BabelMap (Unicode Character Map for Windows)


BabelMap is a free character map application for Windows that allows you to browse through the entire Unicode character repertoire of nearly 137,000 characters, or search for a particular character by name or by code point. Characters can then be copied to the clipboard for use in any Unicode-aware application. It also provides many useful features and special utilities. BabelMap supports the most recent version of the Unicode Standard, currently Unicode 11.0 (released June 2018).

Summary of Features

These are some of the key features of BabelMap. For more information see the BabelPad Help pages (currently under construction).


BabelMap is free to download and use for personal or commercial purposes. The free-to-download version (there is no other version!) is fully-featured, with no functional or time limitations, no adverts, no in-app purchases, and no malicious features. BabelMap is distributed as a single executable file (no installer). Simply download the zipped file, and then unzip the file BabelMap.exe to the desired location on your computer. BabelMap runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

BabelMap Version (2018-07-09) Download Release notes
BabelPad Version (2018-12-09) Download Release notes

The latest version of BabelMap runs on Windows 2000 or later, but an unsupported old version of BabelMap (supporting Unicode 5.1) that runs on Windows 95/98/Me is available for download here.

An unsupported version of BabelMap (supporting Unicode 4.1) that is localized for French, with French character names and Unicode data, is available for download here. A version of BabelMap Online (supporting Unicode 7.0) with French interface and French Unicode data is available here. My great thanks to Patrick Andries, Alain LaBonté, and Francois Yergeau for creating the French Unicode data and for help in translating the user interface for BabelMap and BabelMap Online.

BabelMap is free to download and use for personal or commercial purposes. However, if you do find BabelMap useful you are welcome to make a voluntary payment via PayPal (a single payment covers both BabelMap and BabelPad). Please note that there is no special commercial version of BabelMap, and the voluntary payment covers use of the free-to-download version which is fully-featured and with no functional or time limitations. Please only make a payment for BabelMap if you understand this.

Alternatively, you may paypal me any amount that you are comfortabe with.

Windows Defender

As of October 2017 I have received a number of reports that Windows Defender will not allow BabelMap to be downloaded as it claims that it is infected with the Fuerboos virus. I am certain that BabelMap available from is not infected with any virus or malware, and believe that this is a false positive. Searching the internet I can find many reports from October 2017 of Windows Defender falsely reporting the Fuerboos virus on a variety of different downloads. The identification of this virus is based on a heuristic cloud protection rule, and so I do not think that it is reliable.

However, to be sure, I recommend that you scan the downloaded and/or BabelMap.exe with anti-virus software to confirm that it is virus-free. Note that some anti-virus software will flag BabelMap as potentially dangerous as it is used by relatively few users, and so has a low reputation as far as the anti-virus software is concerned; if this is the case you should be able to manually whitelist BabelMap by telling the anti-virus software that you trust it.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you, and if you have any doubts about the safety of BabelMap then please do not download it. If you do find any evidence that BabelMap is genuinely infected with a virus please notify me immediately at


To ensure that the version of BabelMap you run is genuine and is not being used as a vector for malicious activity, please follow these simple rules:

  1. Only download BabelMap from Do not download from any other website or accept BabelMap distributed on physical media (such as CD or USB stick) unless you are 100% certain that the source is reliable.
  2. Do not accept if it contains any files other than BabelMap.exe, especially if it contains any file with a dll extension.
  3. Unzip BabelMap to its own directory (e.g. C:\Users\Me\Documents\BabelMap), and regularly check that no other files have mysteriously appeared in that directory.


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