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Khitan Small Script Fonts


These are three fonts supporting the Khitan Small Script encoded in Unicode version 13.0 (March 2020), all using base glyphs designed by Prof. Jǐng Yǒngshí 景永时 of the Beifang Ethnic University (北方民族大学). Khitan Small Rotated and Khitan Small Vertical support a set of 5,194 pre-composed clusters of between 2 and 8 characters in length (dynamic composition of arbitrary clusters in not supported, but I will add support for additional clusters on request). It is intended to replace these fonts with BabelStone fonts using glyphs designed by myself in the future (hopefully by the end of 2020). See BabelStone Khitan Small Linear for a linear format Khitan Small Script font with Song-style glyphs.


The following images show the Khitan Small Script text on a bronze mirror held at the National Museum in Seoul. The Unicode text is available as a plain text file here, and a web page rendered with Khitan Small Rotated is available here. A web page for the Record of the Younger Brother of the Emperor of the Great Jin Dynasty (大金皇弟都統經略郎君行記) is also available here. Note that with some browsers the Khitan Small Script Filler (U+16FE4) may be displayed as a visible glyph, and interrupt cluster formation (it should be invisible).

Khitan Small Linear

Khitan Small Rotated

Khitan Small Vertical


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