BabelStone Fonts

BabelStone Han Ligatures

BabelStone Han v. 15.1.3 supports the following set of four Han ligatures, produced by inserting U+200D Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ) between the two characters to be ligatured. Ligatures such as these occupy a single character space, but are read as two separate characters, and are considered a presentation form of the unligatured characters. As such they are not suitable for separate encoding as CJK unified ideographs.

Sequence Characters ​Ligature ​Reference
4E8C 200D 5408 二合 二‍合
5373 200D 54E9 即哩 即‍哩 UK-20508
6555 200D 4EE4 敕令 敕‍令 UTC-03224
87F2 200D 9CE5 蟲鳥 蟲‍鳥 GKJ-00355