386 G_CH202215
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDE8 ⿵门臭 Simplified form
= U+28D91 𨶑
HDZ p. 4391 G_CH102214
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDE9 ⿵门堂 Simplified form
= U+95DB 闛
HDZ p. 4393 G_CH202219
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDEA ⿵门翕 Simplified form
= U+95DF 闟
HDZ p. 4397 G_CH202220
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDEB ⿵门辟 Simplified form
= U+95E2 闢
HDZ p. 4399 G_BK202221
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDEC ⿰阝⿱少马 Simplified form
= U+96B2 隲
HDZ p. 4444 G_BK102224
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDED ⿰阝贲 Simplified form
= U+96AB 隫
HDZ p. 4456 G_CH102227
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDEE ⿰钅几 Simplified form
= U+9416 鐖
HDZ p. 4488 G_CH201994
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDEF ⿰钅力 Simplified form
= U+91DB 釛
HDZ p. 4488 UTC-02201 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDF0 ⿰钅于 Simplified form
= U+91EA 釪
HDZ p. 4489 G_CH201996
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDF1 ⿰钅小 Simplified form
= U+91E5 釥
HDZ p. 4490 G_CH202003
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDF2 ⿰钅广 Simplified form
= U+945B 鑛
HDZ p. 4492 G_BK102004
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDF3 ⿰钅区 Simplified form
= U+93C2 鏂
HDZ p. 4493 G_CH202008
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDF4 ⿰钅历 Simplified form
= U+4976 䥶
HDZ p. 4493 G_CH102006
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDF5 ⿰钅止 Simplified form
= U+4920 䤠
HDZ p. 4495 G_BK102010
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDF6 ⿰钅日 Simplified form
= U+9224 鈤
HDZ p. 4495 G_BK102011
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDF7 ⿰钅丙 Simplified form
= U+9235 鈵
HDZ p. 4504 G_BK102022
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDF8 ⿰钅龙 Simplified form
= U+9468 鑨
HDZ p. 4504 G_CH302025
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDF9 ⿰钅生 Simplified form
= U+924E 鉎
HDZ p. 4507 G_CH102032
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDFA ⿰钅禾 Simplified form
= U+924C 鉌
HDZ p. 4507 G_CH102033
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDFB ⿰钅句 Simplified form
= U+9264 鉤
HDZ p. 4510 G_BK102036
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDFC ⿰钅主 Simplified form
= U+9252 鉒
HDZ p. 4511 G_CH202038
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDFD ⿰钅弗 Simplified form
= U+9258 鉘
HDZ p. 4513 G_BK102040
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDFE ⿰钅过 Simplified form
= U+9439 鐹
HDZ p. 4515 G_CH102052
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EDFF  ⿰钅光 Simplified form
= U+92A7 銧
HDZ p. 4517 G_BK102054
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE00 ⿰钅虫 Simplified form
= U+9275 鉵
HDZ p. 4517 G_CH102053
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE01 ⿰钅岁 Simplified form
= U+942C 鐬
HDZ p. 4518 G_CH102055
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE02 ⿰钅𠂢 Simplified form
= U+4928 䤨
HDZ p. 4521 G_CH202059
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE03 ⿰钅多 Simplified form
= U+9279 鉹
HDZ p. 4523 G_CH202062
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE04 ⿰钅并 Simplified form
= U+927C 鉼
HDZ p. 4525 G_CH202065
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE05 ⿰钅耴 Simplified form
= U+92B8 銸
HDZ p. 4527 G_CH102070
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE06 ⿰钅孛 Simplified form
= U+92CD 鋍
HDZ p. 4527 G_CH202071
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE07 ⿰钅足 Simplified form
= U+92DC 鋜
HDZ p. 4531 G_CH202075
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE08 ⿰钅每 Simplified form
= U+92C2 鋂
HDZ p. 4532 G_CH102078
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE09 ⿰钅含 Simplified form
= U+92E1 鋡
HDZ p. 4533 G_CH202080
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE0A ⿰钅沙 Simplified form
= U+492C 䤬
HDZ p. 4535 G_CH102081
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE0B ⿰钅斩 Simplified form
= U+93E9 鏩
HDZ p. 4541 G_BK102088
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE0C ⿰钅卑 Simplified form
= U+930D 錍
HDZ p. 4546 G_CH202092
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE0D ⿰钅匋 Simplified form
= U+92FE 鋾
HDZ p. 4547 G_CH102096
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE0E ⿰钅官 Simplified form
= U+9327 錧
HDZ p. 4549 G_CH202103
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE0F ⿰钅枼 Simplified form
= U+9371 鍱
HDZ p. 4553 G_CH201993
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE10 ⿰钅⿱左月 Simplified form
= U+493B 䤻
HDZ p. 4553 G_BK102110
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE11 ⿰钅咸 Simplified form
= U+937C 鍼
HDZ p. 4554 G_DZ102087
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE12 ⿰钅禺 Simplified form
= U+935D 鍝
HDZ p. 4555 G_CH202114
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE13 ⿰钅畏 Simplified form
= U+9361 鍡
HDZ p. 4556 G_CH102113
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE14 ⿰钅复 Simplified form
= U+9351 鍑
HDZ p. 4558 G_CH202117
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE15 ⿰钅𫥎 Simplified form
= U+9471 鑱
HDZ p. 4560 UTC-02242 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE16 ⿰钅叚 Simplified form
= U+935C 鍜
HDZ p. 4562 G_CH102129
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE17 ⿰钅癸 Simplified form
= U+9368 鍨
HDZ p. 4562 G_BK102127
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE18 ⿰钅彖 Simplified form
= U+4938 䤸
HDZ p. 4563 UTC-02245 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE19 ⿰钅敖 Simplified form
= U+28AFC 𨫼
HDZ p. 4563 G_CYY01396
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE1A ⿰钅监 Simplified form
= U+9451 鑑
HDZ p. 4566 G_BK202138
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE1B ⿰钅爱 Simplified form
= U+9440 鑀
HDZ p. 4569 G_BK102121
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE1C ⿰钅兼 Simplified form
= U+938C 鎌
HDZ p. 4571 G_BK102144
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE1D ⿰钅悤 Simplified form
= U+93D3 鏓
HDZ p. 4576 G_CH102150
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE1E ⿰钅敢 Simplified form
= U+28B12 𨬒
HDZ p. 4580 G_CH102153
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE1F ⿰钅斯 Simplified form
= U+9401 鐁
HDZ p. 4582 G_CH102159
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE20 ⿰钅葛 Simplified form
= U+28B5B 𨭛
HDZ p. 4582 UTC-02253 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE21 ⿰钅辜 Simplified form
= U+28B1F 𨬟
HDZ p. 4582 G_CH102158
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE22 ⿰钅惠 Simplified form
= U+93F8 鏸
HDZ p. 4583 G_CH202161
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE23 ⿰钅朁 Simplified form
= U+9415 鐕
HDZ p. 4584 G_CH102162
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE24 ⿰钅雋 Simplified form
= U+942B 鐫
HDZ p. 4585 UTC-02257 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE25 ⿰钅巽 Simplified form
= U+9409 鐉
HDZ p. 4588 G_CH102172
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE26 ⿰钅献 Simplified form
= U+9480 钀
HDZ p. 4590 G_CH102173
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE27 ⿰钅麀 Simplified form
= U+495D 䥝
HDZ p. 4594 G_CH102177
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE28 ⿰钅蔑 Simplified form
= U+9456 鑖
HDZ p. 4595 G_CH102179
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE29 ⿰钅畾 Simplified form
= U+9458 鑘
HDZ p. 4598 G_CH102182
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE2A ⿰钅嶲 Simplified form
= U+4974 䥴
HDZ p. 4599 UTC-02263 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE2B ⿰钅赞 Simplified form
= U+947D 鑽
HDZ p. 4601 G_BK102186
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE2C ⿰钅㔍 Simplified form
= U+4977 䥷
HDZ p. 4601 UTC-02265 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE2D ⿰钅韱 Simplified form
= U+946F 鑯
HDZ p. 4603 G_CH102187
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE2E ⿰钅壘 Simplified form
= U+9478 鑸
HDZ p. 4604 G_CH102188
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE2F ⿰钅羸 Simplified form
= U+28C20 𨰠
HDZ p. 4606 G_CH102190
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE30 ⿰革𠃓 Simplified form
= U+292CC 𩋌
HDZ p. 4612 G_CH102259
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE31 ⿰革𠬤 Simplified form
= U+2935C 𩍜
HDZ p. 4618 G_CH202262
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE32 ⿰革毕 Simplified form
= U+97B8 鞸
HDZ p. 4619 UTC-02271 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE33 ⿰革卖 Simplified form
= U+97C7 韇
HDZ p. 4624 G_CH202269
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE34 ⿰革贵 Simplified form
= U+97BC 鞼
HDZ p. 4629 G_CH202270
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE35 ⿰革娄 Simplified form
= U+97BB 鞻
HDZ p. 4631 G_CH302273
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE36 ⿰革阑 Simplified form
= U+4A8D 䪍
HDZ p. 4637 UTC-02275 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE37 ⿰钅卡 Simplified form
= U+9272 鉲
Hebei Zhongxiyi Jiehe Zazhi 河北中西医结合杂志 vol. 5 (1996) no. 1 p. 81 UTC-02958 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE38 ⿰出页 Simplified form
= U+4ABC 䪼
HDZ p. 4653 G_BK102318
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE39 ⿰尧页 Simplified form
= U+9864 顤
HDZ p. 4655 G_CH102319
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE3A ⿰岁页 Simplified form
= U+986A 顪
HDZ p. 4655 G_CH202320
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE3B ⿰并页 Simplified form
= U+9829 頩
HDZ p. 4658 G_CH202326
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE3C ⿰甫页 Simplified form
= U+294BA 𩒺
HDZ p. 4660 G_BK102329
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE3D ⿰佥页 Simplified form
= U+9869 顩
HDZ p. 4663 G_CH102330
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE3E ⿰𢌳页 Simplified form
= U+982F 頯
HDZ p. 4665 G_CH202331
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE3F  ⿰隹页 Simplified form
= U+9840 顀
HDZ p. 4667 G_CH402240
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE40 ⿰卑页 Simplified form
= U+4ACC 䫌
HDZ p. 4667 G_CH102336
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE41 ⿰函页 Simplified form
= U+9844 顄
HDZ p. 4669 G_CH202339
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE42 ⿰思页 Simplified form
= U+984B 顋
HDZ p. 4671 G_BK102341
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE43 ⿰骨页 Simplified form
= U+985D 顝
HDZ p. 4671 G_CH102539
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE44 ⿰冓页 Simplified form
= U+985C 顜
HDZ p. 4674 G_CH202347
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE45 ⿰恖页 Simplified form
= U+9856 顖
HDZ p. 4676 UTC-02289 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE46 ⿰旃页 Simplified form
= U+29523 𩔣
HDZ p. 4676 G_BK100633
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE47 ⿰宾页 Simplified form
= U+986E 顮
HDZ p. 4677 G_CH102346
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE48 ⿰票页 Simplified form
= U+9860 顠
HDZ p. 4678 G_CH302348
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE49 ⿰⿱𣦵贝⿱又韭 Simplified form
= U+4AA5 䪥
HDZ p. 4694 UTC-02293 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE4A ⿰骨尧 Simplified form
= U+9AD0 髐
HDZ p. 4699 G_CH202540
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE4B ⿱几鬼 Simplified form
= U+29D06 𩴆
HDZ p. 4715 G_CH102576
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE4C ⿺鬼尧 Simplified form
= U+4C2B 䰫
HDZ p. 4720 G_CH102579
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE4D ⿰饣乞 Simplified form
= U+4B23 䬣
HDZ p. 4731 G_BK102380
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE4E ⿰饣区 Simplified form
= U+9947 饇
HDZ p. 4732 G_CH202381
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE4F ⿰饣卞 Simplified form
= U+98F0 飰
HDZ p. 4735 UTC-02299 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE50 ⿰饣央 Simplified form
= U+4B2C 䬬
HDZ p. 4736 G_BK102384
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE51 ⿰饣半 Simplified form
= U+4B33 䬳
HDZ p. 4739 G_CH202386
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE52 ⿰饣至 Simplified form
= U+4B39 䬹
HDZ p. 4741 UTC-02302 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE53 ⿰饣岂 Simplified form
= U+4B53 䭓
HDZ p. 4742 G_CH102389
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE54 ⿰饣奔 Simplified form
= U+9934 餴
HDZ p. 4749 G_CH202394
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE55 ⿰饣⿱𠆢亥 Simplified form
= U+9929 餩
HDZ p. 4751 UTC-02305 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE56 ⿰饣咅 Simplified form
= U+9922 餢
HDZ p. 4752 G_CH202400
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE57 ⿰饣炎 Simplified form
= U+9924 餤
HDZ p. 4752 G_CH202401
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE58 ⿰饣建 Simplified form
= U+4B48 䭈
HDZ p. 4753 G_CH102402
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE59 ⿰饣贲 Simplified form
= U+9959 饙
HDZ p. 4754 G_CH102404
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE5A ⿰饣修 Simplified form
= U+29767 𩝧
HDZ p. 4756 G_GJZ00210
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE5B ⿰饣俞 Simplified form
= U+29736 𩜶
HDZ p. 4757 G_CH102412
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE5C ⿰饣叜 Simplified form
= U+2972F 𩜯
HDZ p. 4757 UTC-02312 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE5D ⿰饣彖 Simplified form
= U+992F 餯
HDZ p. 4758 G_CH102415
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE5E ⿰饣喜 Simplified form
= U+994E 饎
HDZ p. 4765 G_CH202418
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE5F ⿰饣蒙 Simplified form
= U+995B 饛
HDZ p. 4767 G_CH102420
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE60 ⿰饣㥯 Simplified form
= U+4B61 䭡
HDZ p. 4770 G_CH102424
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE61 ⿰饣赞 Simplified form
= U+9961 饡
HDZ p. 4771 G_CH202425
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE62 ⿺风彡 Simplified form
= U+98A9 颩
HDZ p. 4773 G_CH102352
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE63 ⿺风牙 Simplified form
= U+98AC 颬
HDZ p. 4774 G_CH102354
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE64 ⿺风幼 Simplified form
= U+4B00 䬀
HDZ p. 4777 G_CH202358
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE65 ⿺风列 Simplified form
= U+98B2 颲
HDZ p. 4777 G_CH102359
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE66 ⿺风刘 Simplified form
= U+4B1F 䬟
HDZ p. 4777; ZHZH p. 1626 G_CH102361
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE67 ⿺风劦 Simplified form
= U+4B05 䬅
HDZ p. 4778 G_CH102362
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE68 ⿺风委 Simplified form
= U+4B10 䬐
HDZ p. 4780 G_CH202356
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE69 ⿱风⿰风风 Simplified form
= U+98CD 飍
HDZ p. 4780 G_CH202363
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE6A ⿺风俞 Simplified form
= U+4B14 䬔
HDZ p. 4782 G_CH202364
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE6B ⿰習风 Simplified form
= U+98C1 飁
HDZ p. 4785 G_CH102367
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE6C ⿺风猋 Simplified form
= U+98C7 飇
HDZ p. 4785 UTC-02328 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE6D ⿰音员 Simplified form
= U+97FB 韻
HDZ p. 4790 G_RM102305
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE6E ⿰韦未 Simplified form
= U+2939F 𩎟
HDZ p. 4797 UTC-02330 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE6F ⿰韦必 Simplified form
= U+4A90 䪐
HDZ p. 4798 G_CH202289
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE70 ⿰韦合 Simplified form
= U+97D0 韐
HDZ p. 4799 G_CH202291
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE71 ⿱龹韦 Simplified form
= U+97CF 韏
HDZ p. 4799 UTC-02333 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE72 ⿰韦军 Simplified form
= U+97D7 韗
HDZ p. 4799 G_CH302293
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE73 ⿰韦肖 Simplified form
= U+97D2 韒
HDZ p. 4800 UTC-02335 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE74 ⿰韦枼 Simplified form
= U+97D8 韘
HDZ p. 4801 G_CH402295
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE75 ⿰韦蒦 Simplified form
= U+4A9D 䪝
HDZ p. 4805 G_CH102298
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE76 ⿰韦蜀 Simplified form
= U+97E3 韣
HDZ p. 4805 G_CH202299
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE77 ⿱髟间 Simplified form
= U+9B1D 鬝
HDZ p. 4817 G_BK102556
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE78 ⿱髟𫔮 Simplified form
= U+9B1C 鬜
HDZ p. 4817 UTC-02340 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE79 ⿱髟贵 Simplified form
= U+4C0E 䰎
HDZ p. 4821 G_CH102562
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE7A ⿱髟费 Simplified form
= U+29BC3 𩯃
HDZ p. 4823 G_CH102565
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE7B ⿱髟𬜯 Simplified form
= U+9B17 鬗
HDZ p. 4823 UTC-02343 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE7C ⿱髟监 Simplified form
= U+4C10 䰐
HDZ p. 4823 G_CH102566
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE7D ⿱髟赞 Simplified form
= U+4C16 䰖
HDZ p. 4829 G_CH102571
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE7E ⿱马廾 Simplified form
= U+99B5 馵
HDZ p. 4832 G_CH202445
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE7F  ⿰马乇 Simplified form
= U+99B2 馲
HDZ p. 4833 G_CH202446
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE80 ⿰马及 Simplified form
= U+99BA 馺
HDZ p. 4834 G_CH202447
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE81 ⿰马广 Simplified form
= U+299C9 𩧉
HDZ p. 4834 G_CH102448
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE82 ⿰马巨 Simplified form
= U+99CF 駏
HDZ p. 4835 G_CH102452
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE83 ⿱马中 Simplified form
= U+99BD 馽
HDZ p. 4835 G_CH202453
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE84 ⿰𠤏马 Simplified form
= U+99C2 駂
HDZ p. 4836 G_CH102454
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE85 ⿰马犮 Simplified form
= U+4B82 䮂
HDZ p. 4838 G_CH102460
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE86 ⿰马㐱 Simplified form
= U+99D7 駗
HDZ p. 4841 G_CH102463
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE87 ⿰马戎 Simplified form
= U+99E5 駥
HDZ p. 4845 G_CH102470
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE88 ⿱执马 Simplified form
= U+9A3A 騺
HDZ p. 4845 G_CH202466
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE89 ⿰马戍 Simplified form
= U+298CA 𩣊
HDZ p. 4845 G_CH102468
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE8A ⿰马伏 Simplified form
= U+298B0 𩢰
HDZ p. 4847 G_CH202473
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE8B ⿰马兆 Simplified form
= U+99E3 駣
HDZ p. 4847 G_CH202474
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE8C ⿰马孛 Simplified form
= U+298E1 𩣡
HDZ p. 4850 G_CH202478
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE8D ⿰马束 Simplified form
= U+99F7 駷
HDZ p. 4850 G_CH302479
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE8E ⿰马来 Simplified form
= U+9A0B 騋
HDZ p. 4851 G_CH202477
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE8F ⿰马肙 Simplified form
= U+99FD 駽
HDZ p. 4851 G_CH202483
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE90 ⿰马我 Simplified form
= U+9A00 騀
HDZ p. 4852 G_CH202485
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE91 ⿰马闲 Simplified form
= U+29983 𩦃
HDZ p. 4852 G_CH102488
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE92 ⿰马兑 Simplified form
= U+99FE 駾
HDZ p. 4852 G_CH202489
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE93 ⿰马舍 Simplified form
= U+9A07 騇
HDZ p. 4857 G_CH102495
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE94 ⿰马单 Simplified form
= U+9A52 驒
HDZ p. 4858 G_CH302497
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE95 ⿰马要 Simplified form
= U+9A15 騕
HDZ p. 4859 G_CH302503
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE96 ⿰扁马 Simplified form
= U+9A17 騗
HDZ p. 4862 G_CH102509
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE97 ⿰马叚 Simplified form
= U+9A22 騢
HDZ p. 4862 G_CH302511
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE98 ⿰马柔 Simplified form
= U+9A25 騥
HDZ p. 4864 G_CH102510
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE99 ⿰𠦝⿱𠆢马 Simplified form
= U+4BA7 䮧
HDZ p. 4865 UTC-02374 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE9A ⿰马乘 Simplified form
= U+9A2C 騬
HDZ p. 4866 G_CH302514
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE9B ⿰马舀 Simplified form
= U+29945 𩥅
HDZ p. 4867 G_CH102515
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE9C ⿰马宾 Simplified form
= U+9A5E 驞
HDZ p. 4869 G_CH202519
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE9D ⿰马冡 Simplified form
= U+29943 𩥃
HDZ p. 4869 G_CH102518
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE9E ⿰马務 Simplified form
= U+2994E 𩥎
HDZ p. 4869 G_GJZ00243
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EE9F ⿰马黄 Simplified form
= U+4BB2 䮲
HDZ p. 4870 UTC-02380 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEA0 ⿰马虚 Simplified form
= U+9A49 驉
HDZ p. 4871 G_CH102522
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEA1 ⿰马習 Simplified form
= U+9A3D 騽
HDZ p. 4872 G_CH202524
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEA2 ⿰马覃 Simplified form
= U+9A54 驔
HDZ p. 4874 G_CH202526
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEA3 ⿰马矞 Simplified form
= U+9A48 驈
HDZ p. 4876 G_CH202531
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEA4 ⿰马燕 Simplified form
= U+9A60 驠
HDZ p. 4880 G_CH102534
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEA5 ⿰鬲⿱𠂉𠃓 Simplified form
= U+9B3A 鬺
HDZ p. 4885 G_CH202574
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEA6 ⿰鬲刍 Simplified form
= U+29C48 𩱈
HDZ p. 4885 UTC-02387 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEA7 ⿰麦乞 Simplified form
= U+9EA7 麧
HDZ p. 4901 G_BK102925
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEA8 ⿰麦广 Simplified form
= U+2A37F 𪍿
HDZ p. 4901 G_CH102927
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEA9 ⿰麦主 Simplified form
= U+2A318 𪌘
HDZ p. 4903 G_CH102932
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEAA ⿰麦乔 Simplified form
= U+2A377 𪍷
HDZ p. 4904 UTC-02391 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEAB ⿰麦娄 Simplified form
= U+2A363 𪍣
HDZ p. 4908 G_CH102940
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEAC ⿰麦酋 Simplified form
= U+2A351 𪍑
HDZ p. 4908 G_CH102939
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEAD ⿰麦黄 Simplified form
= U+4D43 䵃
HDZ p. 4909 G_CH202941
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEAE ⿰麦啇 Simplified form
= U+4D42 䵂
HDZ p. 4909 UTC-02395 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEAF ⿰卤褱 Simplified form
= U+2A289 𪊉
HDZ p. 4914 G_CH102919
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEB0 ⿰鸟乙 Simplified form
= U+9CE6 鳦
HDZ p. 4915 G_CH102744
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEB1 ⿰刀鸟 Simplified form
= U+9CED 鳭
HDZ p. 4916 G_CH100107
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEB2 ⿰干鸟 Simplified form
= U+9CF1 鳱
HDZ p. 4916 G_CH202747
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEB3 ⿰鸟干 Simplified form
= U+29F9D 𩾝
HDZ p. 4916 UTC-02400 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEB4 ⿰鸟义 Simplified form
= U+9E03 鸃
HDZ p. 4918 G_CH102749
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEB5 ⿰𤣩鸟 Simplified form
= U+9CFF 鳿
HDZ p. 4919 UTC-02402 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEB6 ⿰夫鸟 Simplified form
= U+9CFA 鳺
HDZ p. 4919 G_CH102751
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEB7 ⿰专鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DD2 鷒
HDZ p. 4919 G_CH102752
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEB8 ⿰贝鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D59 鵙
HDZ p. 4921 G_CH201731
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEB9 ⿰分鸟 Simplified form
= U+9CFB 鳻
HDZ p. 4922 G_CH202759
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEBA ⿰月鸟 Simplified form
= U+29FCA 𩿊
HDZ p. 4922 G_CH102760
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEBB ⿸户鸟 Simplified form
= U+9CF8 鳸
HDZ p. 4923 G_CH100550
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEBC ⿰艾鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D31 鴱
HDZ p. 4924 G_CH102764
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEBD ⿰鸟可 Simplified form
= U+9D1A 鴚
HDZ p. 4925 G_CH102767
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEBE ⿰丕鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CB9 䲹
HDZ p. 4925 G_CH202765
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEBF  ⿰旦鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D20 鴠
HDZ p. 4926 G_CH302768
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEC0 ⿰且鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D21 鴡
HDZ p. 4926 G_CH102769
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEC1 ⿰鸟只 Simplified form
= U+4CC5 䳅
HDZ p. 4926 G_CH102770
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEC2 ⿰失鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D29 鴩
HDZ p. 4927 G_CH102771
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEC3 ⿰矢鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D19 鴙
HDZ p. 4927 G_CYY01488
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEC4 ⿰付鸟 Simplified form
= U+29FE7 𩿧
HDZ p. 4927 G_CH100050
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEC5 ⿰𠬤鸟 Simplified form
= U+9E05 鸅
HDZ p. 4930 G_CH102776
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEC6 ⿰𢀖鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D5B 鵛
HDZ p. 4930 G_HC302777
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEC7 ⿰弁鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D18 鴘
HDZ p. 4931 G_CH202779
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEC8 ⿰幼鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D22 鴢
HDZ p. 4931 G_CH102780
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEC9 ⿰鸟戎 Simplified form
= U+2A01A 𪀚
HDZ p. 4931 G_CH102790
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EECA ⿰圭鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CCF 䳏
HDZ p. 4931 G_CH202782
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EECB ⿰吉鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D36 鴶
HDZ p. 4931 G_CH202784
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EECC ⿰老鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CD3 䳓
HDZ p. 4931 G_CYY01489
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EECD ⿹𢦏鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CD2 䳒
HDZ p. 4932 G_CH102786
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EECE ⿰亚鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D76 鵶
HDZ p. 4932 G_BK102781
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EECF ⿰夷鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D3A 鴺
HDZ p. 4932 G_CH102787
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EED0 ⿰朱鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D38 鴸
HDZ p. 4933 G_CH202791
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EED1 ⿰乔鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DEE 鷮
HDZ p. 4933 G_CH102792
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EED2 ⿰危鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A017 𪀗
HDZ p. 4935 G_CH102795
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EED3 ⿰各鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D45 鵅
HDZ p. 4935 G_CH202796
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EED4 ⿰羊鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D39 鴹
HDZ p. 4936 G_CH101289
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EED5 ⿱兴鸟 Simplified form
= U+9E12 鸒
HDZ p. 4937 G_CH302798
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EED6 ⿰军鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DA4 鶤
HDZ p. 4937 G_CH302800
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EED7 ⿰牟鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D3E 鴾
HDZ p. 4938 G_CH102803
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EED8 ⿰买鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DF6 鷶
HDZ p. 4938 G_CH102801
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EED9 ⿱杨鸟 Simplified form
= U+9E09 鸉
HDZ p. 4938 G_CH102806
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEDA ⿰来鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D86 鶆
HDZ p. 4939 G_CH302804
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEDB ⿰旱鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CDA 䳚
HDZ p. 4939 G_CH102807
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEDC ⿰皀鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D56 鵖
HDZ p. 4941 G_CH102810
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEDD ⿰役鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A05B 𪁛
HDZ p. 4941 G_CH102812
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEDE ⿰鸟余 Simplified form
= U+9D4C 鵌
HDZ p. 4941 G_CH202817
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEDF ⿰希鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D57 鵗
HDZ p. 4941 G_CH102813
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEE0 ⿰孚鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CD5 䳕
HDZ p. 4942 G_CH102814
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEE1 ⿰妥鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D4E 鵎
HDZ p. 4942 G_BK102815
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEE2 ⿰即鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CED 䳭
HDZ p. 4943 G_CH202820
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEE3 ⿰忌鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D4B 鵋
HDZ p. 4943 G_CH102821
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEE4 ⿰夋鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D55 鵕
HDZ p. 4943 G_BK102822
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEE5 ⿰鸟夋 Simplified form
= U+9D54 鵔
HDZ p. 4944 G_CH202819
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEE6 ⿰坴鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D71 鵱
HDZ p. 4944 G_CH102824
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEE7 ⿰奇鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D78 鵸
HDZ p. 4945 G_CH302828
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEE8 ⿰明鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CDF 䳟
HDZ p. 4946 G_CH202831
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEE9 ⿱𥝢鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D79 鵹
HDZ p. 4947 G_CH202834
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEEA ⿰鸟兒 Simplified form
= U+9D83 鶃
HDZ p. 4947 G_CH202840
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEEB ⿰鸟隹 Simplified form
= U+9D7B 鵻
HDZ p. 4947 G_CH202839
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEEC ⿰兔鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D75 鵵
HDZ p. 4948 G_CH102837
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEED ⿰匊鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D74 鵴
HDZ p. 4948 G_CH202838
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEEE ⿰学鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A214 𪈔
HDZ p. 4949 UTC-02459 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEEF ⿰空鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D7C 鵼
HDZ p. 4949 G_BK102844
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEF0 ⿰肩鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D73 鵳
HDZ p. 4950 G_CH102843
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEF1 ⿰居鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D8B 鶋
HDZ p. 4950 G_CH102845
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEF2 ⿰叕鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D7D 鵽
HDZ p. 4950 G_CH202847
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEF3 ⿰甾鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D85 鶅
HDZ p. 4950 G_CH102848
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEF4 ⿰畐鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D9D 鶝
HDZ p. 4951 G_CH202849
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEF5 ⿰皆鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D9B 鶛
HDZ p. 4951 G_CH102852
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEF6 ⿰盾鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D9E 鶞
HDZ p. 4954 G_CH202856
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEF7 ⿰爰鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DA2 鶢
HDZ p. 4954 G_CH202857
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEF8 ⿱脉鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CEE 䳮
HDZ p. 4954 G_CH102859
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEF9 ⿰帝鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D99 鶙
HDZ p. 4954 G_CH102861
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEFA ⿰突鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D9F 鶟
HDZ p. 4955 G_CH102863
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEFB ⿰柔鸟 Simplified form
= U+9D94 鶔
HDZ p. 4955 G_CH202864
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEFC ⿰彖鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DA8 鶨
HDZ p. 4956 G_CH102866
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEFD ⿱振鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CF2 䳲
HDZ p. 4956 G_WZ102867
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEFE ⿰荼鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DCB 鷋
HDZ p. 4957 G_CH102869
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EEFF  ⿰真鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DCF 鷏
HDZ p. 4957 G_CH102868
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF00 ⿰隼鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DBD 鶽
HDZ p. 4958 G_CH102872
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF01 ⿱鸟⿰鸟鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A23C 𪈼
HDZ p. 4960 G_CH102873
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF02 ⿰唐鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DB6 鶶
HDZ p. 4961 G_CH202874
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF03 ⿰涑鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A120 𪄠
HDZ p. 4961 G_BK200824
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF04 ⿰害鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DB7 鶷
HDZ p. 4961 G_CH102875
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF05 ⿱唯鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DD5 鷕
HDZ p. 4965 G_CH202912
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF06 ⿰笠鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DD1 鷑
HDZ p. 4965 G_CH102881
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF07 ⿰酓鸟 Simplified form
= U+4CFA 䳺
HDZ p. 4966 G_BK102882
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF08 ⿰庸鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DDB 鷛
HDZ p. 4966 G_CH202887
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF09 ⿰商鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A132 𪄲
HDZ p. 4966 G_CH102885
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF0A ⿰鸟渠 Simplified form
= U+2A1AB 𪆫
HDZ p. 4967 G_CH102884
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF0B ⿰屠鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DF5 鷵
HDZ p. 4967 G_CH102889
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF0C ⿰壹鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DE7 鷧
HDZ p. 4968 G_CH202890
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF0D ⿸厥鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DE2 鷢
HDZ p. 4969 UTC-02490 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF0E ⿰零鸟 Simplified form
= U+4D07 䴇
HDZ p. 4973 G_CH102898
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF0F ⿰虞鸟 Simplified form
= U+9E06 鸆
HDZ p. 4973 G_CH202913
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF10 ⿰蜀鸟 Simplified form
= U+9E00 鸀
HDZ p. 4974 G_CH102899
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF11 ⿱與鸟 Simplified form
= U+9E12 鸒
HDZ p. 4974 G_CH201318
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF12 ⿱敫鸟 Simplified form
= U+9E04 鸄
HDZ p. 4975 G_CH102901
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF13 ⿰意鸟 Simplified form
= U+9DFE 鷾
HDZ p. 4975 G_CH202902
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF14 ⿰翟鸟 Simplified form
= U+9E10 鸐
HDZ p. 4978 G_CH202906
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF15 ⿰暴鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A1F0 𪇰
HDZ p. 4978 G_CH102907
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF16 ⿰畾鸟 Simplified form
= U+9E13 鸓
HDZ p. 4979 G_CH202908
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF17 ⿱燕鸟 Simplified form
= U+2A20F 𪈏
HDZ p. 4979 UTC-02500 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF18 ⿰龠鸟 Simplified form
= U+9E19 鸙
HDZ p. 4981 G_CH202909
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF19 ⿰鱼乚 Simplified form
= U+4C32 䰲
HDZ p. 4984 G_CH202590
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF1A ⿰鱼乇 Simplified form
= U+9B60 魠
HDZ p. 4985 G_CH102595
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF1B ⿰鱼元 Simplified form
= U+9B6D 魭
HDZ p. 4986 G_CH202598
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF1C ⿰鱼巿 Simplified form
= U+4C3D 䰽
HDZ p. 4986 G_CH102597
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF1D ⿰鱼比 Simplified form
= U+9B6E 魮
HDZ p. 4987 G_CH202601
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF1E ⿰鱼互 Simplified form
= U+9B71 魱
HDZ p. 4987 G_CH202599
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF1F ⿰鱼内 Simplified form
= U+9B76 魶
HDZ p. 4988 G_CH202602
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF20 ⿰鱼攵 Simplified form
= U+4C3B 䰻
HDZ p. 4988 G_CH202603
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF21 ⿰鱼反 Simplified form
= U+9B6C 魬
HDZ p. 4988 G_CH102608
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF22 ⿰鱼仑 Simplified form
= U+9BE9 鯩
HDZ p. 4989 G_CH102606
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF23 ⿰鱼亢 Simplified form
= U+9B67 魧
HDZ p. 4989 G_CH202610
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF24 ⿰鱼冘 Simplified form
= U+9B6B 魫
HDZ p. 4990 G_CH102611
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF25 ⿰鱼末 Simplified form
= U+4C45 䱅
HDZ p. 4990 G_HC202613
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF26 ⿰鱼未 Simplified form
= U+9B87 鮇
HDZ p. 4990 G_CH202615
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF27 ⿰鱼去 Simplified form
= U+9B7C 魼
HDZ p. 4990 G_CH202617
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF28 ⿰鱼丕 Simplified form
= U+9B7E 魾
HDZ p. 4991 G_CH202620
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF29 ⿰鱼旦 Simplified form
= U+4C47 䱇
HDZ p. 4992 G_BK102622
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF2A ⿰鱼甲 Simplified form
= U+9B7B 魻
HDZ p. 4992; ZHZH p. 1703 G_CH202623
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF2B ⿰鱼囚 Simplified form
= U+9B82 鮂
HDZ p. 4992 G_CH102621
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF2C ⿰鱼生 Simplified form
= U+9B8F 鮏
HDZ p. 4992 G_CH102625
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF2D ⿰鱼玄 Simplified form
= U+9B8C 鮌
HDZ p. 4994 G_BK102627
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF2E ⿰鱼幼 Simplified form
= U+4C42 䱂
HDZ p. 4995 G_CH102633
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF2F ⿰鱼亘 Simplified form
= U+4C4E 䱎
HDZ p. 4996 G_CH102635
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF30 ⿰鱼夸 Simplified form
= U+9BAC 鮬
HDZ p. 4997 G_CH102637
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF31 ⿰鱼夷 Simplified form
= U+9BA7 鮧
HDZ p. 4997 G_CH102638
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF32 ⿰鱼尗 Simplified form
= U+9B9B 鮛
HDZ p. 4997 G_CH102641
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF33 ⿰鱼乔 Simplified form
= U+9C4E 鱎
HDZ p. 4998 G_CH102645
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF34 ⿰鱼延 Simplified form
= U+9BC5 鯅
HDZ p. 4998 G_CH202652
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF35 ⿰鱼各 Simplified form
= U+9BA5 鮥
HDZ p. 5000 G_CH102649
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF36 ⿱如鱼 Simplified form
= U+29DAF 𩶯
HDZ p. 5002 G_CH202654
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF37 ⿰鱼𦣞 Simplified form
= U+4C4C 䱌
HDZ p. 5002 UTC-02533 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF38 ⿰鱼来 Simplified form
= U+9BE0 鯠
HDZ p. 5003 G_CH102655
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF39 ⿰鱼肖 Simplified form
= U+9BB9 鮹
HDZ p. 5003 G_CH102660
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF3A ⿰鱼邑 Simplified form
= U+4C52 䱒
HDZ p. 5004 G_CH102659
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF3B ⿰鱼孚 Simplified form
= U+4C50 䱐
HDZ p. 5004 G_CH202661
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF3C ⿰鱼夋 Simplified form
= U+9BBB 鮻
HDZ p. 5007 G_CH202664
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF3D ⿰鱼纳 Simplified form
= U+29E7E 𩹾
HDZ p. 5007 G_CH102663
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF3E ⿰鱼责 Simplified form
= U+9C3F 鰿
HDZ p. 5007 G_CH202667
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF3F  ⿰鱼坴 Simplified form
= U+9BE5 鯥
HDZ p. 5007 G_CH102665
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF40 ⿰鱼昔 Simplified form
= U+4C5C 䱜
HDZ p. 5008 G_CH202668
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF41 ⿰鱼黾 Simplified form
= U+9C66 鱦
HDZ p. 5009 G_CH102670
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF42 ⿱制鱼 Simplified form
= U+4C65 䱥
HDZ p. 5010 G_CH202671
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF43 ⿰鱼季 Simplified form
= U+9BDA 鯚
HDZ p. 5010 G_CH102673
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF44 ⿰鱼臽 Simplified form
= U+4C64 䱤
HDZ p. 5011 G_CH102675
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF45 ⿰鱼咎 Simplified form
= U+9BE6 鯦
HDZ p. 5011 G_CH102674
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF46 ⿰鱼匊 Simplified form
= U+4C61 䱡
HDZ p. 5011 G_CH102676
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF47 ⿰鱼宗 Simplified form
= U+9BEE 鯮
HDZ p. 5012 G_CH102678
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF48 ⿰鱼肃 Simplified form
= U+9C50 鱐
HDZ p. 5013 G_CH302681
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF49 ⿰鱼居 Simplified form
= U+4C5F 䱟
HDZ p. 5013 G_CH202679
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF4A ⿰鱼禺 Simplified form
= U+9C05 鰅
HDZ p. 5015 G_CH202687
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF4B ⿰鱼胃 Simplified form
= U+29E42 𩹂
HDZ p. 5016 G_CH102688
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF4C ⿰鱼侯 Simplified form
= U+9BF8 鯸
HDZ p. 5017 G_CH202691
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF4D ⿰鱼㚇 Simplified form
= U+9BFC 鯼
HDZ p. 5017 G_CH302692
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF4E ⿰鱼娄 Simplified form
= U+4C7E 䱾
HDZ p. 5018 G_CH102695
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF4F ⿰鱼恆 Simplified form
= U+4C6D 䱭
HDZ p. 5018 UTC-02557 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF50 ⿰鱼逐 Simplified form
= U+9C41 鱁
HDZ p. 5021 G_CH202700
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF51 ⿰鱼虔 Simplified form
= U+9C2C 鰬
HDZ p. 5021 G_CH202701
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF52 ⿰鱼留 Simplified form
= U+9C21 鰡
HDZ p. 5023 G_CH202704
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF53 ⿰鱼高 Simplified form
= U+9C1D 鰝
HDZ p. 5023 G_CH202705
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF54 ⿰鱼羞 Simplified form
= U+9C43 鱃
HDZ p. 5023 G_CH202706
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF55 ⿰鱼弱 Simplified form
= U+9C2F 鰯
HDZ p. 5024; ZHZH p. 1714 G_CH102708
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF56 ⿰鱼桑 Simplified form
= U+29E9E 𩺞
HDZ p. 5024 G_BK102707
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF57 ⿰鱼專 Simplified form
= U+9C44 鱄
HDZ p. 5025 G_BK102710
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF58 ⿰鱼斯 Simplified form
= U+4C89 䲉
HDZ p. 5028; ZHZH p. 1716 G_CH102717
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF59 ⿰鱼覃 Simplified form
= U+9C4F 鱏
HDZ p. 5029 UTC-02567 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF5A ⿰鱼朁 Simplified form
= U+29EDB 𩻛
HDZ p. 5029 G_CH102718
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF5B ⿰鱼番 Simplified form
= U+9C55 鱕
HDZ p. 5030 G_CH102719
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF5C ⿰鱼赖 Simplified form
= U+4C9A 䲚
HDZ p. 5032 G_CH102722
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF5D ⿰鱼蔑 Simplified form
= U+9C74 鱴
HDZ p. 5035 G_CH202726
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF5E ⿰鱼需 Simplified form
= U+9C6C 鱬
HDZ p. 5035 G_CH102727
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF5F ⿰鱼嘗 Simplified form
= U+9C68 鱨
HDZ p. 5035 G_BK102728
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF60 ⿰鱼瞢 Simplified form
= U+4C9B 䲛
HDZ p. 5036 G_CH102729
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF61 ⿰鱼噩 Simplified form
= U+9C77 鱷
HDZ p. 5037 UTC-02575 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF62 ⿸麻贲 Simplified form
= U+9EC2 黂
HDZ p. 5041 G_CH200482
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF63 ⿰黑卢 Simplified form
= U+9EF8 黸
HDZ p. 5062 G_BK102945
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF64 ⿱鼓长 Simplified form
= U+9F1A 鼚
HDZ p. 5079 G_CH202966
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF65 ⿱圥黾 Simplified form
= U+9F00 鼀
HDZ p. 5083 G_CH102954
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF66 ⿱去黾 Simplified form
= U+9F01 鼁
HDZ p. 5083 G_CH102955
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF67 ⿱央黾 Simplified form
= U+2A4DB 𪓛
HDZ p. 5084 G_CH102956
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF68 ⿰句黾 Simplified form
= U+4D76 䵶
HDZ p. 5084 G_CH202957
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF69 ⿰圭黾 Simplified form
= U+4D77 䵷
HDZ p. 5084 UTC-02583 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF6A ⿱知黾 Simplified form
= U+9F05 鼅
HDZ p. 5085 UTC-02584 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF6B ⿱兒黾 Simplified form
= U+2A4EC 𪓬
HDZ p. 5085 G_CH102958
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF6C ⿰冥黾 Simplified form
= U+9F06 鼆
HDZ p. 5086 G_CH202960
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF6D ⿸麻黾 Simplified form
= U+2A4F9 𪓹
HDZ p. 5086 G_CH100480
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF6E ⿱敝黾 Simplified form
= U+9F08 鼈
HDZ p. 5086 G_BK102961
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF6F ⿱辟黾 Simplified form
= U+9F0A 鼊
HDZ p. 5086 G_CH102962
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF70 ⿰鼠军 Simplified form
= U+9F32 鼲
HDZ p. 5090 G_CH302968
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF71 ⿰鼻农 Simplified form
= U+9F48 齈
HDZ p. 5096 G_CH202972
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF72 ⿵齐贝 Simplified form
= U+9F4E 齎
Duplicate of U+2CE73 𬹳
HDZ p. 5101 G_GH100619
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF73 ⿵齐火 Simplified form
= U+9F4C 齌
HDZ p. 5101 G_CH200620
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF74 ⿱齐皿 Simplified form
= U+9F4D 齍
HDZ p. 5101 G_CH100987
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF75 ⿵齐衣 Simplified form
= U+2A5CB 𪗋
HDZ p. 5102 G_CH200622
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF76 ⿰齿只 Simplified form
= U+9F5E 齞
HDZ p. 5106 G_CH202978
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF77 ⿰齿乍 Simplified form
= U+9F5A 齚
HDZ p. 5106 G_CH202979
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF78 ⿰齿刍 Simplified form
= U+9F7A 齺
HDZ p. 5107 G_CH102981
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF79 ⿰齿台 Simplified form
= U+9F5D 齝
HDZ p. 5108 G_CH302982
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF7A ⿰齿尧 Simplified form
= U+4DA7 䶧
HDZ p. 5108 UTC-02600 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF7B ⿰齿曳 Simplified form
= U+9F65 齥
HDZ p. 5109 G_CH102984
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF7C ⿱龹齿 Simplified form
= U+9F64 齤
HDZ p. 5110 UTC-02602 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF7D ⿰齿军 Simplified form
= U+9F73 齳
HDZ p. 5110 G_CH202986
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF7E ⿰齿来 Simplified form
= U+2A628 𪘨
HDZ p. 5111 G_CH102988
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF7F  ⿰齿佥 Simplified form
= U+4DA8 䶨
HDZ p. 5111 G_CH102989
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF80 ⿰齿取 Simplified form
= U+9F71 齱
HDZ p. 5112 G_CH202992
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF81 ⿰齿厓 Simplified form
= U+2A62C 𪘬
HDZ p. 5112 G_CH102991
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF82 ⿱制齿 Simplified form
= U+2A625 𪘥
HDZ p. 5113 G_CH202996
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF83 ⿰齿禺 Simplified form
= U+9F75 齵
HDZ p. 5114 G_CH202997
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF84 ⿰齿差 Simplified form
= U+2A649 𪙉
HDZ p. 5115 G_CH102999
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF85 ⿰齿真 Simplified form
= U+9F7B 齻
HDZ p. 5116 G_CH103000
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF86 ⿰齿益 Simplified form
= U+9F78 齸
HDZ p. 5117 G_CH203002
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF87 ⿱龙廾 Simplified form
= U+9F8F 龏
HDZ p. 5121 G_BK103006
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF88 ⿰冄龟 Simplified form
= U+2A6AE 𪚮
HDZ p. 5126 G_CH103008
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF8A ⿰口归 Error for U+2BA65 𫩥 ZHZH p. 386 UTC-02635
U+EF8B ⿻二丨 HDZ p. 4 UTC-01671 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF8C ⿱艹仑 Simplified form
= U+83D5 菕
HDZ p. 3392 UTC-01950 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF8D ⿰釒㝉 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1460 UTC-02895 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF8E ⿲彳王亍 Possibly unifiable with KC-06499 in Ext. F Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1489 TC-483C
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF8F ⿱艹𪫆 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1489 UTC-02897 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF90 ⿰木晴 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1489 UTC-02898 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF91 ⿱艹炘 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1489 UTC-02899 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF92 ⿱艹⿰火勾 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1489 UTC-02900 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF93 ⿰艹炡 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1489 UTC-02901 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF94 ⿰炅欠 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1499 UTC-02902 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF95 ⿰火鼠 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1501 UTC-02903 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF96 ⿲辛金辛 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1502 UTC-02904 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF97 ⿰氵𠜥 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1502 UTC-02905 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF98 ⿱𠆢愁 Nan Ming Shi (Beijing, 2006) v. 5 p. 1502 UTC-02906 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF99 ⿰火回 ZHZH p. 953 TC-4C2F
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF9A ⿱尔土
U+EF9B ⿰土学 Simplified form
= U+367E 㙾
Ming Shi 明史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 1943 UTC-02892 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EF9C ⿱轻金 Simplified form
= U+944B 鑋
HDZ p. 4554 G_CH201985
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFA2 ⿰舟冬
U+EFA3 ⿰舟东
U+EFA4 ⿰舟東
U+EFA5 ⿰讠丕
U+EFA6 ⿰氵闪 Simplified form
= U+3D38 㴸
HDZ p. 1708 G_CH200783
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFA7 ⿲马马马 Simplified form
= U+299E2 𩧢
Resident Identity Card (PRC) UTC-02959 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFA8 ⿰土解 SJ/T 11239—2001 23–37
U+EFA9 ⿰釒仝
U+EFAA ⿰纟廉 Simplified form
= U+26186 𦆆
Pingtan Shibao 平潭时报 2012-05-23 p. 6 G_GJZ00110
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFAB ⿰火动 Simplified form
= U+3DF2 㷲
Ming Shi 明史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 1688 UTC-02885 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFAC ⿰木迁 Simplified form
= U+6ACF 櫏
Ming Shi 明史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 1738; HDZ p. 1285 G_CH100690
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFAD ⿰火鱼 Simplified form
= U+9FBD 龽
Ming Shi 明史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 1797 UTC-02887 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFAE ⿰皇页 Simplified form
= U+29507 𩔇
Ming Shi 明史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 1806 UTC-02888 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFAF ⿰钅只 Simplified form
= U+9259 鉙
Ming Shi 明史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 1811 UTC-02889 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFB0 ⿰火节 Simplified form
= U+3E05 㸅
Ming Shi 明史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 1916 UTC-02890 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFB1 ⿰氵迁 Ming Shi 明史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 1943 UTC-02891 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFB2 ⿰木审 Simplified form
= U+3C02 㰂
Ming Shi 明史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 2357 G_CYY00763
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFB3 ⿰钅粤 Simplified form
= U+28B81 𨮁
Ming Shi 明史 (Beijing, 2000) p. 2419 G_BK102149
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFB4 ⿰马交 Simplified form
= U+99EE 駮
Shanhai Jing 山海经 (Hangzhou, 2000) p. 167 G_WZ102475
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFB5 ⿰土巠
U+EFB6 ⿰土𢀖
U+EFB7 ⿰土免 Yangxinxian Dimingzhi 阳新县地名志 (Hubei, 1984) G_CYY00310
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFB8 ⿵门唐
U+EFB9 ⿰虫齿 Simplified form
= U+2A605 𪘅
Zhongguo Nongye Daxue Xuebao 中国农业大学学报 13 (2008) no. 3 p. 7 G_BK101490
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFBA ⿱𥫗蜓 Gushengwu Xuebao 古生物学报 43 (2004) no. 2 p. 287; Weiti Gushengwu Xuebao 微体古生物学报 22 (2005) no. 4 p. 400 UTC-02942 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFBB ⿰石户 Pingtan Shibao 平潭时报 2012-05-23 p. 6 G_CYY01009
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFBC ⿰纟孟 Simplified form
= U+26067 𦁧
Pingtan Shibao 平潭时报 2012-05-23 p. 6 G_CYY01206
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFBD ⿰土雝
U+EFBE ⿰火劭
U+EFBF  ⿰火邵 Yanshan Tang Bieji 弇山堂别集 (Beijing, 1985) p. 1319 UTC-02907 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFC0 ⿰钅仝 Guangxi Linye Keji 广西林业科技 1989 no. 3 p. 38 UTC-02943 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFC1 ⿰钅库 Simplified form
= U+9FB2 龲
Aximofu Zuixin Kexue Zhinan 阿西莫夫最新科学指南 (Nanjing, 1999) p. 329 UTC-02952 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFC2 ⿰钅恶 Simplified form
= U+941A 鐚
Xi'an Jinrong 西安金融 2005 no. 11 p. 78 UTC-02944 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFC3 ⿰犭貪
U+EFC4 ⿰犭贪 Lishi Wenhua Mingcheng Baohu Zhongwai Meiti Xinxi Cankao 历史文化名城保护中外媒体信息参考 2013.11 no. 20 p. 11; Dongnan Kuaibao 东南快报 2015-05-11 p. A5 G_XC100895
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFC5 ⿰山围 Simplified form
= U+21F31 𡼱
2007年山西经济年鉴 (2009) p. 293; Shanxi Nongye : Cunwei Zhuren 山西农业•村委主任 2010 no. 5 p. 20 UTC-02936 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFC6 ⿰氵皂 Xi'an Difang Zhi 西安地方志 2013 no. 4 p. 33; 《建设项目环境影响报告表》编制说明 (Xi'an, August 2015) p. 16 UTC-02935 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFC7 ⿱宀⿰禹攵 Lanzhou Xuekan 兰州学刊 2009 no. 9 p. 217 UTC-01476 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFC8 ⿱一𠄌 HFDC p. 108 UTC-02764 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFC9 ⿱艹初 HFDC p. 4629 G_CYY01254
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFCA ⿰女责 Simplified form
= U+5AE7 嫧
HFDC p. 5851 G_GJZ00029
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFCB ⿰米劳 Simplified form
= U+2B0D1 𫃑
HFDC p. 6710 G_ZFY01040
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFCC ⿰扌袞 Unifiable with U+3A30 㨰 HFDC p. 6797 UTC-02851 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFCD ⿰米𬜯 Simplified form
= U+429F 䊟
HFDC p. 7293 UTC-02871 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFCE ⿰讠少 Simplified form
= U+8A2C 訬
GHC p. 167; HDZ p. 4203 G_CH201586
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFCF ⿰钅甚 Simplified form
= U+9356 鍖
GHC p. 178; HDZ p. 4552 G_CH202107
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFD0 ⿰讠犀 Simplified form
= U+4704 䜄
GHC p. 197; HDZ p. 4286 G_CH201691
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFD1 ⿲亻丨⿱夂鱼 Simplified form
= U+9BC8 鯈
GHC p. 214; HDZ p. 258 G_HC300071
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFD2 ⿰寿鬼 Simplified form
= U+9B57 魗
GHC p. 214; HDZ p. 4721 G_CH102580
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFD3 ⿰讠悤 Simplified form
= U+8B25 謥
GHC p. 253; HDZ p. 4277 G_CH201680
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFD4 ⿰钅崔 Simplified form
= U+93D9 鏙
GHC p. 260; HDZ p. 4576 G_CH202148
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFD5 ⿰钅大 Simplified form
= U+91F1 釱
GHC p. 279; HDZ p. 4490 G_CH302000
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFD6 ⿰讠豆 Simplified form
= U+46E0 䛠
GHC p. 333; HDZ p. 4235 G_CH201629
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFD7 ⿰各页 Simplified form
= U+981F 頟
GHC p. 356; HDZ p. 4657 G_GH102323
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFD8 ⿱山⿰各页 Simplified form
= U+21F86 𡾆
GHC p. 362; HDZ p. 826 G_GH100429
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFD9 ⿰钅付 Simplified form
= U+925C 鉜
GHC p. 426; HDZ p. 4508 G_CH202035
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFDA ⿰亻负 Simplified form
= U+5069 偩
GHC p. 435; HDZ p. 185 G_CH200042
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFDB ⿰钅危 Simplified form
= U+4925 䤥
GHC p. 518; HDZ p. 4522 G_CH202060
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFDC ⿰钅页 Simplified form
= U+9849 顉
GHC p. 543; HDZ p. 4516 G_CH202048
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFDD ⿰钅訇 Simplified form
= U+9367 鍧
GHC p. 581; HDZ p. 4560 G_CH302123
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFDE ⿰月无 Simplified form
= U+81B4 膴
GHC p. 599; HDZ p. 2194 G_CH300662
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFDF ⿰犭军 Simplified form
= U+247E4 𤟤
GHC p. 651; HDZ p. 1444 G_CH200887
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFE0 ⿰讠其 Simplified form
= U+8AC6 諆
GHC p. 693; HDZ p. 4244 G_CH301642
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFE1 ⿰氵节 Simplified form
= U+7004 瀄
GHC p. 786; HDZ p. 1695 G_CH200781
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFE2 ⿰木⿱共车 Simplified form
= U+6A8B 檋
GHC p. 834; HDZ p. 1351 G_CH200719
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFE3 ⿰讠敻 Simplified form
= U+8B82 讂
GHC p. 846 UTC-02734 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFE4 ⿰讠𢀖 Simplified form
= U+8A99 誙
GHC p. 882; HDZ p. 4218 G_CH201613
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFE5 ⿰钅夸 Simplified form
= U+9299 銙
GHC p. 897; HDZ p. 4516 G_CH302046
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFE6 ⿸厂佥 Simplified form
= U+53B1 厱
GHC p. 931; HDZ p. 83 G_CH200155
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFE7 ⿰讠兒 Simplified form
= U+8ABD 誽
GHC p. 1099; HDZ p. 4248 G_CH201650
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFE8 ⿰钅丕 Simplified form
= U+925F 鉟
GHC p. 1152; HDZ p. 4504 G_CH102024
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFE9 ⿰钅任 Simplified form
= U+928B 銋
GHC p. 1314; HDZ p. 4520 G_CH102057
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFEA ⿰讠歰 Simplified form
= U+8B45 譅
GHC p. 1356; HDZ p. 4293 G_CH201703
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFEB ⿰钅施 Simplified form
= U+9366 鍦
GHC p. 1409; HDZ p. 4561 G_CH302126
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFEC ⿰亻赐 Simplified form
= U+5129 儩
GHC p. 1485; HDZ p. 259 UTC-02744 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFED ⿰讠沓 Simplified form
= U+8ABB 誻
GHC p. 1509; HDZ p. 4247 G_CH201647
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFEE ⿰钅沓 Simplified form
= U+9314 錔
GHC p. 1510; HDZ p. 4544 G_CH202090
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFEF ⿰讠舀 Simplified form
= U+8B1F 謟
GHC p. 1527; HDZ p. 4270 G_CH201661
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFF0 ⿰钅奠 Simplified form
= U+4956 䥖
GHC p. 1547; HDZ p. 4587 G_HC402167
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFF1 ⿰讠奚 Simplified form
= U+8B11 謑
GHC p. 1677; HDZ p. 4270 G_CH201669
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFF2 ⿰钅需 Simplified form
= U+9450 鑐
GHC p. 1768; HDZ p. 4596 G_CH202180
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFF3 ⿰讠术 Simplified form
= U+8A39 訹
GHC p. 1770; HDZ p. 4210 G_CH201596
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFF4 ⿺支寻 Simplified form
= U+6533 攳
GHC p. 1794; HDZ p. 1426 G_CH200603
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFF5 ⿸厂⿱犬手 Simplified form
= U+64EA 擪
GHC p. 1799; HDZ p. 84 G_CH300159
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFF6 ⿸厂⿱犬心 Simplified form
= U+61D5 懕
GHC p. 1804; HDZ p. 2452 G_CH200160
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFF7 ⿸厂⿱犬木 Simplified form
= U+6ABF 檿
GHC p. 1813; HDZ p. 1281 G_CH200158
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFF8 ⿰讠世 Simplified form
= U+8A4D 詍
GHC p. 1853; HDZ p. 4210 G_CH201595
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFF9 ⿰钅引 Simplified form
= U+920F 鈏
GHC p. 1871; HDZ p. 4501 G_CH202021
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFFA ⿰讠尤 Simplified form
= U+8A27 訧
GHC p. 1897; HDZ p. 4202 G_CH301584
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFFB ⿰讠雩 Simplified form
= U+8B23 謣
GHC p. 1919; HDZ p. 4275 G_CH201675
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFFC ⿰亻卖 Simplified form
= U+5125 儥
GHC p. 1931; HDZ p. 209 G_CH200051
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFFD ⿰钅谷 Simplified form
= U+92CA 鋊
GHC p. 1935; HDZ p. 4533 G_CH202079
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFFE ⿰钅属 Simplified form
= U+9483 钃
GHC p. 2047; HDZ p. 4588 G_CH102170
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+EFFF  ⿰讠垂 Simplified form
= U+8AC8 諈
GHC p. 2059; HDZ p. 4248 G_CH201649
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2107)
U+F000 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+90E8 部
WG2 N3695 #78:
UTC-00984 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+F001 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+8650 虐
WG2 N3695 #2:
UTC-00969 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+F002 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+9752 青
WG2 N3695 #10:
UTC-00970 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+F003 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+56CA 囊, U+56D4 囔
náng, nāng
WG2 N3695 #11:
UTC-00971 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+F006 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+5177 具
WG2 N3695 #39:
UTC-00991 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+F007 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+76F4 直
WG2 N3695 #75:
UTC-00981 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+F008 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+771F 真
WG2 N3695 #76:
UTC-00982 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+F009 ⿸厂元 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+539F 原
WG2 N3695 #81:
UTC-00985 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+F00A ⿰𠃓刂 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+5254 剔
WG2 N3695 #59:
UTC-00978 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+F00B ⿰亻入 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+5112 儒
WG2 N3695 #35:
Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)
U+F00C ⿰亻? 2nd stage simplification (Part 1)
= U+4FF1 俱
WG2 N3695 #43:
UTC-00974 Ext. G Candidate (IRGN2091)