Tangut Character Database

The "Tangut Character Database" is a database of Tangut character data that I have been compiling as part of the project to encode the Tangut script in Unicode (see Documents relating to the encoding of the Tangut, Jurchen and Khitan scripts). The database is very much a work in progress, and is subject to frequent and unannounced updates and corrections. The latest version of the database files are available for download in Excel 2007 format or plain text format:

All data that I have created from scratch or extracted from primary Tangut sources is in the public domain, and may be used without permission or attribution, but character reference numbers and mnemonic codes from modern secondary sources may be under copyright of the person or persons who created them.


This database utilises the following fonts, which are available for download unless restricted by licence:

Description of the TangutDatabase Spreadsheet

Unicode Data (cols. A..O)

N3297 Mappings (cols. P..Q)

N3797 Mappings (cols. R..S)

Mojikyo Mappings (cols. T..W)

LFW1997 Data (cols. X..AC)

JYS Font Data (cols. AD..AG)

LFW2006 Data (cols. AH..AJ)

LFW2008 Data (cols. AK..AU)

KYC2006 Data (cols. AV..BC)

HXM2004 Data (cols. BD..BJ)

NIS1966 Data (cols. BK..BT)

WHYJ1983 Data (cols. BU..CH)

TYYJ1986 Data (cols. CI..CR)

SOF1968 (cols. CS..CX)

Nakajima 1997 (cols. CY..DA)

Nevsky 1960 (cols. DB..DF)

Mnemonic Codes (cols. DG..DI)



My work on the Tangut database is indebted to many friends and experts, and I would especially like to express my thanks to the following people: