BabelPad Help : Edit Menu : Undo and Redo

Edit > Undo and Redo

The Undo and Redo submenu has commands that allow you to undo and redo edit operations if Undo/Redo is enabled (see Options : Edit Options). This submenu has the following commands:

When the document has been modified an asterisk is shown after the file name on the title bar. When changes are undone to the point at which the document was last saved, the asterisk is no longer shown.

NB When Undo/Redo is enabled, global operations (such as Replace All) on large documents require the storage of large amounts data in memory, and can cause the operations to take a long time to complete. Global operations on very large documents will usually be significantly faster if Undo/Redo is disabled, and if you attempt to perform a global replacement or transformation on a large document BabelPad will first ask if you want to temporarily disable Undo/Redo for this operation in order improve performance. If you choose to do so, the Undo/Redo buffer will be cleared, and you will not be able to undo any changes prior to this operation.

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