BabelStone Unicode Fonts

List of BabelStone Unicode Fonts

Script Font Name Version License Sample
Latin BabelStone Roman Version 15.003
BabelStone Englisc Version 1.000
(Latin mapped)
BabelStone Centaurian Version 1.01
Coelbren y Beirdd
(PUA mapped)
BabelStone Coelbren y Beirdd Version 1.00
(Latin mapped)
BabelStone Goblin Version 1.01
BabelStone Goblin Vertical Version 1.01
Han BabelStone Han Version 15.1.4 APL
BabelStone Han PUA Version 1.426 APL
BabelStone Han Erjian 1 Version 1.1.6 APL
BabelStone Han Erjian 2 Version 1.1.12 APL
(PUA mapped)
Jurchen Berlin
Jurchen Beijing
Jurchen Toyo Bunko
Jurchen Tianyige
Version 1.001
Jurchen Small Version 1.000
Khitan Large Script
(PUA mapped)
BabelStone Khitan Large Glyphs Version 1.012
BabelStone Khitan Seal Glyphs Version 1.004
BabelStone Khitan Seals Version 1.004
Khitan Small Script
(Unicode mapped)
BabelStone Khitan Small Linear Version 13.007
BabelStone Khitan Small Seal Version 13.000
Khitan Small Linear Version 13.008
Khitan Small Rotated Version 13.008
Khitan Small Vertical Version 13.008
Marchen BabelStone Marchen Version 9.003
Naxi Dongba
(PUA mapped)
BabelStone Naxi LLC Version 1.000
Ogham BabelStone Ogham
(Regular and Italic)
Version 2.02
Version 2.02
BabelStone Ogham Bound
(Regular and Italic)
Version 2.02
Version 2.02
BabelStone Ogham Fixed Version 2.02
BabelStone Ogham Stemless Version 2.02
BabelStone Ogham Lithic Version 1.02
BabelStone Ogham Pictish
(Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold-Italic)
Version 1.02
Version 1.02
Version 1.02
Version 1.02
BabelStone Ogham Special Version 1.02
Old Turkic BabelStone Irk Bitig (Monochrome and Colour) Version 1.03
Phags-pa BabelStone Phags-pa Book Version 1.02
Version 2.00
BabelStone Phags-pa Tibetan A Version 1.01
Version 2.00
BabelStone Phags-pa Tibetan B Version 1.01
Version 2.00
BabelStone Phags-pa Seal Version 1.01
(Latin mapped)
BabelStone Pigpen Version 1.02
BabelStone Club Penguin Version 1.02
BabelStone Leeson Version 1.02
Runic BabelStone Runic Version 7.004
BabelStone Runic Ruled Version 7.004
BabelStone Runic Elder Futhark Version 3.005
BabelStone Runic Short Twig Version 3.003
BabelStone Runic Long Branch Version 3.002
BabelStone Runic Norse Version 3.002
BabelStone Runic Norn Version 3.002
BabelStone Runic Staveless Version 3.002
BabelStone Runic Staveless Ruled Version 3.002
BabelStone Runic Dotted Version 3.003
BabelStone Runic Beagnoth Version 7.004
BabelStone Runic Beorhtnoth Version 7.004
BabelStone Runic Beorhtric Version 7.004
BabelStone Runic Beowulf Version 7.004
BabelStone Runic Berhtwald Version 7.004
BabelStone Runic Byrhtferth Version 7.004
BabelStone Moon Runes Version 7.001
Sui (Shuishu)
(PUA mapped)
BabelStone Shuishu WSF Version 1.000
BabelStone Shuishu WZL Version 1.000
BabelStone Shuishu ZJR Version 1.000
BabelStone Shuishu Nishida Version 1.000
(PUA mapped)
BabelStone Tangut HXM2004 Version 2.00
BabelStone Tangut KYC2006 Version 2.00
BabelStone Tangut LFW1986 Version 2.00
BabelStone Tangut LFW1986X Version 2.00
BabelStone Tangut LFW1997 Version 2.00
BabelStone Tangut Nishida1966 Version 1.00
BabelStone Tangut Sofronov1968 Version 1.00
BabelStone Tangut WHYJIndex Version 1.002
BabelStone Tangut Components Version 3.00
BabelStone Tangut Radicals Version 1.002
(Unicode mapped)
BabelStone Tangut Wenhai Version 1.002
Tangut Yinchuan Version 15.103 Copyright Prof. Jing Yongshi
Tibetan BabelStone Tibetan Version 10.011
Tuyuhun Tuyuhun Murong Version 1.000
(PUA mapped)
BabelStone Sani Yi Version 1.000
Zanabazar Square BabelStone Zanabazar Version 10.002
Flags BabelStone Flags Version 4.08
BabelStone Maritime Version 0.001
Mayan Numerals BabelStone Mayan Numerals Version 11.000
Geometric Symbols BabelStone Shapes Version 15.0.0
Creative Commons Symbols BabelStone Commons Version 13.0.0
Game Symbols BabelStone Xiangqi Version 11.000
BabelStone Xiangqi Colour Version 11.001
Emoji BabelStone Troll Version 0.0.0

Individual Font Pages

How to Input Unicode Characters

BabelStone fonts map glyphs to Unicode characters, so in order to use these fonts in documents you create you may need to be able to enter Unicode text for Ogham, Runic, Tangut, Khitan, etc. How to do this depends upon your operating system and the particular application that you are using, but I provide some suggestions for Windows users on my Ogham page (How to Input Unicode Ogham), and these suggestions apply to any Unicode script.

Support BabelStone Fonts

All BabelStone fonts are free for personal or commercial use, but you are welcome to make a small voluntary donation via PayPal if you find them useful. Simply click on the link below and select whatever amount you are comfortable with.

High-Logic FontCreator

All BabelStone fonts are designed and created using FontCreator Profession Edition from High-Logic, which I can thoroughly recommend as an affordable and powerful font editor with great customer support. FontCreator has a powerful OpenType design tool, support for Unicode Variation Sequences, and support for COLR/CPAL colour fonts, all of which enable me to develop cutting edge Unicode fonts simply and efficiently.

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