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File > Save

Select File > Save from the menu (or Ctrl+S) to save the current document. If the document has been opened as read only or if the document was opened with a legacy file encoding that is not completely compatible with Unicode the Save As dialog box will be launched to allow you to select a file name and/or file encoding. If the document is very large a progress percentage will be displayed in the left pane of the status bar.

File > Save As...

Select File > Save As... from the menu (or Ctrl+Shift+S) to save the current document with a different file name or using a different encoding.

You may select a file name and location to save the file to, and select a file encoding to save the file as. BabelPad can only save documents in Unicode or Unicode-compatible encodings, or as ASCII with escaped unicode characters. The following encodings are supported:

The following options are also available:

Other permanent options related to saving files are available under the Options > File menu. Theses include the ability to specify whether new documents will be saved with a Byte Order Mark by default (the default can always be overridden in the Save As dialog box), and whether to strip trailing whitespace on save.

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