BabelPad Help : Debug Mode

Debug Mode

You can run BabelPad in debug mode by specifying the "-debug" command line parameter. When running in debug mode, diagnostic information will be written to a file named BabelPad.log in the "My Documents" folder (if BabelPad.log already exists it will be overwritten).

To run BabelPad in debug mode, open a command prompt (right-click on the Windows start button and select Command Prompt) and append "-debug" to BabelPad.exe, as shown below.

Alternatively, create a shortcut to BabelPad.exe, and append "-debug" to BabelPad.exe in the Target box, as shown below, then run the shortcut.

If BabelPad is crashing or not launching then please try running it in debug mode, and email me ( the log file (BabelPad.log) that it creates.

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