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Tools > Character Properties

Select Tools > Character Properties... from the menu to launch the Character Properties dialog box. Alternatively press the ? button or hit F9. This dialog shows the main properties for the currently selected character in the character grid.

General Information

This section provides general information about the name and history of the character.

Basic Properties

This section lists the key properties of the character, as defined in the Unicode Character Database.

Case Mapping

This section provides case mappings for characters that belong to a bicameral script.


This section gives the hexadecimal vaues of the character in various Unicode transformation formats.

Notes, Aliases and Cross-References

This section lists the informal notes, aliases and cross-references for the character in the Unicode code charts (the data is extracted from the Names List).

Binary Properties

This section lists the binary properties that are defined for the character.

Variation Sequences

This section lists any variation sequences that are defined for the character (either as a base character or as a variation selector character). They may either be Standardized Variation Sequences or Ideographic Variation Sequences (the latter are only valid for CJK unified ideographs).

Named Sequences

This section lists any named sequences that include this character.

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