BabelStone Fonts : BabelStone Han PUA


BabelStone Han PUA v. 1.259 includes 5,141 unencoded CJK ideographs in the PUA, in the range U+E080 through U+F8DF. All characters except those marked with a star are also present at the same code points in BabelStone Han version 13.0.14. This font is updated frequently (whenever I add new characters), whereas the main BabelStone Han font is only updated occasionally.

Many of the characters listed below have already been submitted to the Ideographic Research Group (IRG) for encoding in the ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode standards, but the process of encoding CJK ideographs is long and convoluted, and it may take five years or longer from proposal submission up until the time that a character is available in Unicode. The current encoding status of each character is provided in the table below, and further information on current (and future) CJK encoding proposals is available on my website here. When a new version of the Unicode Standard adds any of the characters listed on this page, they are removed from the font, and the code points may later be allocated for other unencoded characters. My aim is to have as few characters as possible in this font, as hopefully most of the will eventually be encoded. However, at present the rate of additions to the font exceeds the rate of encoding of characters in the font.

Characters are removed from this font (and from the PUA of BabelStone Han) when they are encoded or if they are identified with an already encoded character (see Version History near the end of this page for details, which links to archives of key versions of the font). The code points of removed characters may then be reused for different characters. Therefore the code points in BabelStone Han PUA are not stable, and if recording the code point of a character in BabelStone Han PUA on another website or in a database the version of the font should be recorded with the code point.

If you want me to add any unencoded characters to this font for your use, please let me know (on twitter or by email), and I will be happy to consider adding them for free.

PUA Characters in BabelStone Han PUA

Code Point Character IDS Note Source Source Refs. Encoding Status
U+E080 ⿰斑鳥 《花縣志》
U+E081 ⿰氵戀 《竹澗先生奏議》
《廣東通志》 (雍正九年) 卷14葉22
L2/19-308 #60
U+E082 ⿰胃鳥 《新刻洪武元韻勘正切字海篇群玉》
U+E083 ⿰山長 《樊山政書》
U+E084 ⿰土鳬 《同治仁化縣志》
L2/19-308 #12
U+E085 ⿰土貫 《蜀中廣記》
U+E086 ⿰土晉 《杭州府志》
U+E087 ⿰馬祭 《龍龕手鑑》
U+E088 ⿱雨召 《跨鼇集》
U+E089 ⿰氵敗 《山行雜記》
L2/19-308 #55
U+E08A ⿰口熱 《子弟書・露淚緣十三回》
U+E08B ⿱斬酉 《駢雅訓籑》
U+E08C ⿰火篷 HFDC p. 20
U+E08D ⿱𥫗卡 HFDC p. 157
U+E08E ⿰饣鬼 HFDC pp. 189, 362
U+E08F ⿰饣畾 HFDC pp. 189, 362, 3581
U+E090 ⿰虫丝 HFDC p. 361
U+E091 ⿰匠鸟 HFDC p. 412
U+E092 ⿰女啟 HFDC p. 429
U+E093 ⿰齿蚩 HFDC p. 462
U+E094 ⿰扌刋 HFDC p. 462
U+E095 ⿱雨见 HFDC p. 481
U+E096 ⿱辟虫 HFDC p. 482;方以智:《通雅》,光緒重刻本,卷四十七
U+E097 ⿱艹务 HFDC p. 657
U+E098 ⿰扌家 HFDC p. 919
U+E099 ⿱艹孢 HFDC p. 1028
U+E09A ⿰舌罗 HFDC p. 1034
U+E09B ⿰饣遣 HFDC pp. 1035, 4294
U+E09C ⿰黍连 HFDC p. 1036
U+E09D ⿱文赤 HFDC p. 1181
U+E09E ⿰女畝 HFDC pp. 1216, 5318
U+E09F ⿴囗其 HFDC p. 1316
U+E0A0 ⿰饣殳 HFDC p. 1319
U+E0A1 ⿰虫应 HFDC p. 1350
U+E0A2 ⿰牙肯 HFDC p. 1361
U+E0A3 ⿰虫钳 HFDC p. 1397
U+E0A4 ⿰火聂 HFDC p. 1405
U+E0A5 ⿱斩酉 HFDC pp. 1405, 1405, 1413
U+E0A6 ⿰米雚 HFDC p. 1406
U+E0A7 ⿰忄费 HFDC p. 1554
U+E0A8 ⿰前刂 HFDC p. 1661
U+E0A9 ⿰女举 HFDC pp. 1663, 1700
U+E0AA ⿰目利 HFDC pp. 1685, 7401
U+E0AB ⿸疒秀 HFDC p. 1701
U+E0AC ⿰米亡 HFDC p. 1923
U+E0AD ⿴囗土 HFDC p. 1963
U+E0AE ⿰饣肖 HFDC pp. 1992, 6072
U+E0AF ⿸疒阴 HFDC p. 2063
U+E0B0 ⿺辶喿 HFDC p. 2124
U+E0B1 ⿰饣荅 HFDC p. 2131
U+E0B2 ⿰革虒 HFDC p. 2209
U+E0B3 ⿰土忍 HFDC p. 2213
U+E0B4 ⿰羊罗 HFDC p. 2229
U+E0B5 ⿰饣宋 HFDC p. 2323
U+E0B6 ⿰禾然 HFDC p. 2381
U+E0B7 ⿰日皮 HFDC p. 2402
U+E0B8 ⿰車自 Japanese abbreviation for 自転車 jitensha 'bicycle'
U+E0B9 ⿱芀虫 HFDC p. 2446
U+E0BA ⿰口随 HFDC p. 2473
U+E0BB ⿰巾兜 HFDC p. 2493
U+E0BC ⿰扌见 HFDC pp. 2549, 5226
U+E0BD ⿰月当 HFDC p. 2601
U+E0BE ⿰扌间 HFDC p. 2612
U+E0BF ⿰黑毛 HFDC p. 2612
U+E0C0 ⿰口哿 FYDK 上 45
U+E0C1 ⿰口圖 FYDK 上 43
U+E0C2 オッガイ See @gyankotsu (ぎゃんこ) on Twitter
U+E0C3 ⿰口屠 FYDK 下 5
U+E0C4 ⿰口思 FYDK 上 45
U+E0C5 ⿰口怡 FYDK 上 25
U+E0C6 ⿰口恰 FYDK 上 45
U+E0C7 ⿰口推 FYDK 上 25
U+E0C8 ⿰口擔 FYDK 上 45
U+E0C9 ⿰口昧 FYDK 上 25
U+E0CA ⿰口瓮 FYDK 上 41
U+E0CB ⿰口祈 FYDK 上 45
U+E0CC ⿰口穆 FYDK 上 45
U+E0CD ⿰口粹 FYDK 上 43
U+E0CE ⿰口菩 FYDK 上 25
U+E0CF ⿰口蘓 FYDK 下 10
U+E0D0 ⿰口護 FYDK 上 25
U+E0D1 ⿰口賔 FYDK 上 25
U+E0D2 ⿰口鴉 FYDK 上 25
U+E0D3 ⿰口𡸁 FYDK 上 45
U+E0D4 ⿰口𤚥 FYDK 上 41
U+E0D5 ⿰口𦔻 FYDK 上 41
U+E0D6 ⿰口⿰⿱厶羊昌 FYDK 上 41
U+E0D7 ⿰口⿵冂力 FYDK 上 41
U+E0D8 ⿰口⿻丅口 FYDK 上 41
U+E0D9 ⿲口訁⿵冂? FYDK 上 57
U+E0DA ⿵冂力 FYDK 上 25
U+E0DB ⿰⿱厶羊昌 FYDK 上 33, 上 40
U+E0DC ⿰火⿱夭角 FYDK 下 8
U+E0DD ⿰訁⿵冂? FYDK 上 25
U+E0DE ⿱記耳 FYDK 下 22
U+E0DF ⿸广隂 FYDK 上 52 USAT90388 IRGN2230
U+E0E0 ⿺鬼咢 FYDK 上 57
U+E0E1 ⿺鬼索 FYDK 上 57
U+E0E2 ⿱雨⿰弓⿺乚攵 FYDK 下 10
U+E0E3 ⿱雨⿰弜戈 FYDK 下 10
U+E0E4 ⿱雨⿰月⿺几彡 FYDK 下 10
U+E0E5 ⿱雨⿺⿱甶儿⿰三三 FYDK 下 10
U+E0E6 ⿳雨⿰訁⿵冂?玉 FYDK 下 6
U+E0E7 ⿱雨我 FYDK 下 10
U+E0E8 ⿱雨焱 FYDK 下 10
U+E0E9 ⿱雨鐄 FYDK 上 25
U+E0EA ⿱雨𡅗 FYDK 下 6
U+E0EB ⿱雨聻 FYDK 下 5
U+E0EC ⿱雨桓 FYDK 下 5
U+E0ED ⿰口謨 FYDK 上 43 V-F1708 IRGN2241
U+E0EE ⿰口电 HFDC p. 2628
U+E0EF ⿰月仑 HFDC p. 2727
U+E0F0 ⿰禾尧 HFDC p. 2773
U+E0F1 ⿱从土 HFDC p. 2780
U+E0F2 ⿰口頭 FYDK 上 25
LDBQJ p. 356
U+E0F3 ⿰口俱 LDBQJ p. 356
U+E0F4 ⿰口没 LDBQJ p. 359
U+E0F5 ⿰𤣩日 LDBQJ p. 400 GXM-00109 IRGN2228
U+E0F6 ⿰⿱日月多 LDBQJ p. 400
U+E0F7 ⿹气泴 LDBQJ p. 401
U+E0F8 ⿰饣穸 HFDC p. 2799
U+E0F9 ⿰虫丽 HFDC pp. 2893, 4832
U+E0FA ⿰月堇 HFDC p. 3025
U+E0FB ⿰火丘 HFDC p. 4367
U+E0FC ⿸尸弗 HFDC p. 4503
U+E0FD ⿰虫米 HFDC p. 6102
U+E0FE ⿰火窄 HFDC p. 6209
U+E0FF ⿱巴⿰巴巴 Zhōnghuá Dàozàng 中華道藏 vol. 1 (Beijing: Huaxia Chubanshe, 2004) p. 6
U+E100 ⿰山岂 Simplified form of U+5D66 嵦 ZXYDC p. 4
U+E101 ⿱㐅収 ZXYDC p. 5
U+E102 ⿰𧾷卬 ZXYDC p. 8
U+E103 ⿱艹妑 ZXYDC p. 12
U+E104 ⿱㞢目 ZXYDC p. 19
U+E105 ⿱⿻㇇丶朩 ZXYDC p. 22
U+E106 ⿳爫串又 ZXYDC p. 23
U+E107 ⿳日共米 ZXYDC p. 23 USAT08505 IRGN2230
U+E108 ⿱北空 ZXYDC p. 25
U+E109 ⿱甫心 ZXYDC p. 41
U+E10A ⿰曹阝 ZXYDC p. 48
U+E10B ⿰草阝 ZXYDC p. 48
U+E10C ⿰岑阝 ZXYDC p. 48
U+E10D ⿱艹阐 Simplified form of U+E10E ZXYDC p. 51
U+E10E ⿱艹闡 ZXYDC p. 51
U+E10F ⿰礻長 ZXYDC p. 53
U+E110 ⿰氵鼂 ZXYDC p. 56
U+E111 ⿱艹车 Simplified form of U+8397 莗 ZXYDC p. 57
U+E112 ⿰车页 Simplified form of U+294B7 𩒷 ZXYDC p. 57
U+E113 ⿻𠂇人 ZXYDC p. 57
U+E114 ⿰⿸厂臣阝 ZXYDC p. 61
U+E115 ⿱陳土 ZXYDC p. 61
U+E116 ⿱𨹚土 ZXYDC p. 64
U+E117 ⿱艹⿷匚豕 ZXYDC p. 64
U+E118 ⿳亠口冂 ZXYDC p. 74
U+E119 ⿵门束 Simplified form of U+28D28 𨴨 ZXYDC p. 74
U+E11A ⿱此隹 ZXYDC p. 77
U+E11B ⿰崔页 Simplified form of U+E11C ZXYDC p. 81
U+E11C ⿰崔頁 ZXYDC p. 81
U+E11D ⿰山炎 ZXYDC p. 89
U+E11E ⿵门石 Simplified form of U+4992 䦒 ZXYDC p. 91
U+E11F ⿱艹邓 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱艹鄧 ZXYDC p. 94
U+E120 ⿰䔲阝 ZXYDC p. 94
U+E121 ⿱豆廾 ZXYDC p. 94
U+E122 ⿰⿱一句阝 ZXYDC p. 96
U+E123 ⿱帶口 ZXYDC p. 97
U+E124 ⿰車冬 ZXYDC p. 103
U+E125 ⿰重阝 ZXYDC p. 105
U+E126 ⿰賣阝 ZXYDC p. 108
U+E127 ⿰贝亅 Family name, Zhī ZXYDC p. 735
Founder Population Information Font (see IRG N2333)
U+E128 ⿰貝亅 ZXYDC p. 735
U+E129 ⿺毛晏 HFDC p. 7082
U+E12A ⿰飠畾 Traditional form of U+E08F
U+E12B ⿰虫絲 Traditional form of U+E090
U+E12C ⿰齒蚩 Traditional form of U+E093
U+E12D ⿰舌羅 Traditional form of U+E09A
U+E12E ⿰虫鉗 Traditional form of U+E0A3
U+E12F ⿰忄費 Traditional form of U+E0A7
U+E130 ⿱雨澄 GCYZ p. 9
U+E131 ⿱雨𣷠 GCYZ p. 11
U+E132 ⿱雨總 GCYZ p. 13
U+E133 ⿱雨跛 GCYZ p. 14
U+E134 ⿱雨鳥 GCYZ p. 14
U+E135 ⿱雨⿺鬼雲 GCYZ p. 15
U+E136 ⿳雨唋土 GCYZ p. 15
U+E137 ⿱雨⿰口𫆀 GCYZ p. 15 | 16
U+E138 ⿱雨梵 GCYZ p. 16
U+E139 ⿱雨𭋳 GCYZ p. 16
U+E13A ⿱雨仙 GCYZ p. 16
U+E13B ⿱雨玃 GCYZ p. 16
U+E13C ⿱雨𡂪 GCYZ p. 16
U+E13D ⿱雨叹 GCYZ p. 17
U+E13E ⿱雨鏡 GCYZ p. 17
U+E13F ⿱雨啊 GCYZ p. 17
U+E140 ⿰口獨 GCYZ p. 20
U+E141 ⿰口韓 GCYZ p. 20
U+E142 ⿰口功 GCYZ p. 20
U+E143 ⿱雨⿺鬼維 GCYZ p. 26
U+E144 ⿱雨⿺鬼冏 GCYZ p. 26
U+E145 ⿱雨𮫣 GCYZ p. 27
U+E146 ⿱雨⿺鬼水 GCYZ p. 28
U+E147 ⿱雨⿺鬼永 GCYZ p. 28
U+E148 ⿱雨⿺鬼開 GCYZ p. 29
U+E149 ⿱雨⿺鬼攝 GCYZ p. 29
U+E14A ⿱雨⿺鬼化 GCYZ p. 29
U+E14B ⿱雨亘 GCYZ p. 32
U+E14C ⿱雨⿺鬼𤰜 GCYZ p. 32
U+E14D ⿱雨𩵄 GCYZ p. 32
U+E14E ⿱雨車 GCYZ p. 32
U+E14F ⿱雨𤰜 GCYZ p. 32
U+E150 ⿱雨⿺鬼扇 GCYZ p. 32
U+E151 ⿰口𦸰 GCYZ p. 32
U+E153 ⿱雨⿰𧥛⿵𠔼𠃌 GCYZ p. 35
U+E152 ⿰訁⿵冂𠃌 GCYZ p. 33
U+E154 ⿰口明 GCYZ p. 35
U+E155 ⿱雨訛 GCYZ p. 35
U+E156 ⿰女邪 GCYZ p. 54
U+E157 ⿰口𫆀 GCYZ p. 62
U+E158 ⿰口娑 GCYZ p. 62
U+E159 ⿰口訶 GCYZ p. 62
U+E15A ⿱雨⿰飠知 GCYZ p. 64
U+E15B ⿱雨⿰飠化 GCYZ p. 64
U+E15C ⿱丅冂 GCYZ p. 66
U+E15D ⿱雨哈 GCYZ p. 66
U+E15E ⿱雨⿰口明 GCYZ p. 66
U+E15F ⿱雨啼 GCYZ p. 67
U+E160 ⿱雨𠯐 GCYZ p. 67
U+E161 ⿱雨森 GCYZ p. 71
U+E162 ⿱雨炎 GCYZ p. 71
U+E163 ⿱雨圭 GCYZ p. 71
U+E164 ⿱雨釗 GCYZ p. 71
U+E165 ⿱雨潤 GCYZ p. 71
U+E166 ⿺鬼旨 GCYZ p. 71
U+E167 ⿺鬼天 GCYZ p. 71
U+E168 ⿺鬼尊 GCYZ p. 71
U+E169 ⿺鬼勝 GCYZ p. 71
U+E16A ⿺鬼化 GCYZ p. 71
U+E16B ⿺鬼元 GCYZ p. 71
U+E16C ⿺鬼聿 GCYZ p. 71
U+E16D ⿺鬼星 GCYZ p. 71
U+E16E ⿺鬼白 GCYZ p. 71
U+E16F ⿺鬼飛 GCYZ p. 71
U+E170 ⿺鬼輔 GCYZ p. 109
U+E171 ⿺鬼弼 GCYZ p. 109
U+E172 ⿰飠荅 Traditional form of U+E0B1
U+E173 ⿰羊羅 Traditional form of U+E0B4
U+E174 ⿰飠宋 Traditional form of U+E0B5
U+E175 ⿰口電 Traditional form of U+E0EE 《道法會元》
U+E176 ⿰飠穸 Traditional form of U+E0F8
U+E177 ⿰口霜 《道法會元》
U+E178 ⿰口僧 《道法會元》
U+E179 ⿰口滅 《道法會元》
U+E17A ⿰口水 《道法會元》
U+E17B ⿰口佑 《道法會元》
U+E17C ⿰口馘 《道法會元》
U+E17D ⿵門耑 《雲笈七籤》
U+E17E ⿱例土 《永厤實錄》
U+E17F ⿸鹿酉 《臺灣府志》
U+E180 ⿱秋全 KPZ p. 82
U+E181 ⿺辶閕 KPZ p. 44
U+E182 ⿰飠旁 KPZ p. 9
U+E183 ⿰巫阝 See 日本国語大辞典・いか【圯下】
U+E184 ⿺瓦缶 Alexander Vovin, Man’yōshū (Book 2) (Brill, 2020)
U+E185 ⿰月刮 Mistake for U+8137 脷 in the place name 鴨脷洲 (Aberdeen in Hong Kong) 南支那及南洋調査. 第125輯 (1926) p. 58
U+E186 ⿰口⿰纟泵 Simplified form of U+E18E
U+E187 ⿰口靄 YYTYZD p. 2
GZZ p. 391
U+E188 ⿰釒般 YYTYZD p. 11
U+E189 ⿱𥫗彡 Variant form of U+7BF8 篸 YYTYZD p. 12
U+E18A ⿰忄𠫵 Variant form of U+60E8 惨 YYTYZD p. 12
U+E18B ⿺辶雇 YYTYZD p. 17
U+E18C ⿱艹瑳 YYTYZD p. 18
U+E18D ⿰骨衆 Variant form of U+29A7A 𩩺 YYTYZD p. 21
U+E18E ⿰口𦂥 YYTYZD p. 24
YYTYZD p. 142
Cowles 1914 (no. 3001)
U+E18F ⿰木盒 YYTYZD p. 50
U+E190 ⿰山勘 Variant form of U+5888 墈 YYTYZD p. 50
U+E191 ⿱冖盅 YYTYZD p. 51
U+E192 ⿱雷䖵 Same meaning as U+96F7 雷 YYTYZD p. 84
U+E193 ⿲彳𡼡亍 YYTYZD p. 89
U+E194 ⿰墨刂 YYTYZD p. 89
U+E195 ⿸尸可 YYTYZD p. 94
U+E196 ⿰訁孔 YYTYZD p. 94
U+E197 ⿱𥫗⿰皮欠 Variant form of U+7C38 簸 YYTYZD p. 99
U+E198 ⿱⿰山匕一 Variant form of U+4E9B 些 YYTYZD p. 104
U+E199 ⿱伟大
U+E19A ⿱止夗 Variant form of U+6B7B 死 YYTYZD p. 105
U+E19B ⿰𧾷貪 YYTYZD p. 113
U+E19C ⿰衤⿱土石 YYTYZD p. 117
U+E19D ⿰丅長 YYTYZD p. 135
U+E19E ⿰口桻 YYTYZD p. 13
YYTYZD p. 142
Cowles 1914 (no. 3194)
U+E19F ⿰口炕 Variant form of U+2BA7D 𫩽 YYTYZD p. 142
Cowles 1914 (no. 1184)
U+E1A0 ⿰丨见 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰丨見 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-50
U+E1A1 ⿰丰彡 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-54
U+E1A2 ⿰仑禾 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰侖禾 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-68
U+E1A3 ⿰儿乌 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰兒烏 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-81
U+E1A4 ⿰光宗 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-86
U+E1A5 ⿰口傜 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-12
U+E1A7 ⿰口右 SJ/T 11239—2001 25-49
U+E1A8 ⿰口币 SJ/T 11239—2001 25-39
U+E1A9 ⿰口萧 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-06
U+E1AB ⿰口选 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰口選 SJ/T 11239—2001 25-94
U+E1AC ⿰合寻 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰合尋 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-71
U+E1AD ⿰喜鸟 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰喜鳥 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-20
U+E1AE ⿰女巫 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-69
U+E1AF ⿰女衮 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-77
U+E1B0 ⿰女香 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-76
U+E1B1 ⿰导虎 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-90
U+E1B2 ⿰少鸟 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰少鳥 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-92
U+E1B3 ⿰巾乙 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-29
U+E1B4 ⿰彳夏 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-50
U+E1B5 ⿰彳隹 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-45
U+E1B6 ⿰忄刺 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-15
U+E1B7 ⿰意意 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-31
U+E1B8 ⿰手八 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-67
U+E1B9 ⿰斑鸟 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰斑鳥 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-19
U+E1BA ⿰日里 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-44
U+E1BB ⿰日𬜯 Simplified form of U+66AA 暪 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-46
U+E1BC ⿰昔页 Simplified form of U+E32C SJ/T 11239—2001 39-88
U+E1BD ⿰月胥 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-24
U+E1BE ⿰月芦 Simplified form of U+F660 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-18
U+E1BF ⿰月𠇄 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-17
U+E1C0 ⿰月𢆉 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-12
U+E1C1 ⿰木凹 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-70
U+E1C3 ⿰木园 Simplified form of U+F642 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-07
U+E1C4 ⿰木季 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-27
U+E1C5 ⿰木岜 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-09
U+E1C6 ⿰木窑 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-83
U+E1C7 ⿰木窝 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰木窩 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-02
U+E1C8 ⿰木笕 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰木筧 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-68
U+E1C9 ⿰木筒 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-90
U+E1CB ⿰木芕 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-80
U+E1CC ⿰木赘 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰木贅 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-08
U+E1CD ⿰木㐫 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-91
U+E1CE ⿰木𤯚 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-40
U+E1CF ⿰木𭻍 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-76
U+E1D0 ⿰束页 Simplified form of U+983C 頼 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-87
U+E1D1 ⿰架鸟 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰架鳥 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-15
U+E1D2 ⿰每口 SJ/T 11239—2001 25-75
U+E1D3 ⿰气奏 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-86
U+E1D4 ⿰氵丈 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-61
U+E1D5 ⿰氵士
U+E1D6 ⿰氵六 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-69
U+E1D7 ⿰氵劣 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-87
U+E1D8 ⿰氵匆 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-80
U+E1D9 ⿰氵双 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-73
U+E1DA ⿰氵恋 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰氵戀 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-54
U+E1DB ⿰氵搏 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-78
U+E1DC ⿰氵爹 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-53
U+E1DD ⿰氵电 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰氵電 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-76
U+E1DE ⿰氵苦 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-13
U+E1DF ⿰氵菁 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-60
U+E1E0 ⿰氵那 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-91
U+E1E1 ⿰氵颜 Simplified form of U+24130 𤄰 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-83
U+E1E2 ⿰氵𡰷 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-10
U+E1E3 ⿰氵𡸺 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-65
U+E1E4 ⿰洪鸟 Simplified form of U+2A0E1 𪃡 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-62
U+E1E5 ⿰火幸 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-52
U+E1E6 ⿰牜穴 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-57
U+E1E7 ⿰犭了 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-56
U+E1E8 ⿰犭五 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-60
U+E1E9 ⿰犭可 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-61
U+E1EA ⿰犭后 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-69
U+E1EC ⿰田蜀 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-29
U+E1ED ⿰白亚 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰白亞 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-86
U+E1EE ⿰矢主 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-63
U+E1EF ⿰矢盛 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-64
U+E1F0 ⿰石上 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-11
U+E1F1 ⿰石下 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-10
U+E1F2 ⿰石乙 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-03
U+E1F4 ⿰石商 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-56
U+E1F5 ⿰石壬 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-25
U+E1F6 ⿰石奉 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-88
U+E1F7 ⿰石孔 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-35
U+E1F8 ⿰石寨 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-79
U+E1F9 ⿰石寮 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-82
U+E1FA ⿰石尕 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-50
U+E1FB ⿰石幻 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-36
U+E1FC ⿰石弯 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰石彎 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-27
U+E1FD ⿰石普 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-68
U+E1FE ⿰石淼 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-71
U+E1FF ⿰石炎 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-08
U+E200 ⿰石片 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-27
U+E201 ⿰石牛 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-24
U+E202 ⿰石特 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-38
U+E203 ⿰石窊 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-43
U+E204 ⿰石管 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-77
U+E205 ⿰石者 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-89
U+E206 ⿰石舌 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-62
U+E207 ⿰石茂 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-90
U+E208 ⿰石茶 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-16
U+E209 ⿰石菓 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-48
U+E20A ⿰石费 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰石費 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-32
U+E20B ⿰石𬙙 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-22
U+E20C ⿰禾产 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰禾産 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-76
U+E20D ⿰禾入 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-66
U+E20E ⿰禾召 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-69
U+E20F ⿰禾岙 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-78
U+E210 ⿰禾差 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-81
U+E211 ⿰禾𭖔 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-80
U+E212 ⿰窑鸟 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰窑鳥 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-18
U+E213 ⿰米云 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-55
U+E214 ⿰米母 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-60
U+E215 ⿰纟奋 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰糹奮 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-02
U+E216 ⿰纟就 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰糹就 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-07
U+E217 ⿰缶几 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-37
U+E218 ⿰缶半 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-39
U+E219 ⿰缶曾 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-44
U+E21A ⿰缶青 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-41
U+E21B ⿰羊厉 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰羊厲 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-43
U+E21C ⿰羊肖 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-46
U+E21D ⿰羊胡 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-48
U+E21E ⿰羊蚤 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-49
U+E21F ⿰耒𪩡 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-74
U+E220 ⿰耳玄 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-83
U+E221 ⿰耳𠃓 Simplified form of U+F662 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-82
U+E222 ⿰胃鸟 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰胃鳥 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-14
U+E223 ⿰臣鸟 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰臣鳥 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-02
U+E224 ⿰舌长 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰舌長 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-45
U+E225 ⿰虫伐 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-09
U+E226 ⿰虫右 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-02
U+E227 ⿰虫壳 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-13
U+E228 ⿰虫𬆢 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-27
U+E229 ⿰衤裴 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-71
U+E22A ⿰身屯 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-04
U+E22B ⿰身犬 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-03
U+E22C ⿰车尤 Simplified form of U+F644 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-24
U+E22D ⿰钅卉 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰釒卉 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-47
U+E22E ⿰青疋 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-15
U+E22F ⿰青皮 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-16
U+E230 ⿰革啦 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-54
U+E231 ⿰𤣩布 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-18
U+E232 ⿰𤣩弯 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰𤣩彎 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-36
U+E233 ⿰𤣩遗 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰𤣩遺 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-45
U+E234 ⿰𧾷罙 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-87
U+E235 ⿰𧾷鸦 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰𧾷鴉 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-89
U+E236 ⿳⺈田电 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-73
U+E237 ⿴囗恋 Simplified form of U+2123B 𡈻 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-26
U+E238 ⿰巾鸟 Simplified form of U+22126 𢄦 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-32
U+E239 ⿲彳鱼亍 Simplified form of U+2258D 𢖍 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-51
U+E23A ⿰犭责 Simplified form of U+3E93 㺓 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-74
U+E23B ⿵门七 Simplified form of U+28CCD 𨳍 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-20
U+E23C ⿵门下 Simplified form of U+9587 閇 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-23
U+E23D ⿵门车 Simplified form of U+95B3 閳 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-25
U+E23E ⿵门𭔰 Simplified form of U+95D8 闘 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-54
U+E23F ⿱宀东 Simplified form of U+2BCD2 𫳒 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-92
U+E240 ⿰马叉 Simplified form of U+2B605 𫘅 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-87
U+E241 ⿰车丸 Simplified form of U+2E73F 𮜿 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-23
U+E242 ⿰车冈 Simplified form of U+2E75A 𮝚 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-25
U+E243 ⿰车旁 Simplified form of U+28369 𨍩 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-30
U+E244 ⿰车曹 Simplified form of U+2839D 𨎝 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-31
U+E245 ⿱文见 Simplified form of U+658D 斍 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-52
U+E246 ⿰火鲁 Simplified form of U+2445F 𤑟 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-60
U+E247 ⿰鱼行 Simplified form of U+2B65A 𫙚
U+E248 ⿰石聂 Simplified form of U+2E056 𮁖 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-34
U+E249 ⿰石难 Simplified form of U+2E059 𮁙 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-45
U+E24A ⿱龙山 Simplified form of U+21FA9 𡾩 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-86
U+E24B ⿰钅言 Simplified form of U+289BC 𨦼 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-50
U+E24C ⿰钅豖 Simplified form of U+289E7 𨧧 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-52
U+E24D ⿰禾岂 Simplified form of U+4171 䅱 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-73
U+E24E ⿰禾丽 Simplified form of U+7A72 穲 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-77
U+E24F ⿰白鸟 Simplified form of U+4CC6 䳆 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-93
U+E250 ⿰要鸟 Simplified form of U+4CE9 䳩 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-12
U+E251 ⿱敏鸟 Simplified form of U+2A134 𪄴 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-17
U+E252 ⿱穴贡 Simplified form of U+259E1 𥧡 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-50
U+E253 ⿰衤齐 Simplified form of U+27793 𧞓 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-65
U+E254 ⿱老鸟 Simplified form of U+2A027 𪀧 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-81
U+E255 ⿰虫罗 Simplified form of U+2C83B 𬠻 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-22
U+E256 ⿰虫赖 Simplified form of U+27523 𧔣 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-36
U+E257 ⿰冫巨 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-88
U+E258 ⿰冫有 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-91
U+E259 ⿰冫曳 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-92
U+E25A ⿰冫皂 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-94
U+E25C ⿰冫朋 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-03
U+E25D ⿰冫祭 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-06
U+E25E ⿰讠⿺廴大 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰訁⿺廴大 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-33
U+E25F ⿰讠迏 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰訁迏 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-36
U+E260 ⿰讠並 Simplified form of U+8AE9 諩 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-37
U+E261 ⿰阝尼 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-45
U+E262 ⿰阝㓜 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-46
U+E263 ⿰阝合 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-47
U+E264 ⿰阝⿱少鸟 Simplified form of U+F663 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-51
U+E265 ⿰阝莫 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-53
U+E266 ⿰阝瞿 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-57
U+E267 ⿰考阝 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-62
U+E268 ⿰寿阝 Simplified form of U+287AA 𨞪 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-65
U+E269 ⿰⿱吅王阝 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-68
U+E26A ⿰⿹?米阝 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰⿹?米阝 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-69
U+E26B ⿺廴上 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-82
U+E26C ⿺廴下 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-83
U+E26D ⿱山八 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-39
U+E26E ⿰山亏 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-46
U+E26F ⿰山千 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-52
U+E271 ⿺元山 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-59
U+E272 ⿱山毛 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-63
U+E274 ⿰山长 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰山長 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-65
U+E275 ⿱山化 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-66
U+E276 ⿱山公 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-72
U+E277 ⿱山册 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-88
U+E278 ⿱白山 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-91
U+E279 ⿰山瓜 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-92
U+E27A ⿰山屳 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-94
U+E27B ⿱山印 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-01
U+E27C ⿰山⿸尸㔾 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-09
U+E27D ⿱山邦 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-12
U+E27E ⿰山耳 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-14
U+E27F ⿱山光 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-20
U+E280 ⿰山因 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-24
U+E281 ⿱山廷 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-27
U+E282 ⿱山𠆿 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱山𠌥 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-30
U+E284 ⿱山兊 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-34
U+E286 ⿰山充 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-39
U+E287 ⿰山赤 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-47
U+E288 ⿱山坞 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱山塢 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-48
U+E289 ⿱山轩 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱山軒 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-52
U+E28A ⿱山肖 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-53
U+E28B ⿱山足 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-56
U+E28C ⿱山㑈 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱山倲 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-57
U+E28D ⿱汾山 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-66
U+E28E ⿱山矣 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-69
U+E28F ⿱𪣆山 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱埬山 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-71
U+E290 ⿱岩丌 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-76
U+E291 ⿱山软 Simplified form of U+F664 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-79
U+E292 ⿰山尚 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-80
U+E293 ⿱⿰山东山 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱崠山 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-82
U+E294 ⿱山罔 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-83
U+E295 ⿱山舍 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-85
U+E296 ⿱山官 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-87
U+E297 ⿱山郎 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-88
U+E298 ⿰山咸 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-92
U+E299 ⿰山⿱田令 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-12
U+E29A ⿰山㟖 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-13
U+E29B ⿱山难 Simplified form of U+F665 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-15
U+E29C ⿱山堕 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-22
U+E29D ⿰山畬 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-25
U+E29E ⿱山番 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-26
U+E29F ⿱山登 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-28
U+E2A0 ⿰山𤲞 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-31
U+E2A1 ⿱山𤲞 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-32
U+E2A2 ⿰山麓 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-37
U+E2A3 ⿰土刂 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-01
U+E2A4 ⿺九土 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-05
U+E2A5 ⿰土了 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-10
U+E2A6 ⿰土三 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-11
U+E2A7 ⿰土万 Simplified form of U+2BBAE 𫮮 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-16
U+E2A8 ⿰土与 Simplified form of U+2A927 𪤧 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-17
U+E2AA ⿰土⿱亠了 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-44
U+E2AB ⿰土⿱丷了 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-46
U+E2AC ⿰土丑 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-53
U+E2AD ⿱双土 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱雙土 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-54
U+E2AE ⿰土甩 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-65
U+E2AF ⿰土囚 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-70
U+E2B0 ⿰土⿱𠆢下 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-78
U+E2B2 ⿰土⿹?几 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土⿹?几 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-88
U+E2B3 ⿱加土 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-94
U+E2B4 ⿰土戍 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-18
U+E2B5 ⿱列土 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-20
U+E2B6 ⿰土贞 Simplified form of U+2139E 𡎞 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-22
U+E2B7 ⿱光土 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-24
U+E2B8 ⿰土团 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土團 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-26
U+E2B9 ⿰土乓 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-31
U+E2BA ⿰土臼 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-32
U+E2BB ⿰土𠂢 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-37
U+E2BC ⿰土舟 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-38
U+E2BD ⿰土凫 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土鳬 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-43
U+E2BE ⿱坞几 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱塢几 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-45
U+E2BF ⿱⿰冫历土 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱𠘟土 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-51
U+E2C0 ⿰工贡 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰工貢 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-89
U+E2C1 ⿰土𡰪 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-60
U+E2C2 ⿰土走 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-63
U+E2C3 ⿰土芜 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土蕪 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-66
U+E2C4 ⿰土苈 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土藶 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-67
U+E2C5 ⿰土辰 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-74
U+E2C6 ⿰土豕 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-76
U+E2C7 ⿰土连 Simplified form of U+2A90E 𪤎 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-78
U+E2C8 ⿰土邑 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-83
U+E2C9 ⿰土囤 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-84
U+E2CA ⿰土岜 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-85
U+E2CB ⿰土囦 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-87
U+E2CD ⿺廴⿱山正 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-87
U+E2CE ⿰土岛 Simplified form of U+2BB96 𫮖 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-07
U+E2CF ⿰土库 Simplified form of U+F666 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-09
U+E2D0 ⿰土这 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土這 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-10
U+E2D1 ⿰土㐬 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-11
U+E2D2 ⿱冻土 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱凍土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-13
U+E2D3 ⿰土⿱㓁土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-20
U+E2D4 ⿰土𡛒 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-24
U+E2D5 ⿱邽土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-28
U+E2D6 ⿱垅土 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱壠土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-29
U+E2D7 ⿰土苟 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-34
U+E2D8 ⿰土斩 Simplified form of U+2141B 𡐛 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-40
U+E2D9 ⿰土黾 Simplified form of U+302B7 𰊷 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-48
U+E2DA ⿰土𡇈 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-49
U+E2DB ⿰土岩 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-50
U+E2DC ⿰土⿱山瓜 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-51
U+E2DD ⿱和土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-54
U+E2DE ⿰土贪 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土貪 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-57
U+E2DF ⿰土劵 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-65
U+E2E0 ⿰土贯 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土貫 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-73
U+E2E1 ⿰土贲 Simplified form of U+58B3 墳 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-74
U+E2E2 ⿰土歪 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-78
U+E2E3 ⿰土查 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-80
U+E2E5 ⿳亠二几 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-84
U+E2E6 ⿰土贱 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土賤 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-91
U+E2E7 ⿰土班 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-23
U+E2E8 ⿱埔土 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-25
U+E2E9 ⿰土都 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-26
U+E2EA ⿱都土 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-27
U+E2EB ⿰土晋 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土晉 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-28
U+E2EC ⿰土索 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-31
U+E2ED ⿰土𧆠 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-35
U+E2EE ⿰土圂 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-41
U+E2EF ⿰土⿱𥫗历 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土𥷒 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-45
U+E2F0 ⿰土羞 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-57
U+E2F1 ⿰土𤲅 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-63
U+E2F2 ⿰土雩 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-68 USAT04700 IRGN2230
U+E2F3 ⿰土匾 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-69
U+E2F4 ⿰土⿱罒缶 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-72
U+E2F5 ⿰土旋 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-85
U+E2F6 ⿰土望 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-86
U+E2F7 ⿱深土 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-88
U+E2F8 ⿰土散 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-03
U+E2F9 ⿰土⿱刚缶 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-11
U+E2FA ⿰土畲 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-13
U+E2FB ⿰土鲁 Simplified form of U+214C7 𡓇 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-15
U+E2FC ⿰土蛮 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土蠻 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-16
U+E2FD ⿰土⿳⿱亠口冖㠯 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-17
U+E2FE ⿱冖八 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-10
U+E2FF ⿰土䆣 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-21
U+E300 ⿰土献 Simplified form of U+2150E 𡔎
U+E301 ⿰土赖 Simplified form of U+214D2 𡓒 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-29
U+E302 ⿰土寨 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-44
U+E303 ⿰土𦉍 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-48
U+E304 ⿰土赞 Simplified form of U+F667 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-49
U+E305 ⿰土⿱𫁒寸 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-50
U+E306 ⿰亻万 Simplified form of U+3496 㒖 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E307 ⿰土长 Simplified form of U+364A 㙊 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E308 ⿰土肅 Traditional form of U+364C 㙌 IRG N2333 §3.2
ZQXL p. 255
U+E309 ⿰女夹 Simplified form of U+36CD 㛍 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E30A ⿰女连 Simplified form of U+3715 㜕 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E30B ⿰女乐 Simplified form of U+3730 㜰 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E30C ⿱山军 Simplified form of U+37E6 㟦 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E30D ⿰山单 Simplified form of U+3806 㠆 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E30E ⿰忄乐 Simplified form of U+39A1 㦡 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E30F ⿰日义 Simplified form of U+3B22 㬢 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E310 ⿰讠㿽 Simplified form of U+8AE1 諡
U+E311 ⿰木贱 Simplified form of U+3C04 㰄 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E312 ⿰𤣩义 Simplified form of U+3F01 㼁 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E313 ⿱𥫗鸟 Simplified form of U+4246 䉆 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 40-68
U+E314 ⿱艹义 Simplified form of U+454F 䕏 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 23-56
U+E315 ⿰讠奇 Simplified form of U+46F4 䛴 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E316 ⿰车几 Simplified form of U+4844 䡄 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 34-22
U+E317 ⿰钅希 Simplified form of U+492D 䤭 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E318 ⿰钅莽 Simplified form of U+4948 䥈 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E319 ⿰钅基 Simplified form of U+4953 䥓 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E31A ⿰钅㬎 Simplified form of U+496A 䥪 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E31B ⿵门吉 Simplified form of U+4996 䦖 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E31C ⿵门咅 Simplified form of U+49A3 䦣 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E31D ⿰革见 Simplified form of U+4A64 䩤 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E31E ⿰饣豈 Simplified form of U+4B53 䭓 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E31F ⿰岺鸟 Simplified form of U+4CE5 䳥 IRG N2333 §3.2 GXM-00242 IRGN2228
U+E320 ⿰崔鸟 Simplified form of U+4CFD 䳽 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E321 ⿰亻儿 Simplified form of U+502A 倪 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E322 ⿰亻历 Simplified form of U+512E 儮 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E323 ⿱冯几 Simplified form of U+51F4 凴 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E324 ⿰口韦 Simplified form of U+55A1 喡 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E325 ⿰土贵 Simplified form of U+58A4 墤 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 21-90
U+E326 ⿰女𫔮 Simplified form of U+5AFA 嫺 IRG N2333 §3.2 GXM-00277 IRGN2228
U+E327 ⿰女义 Simplified form of U+5B1F 嬟 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E328 ⿰女尽 Simplified form of U+5B27 嬧 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E329 ⿰女兰 Simplified form of U+5B4F 孏 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E32A ⿰忄见 Simplified form of U+6093 悓 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 29-10
U+E32B ⿱动心 Simplified form of U+6185 憅 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E32C ⿰昔頁 Traditional form of U+E1BC 《山西府县志辑 25》(南京: 凤凰出版社, 2005年) p. 551
《山西通志》(清雍正12年[1734年]) 卷三十一 p. 21
U+E32D ⿰日页 Simplified form of U+668A 暊 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E32E ⿰木庆 Simplified form of U+6AE6 櫦 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E32F ⿰氵华 Simplified form of U+6F95 澕 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E330 ⿰氵宪 Simplified form of U+7017 瀗 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E331 ⿰火风 Simplified form of U+7148 煈 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E332 ⿰火习 Simplified form of U+71A0 熠 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E333 ⿰火⿱日华 Simplified form of U+7217 爗 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E334 ⿰牜厉 Simplified form of U+72A1 犡 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E335 ⿰𤣩来 Simplified form of U+741C 琜 IRG N2333 §3.2 GXM-00047 IRGN2228
U+E336 ⿰𤣩华 Simplified form of U+748D 璍 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E337 ⿱斩石 Simplified form of U+78DB 磛 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E338 ⿰禾韦 Simplified form of U+7A26 稦 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E339 ⿱献土 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-28
U+E33A ⿰纟罔 Simplified form of U+7DB2 網 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E33B ⿰纟𨸁 Non-standard simplified form of U+7DB2 網 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E33C ⿰纟廛 Simplified form of U+7E8F 纏 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E33D ⿱艹稣 Non-standard simplified form of U+8607 蘇 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E33E ⿰讠东 Simplified form of U+8ACC 諌 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E33F ⿰讠番 Simplified form of U+8B52 譒 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E340 ⿰车舀 Simplified form of U+8F41 轁 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E341 ⿱车⿰车车 Simplified form of U+8F5F 轟 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E342 ⿰钅元 Simplified form of U+9228 鈨 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E343 ⿰钅利 Simplified form of U+92D3 鋓 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E344 ⿰钅军 Simplified form of U+9355 鍕 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E345 ⿰钅畐 Simplified form of U+9362 鍢 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E346 ⿰钅豈 Simplified form of U+93A7 鎧 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E347 ⿰钅常 Simplified form of U+93DB 鏛 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E348 ⿰钅荣 Simplified form of U+9445 鑅 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E349 ⿰豆页 Non-standard simplified form of U+982D 頭 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E34A ⿺风昜 Non-standard simplified form of U+98BA 颺 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E34B ⿰焱风 Simplified form of U+98CA 飊 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E34C ⿱飞⿰飞飞 Simplified form of U+98DD 飝 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E34D ⿰马周 Simplified form of U+9A06 騆 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E34E ⿰马飞 Simplified form of U+9A1B 騛 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E34F ⿰田鸟 Simplified form of U+9D2B 鴫 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E350 ⿱𤇾鸟 Simplified form of U+9DAF 鶯 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E351 ⿱龙⿰龙龙 Simplified form of U+9F98 龘 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E352 ⿰马异 Simplified form of U+9FAD 龭 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E353 ⿱执云 Simplified form of U+20140 𠅀 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E354 ⿰亻圣 Simplified form of U+203C4 𠏄 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E355 ⿱冖龙 Simplified form of U+205A5 𠖥 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 18-14
U+E356 ⿱汤土 Simplified form of U+21451 𡑑 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 20-54
U+E357 ⿰女𬜯 Simplified form of U+2182A 𡠪 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E358 ⿰女闵 Simplified form of U+21884 𡢄 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E359 ⿰女罗 Simplified form of U+21922 𡤢 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E35A ⿰女弯 Simplified form of U+21936 𡤶 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E35B ⿰弓乔 Simplified form of U+2241F 𢐟 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E35C ⿰忄风 Simplified form of U+22781 𢞁 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E35D ⿰日宾 Simplified form of U+232EA 𣋪 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E35E ⿰木养 Simplified form of U+23761 𣝡 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E35F ⿰氵亚 Simplified form of U+23D7E 𣵾 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E360 ⿰氵陈 Simplified form of U+23F3C 𣼼 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E361 ⿰氵阁 Simplified form of U+24050 𤁐 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E362 ⿰氵献 Simplified form of U+2414A 𤅊 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E364 ⿰火贵 Simplified form of U+243F3 𤏳 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E365 ⿰火莹 Simplified form of U+2445A 𤑚 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E366 ⿰火营 Simplified form of U+244A8 𤒨 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E367 ⿰𤣩夹 Simplified form of U+24975 𤥵 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 32-23
U+E368 ⿰𤣩仑 Simplified form of U+2498E 𤦎 IRG N2333 §3.2 GXM-00044 IRGN2228
U+E369 ⿰𤣩亚 Simplified form of U+249A9 𤦩 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E36A ⿰𤣩贞 Simplified form of U+249B9 𤦹 IRG N2333 §3.2 GXM-00046 IRGN2228
U+E36B ⿰𤣩风 Simplified form of U+249D1 𤧑 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E36C ⿰𤣩岂 Simplified form of U+249F8 𤧸 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E36D ⿰𤣩⿱山⿰己几 Variant form of U+24A51 𤩑 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E36E ⿰𤣩乔 Simplified form of U+24A5D 𤩝 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 32-25
U+E36F ⿰𤣩凤 Simplified form of U+24AA7 𤪧 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E370 ⿰𤣩宝 Simplified form of U+24ADE 𤫞 IRG N2333 §3.2 GXM-00049 IRGN2228
U+E371 ⿰𤣩丽 Simplified form of U+24ADF 𤫟 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E372 ⿰目义 Simplified form of U+252DF 𥋟 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 37-89
U+E373 ⿰石韦 Simplified form of U+2552C 𥔬 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E374 ⿰礻仑 Simplified form of U+25697 𥚗 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E375 ⿰臣责 Simplified form of U+268F1 𦣱 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E376 ⿱艹飞 Simplified form of U+26D27 𦴧 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E377 ⿳爫冖见 Simplified form of U+27833 𧠳 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E378 ⿰讠易 Simplified form of U+27A4E 𧩎 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E379 ⿰讠乐 Simplified form of U+27B65 𧭥 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E37A ⿱夹贝 Simplified form of U+27D98 𧶘 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E37C ⿰车𦏾 Simplified form of U+2835A 𨍚 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E37D ⿺辶顼 Simplified form of U+28600 𨘀 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E37E ⿰历阝 Simplified form of U+287D1 𨟑 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E37F ⿰钅己 Simplified form of U+28948 𨥈 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E380 ⿰钅云 Simplified form of U+28955 𨥕 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E381 ⿰钅予 Simplified form of U+28964 𨥤 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E382 ⿰钅永 Simplified form of U+2896D 𨥭 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E383 ⿰钅示 Simplified form of U+2896E 𨥮 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E384 ⿰钅臣 Simplified form of U+2898D 𨦍 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E385 ⿰钅春 Simplified form of U+28A43 𨩃 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E386 ⿰钅亮 Simplified form of U+28A4E 𨩎 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E387 ⿰钅恩 Simplified form of U+28A9C 𨪜 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E388 ⿰钅秦 Simplified form of U+28AA6 𨪦 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E389 ⿰钅贡 Simplified form of U+28ACB 𨫋 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E38A ⿲钅豈凡 Simplified variant form of U+28B2B 𨬫 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E38B ⿰钅震 Simplified form of U+28BC2 𨯂 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E38C ⿰钅庆 Simplified form of U+28BD9 𨯙 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E38D ⿰音页 Simplified form of U+29433 𩐳 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E38E ⿰昱页 Simplified form of U+29510 𩔐 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E38F ⿰马末 Simplified form of U+29896 𩢖 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E390 ⿰马昷 Simplified form of U+29948 𩥈 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E391 ⿱文鱼 Simplified form of U+29D73 𩵳 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 35-34
U+E392 ⿹?甲 Simplified form of U+2A00B 𪀋 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 16-59
U+E393 ⿰土農 Traditional form of U+2A8D1 𪣑 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E395 ⿰女莹 Simplified form of U+2A9AF 𪦯 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E397 ⿰𤣩坚 Simplified form of U+2AF11 𪼑 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E398 ⿰纟容 Simplified form of U+2B0FB 𫃻 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E399 ⿰钅丰 Simplified form of U+2B48A 𫒊 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E39A ⿰钅攵 Simplified form of U+2B48B 𫒋 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E39B ⿰钅介 Simplified form of U+2B48C 𫒌 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 38-46
U+E39C ⿰钅余 Simplified form of U+2B49F 𫒟 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E39D ⿰钅义 Simplified form of U+2B4D4 𫓔 IRG N2333 §3.2
SJ/T 11239—2001 38-44
U+E39E ⿰马青 Simplified form of U+2B60B 𫘋 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E39F ⿰女凤 Simplified form of U+2BC89 𫲉 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3A0 ⿰忄贞 Simplified form of U+2BEA4 𫺤 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3A1 ⿰木颉 Simplified form of U+2C141 𬅁 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3A2 ⿰火连 Simplified form of U+2C2BF 𬊿 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3A3 ⿰𤣩啬 Simplified form of U+2C393 𬎓 IRG N2333 §3.2 GXM-00161 IRGN2228
U+E3A4 ⿰𤣩𬞕 Simplified form of U+2C39F 𬎟 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3A5 ⿰𤣩兰 Simplified form of U+2C39F 𬎟 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3A6 ⿱𥫗风 Simplified form of U+2C55C 𬕜 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3A7 ⿱艹维 Simplified form of U+2C7BC 𬞼 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3A8 ⿰钅用 Simplified form of U+2CAC9 𬫉 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3A9 ⿱娬贝 Simplified variant form of U+2D4AA 𭒪 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3AA ⿰忄贝 Simplified form of U+2D73C 𭜼 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3AB ⿰𤣩处 Simplified form of U+2DE70 𭹰 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3AC ⿰钅林 Simplified form of U+2E885 𮢅 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3AD ⿰钅昇 Simplified form of U+2E886 𮢆 IRG N2333 §3.2
U+E3AE ⿰口丹 JC p. 725
U+E3AF ⿰口歸 JC p. 513
U+E3B0 ⿰口泥 JC p. 702
U+E3B1 ⿰咅舍 JC p. 585
U+E3B2 ⿰平米 JC p. 579
U+E3B3 ⿱微血 JC p. 514
U+E3B4 ⿱津血 JC p. 487
U+E3B5 ⿰亚厘 Simplified form of U+2CABF 𬪿 JC p. 579
U+E3B6 ⿰亚页 Simplified form of U+294E9 𩓩 JC p. 270
U+E3B7 ⿰囟页 Simplified form of U+4ABF 䪿 JC p. 944
U+E3B8 ⿰石仑 Simplified form of U+7896 碖 JC p. 794
U+E3B9 ⿰钅乃 Simplified form of U+91E2 釢 JC p. 541
U+E3BA ⿰钅刀 Simplified form of U+91D6 釖 JC p. 752
U+E3BB ⿰钅加 Simplified form of U+926B 鉫 JC p. 368
U+E3BC ⿰钅卤 Simplified form of U+93C0 鏀 JC p. 541
U+E3BD ⿰钅司 Simplified form of U+9270 鉰 JC p. 440
U+E3BE ⿰钅奈 Simplified form of U+933C 錼 JC p. 541
U+E3BF ⿰钅妥 Simplified form of U+92D6 鋖 JC p. 557
U+E3C0 ⿰钅康 Simplified form of U+93EE 鏮 JC p. 440
U+E3C1 ⿰钅心 Simplified form of U+920A 鈊 JC p. 241 GXM-00056 IRGN2228
U+E3C2 ⿰钅息 Simplified form of U+93B4 鎴 JC p. 705
U+E3C3 ⿰钅悉 Simplified form of U+93ED 鏭 JC p. 643
U+E3C4 ⿰钅替 Simplified form of U+941F 鐟 JC p. 255
U+E3C5 ⿰钅秃 Simplified form of U+92F5 鋵 JC p. 752
U+E3C6 ⿰钅米 Simplified form of U+92A4 銤 JC p. 192
U+E3C7 ⿰钅肯 Simplified form of U+9339 錹 JC p. 440
U+E3C8 ⿰钅虜 Simplified form of U+942A 鐪 JC p. 67
U+E3C9 ⿰钅豆 Simplified form of U+92C0 鋀 JC p. 752
U+E3CA ⿰钅路 Simplified form of U+93F4 鏴 JC p. 260 GXM-00238 IRGN2228
U+E3CB ⿰钅轧 Simplified form of U+9337 錷 JC p. 241
U+E3CC ⿰鱼东 Simplified form of U+9BDF 鯟 JC p. 775
U+E3CD ⿰讠凡 Simplified form of U+8A09 訉 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-31 GXM-00013 IRGN2228
U+E3CE ⿰山亚 Simplified form of U+21E44 𡹄 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-15 GXM-00075 IRGN2228
U+E3CF ⿱不圆 Simplified form of U+2122F 𡈯 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-25 GXM-00076 IRGN2228
U+E3D0 ⿺毛全 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-84 GXM-00130 IRGN2228
U+E3D1 ⿰氵园 Simplified form of U+F668 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-02 GXM-00133 IRGN2228
U+E3D2 ⿱犬皿 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-19 GXM-00163 IRGN2228
U+E3D3 ⿱𥫗报 Simplified form of U+25D06 𥴆 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-84 GXM-00167 IRGN2228
U+E3D4 ⿰钅忠 Simplified form of U+28A29 𨨩 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-53 GXM-00193 IRGN2228
U+E3D5 ⿰钅雚 Simplified form of U+9475 鑵 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-62 GXM-00196 IRGN2228
U+E3D6 ⿰钅或 Simplified form of U+28A05 𨨅 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-51 GXM-00317 IRGN2228
U+E3D7 ⿰木为 Simplified form of U+2ACF5 𪳵 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-60 GXM-00343 IRGN2228
U+E3D8 ⿺辶等 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-42 GZ-0991405 IRGN2228
U+E3D9 ⿱𥫗孟 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-03 GZ-3311501 IRGN2228
U+E3DA ⿰土任 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-34 KC-07395 IRGN2229
U+E3DB ⿱老土 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-08 KC-07396 IRGN2229
U+E3DC ⿰𧾷空 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-86 KC-07678 IRGN2229
U+E3DE ⿱𥫗坡 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-88 V-F15E6 IRGN2241
U+E3DF ⿰氵郎 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-29 V-F19DA IRGN2241
U+E3E0 ⿰冫更 XBDB 0409: APT UTC-03170
U+E3E1 ⿱她心 XBDB 1848: CTC UTC-03171
U+E3E2 ⿰礻𫨻 XBDB 4413: GNT UTC-03173
U+E3E3 ⿰羊帛 XBDB 5022: HLE UTC-03174
U+E3E4 ⿸广𩾏 Misidentification of U+9CF8 鳸 XBDB 7695: LJZ
U+E3E5 ⿰山庂 XBDB 8336: MIQ UTC-03176
U+E3E6 ⿰𤣩賽 XBDB 8845: NCF UTC-03177
U+E3E7 ⿰石酉 XBDB 8971: NHB UTC-03178
U+E3E8 ⿰车杘 Simplified form of U+F267 GKJ-00003 IRGN2228
U+E3E9 ⿰𠦝⿱𠂉秃 GKJ-00005 IRGN2228
U+E3EA ⿱髟啬 GKJ-00006 IRGN2228
U+E3EB ⿸疒⿸虍也 GKJ-00007 IRGN2228
U+E3EC ⿸𭼩手 GKJ-00008 IRGN2228
U+E3ED ⿸疒⿱欮足 GKJ-00009 IRGN2228
U+E3EE ⿰氵⿱目皿 GKJ-00010 IRGN2228
U+E3EF ⿰夜鸟 Simplified form of U+9D7A 鵺 GKJ-00012 IRGN2228
U+E3F0 ⿰有鸟 Simplified form of U+4CD1 䳑 GKJ-00013 IRGN2228
U+E3F1 ⿸广恿 GKJ-00014 IRGN2228
U+E3F2 ⿱覀壬 GKJ-00018 IRGN2228
U+E3F3 ⿳亠邪𧘇 GKJ-00019 IRGN2228
U+E3F4 ⿳⿻一中冖卵木 GKJ-00020 IRGN2228
U+E3F5 ⿰昜亘 GKJ-00021 IRGN2228
U+E3F6 ⿰亻⿱吉鸟 Simplified form of U+20443 𠑃 GKJ-00024 IRGN2228
U+E3F7 ⿰鸟蒙 Simplified form of U+4D0C 䴌 GKJ-00027 IRGN2228
U+E3F8 ⿰鱼义 Simplified form of U+4C91 䲑 GKJ-00031 IRGN2228
U+E3F9 ⿰鱼米 Simplified form of U+4C4A 䱊 GKJ-00032 IRGN2228
U+E3FA ⿰氵𫛶 Simplified form of U+2A19F 𪆟 GKJ-00033 IRGN2228
U+E3FB ⿰贝贝 Simplified form of U+8CCF 賏 GKJ-00034 IRGN2228
U+E3FC ⿰尔鸟 Simplified form of U+9E0D 鸍 or U+29FE5 𩿥 GKJ-00035 IRGN2228
U+E3FD ⿰鱼爰 Simplified form of U+9C00 鰀 GKJ-00036 IRGN2228
U+E3FE ⿰鳥畾 GKJ-00037 IRGN2228
U+E3FF ⿰方鸟 Simplified form of U+9D0B 鴋 GKJ-00038 IRGN2228
U+E400 ⿹𢎘干 Glyph error for simplified form of U+4B74 䭴 (see U+E566) GKJ-00039 IRGN2228
U+E401 ⿰鸟童 Simplified form of U+2A18F 𪆏 GKJ-00040 IRGN2228
U+E402 ⿱艹⿰吉鸟 Simplified form of U+4575 䕵 GKJ-00041 IRGN2228
U+E403 ⿰火觉 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰火覺 GLGYJ-0003 IRGN2228
U+E404 ⿰火恶 Simplified form of U+2AE6A 𪹪 GLGYJ-0004 IRGN2228
U+E405 ⿱共⿰共共 GLGYJ-0007 IRGN2228
U+E406 ⿰𧾷钦 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰𧾷欽 GLGYJ-0008 IRGN2228
U+E407 ⿰米骂 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰米罵 GLGYJ-0009 IRGN2228
U+E408 ⿰星尼 GLGYJ-0010 IRGN2228
U+E409 ⿰贝六 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰貝六 GLGYJ-0011 IRGN2228
U+E40A ⿰钅列 Simplified form of U+28999 𨦙 GLGYJ-0012 IRGN2228
U+E40B ⿱𥫗斋 GLGYJ-0013 IRGN2228
U+E40C ⿴囗关 GPGLG-1007 IRGN2228
U+E40D ⿰犭务 GPGLG-2024 IRGN2228
U+E40E ⿱坏厓 GPGLG-4012 IRGN2228
U+E40F ⿰口算 GPGLG-4013 IRGN2228
U+E410 ⿰亻泉 GDM-00011 IRGN2228
U+E411 ⿱𠆢土 GDM-00018 IRGN2228
U+E412 ⿱晶土 GDM-00042 IRGN2228
U+E413 ⿱大⺗ GDM-00044 IRGN2228
U+E414 ⿰女圣 Simplified form of U+218A8 𡢨 GDM-00046 IRGN2228
U+E415 ⿰女厚 GDM-00047 IRGN2228
U+E416 ⿱山好 GDM-00048 IRGN2228
U+E417 ⿺九于 GDM-00054 IRGN2228
U+E418 ⿱山徍 GDM-00061 IRGN2228
U+E419 ⿰忄瓦 GDM-00067
U+E41A ⿲左右⿰开弓 GDM-00070 IRGN2228
U+E41B ⿱分寸 GDM-00071 IRGN2228
U+E41C ⿰木昝 GDM-00073 IRGN2228
U+E41D ⿰木邑 GDM-00075
U+E41E ⿰木焱 GDM-00081 IRGN2228
U+E41F ⿱甫氽 GDM-00085 IRGN2228
U+E420 ⿰火由 GDM-00087 IRGN2228
U+E421 ⿱勋灬 Simplified form of U+243E9 𤏩 GDM-00089 IRGN2228
U+E422 ⿰𤣩示 GDM-00093 IRGN2228
U+E423 ⿰𤣩达 Simplified form of U+3F00 㼀 GDM-00096 IRGN2228
U+E424 ⿰𤣩翟 GDM-00103 IRGN2228
U+E425 ⿰目𠃓 Simplified form of U+4051 䁑 GDM-00109 IRGN2228
U+E426 ⿰礻良 GDM-00124 IRGN2228
U+E427 ⿰木䆔 GDM-00143 IRGN2228
U+E428 ⿱艹径 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱艹徑 GDM-00146 IRGN2228
U+E429 ⿰钅东 Simplified form of U+932C 錬 GDM-00150 IRGN2228
U+E42A ⿰钅莹 Simplified form of U+28BD7 𨯗 GDM-00153 IRGN2228
U+E42B ⿰亻仝 GDM-00156 IRGN2228
U+E42C ⿰氵输 Simplified form of U+702D 瀭 GDM-00160 IRGN2228
U+E42D ⿰衤员 Simplified form of U+27718 𧜘 GDM-00162 IRGN2228
U+E42E ⿰此鸟 Simplified form of U+4CC4 䳄 GDM-00163 IRGN2228
U+E42F ⿰木贯 Simplified form of U+6A0C 樌 GDM-00164 IRGN2228
U+E430 ⿹飞虫 GDM-00166 IRGN2228
U+E431 ⿰亻卫 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰亻衛 GDM-00168 IRGN2228
U+E432 ⿰亻凤 Simplified form of U+203F5 𠏵 GDM-00169 IRGN2228
U+E433 ⿰冫捷 GDM-00171 IRGN2228
U+E434 ⿰讠南 Simplified form of U+8AF5 諵 GDM-00172 IRGN2228
U+E435 ⿰阝亘 GDM-00173 IRGN2228
U+E436 ⿰显阝 Simplified form of U+F669 GDM-00174 IRGN2228
U+E437 ⿰土困 GDM-00175 IRGN2228
U+E438 ⿰土希 GDM-00176
U+E439 ⿱艹亚 Simplified form of U+26C95 𦲕 GDM-00177 IRGN2228
U+E43A ⿱艹阾 GDM-00178 IRGN2228
U+E43B ⿱艹⿵门东 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱艹䦨 GDM-00179 IRGN2228
U+E43C ⿱艹⿵门乐 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱艹⿵門樂 GDM-00180 IRGN2228
U+E43D ⿱艹满 Simplified form of U+26FED 𦿭 GDM-00181 IRGN2228
U+E43E ⿱並大 GDM-00183 IRGN2228
U+E43F ⿱啟口 GDM-00186 IRGN2228
U+E440 ⿱山仓 Simplified form of U+F646 GDM-00188 IRGN2228
U+E441 ⿰氵阔 Simplified form of U+24103 𤄃 GDM-00190 IRGN2228
U+E442 ⿰氵颖 Simplified form of U+240E1 𤃡 GDM-00191 IRGN2228
U+E443 ⿰𤣩荣 Simplified form of U+24AA4 𤪤 GDM-00193
U+E444 ⿰𤣩营 Simplified form of U+24ACE 𤫎 GDM-00194 IRGN2228
U+E445 ⿰𤣩掌 GDM-00195 IRGN2228
U+E446 ⿰车韦 Simplified form of U+F647 GDM-00196 IRGN2228
U+E447 ⿰正页 Simplified form of U+9819 頙 GDM-00198 IRGN2228
U+E448 ⿰口𠃓 Simplified form of U+557A 啺 GDM-00201 IRGN2228
U+E449 ⿰讠⿱工白 Simplified form of U+27A3F 𧨿 GDM-00208 IRGN2228
U+E44B ⿰⿱𠦄兀⿱𠦄兀 GDM-00214 IRGN2228
U+E44C ⿰火目 GDM-00215 IRGN2228
U+E44D ⿰纟宁 Simplified form of U+7D35 紵 GDM-00220 IRGN2228
U+E44E ⿰土巨 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-27 GDM-00019 IRGN2228
U+E44F ⿰土再 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-13 GDM-00023 IRGN2228
U+E450 ⿰土革 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-75 GDM-00032 IRGN2228
U+E451 ⿰土总 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-11 GDM-00035 IRGN2228
U+E452 ⿰土套 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-34 GDM-00037 IRGN2228
U+E453 ⿱艹贝 Simplified form of U+26BB7 𦮷 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-61 GDM-00137 IRGN2228
U+E454 ⿱山甲 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-86 GDM-00055 IRGN2228
U+E455 ⿰氵盲 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-26 GDM-00084 IRGN2228
U+E456 ⿱文土 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-33 GDM-00021 IRGN2228
U+E457 ⿱圮心 Unified with U+2BB7B 𫭻 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-73 GDM-00068 IRGN2228
U+E458 ⿰石㐫 Unified with U+7847 硇 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-69 GDM-00117 IRGN2228
U+E459 ⿰石罙 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-09 GDM-00119
U+E45A ⿱⺧田 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-07 GDM-00045 IRGN2228
U+E45B ⿱穴多 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-49 GDM-00127 IRGN2228
U+E45C ⿰虫间 Simplified form of U+27484 𧒄 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-19 GDM-00144 IRGN2228
U+E45D ⿰舟止 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-39 GDM-00135 IRGN2228
U+E45E ⿺乙角 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-11 GDM-00008 IRGN2228
U+E45F ⿰亢刂 XHTZ p. 402
U+E460 ⿰禾龙 Simplified form of U+418D 䆍 XHTZ p. 417
U+E461 ⿰香宾 Simplified form of U+99AA 馪 XHTZ p. 420
U+E462 ⿰𤣩臬 XHTZ p. 420
U+E463 ⿸麻鸟 Simplified form of U+4CF8 䳸 XHTZ p. 421
U+E464 ⿰讠民 Simplified form of U+46C9 䛉 XHTZ p. 423
U+E465 ⿰纟夫 Simplified form of U+42BF 䊿 XHTZ p. 425
U+E466 ⿰纟隺 Simplified form XHTZ p. 426
U+E467 ⿰鱼咸 Simplified form of U+9C14 鰔 XHTZ p. 430
U+E468 ⿸疒孪 Simplified form XHTZ p. 433
U+E469 ⿰钅㐌 Simplified form of U+9247 鉇 XHTZ p. 434
U+E46A ⿰纟桑 Simplified form of U+7E14 縔 XHTZ p. 435
U+E46B ⿰酉安 XHTZ p. 439
U+E46C ⿰鸟巫 Simplified form XHTZ p. 441
U+E46D ⿱匀田 XHTZ p. 441
U+E46E ⿰页兆 Simplified form XHTZ p. 441
U+E46F ⿰鱼麦 Simplified form of U+F648 XHTZ p. 441
U+E470 ⿰石安 XHTZ p. 442
XBDB 4277: GIN
U+E471 ⿱朔王 XHTZ p. 442
U+E472 ⿱艹革 XHTZ p. 442
U+E473 ⿰马庸 Simplified form of U+2997B 𩥻 XHTZ p. 442
U+E474 ⿰鸟吉 Simplified form of U+2A044 𪁄 XHTZ p. 442
U+E475 ⿰鸟元 Simplified form XHTZ p. 442
U+E476 ⿰山鸟 Simplified form of U+5D8B 嶋 XHTZ p. 442
U+E477 ⿰石丐 XHTZ p. 442
SJ/T 11239—2001 36-20
GDM-00110 IRGN2228
U+E478 ⿰钅肃 Simplified form of U+93FD 鏽 XHTZ p. 442
U+E479 ⿰钅遣 Simplified form of U+9453 鑓 XHTZ p. 442
U+E47A ⿱𰃮昔 Simplified form of UK-01659 XHTZ p. 443
U+E47B ⿰火乔 Simplified form of U+71C6 燆 XHTZ p. 443
U+E47C ⿱奈田 XHTZ p. 443
U+E47D ⿰氵绦 Simplified form XHTZ p. 443
U+E47E ⿰车鸟 Simplified form of U+9FC2 鿂 XHTZ p. 444
U+E47F ⿰钅夕 Simplified form of U+91F8 釸 XHTZ p. 444
U+E480 ⿱一几 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-02
U+E481 ⿱不地 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-16
U+E482 ⿰土嶴 《浙志便覽》(清光緒22年[1896年]) 卷二 p. 32
U+E483 ⿺乙曲 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-81
U+E484 ⿺乙各 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-82 GDM-00007 IRGN2228
U+E485 ⿸厂树 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿸厂樹 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-05
U+E486 ⿰空刂 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-20
U+E487 ⿰亻凢 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-34
U+E488 ⿱兹一 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-78
U+E489 ⿰冫麦 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-93
U+E48A ⿱冖参 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-24
U+E48B ⿱㓁林 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-27
U+E48C ⿱㓁卖 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱㓁賣 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-28
U+E48D ⿰讠云 Simplified form of U+27B1E 𧬞 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-32
U+E48E ⿰讠⿱穴白 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰訁⿱穴白 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-38
U+E48F ⿺廴太 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-84
U+E490 ⿰土厄 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-24
U+E491 ⿱化土 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-37 GDM-00020 IRGN2228
U+E492 ⿰土仁 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-45
U+E493 ⿰土𫡢 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-49
U+E494 ⿰土仝 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-77
U+E495 ⿰土产 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土産 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-48
U+E496 ⿱兴土 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱興土 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-52
U+E497 ⿰土两 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土兩 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-73
U+E498 ⿰土㕅 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-75
U+E499 ⿰土围 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土圍 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-81
U+E49A ⿱沥土 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱瀝土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-14
U+E49B ⿱良土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-16
U+E49C ⿰土⿱㓁山 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-21
U+E49D ⿱𪣆土 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱埬土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-30
U+E49E ⿰土靣 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-37
U+E49F ⿰土国 Simplified form of U+2A911 𪤑 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-45 GDM-00029 IRGN2228
U+E4A0 ⿰土府 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-71
U+E4A1 ⿰土急 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-04
江夏懋亭氏: 《汇集雅俗通十五音全本》(1916 年) p. 31
GDM-00034 IRGN2228
U+E4A2 ⿰土退 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-15 GDM-00206 IRGN2228
U+E4A3 ⿰土恶 Simplified form of U+F66A SJ/T 11239—2001 22-29
U+E4A4 ⿰土唇 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-33 GDM-00207 IRGN2228
U+E4A5 ⿰土𭻍 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-64
U+E4A6 ⿰土断 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-65
U+E4A7 ⿱断土 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-66
U+E4A8 ⿰土婴 Simplified form of U+214EB 𡓫 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-74
《怀集县志》(广州: 广东人民出版社, 1993年) p. 58
U+E4A9 ⿰土兜 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-77
《浙江省德清縣志》(台北: 成文出版社, 1983年) p. 98
U+E4AA ⿱⿰京丸土 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-82
U+E4AB ⿰土庵 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-83
U+E4AC ⿰土窑 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-89
U+E4AD ⿰土斯 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-02
U+E4AE ⿰土𪩃 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-10
U+E4AF ⿰土富 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-20
《福建通志》 (乾隆二年) 卷7葉47
U+E4B0 ⿰土孱 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-24
U+E4B1 ⿰土罂 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土罌 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-42
U+E4B2 ⿰土廖 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-43
U+E4B3 ⿱艹兰 Non-standard simplified form of U+862D 蘭 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-73 GDM-00138 IRGN2228
U+E4B4 ⿱艹产 Simplified form of U+26E30 𦸰 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-80 GDM-00140 IRGN2228
U+E4B6 ⿱艹庒 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-90
U+E4B7 ⿱艹软 Simplified form of U+2C775 𬝵 CAED p. 575
SJ/T 11239—2001 24-01
U+E4B8 ⿱艹⿰立匀 SJ/T 11239—2001 24-24 GDM-00142 IRGN2228
U+E4B9 ⿱艹垒 Simplified form of U+8632 蘲 SJ/T 11239—2001 24-28
U+E4BA ⿱艹耙 SJ/T 11239—2001 24-30
U+E4BB ⿱艹𮄮 SJ/T 11239—2001 24-39
U+E4BC ⿱艹⿰氵𫔴 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱艹𤂶 SJ/T 11239—2001 24-58
ZXYDC p. 322
U+E4BD ⿺⿱口兀寸 SJ/T 11239—2001 25-25
U+E4BE ⿱考口 SJ/T 11239—2001 25-57
U+E4BF ⿴囗牛 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-15
U+E4C0 ⿴囗林 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-23
U+E4C1 ⿱山见 Simplified form of U+21DF9 𡷹 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-62 GDM-00050 IRGN2228
U+E4C2 ⿱山𭃂 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-74
U+E4C3 ⿱山办 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-78
U+E4C4 ⿱山刅 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-79
U+E4C5 ⿱山包 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-04
U+E4C6 ⿰山乐 Simplified form of U+21F92 𡾒 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-05 GDM-00210 IRGN2228
U+E4C7 ⿱山永 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-07
U+E4C8 ⿱山任 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-29
U+E4C9 ⿰山鱼 Simplified form of U+E526 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-86 GDM-00211
U+E4CA ⿰山弯 Simplified form of U+21FDE 𡿞 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-06 GDM-00062 IRGN2228
U+E4CB ⿰山察 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-36
U+E4CC ⿰彳孟 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-46
U+E4CD ⿰犭敕 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-83
U+E4CE ⿰犭窖 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-85
U+E4CF ⿰应粦 Non-standard simplified form of U+9E9F 麟 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-08 GDM-00066 IRGN2228
U+E4D0 ⿵门切 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿵門切 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-26
U+E4D1 ⿵门在 Simplified form of U+30FDF 𰿟 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-41
U+E4D2 ⿵门决 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿵門決 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-46
U+E4D3 ⿵门⿱𰁜大 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-52
《福建 广东 广西地名生僻字表》
U+E4D4 ⿰氵冈 Simplified form of U+23DE3 𣷣 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-67
U+E4D5 ⿰氵⿵冂下 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-77
U+E4D6 ⿰氵⿱龸水 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-35
U+E4D7 ⿰氵顿 Simplified form of U+F649 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-49
U+E4D8 ⿰氵榃 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-76
U+E4D9 ⿰石月 GDM-00112 IRGN2228
U+E4DA ⿱宀瓜 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-94
U+E4DB ⿱应马 Non-standard simplified form of U+299B5 𩦵 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-91
U+E4DC ⿰马祭 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰馬祭 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-92
U+E4DD ⿰马善 Simplified form of U+29990 𩦐 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-93
U+E4DE ⿲纟言纟 Simplified form of U+470C 䜌 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-05
U+E4DF ⿰𤣩哥 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-37 GDM-00217 IRGN2228
U+E4E0 ⿰𤣩⿱㓁缶 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-40
U+E4E1 ⿲𤣩章月 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-49
U+E4E2 ⿱木石 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-64 GDM-00002 IRGN2228
U+E4E3 ⿰木丛 Simplified form of U+6B09 欉 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-72 GDM-00072 IRGN2228
U+E4E4 ⿰木买 Simplified form of U+236E0 𣛠 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-02
U+E4E5 ⿰木岗 Simplified form of U+2364B 𣙋 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-08
U+E4E6 ⿰木岺 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-25
U+E4E7 ⿱放木 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-32 GDM-00077 IRGN2228
U+E4E8 ⿲木同亍 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-45
U+E4E9 ⿰木弯 Simplified form of U+23869 𣡩 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-47
U+E4EA ⿰木阁 Simplified form of U+6ACA 櫊 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-49
U+E4EB ⿰木凿 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-89
U+E4EC ⿱日⿹勹衣 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-45
U+E4ED ⿺乙牛 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-53
U+E4EE ⿰牜马 Simplified form of U+246B4 𤚴 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-54
U+E4EF ⿱汤手 Simplified form of U+22D33 𢴳 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-73
U+E4F0 ⿺毛土 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-78
U+E4F1 ⿰片责 Simplified form of U+245EE 𤗮 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-90 GDM-00216 IRGN2228
U+E4F2 ⿺爪孚 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-93
U+E4F3 ⿱⿰虫旡灬 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-65
U+E4F4 ⿳䒑旧心 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-75
U+E4F5 ⿺乙母 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-79
U+E4F6 ⿱水见 Simplified form of U+2AD82 𪶂 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-84
U+E4F7 ⿰石犬 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-22
U+E4F8 ⿰石化 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-28
《廣東通志》 (雍正九年) 卷57葉11
U+E4F9 ⿰石巷 GDM-00104 IRGN2228
U+E4FA ⿰石再 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-57
U+E4FB ⿰石当 Simplified form of U+7911 礑 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-59 GDM-00116 IRGN2228
U+E4FC ⿰石伏 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-63
U+E4FD ⿱舟石 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-66
U+E4FE ⿰石来 Simplified form of U+40BE 䂾 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-82 V-F1D7C IRGN2241
U+E4FF ⿰石瓮 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-05
U+E500 ⿰石卷 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-07
U+E501 ⿰石屈 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-11
U+E502 ⿰石奏 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-13
U+E503 ⿰石带 Simplified form of U+25567 𥕧 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-14 GDM-00219 IRGN2228
U+E504 ⿰石贵 Simplified form of U+F64A SJ/T 11239—2001 37-20
U+E505 ⿰石音 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-28
U+E506 ⿰石舂 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-46
U+E507 ⿰石豪 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-78
Fielde 1883 p. ii
KC-08085 IRGN2229
U+E508 ⿰石蕉 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-81
U+E509 ⿰目马 Simplified form of U+2524A 𥉊 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-90
U+E50A ⿰田几 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-03
U+E50B ⿱田仒 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-08 GDM-00218 IRGN2228
U+E50C ⿰田勾 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-10
U+E50D ⿰田佥 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰田僉 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-21
U+E50E ⿰田狂 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-22
U+E50F ⿺乙禾 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-65
U+E510 ⿰禾色 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-75 GDM-00125 IRGN2228
U+E511 ⿰缶鸟 Simplified form of U+26253 𦉓 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-06
U+E512 ⿱应鸟 Non-standard simplified form of U+9DF9 鷹 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-08
U+E513 ⿰冒鸟 Simplified form of U+2A0D1 𪃑 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-13
U+E514 ⿱穴山 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-34
U+E515 ⿱穴加 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-42
U+E516 ⿰名页 Simplified form of U+2CC43 𬱃 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-86
U+E517 ⿰⿸广另页 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰⿸广另頁 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-89
U+E518 ⿰虫争 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-11
U+E519 ⿰虫竻 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-24
U+E51A ⿰缶安 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-40
U+E51B ⿱𥫗历 Simplified form of U+25DD2 𥷒 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-52 GDM-00129 IRGN2228
U+E51C ⿱𥫗则 Simplified form of U+421F 䈟 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-74 GDM-00130 IRGN2228
U+E51D ⿱𥫗刖 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-76
U+E51E ⿰米凡 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-53 GDM-00132 IRGN2228
U+E51F ⿰米色 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-64
U+E520 ⿰赤鸟 Simplified form of U+2A04C 𪁌 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-74
U+E521 ⿰𧾷而 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-82
U+E522 ⿰𧾷责 Simplified form of U+8E5F 蹟 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-84
U+E523 ⿰与青 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-13
U+E524 ⿰应其 Non-standard simplified form of U+9E92 麒 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-17 GDM-00065 IRGN2228
U+E525 ⿰鱼敢 Simplified form of U+4C8E 䲎 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-46
U+E526 ⿰山魚 Traditional form of GDM-00211 (U+E4C9) FGGDSZ
U+E527 ⿰鱼团 Simplified form of U+29F2F 𩼯 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-32
U+E528 ⿰祟蚤 XMC p. 41
U+E529 ⿱艹暗 XMC p. 160
U+E52A ⿸疒普 XMC p. 171
U+E52B ⿱⿰来攵心 Simplified form of U+6197 憗 XMC p. 197
U+E52C ⿱⿰攴又力 XMC p. 219
U+E52D ⿺风英 Simplified form of U+29611 𩘑 XMC p. 220
U+E52E ⿰𧾷赖 Simplified form of U+482D 䠭 XMC p. 220
U+E52F ⿰𧾷脱 XMC p. 220
U+E530 ⿰𧾷前 XMC p. 225
U+E531 ⿰钅匡 Simplified form of U+28991 𨦑 GXM-00192
U+E532 ⿰车太 Simplified form of U+8EDA 軚 RW1303
U+E533 ⿰鱼孟 Simplified form of U+9BED 鯭 HFDC p. 3661 RW9082
U+E534 ⿰春鸟 Simplified form of U+2A0B9 𪂹 RW9246
U+E535 ⿵门栾 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-55
U+E536 ⿰山夬 Mistake for U+5C9F 岟 in the poem 《感山賦》 by Cui Boyi 崔伯易. HDC v. 3 p. 800: 屹𡿖 GHC-00011 IRGN2228
U+E537 ⿰飠卂 Variant form of U+U+4B40 䭀 HDC v. 12 p. 540: 青~飯 GHC-00045 IRGN2228
U+E538 ⿰龍戈 《殷周金文集成引得》(Beijing: Zhonghua Shuju, 2001) p. 865 UTC-00118 IRGN2233
U+E539 ⿰扌履 《道教大辭典》(Taibei, 2003) p. 219 UTC-00790 IRGN2233
U+E53A ⿴井人 GKJ-00017 IRGN2228
U+E53B ⿰訁過 《吐鲁番出土文书》 UK-10366 IRGN2232
U+E53C ⿰彳匡 《集韵》
U+E53D ⿰糹筍 《新加九經字樣》 GDM-00211
U+E53E ⿰刀隹 《類篇》 UK-10024 IRGN2232
U+E53F ⿰召隹 《類篇》 UK-10025 IRGN2232
U+E540 ⿲木方木 《類篇》 UK-10026 IRGN2232
U+E541 ⿰角閑 《類篇》 UK-10027 IRGN2232
U+E542 ⿱𠂹⿸丆二 《類篇》 UK-10028 IRGN2232
U+E543 ⿰韋冒 《類篇》 UK-10029 IRGN2232
U+E544 ⿰冓犮 《乾隆宣化縣志》卷18葉5
U+E545 ⿱覀𨈡 《類篇》 UK-10031 IRGN2232
U+E546 ⿰巾冕 《類篇》 UK-10032 IRGN2232
U+E547 ⿱敫山 《類篇》 UK-10033 IRGN2232
U+E548 ⿰豦芻 《類篇》 UK-10034 IRGN2232
U+E549 ⿰昜光 《類篇》 UK-10035 IRGN2232
U+E54A ⿰忄录 《類篇》 UK-10036 IRGN2232
U+E54B ⿰氵贑 《類篇》 UK-10037 IRGN2232
U+E54C ⿰女歡 《類篇》 UK-10038 IRGN2232
U+E54D ⿺風夋 《類篇》 UK-10039 IRGN2232
U+E54E ⿰氵矍 HDZ p. 1925
SJ/T 11239—2001 30-89
UK-10007 IRGN2232
U+E54F ⿰忄瓜 HDZ p. 2448 UK-10011 IRGN2232
U+E550 ⿰石隆 HDZ p. 2627 UK-10012 IRGN2232
U+E551 ⿺爪或 高本漢 (Bernhard Karlgren), 潘悟雲, et al: 《漢文典(修訂版)》[Grammata Serica Recensa (Revised Edition)] (Shanghai: Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, 1997) p. 413
U+E552 ⿰黑戈 《增廣字學舉隅》
U+E553 ⿰釒革 《遼史》卷三十三 UK-10291 IRGN2232
U+E554 ⿰釒毛 《遼史》卷三十四 UK-10292 IRGN2232
U+E555 ⿱髟逄 Variant form of U+9AFC 髼 ZHZH p. 1779 UTC-03103 IRGN2233
U+E556 ⿰镸⿱彡頁 Variant form of U+9B1A 鬚 ZHZH p. 1776 UTC-03104 IRGN2233
U+E557 ⿰車⿳口冖月 Variant form of U+8F2F 輯 ZHZH p. 1362 UTC-03105 IRGN2233
U+E558 ⿰骨⿸产𡿨 Unified with U+29A77 𩩷 ZHZH p. 1599 UTC-03109 IRGN2233
U+E559 ⿰骨䏍 Unified with U+29A50 𩩐 ZHZH p. 1599 UTC-03110 IRGN2233
U+E55A ⿰昏荒 Unified with U+232EF 𣋯 ZHZH p. 927 UTC-03111 IRGN2233
U+E55C ⿰戎鳥 Variant form of U+2A01A 𪀚 ZHZH p. 1779 UTC-03116 IRGN2233
U+E55D ⿰氵⿱穴文 Variant form of U+6DF1 深 ZHZH p. 557 UTC-03118 IRGN2233
U+E55E ⿰山戛 Variant form of U+21F1B 𡼛 ZHZH p. 454 UTC-03119 IRGN2233
U+E55F ⿱虱䖵 Variant form of U+8671 虱 ZHZH p. 1216 UTC-03120 IRGN2233
U+E560 ⿰石𠠵 Unified with U+309AE 𰦮 ZHZH p. 1020 UTC-03121 IRGN2233
U+E561 ⿰鼠宴 Variant form of U+9F34 鼴 ZHZH p. 1781 UTC-03124 IRGN2233
U+E562 ⿰扌⿱百夊 Variant form of U+6270 扰 ZHZH p. 349 UTC-03125 IRGN2233
U+E563 ⿰犭⿳⿱⺊乛七巾 Unified with U+247DD 𤟝 ZHZH p. 497 UTC-03127 IRGN2233
U+E564 ⿰訁凬 Unified with U+27A60 𧩠 ZHZH p. 1462 UTC-03128 IRGN2233
U+E565 ⿳亠𣍹𧘇 Variant form of U+27708 𧜈 ZHZH p. 141 UTC-03130 IRGN2233
U+E566 ⿱马十 Simplified form of U+4B74 䭴 ZHZH p. 1647
U+E569 ⿺辶? Unified with U+2E785 𮞅 ZHZH p. 634 UTC-03135 IRGN2233
U+E56A ⿺辶⿱木目 Unified with U+284F3 𨓳 ZHZH p. 643 UTC-03136 IRGN2233
U+E56B ⿰𧾷𠬝 Unified with U+27FF8 𧿸 ZHZH p. 1411 UTC-03138 IRGN2233
U+E56C ⿰飠莽 SFCY p. 281 UK-10453 IRGN2232
U+E56D ⿱艹覇 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E56E ⿰扌麽 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E56F ⿱𥫗秔 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E570 ⿰衤溪 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E571 ⿰衤領 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E572 ⿰貝康 《福州話新舊約全書》
U+E573 ⿰口肋 《粵音指南》 UK-10779 IRGN2232
U+E574 ⿰口𩋘 《粵音指南》 UK-10778 IRGN2232
U+E575 ⿰丫鸟 Simplified form of U+2EB28 𮬨 GLGYJ-0002 IRGN2228
U+E577 ⿱红丁 Simplified form of U+2CEE4 𬻤 G_PGLG1003 IRGN2228
U+E57B ⿰纟等 Simplified form of U+2616F 𦅯 G_PGLG2015 IRGN2228
U+E57F ⿰纟告 Simplified form of U+2603D 𦀽 G_PGLG2019 IRGN2228
U+E580 ⿰召鸟 Simplified form of U+4CC2 䳂 G_PGLG3050 IRGN2228
U+E581 ⿰乍鸟 Simplified form of U+29FDE 𩿞 G_PGLG3051 IRGN2228
U+E582 ⿰伏鸟 Simplified form of U+2A022 𪀢 G_PGLG3052 IRGN2228
U+E583 ⿰纟巾 Simplified form of U+F64B G_PGLG3053 IRGN2228
U+E586 ⿰累鸟 Simplified form of U+2EB52 𮭒 G_PGLG3056 IRGN2228
U+E587 ⿰纟美 Simplified form of U+2C5EE 𬗮 G_PGLG3057 IRGN2228
U+E58B ⿰鱼过 Simplified form of U+29F23 𩼣
U+E58C ⿰扌笨 马骥《成都方言》(2012年) p. 67 UK-10451 IRGN2232
U+E58D ⿸尸侨 Corrupt form of U+2AA17 𪨗 《青蛇》
U+E58E ⿱不见 Simplified form of U+8994 覔 《隋书简体字本》 UK-10283 IRGN2232
U+E58F ⿰犭怒 ZGDDC p. 42 UK-10780 IRGN2232
U+E590 ⿱山曹 ZGDDC p. 117 UK-10781 IRGN2232
U+E591 ⿰氵冀 ZGDDC p. 168 UK-10782 IRGN2232
U+E592 ⿰骨間 Lacking good evidence ZGDDC p. 261 UK-10783 IRGN2232
U+E593 ⿰石矍 ZGDDC p. 280 UK-10784 IRGN2232
U+E594 ⿰土來 ZGDDC p. 298 UK-10785 IRGN2232
U+E595 ⿺辶宙 ZGDDC p. 653 UK-10786 IRGN2232
U+E596 ⿺鬼固 ZGDDC p. 671 UK-10787 IRGN2232
U+E597 ⿱斷土 ZGDDC p. 692 UK-10788 IRGN2232
U+E598 ⿰氵具 ZGDDC p. 727 UK-10789 IRGN2232
U+E599 ⿰山内 ZGDDC p. 732 UK-10790 IRGN2232
U+E59A ⿰衤毳 ZGDDC p. 732 UK-10791 IRGN2232
U+E59B ⿰車犬 ZGDDC p. 754 UK-10792 IRGN2232
U+E59C ⿰山貝 Mistake for U+5CF4 峴 ZGDDC p. 833 UK-10793 IRGN2232
U+E59D ⿰犭羿 ZGDDC p. 923 UK-10794 IRGN2232
U+E59E ⿸尸衣 ZGDDC p. 946 UK-10795 IRGN2232
U+E59F ⿰田叔 ZGDDC p. 1040 UK-10797 IRGN2232
U+E5A0 ⿰犭卡 ZGDDC p. 1058 UK-10799 IRGN2232
U+E5A1 ⿰犭瓦 ZGDDC p. 1058 UK-10800 IRGN2232
U+E5A2 ⿰犭朋 ZGDDC p. 1058 UK-10801 IRGN2232
U+E5A3 ⿱日狄 ZGDDC p. 1126 UK-10802 IRGN2232
U+E5A4 ⿰⿱日來阝 ZGDDC p. 1132 UK-10803 IRGN2232
U+E5A5 ⿰賀阝 ZGDDC p. 1203 UK-10804 IRGN2232
U+E5A6 ⿰阝畱 ZGDDC p. 1205 UK-10805 IRGN2232
U+E5A7 ⿰巾帛 ZGDDC p. 1231 GXM-00108
U+E5A8 ⿰氵賽 ZGDDC p. 1283 UK-10807 IRGN2232
U+E5A9 ⿰山嶴 ZGDDC p. 1285 UK-10808 IRGN2232
U+E5AA ⿱山畬 ZGDDC p. 1370 UK-10809 IRGN2232
U+E5AB ⿰石梟 ZGDDC p. 1408 UK-10810 IRGN2232
U+E5AC ⿰土靈 ZGDDC p. 1408 UK-10811 IRGN2232
U+E5AD ⿰石太 《广东省志・地名志》 GDM-00111
U+E5AE ⿰贝录 Simplified form of U+2E693 𮚓 《广东省志・地名志》 UK-10836 IRGN2232
U+E5AF ⿰贝可 Simplified form of U+27D5B 𧵛 《广东省志・地名志》 UK-10837 IRGN2232
U+E5B0 ⿰釒而 LFC p. 25 UK-10602 IRGN2232
U+E5B1 ⿰口廹 LFC p. 26 UK-10603 IRGN2232
U+E5B2 ⿰米⿴囗夕 LFC p. 30 UK-10604 IRGN2232
U+E5B3 ⿰米意 LFC p. 70 UK-10605 IRGN2232
U+E5B4 ⿰虫厚 LFC p. 88 UK-10607 IRGN2232
U+E5B5 ⿰目契 LFC p. 254 UK-10608 IRGN2232
U+E5B6 ⿰冫頁 LFC p. 257 UK-10609 IRGN2232
U+E5B7 ⿰冫兆 LFC p. 257 UK-10610 IRGN2232
U+E5B8 ⿰扌夺 Simplified form of U+30533 𰔳 马骥《成都方言》(2012年) p. 127
U+E5B9 ⿰木虽 LFC p. 85 UK-10606 IRGN2232
U+E5BA ⿱钧心 Simplified form of U+618C 憌 《北京土话》 UK-10419 IRGN2232
U+E5BB ⿰讠遂 Simplified form of U+8B62 譢 《北京土话》 UK-10420 IRGN2232
U+E5BC ⿰弱欠 《北京土话》 UK-10421 IRGN2232
U+E5BD ⿰娄瓜 Simplified form of U+24B0F 𤬏 《北京土话》 UK-10422 IRGN2232
U+E5BE ⿰忄寻 Simplified form of U+61B3 憳 《北京土话》 UK-10423 IRGN2232
U+E5BF ⿰齿合 Simplified form of U+2A601 𪘁 《北京土话》 UK-10424 IRGN2232
U+E5C0 ⿰甚页 Simplified form of U+4AD6 䫖 《北京土话》 UK-10425 IRGN2232
U+E5C1 ⿰讠巤 Simplified form of U+27B5E 𧭞 《北京土话》 UK-10426 IRGN2232
U+E5C2 ⿰口窜 《北京土话》 UK-10427 IRGN2232
U+E5C3 ⿰贝婁 Simplified form of U+27DE1 𧷡 《客家话通用词典》
U+E5C6 ⿱穴局 WKY p. 77 UK-10631 IRGN2232
U+E5C7 ⿰讠叉 Simplified form of U+8A0D 訍 WKY p. 192 UK-10632 IRGN2232
U+E5C8 ⿰可页 Simplified form of U+29478 𩑸 WKY p. 205 UK-10633 IRGN2232
U+E5C9 ⿰纟厘 Simplified form of U+7DFE 緾 WKY p. 211 GDM-00134
U+E5CA ⿰氵𬮴 Simplified form of U+240F7 𤃷 WKY p. 233 UK-10635 IRGN2232
U+E5CC ⿰土败 Simplified form of U+213EF 𡏯 《江西省铜鼓县地名志》 UK-10904 IRGN2232
U+E5CD ⿰石杂 Simplified form of U+255ED 𥗭 《江西省铜鼓县地名志》 UK-10905 IRGN2232
U+E5CE ⿰山勇 《奉化县地名志》 UK-10852 IRGN2232
U+E5CF ⿱𠆢? 《浙江省青田县地名志》
SJ/T 11239—2001 17-69
UK-10943 IRGN2232
U+E5D0 ⿰山耶 《云南省巍山彝族回族自治县地名志》 UK-10940 IRGN2232
U+E5D1 ⿰牜营 Simplified form of U+3E5A 㹚 《象山县地名志》 UK-10930 IRGN2232
U+E5D2 ⿰虫族 《象山县地名志》 UK-10928 IRGN2232
U+E5D3 ⿰虫进 Simplified form of U+45EF 䗯 《象山县地名志》 UK-10929 IRGN2232
U+E5D4 ⿰土忠 《浙江省开化县地名志》 UK-10942 IRGN2232
U+E5D5 ⿰木宙 《浙江省遂昌县地名志》 UK-10944 IRGN2232
U+E5D6 ⿰鱼先 Simplified form of U+29DA4 𩶤 《庆元县地名志》 UK-10921 IRGN2232
U+E5D7 ⿰口𪜭 《增訂粤語撮要》 UK-10484 IRGN2232
U+E5D8 ⿰口攀 《增訂粤語撮要》 UK-10485 IRGN2232
U+E5D9 ⿰亻𠃓 Simplified form of U+5052 偒 MFDC p. 418 UK-10559 IRGN2232
U+E5DA ⿰氵蓝 Simplified form of U+7046 灆 MFDC p. 510 UK-10565 IRGN2232
U+E5DB ⿰栗玉 [清]段~(《聊齋志異》做序者) UK-10319 IRGN2232
U+E5DC ⿰口倚 BH Lesson 20 (p. 56) UK-10753 IRGN2232
U+E5DD ⿰口耐 BH Lesson 21 (p. 59) UK-10754 IRGN2232
U+E5DE ⿰口戊 UK-10022 IRGN2232
U+E5DF ⿰口庚 UK-10023 IRGN2232
U+E5E0 ⿰口癸 UK-10977 IRGN2232
U+E5E1 ⿰口巳 UK-10970 IRGN2232
U+E5E2 ⿰車啇 UK-10979 IRGN2232
U+E5E3 ⿰口耸 Simplified form of U+2112D 𡄭 马骥《成都方言》(2012年) p. 199
U+E5E4 ⿰石娄 Simplified form of U+2554D 𥕍 GDM-00121
U+E5E5 ⿱雨狐 UK-10982 IRGN2232
U+E5E6 Ancient form of U+66F2 曲 UK-10279 IRGN2232
U+E5E7 ⿱臼土 Ancient form of U+57CB 埋 HDZ p. 3240 UK-10013 IRGN2232
U+E5E8 ⿱⿻千⿰万万千 則天文字. Reconstructed form of "千千万万" (U+20866 𠡦) HDZ p. 47
U+E5E9 ⿰饣毫 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰飠毫 UK-10975 IRGN2232
U+E5EA ⿵門皿 ~翁主釭𨫀(《文物》1979.7 p. 92) UK-10280 IRGN2232
U+E5EB ⿰钅兰 Simplified form of U+9484 钄
U+E5EC ⿰灵阝 湖南~县 (酃县) GXM-00018 IRGN2228
U+E5ED ⿸疒征 Simplified form of U+7665 癥 UK-10976 IRGN2232
U+E5EE ⿺廴曲 四川昭化县~迴乡 UK-10949 IRGN2232
U+E5EF ⿰口𡿪 [唐]彦谦,《蟹》(《全唐詩》p. 7681) UK-10298 IRGN2232
U+E5F0 ⿰木娑 曹旅宁,《溥心畬别传》 (2016) UK-10986 IRGN2232
U+E5F1 ⿰酉芻 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》卷首詞 UK-10320 IRGN2232
U+E5F2 ⿰忄查 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》卷首詞 UK-10321 IRGN2232
U+E5F3 ⿱髟𦲸 Variant form of U+9B17 鬗 HDC v. 12 p. 752: ~ UTC-03102 IRGN2233
U+E5F4 ⿳艹𫲽冉 葶~ = 葶䔭 HDC v. 9 p. 480: 葶~ UTC-03106 IRGN2233
U+E5F5 ⿱艹躄 蹩~ = 蹩躄 HDC v. 10 p. 546: 蹩~ UTC-03107
U+E5F6 ⿰馬叅 Variant form of U+9A42 驂 《漢語大詞典》 v. 12 p. 906: ~ UTC-03114
U+E5F7 ⿱一𥘅 HDC v. 7 p. 828: ~ GHC-00004
U+E5F9 ⿰酉旬 Variant form of U+91BA 醺 HDC v. 9 p. 1447: ~ UTC-03131 IRGN2233
U+E5FA ⿰𧾷衰 Variant form of U+2810D 𨄍 HDC v. 10 p. 532: ~ GHC-00042
U+E5FB ⿰𧾷⿱穴佰 跼~ = 跼縮 HDC v. 10 p. 487: 跼~ UTC-03140 IRGN2233
U+E5FC ⿰骨录 一𬴒~ = 一骨魯 HDC v. 1 p. 105: 一𬴒~ UTC-03141 IRGN2233
U+E5FD ⿰扌⿱芔今 吉~ = 吉拜/吉𢷎 HDC v. 3 p. 96: 吉~ UTC-03142 IRGN2233
U+E5FE ⿳⿱⿻一中冖石衣 后~ = 項橐 HDC v. 3 p. 142: 后~ UTC-03143 IRGN2233
U+E5FF ⿰衤歛 含~ = 含殮/含歛 HDC v. 3 p. 233: 含~ UTC-03144 IRGN2233
U+E600 ⿰晏頁 多~ = 多𩖍/多鷃 HDC v. 3 p. 1184: 多𩖍 UTC-03129 IRGN2233
U+E601 ⿱剌虫 毛~蟲 = mistake for 毛𧌐蟲 (毛刺虫) HDC v. 6 p. 1004: 毛~蟲 UTC-03113 IRGN2233
U+E602 ⿰忄愁 HDC v. 7 p. 744: 𢢁~ GHC-00028
U+E603 ⿰石犖 确~ = 确犖 HDC v. 7 p. 1053: 确~ GHC-00052
U+E604 ⿰忄⿱品亏 眙~ = 眙愕/眙𥈭 HDC v. 7 p. 1202: 眙愕 UTC-03147 IRGN2233
U+E605 ⿰礻局 畚~ = 畚挶 HDC v. 7 p. 1340: 畚~ GHC-00027
U+E606 ⿰馬義 白~ = 白義/白蟻 HDC v. 8 p. 218: 白~ GHC-00030
U+E607 ⿰𥘈籴 Unified with U+25EF3 𥻳 HDC v. 8 p. 250: 皂~ UTC-03149 IRGN2233
U+E608 ⿴囗巷 萎~ = 委巷 HDC v. 9 p. 443: 萎~ GHC-00034
U+E609 ⿰火千 蠟~兒 = 蠟簽兒 HDC v. 8 p. 995: 蠟~兒 GHC-00032
U+E60A ⿰火皂 羅~ = 羅唣 HDC v. 8 p. 1051: 羅~ GHC-00029
U+E60B ⿱辝火 𧾨~ = 𧾨𤐮/𧾨𤒞/𧾨𨐹 HDC v. 9 p. 1155: 𧾨~ UTC-03152 IRGN2233
U+E60C ⿰𧾷荖 ~跎 = 蹉跎 HDC v. 10 p. 516: ~ GHC-00038
U+E60D ⿺走妥 䠢~ = 䠢𧽒 HDC v. 10 p. 526: 䠢~ GHC-00039
U+E60E ⿰亻産 蹇~ = 蹇産/蹇滻/蹇嵼 HDC v. 10 p. 535: 蹇~ GHC-00040
U+E60F ⿱輿𠀆 鑾~ = 鑾輿 HDC v. 11 p. 1438: 鑾~ UTC-03154 IRGN2233
U+E610 ⿺先母 HDC v. 12 p. 452: 鬼~ GHC-00049
U+E611 ⿳𦣻冖犬 HDC v. 12 p. 469: 𩲤~ GHC-00050
U+E612 ⿱𥫗滬 魚~ = 魚滬/魚扈 HDC v. 12 p. 1201: 魚~ GHC-00046
U+E613 ⿰鹿冀 麒~ = 騏驥 HDC v. 12 p. 1293: 麒~ GHC-00047
U+E614 ⿰亻裊 偠~ = 偠㒟 HDC v. 1 p. 1538: 偠~ UTC-03081
U+E615 ⿰亻⿹韱心 親~ = 親戚/親慼/親𢦫 HDC v. 10 p. 346: 親戚 GHC-00036
U+E617 ⿰磨刂 切~ = 切磨 HDC v. 2 p. 563: 切~ GHC-00005
U+E618 ⿱媠土 Variant form of U+58AE 墮 HDC v. 4 p. 367: 婀~ UTC-03085
U+E619 ⿱囟大 Unified with U+21605 𡘅 HDC v. 8 p. 212: 白澤 UTC-03086
U+E61A ⿱彐𣱲 鈍~ = 鈍丞 HDC v. 11 p. 1215: 鈍丞 GHC-00043
U+E61B ⿱彑⿲匕矢凡 野~ = 野彘 HDC v. 10 p. 412: 野彘 UTC-03088
U+E61C ⿰扌听 明~ = 明哲/明智 HDC v. 5 p. 607: 明~ GHC-00018
U+E61D ⿰扌焭 Unified with U+22D87 𢶇 HDC v. 6 p. 916: 操~ UTC-03090
U+E61E ⿰木圼 Unified with U+2348B 𣒋 HDC v. 4 p. 773: 杌~ UTC-03091
U+E61F ⿱殺木 末~ = 末殺/末摋 HDC v. 4 p. 698: 末殺 GHC-00015
U+E620 ⿱辟歷 劈~ = 劈歷 HDC v. 2 p. 745: 劈~ UTC-03093
U+E621 ⿰目松 HDC v. 6 p. 1383: 朦~ GHC-00020
U+E622 ⿰目廓 HDC v. 7 p. 1237: 瞁~ GHC-00025
U+E623 ⿱穴縣 宇~ = 宇縣 HDC v. 3 p. 1295: 宇~ UTC-03096
U+E624 ⿱艹俄 白~ = 白義 HDC v. 8 p. 197: 白~ UTC-03097
U+E625 ⿱艹啚 Variant form of U+83D1 菑 HDZ p. 3495 UTC-03098
U+E626 ⿳䒤罒寸 Variant form of U+8513 蔓? HDC v. 3 p. 951: 衍~ UTC-03099
U+E627 ⿱艹逸 HDC v. 12 p. 703: 飛~ GHC-00051
U+E628 ⿰馬总 麝香~ = 麝香驄 HDC v. 12 p. 1301: 麝香驄 UTC-03101
U+E629 ⿰氵钦 Simplified form of U+23FA0 𣾠 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-38
UK-10990 IRGN2232
U+E62A ⿱山在 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-17
《四川、云南、贵州地名考( 中国植物志参考资料4 )》
U+E62B ⿰土妥 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-03
ZRGDDC p. 470
U+E62C ⿰纟劳 Simplified form of U+F5DB ZRGDDC p. 470 UK-10813 IRGN2232
U+E62D ⿱艹⿱次⿰次次 SJ/T 11239—2001 24-63
ZRGDDC p. 4781
UK-10814 IRGN2232
U+E62E ⿰磨鸟 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰磨鳥 ZRGDDC p. 4830 UK-10815 IRGN2232
U+E62F ⿱山时 Simplified form of U+5D75 嵵 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-55
ZRGDDC p. 6011
UK-10816 IRGN2232
U+E630 ⿰石侯 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-26
ZRGDDC p. 6592
UK-10817 IRGN2232
U+E631 ⿰钅耶 Simplified form of U+9381 鎁 ZRGDDC p. 6593 UK-10818 IRGN2232
U+E632 ⿰山龙 Simplified form of U+5DC4 巄 ZRGDDC p. 7735 UK-10819 IRGN2232
U+E633 ⿰禾户 ZDYY p. 15 UK-10820 IRGN2232
U+E634 ⿱山兑 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-65
ZDYY p. 15
U+E635 ⿰土幽 ZDYY p. 25 UK-10822 IRGN2232
U+E636 ⿺爪罗 ZDYY p. 27 UK-10823 IRGN2232
U+E637 ⿰土最 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-08
ZDYY p. 28
U+E638 ⿰土兢 ZDYY p. 29 UK-10825 IRGN2232
U+E639 ⿱𥫗埜 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-13
ZDYY p. 29
UK-10826 IRGN2232
U+E63A ⿰木⿱成林 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-09
ZDYY p. 29
UK-10827 IRGN2232
U+E63B ⿰耒责 Simplified form of U+802B 耫 ZDYY p. 56 UK-10828 IRGN2232
U+E63C ⿲彳卖亍 Simplified form of U+27605 𧘅 ZDYY p. 56 UK-10829 IRGN2232
U+E63D ⿰石迏 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-81
ZDYY p. 102
UK-10830 IRGN2232
U+E63E ⿰山夸 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-18
ZDYY p. 146
UK-10831 IRGN2232
U+E63F ⿱合瓦 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-34
ZDYY p. 297
UK-10832 IRGN2232
U+E640 ⿳䒑⿰丬工乙 《景洪县地名志》
U+E641 ⿱山洼 《云南省勐腊县地名志》 UK-10938 IRGN2232
U+E642 ⿰氵仆 Simplified form of U+6FEE 濮 《云南省勐腊县地名志》 UK-10939 IRGN2232
U+E643 ⿱大尖 《湖南省安化县地名录》 UK-10870 IRGN2232
U+E644 ⿱生𡖅 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-60
UK-10871 IRGN2232
U+E645 ⿰木业 Simplified form of U+6A8F 檏 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-67
UK-10872 IRGN2232
U+E646 ⿺廴占 《湖南省郴州市地名录》
U+E647 ⿰土仚 《湖南省桂东县地名录》 UK-10873 IRGN2232
U+E648 ⿱𡉁皿 《湖南省桂东县地名录》 UK-10874 IRGN2232
U+E649 ⿺𠃊土 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-91
U+E64A ⿰土⿱乃土 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-93
U+E64B ⿰土宽 Simplified form of U+214B5 𡒵 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-55
U+E64C ⿸广西 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-01
UK-10875 IRGN2232
U+E64D ⿱秋石 ZGDDC p. 1049 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-25
U+E64E ⿴囗亦 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-20
U+E64F ⿱孔手 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-70
U+E650 ⿰纟豪 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰糹豪 《汉阳县地名志》 UK-10866 IRGN2232
U+E651 ⿰土教 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-61
U+E652 ⿰鱼炎 Simplified form of U+29E25 𩸥 《阳新县地名志》
U+E653 ⿸厂西 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-03
UK-10936 IRGN2232
U+E654 ⿰山仓 Simplified form of U+5D62 嵢 《湖北省郧县地名志》
U+E655 ⿰木肉 《贵州省毕节县地名录》 UK-10855 IRGN2232
U+E656 ⿱虎虤 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-91
UK-10856 IRGN2232
U+E657 ⿱𫥑石 《贵州省凤冈县地名录》 UK-10857 IRGN2232
U+E658 ⿰禾劳 Simplified form of U+25892 𥢒 《贵州省福泉县地名志》 UK-10858 IRGN2232
U+E659 ⿰女虚 《赫章县地名录》 UK-10867 IRGN2232
U+E65A ⿰皮寸 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-72
UK-10868 IRGN2232
U+E65B ⿰⿱石石欠 《贵州省开阳县地名录》
U+E65C ⿰木匮 Simplified form of U+6AC3 櫃 《贵州省开阳县地名录》
U+E65D ⿰纟困 Simplified form of U+7D91 綑 《贵州省开阳县地名录》
U+E65E ⿱皕瓦 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-38
U+E65F ⿱次⿰次次 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-09
UK-10860 IRGN2232
U+E660 ⿰虫克 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-14
UK-10861 IRGN2232
U+E661 ⿰虫尚 《贵州省绥阳县地名志》 UK-10863 IRGN2232
U+E662 ⿰缶云 《贵州省织金县地名录》 UK-10864 IRGN2232
U+E663 ⿺尢隹 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-62
UK-10838 IRGN2232
U+E664 ⿱山尘 《安徽省祁门县地名录》 UK-10840 IRGN2232
U+E665 ⿰木乌 Simplified form of U+3BA7 㮧 《安徽省潜山县地名录》 GDM-00213
U+E666 ⿱格次 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-92
UK-10841 IRGN2232
U+E667 ⿰彳胡 《安徽省濉溪县地名录》 UK-10842 IRGN2232
U+E668 ⿱秋土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-94
UK-10843 IRGN2232
U+E669 ⿱𥫗昔 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-89
UK-10844 IRGN2232
U+E66A ⿱艹⿺九隹 SJ/T 11239—2001 24-33
UK-10845 IRGN2232
U+E66B ⿺爪竿 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-01
UK-10846 IRGN2232
U+E66C ⿰石丙 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-41
UK-10935 IRGN2232
U+E66D ⿰土叚 《黟县志》
ZGDDC p. 986
UK-10796 IRGN2232
U+E66E ⿰土⿱六𧘇 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-63
UK-10882 IRGN2232
U+E66F ⿰𤣩冈 Simplified form of U+24987 𤦇 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-16
UK-10892 IRGN2232
U+E670 ⿰衤𫉬 褡~ Daniel Kane, The Sino-Jurchen Vocabulary of the Bureau of Interpreters (1989) p. 333 UK-10994 IRGN2232
U+E671 ⿰土舍 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-55
U+E672 ⿰角小 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-12
UK-10850 IRGN2232
U+E673 ⿰氵府 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-25
UK-10981 IRGN2232
U+E674 ⿰氵鉴 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-79
《春满⿰氵鉴河浪花飞 民族情韵永流长——陆华柏钢琴作品〈⿰氵鉴河之歌〉试析》
UK-10988 IRGN2232
U+E675 ⿰巾京 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-36
U+E676 ⿳⺊冖㠯 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-09
UK-10989 IRGN2232
U+E677 ⿸厂丫 《古代汉语教程》
U+E678 ⿰禾𬜯 Simplified form of U+25879 𥡹 《古代汉语教程》
U+E679 ⿸鹿吾 《古代汉语教程》
U+E67A ⿰馬牢 《古代汉语教程》
U+E67B ⿰馬豕 《古代汉语教程》
U+E67C ⿰夜馬 《古代汉语教程》
U+E67D ⿰衤𧄐 《古代汉语教程》
U+E67E ⿰月查 《肥东县志》
CAED p. 152
UK-10851 IRGN2232
U+E67F ⿰虫宪 Simplified form of U+4606 䘆 《含山县志》 UK-10865 IRGN2232
U+E680 ⿰山员 Simplified form of U+21ED6 𡻖 《江西省进贤县地名志》
U+E681 ⿰亻岽 Simplified form of U+F5D9 《成武县地名志》 UK-10848 IRGN2232
U+E682 ⿰土晃 《江西省武宁县地名志》 UK-10908 IRGN2232
U+E683 ⿱田一 《江西省修水县地名志》
U+E684 ⿰纟车 Simplified form of U+2603A 𦀺 《江西省修水县地名志》
U+E685 ⿰土剌 《江西省永修县地名志》 UK-10913 IRGN2232
U+E686 ⿰火劳 Simplified form of U+243EA 𤏪 《江西省赣州市地名志》 UK-10888 IRGN2232
U+E687 ⿰石乌 Simplified form of U+40D6 䃖 《江西省南康县地名志》 UK-10897 IRGN2232
U+E688 ⿰呆鸟 Simplified form of U+2A063 𪁣 《江西省瑞金县地名志》 UK-10901 IRGN2232
U+E689 ⿱艹鲁 Simplified form of U+27026 𧀦 《江西省瑞金县地名志》 UK-10900 IRGN2232
U+E68A ⿱艹碣 《江西省瑞金县地名志》
U+E68B ⿱元鱼 Simplified form of U+29D76 𩵶 《江西省定南县地名志》 UK-10883 IRGN2232
U+E68C ⿰扌彡 《江西省会昌县地名志》 GDM-00069
U+E68D ⿱山去 《江西省石城县地名志》 UK-10903 IRGN2232
U+E68E ⿱山仍 《江西省清江县地名志》 GDM-00051
U+E68F ⿰土览 Simplified form of U+21511 𡔑 《江西省丰城县地名志》 UK-10884 IRGN2232
U+E690 ⿰车勾 Simplified form of U+282B5 𨊵 《江西省丰城县地名志》 UK-10885 IRGN2232
U+E691 ⿰山毫 《高安县志》 UK-10889 IRGN2232
U+E692 ⿰土皋 《江西省奉新县地名志》 UK-10886 IRGN2232
U+E693 ⿱不合 《江西省奉新县地名志》 UK-10887 IRGN2232
U+E694 ⿰钅宜 《江西省宜丰县地名志》 UK-10911 IRGN2232
U+E695 ⿰木贺 Simplified form of U+2ACFA 𪳺 《江西省宜丰县地名志》 UK-10912 IRGN2232
U+E696 ⿰石皂 《江西省万载县地名志》 UK-10907 IRGN2232
U+E697 ⿰土昏 《江西省上饶市地名志》 UK-10902 IRGN2232
U+E698 ⿱动灬 Simplified form of U+52F2 勲 《江西省吉安市地名志》 UK-10893 IRGN2232
U+E699 ⿰山段 《江苏省峡江县地名志》 UK-10879 IRGN2232
U+E69A ⿱入门 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱入門 《江西省万安县地名志》 GDM-00012
U+E69B ⿱艹降 《江西省金溪县地名志》 UK-10894 IRGN2232
U+E69C ⿰𤣩富 《江西省南城县地名志》 UK-10896 IRGN2232
U+E69D ⿰土层 Simplified form of U+214B8 𡒸 《江西省黎川县地名志》 UK-10895 IRGN2232
U+E69E ⿱穴坬 《江西省瑞昌县地名志》 UK-10899 IRGN2232
U+E69F ⿰山英 中华人民共和国第二代人民身份证 GDM-00189 IRGN2228
U+E6A0 ⿰虫虚 《江苏省宝应县地名录》 UK-10876 IRGN2232
U+E6A1 ⿱⿵大一日 《安徽省泾县地名录》
U+E6A2 ⿰氵噩 《江苏省邗江县地名录》 UK-10877 IRGN2232
U+E6A3 ⿱𡉁土 《江苏省泰县地名录》
U+E6A4 ⿱山孔 《江苏省盱眙县地名录》 UK-10880 IRGN2232
U+E6A5 ⿰田乏 《湖南省芷江县地名录》
U+E6A6 ⿰氵败 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰氵敗 《湖南省芷江县地名录》
U+E6A7 ⿰土董 《湖南省凤凰县地名录》
U+E6A8 ⿱渐金 Simplified form of U+28B9C 𨮜 《湖南省冷水江市地名录》
U+E6A9 ⿰山申 《湖南省新晃侗族自治县地名录》
U+E6AA ⿱蓐廾 《漢語大字典》 UK-10014 IRGN2232
U+E6AB 《古文异体关系整理与研究》
U+E6AC ⿱丶? 《古文异体关系整理与研究》
U+E6AD ⿱艹马 Simplified form of U+450D 䔍 《江西省瑞金县地名志》
U+E6AE ⿰扌⿱艹坔 《大运河的传说》
U+E6AF ⿰石𢛳 福建省福州市公交仁德站公交站牌 GDM-00001 IRGN2228
U+E6B0 ⿰纟太 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰糹太 《部分计量单位名称统一用字表》(《稀有金属》1977年第3期)
U+E6B1 ⿺瓦万 《中華大字典》 p. 107
U+E6B2 ⿰扌㕘 Variant form of U+64CD 操 XHC 2016 p. 128
U+E6B3 ⿰口𬮦 Simplified form of U+2116D 𡅭 MFDC p. 25 UK-10543 IRGN2232
U+E6B4 ⿰身娄 Simplified form of U+8EC1 軁 MFDC p. 30 UK-10544 IRGN2232
U+E6B5 ⿰钅盧 Simplified form of U+946A 鑪 MFDC p. 37 UK-10545 IRGN2232
U+E6B6 ⿺走爪 MFDC p. 85 UK-10546 IRGN2232
U+E6B7 ⿸疒稣 Simplified form of U+24F00 𤼀 MFDC p. 106 UK-10547 IRGN2232
U+E6B8 ⿰鱼古 Simplified form of U+9B95 鮕 MFDC p. 107 UK-10548 IRGN2232
U+E6B9 ⿰米臼 MFDC p. 221 UK-10549 IRGN2232
U+E6BA ⿱髟隹 MFDC p. 233 UK-10550 IRGN2232
U+E6BB ⿰月贵 Simplified form of U+81AD 膭 MFDC p. 236 UK-10551 IRGN2232
U+E6BC ⿰审力 Simplified form of U+3524 㔤 MFDC p. 317 UK-10552 IRGN2232
U+E6BD ⿰彳参 Simplified form of U+22555 𢕕 MFDC p. 326 UK-10553 IRGN2232
U+E6BE ⿰参刂 Simplified form of U+527C 剼 MFDC p. 329
CAED p. 350
UK-10554 IRGN2232
U+E6BF ⿰感页 Simplified form of U+4AF2 䫲 MFDC p. 332 UK-10555 IRGN2232
U+E6C0 ⿰贲羽 Simplified form of U+7FF8 翸 MFDC p. 361 UK-10556 IRGN2232
U+E6C1 ⿰鱼乾 Simplified form of U+2B671 𫙱 MFDC p. 397 UK-10557 IRGN2232
U+E6C2 ⿰女严 Simplified form of U+5B4D 孍 MFDC p. 397 UK-10558 IRGN2232
U+E6C3 ⿰鱼成 Simplified form of U+9BCE 鯎 MFDC p. 439 UK-10560 IRGN2232
U+E6C4 ⿰旁见 Simplified form of U+89AB 覫 MFDC p. 448 UK-10561 IRGN2232
U+E6C5 ⿰鱼沙 Simplified form of U+9BCB 鯋 MFDC p. 463 UK-10562 IRGN2232
U+E6C6 ⿰钅卬 Simplified form of U+491D 䤝 MFDC p. 468 UK-10563 IRGN2232
U+E6C7 ⿱莫用 MFDC p. 471 UK-10564 IRGN2232
U+E6C8 ⿰舟夹 Simplified form of U+26A40 𦩀 MFDC p. 572 UK-10567 IRGN2232
U+E6C9 ⿰讠及 Simplified form of U+8A2F 訯 MFDC p. 575 UK-10568 IRGN2232
U+E6CA ⿱屈衣 MFDC p. 596 UK-10569 IRGN2232
U+E6CB ⿰钅录 Simplified form of U+9332 録 MFDC p. 612 GDM-00152
U+E6CC ⿰鸟马 Simplified form of U+9DCC 鷌 MFDC p. 669 UK-10571 IRGN2232
U+E6CD ⿰亻恶 Simplified form of U+50EB 僫 MFDC p. 681 UK-10572 IRGN2232
U+E6CE ⿱保贝 Simplified form of U+8CF2 賲 MFDC p. 707 UK-10573 IRGN2232
U+E6CF ⿰目无 Simplified form of U+77B4 瞴 MFDC p. 710 UK-10574 IRGN2232
U+E6D0 ⿰扌贞 Simplified form of U+63C1 揁 MFDC p. 712 UK-10575 IRGN2232
U+E6D1 ⿰豆歷 lịch 《大南寔錄》(Đại Nam thực lục) 第十九册 (東京:慶應義塾大學,1980年) p. 7298
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U+E6D3 ⿱少兒 佟建荣 著:《西夏姓名研究》(北京,2015年) pp. 212–213 UK-10992 IRGN2232
U+E6D4 ⿱小兒 佟建荣 著:《西夏姓名研究》(北京,2015年) pp. 212–213
U+E6D5 ⿰釒圈 R. A. Parker, Lessons in the Shanghai Dialect (Shanghai, 1923) p. 41 UK-10777 IRGN2232
U+E6D6 ⿰⿱土非皮 DSD p. 38 UK-10340 IRGN2232
U+E6D7 ⿰月感 hàn DSD p. 149 UK-10341 IRGN2232
U+E6D8 ⿱艹𥅘 huā DSD p. 160 UK-10342 IRGN2232
U+E6D9 ⿰矢面 huī DSD p. 166 UK-10343 IRGN2232
U+E6DA ⿰石束 DSD p. 230 UK-10344 IRGN2232
U+E6DB ⿰口羸 léi DSD p. 236 UK-10345 IRGN2232
U+E6DC ⿰馬永 mài DSD p. 263 UK-10346 IRGN2232
U+E6DD ⿺兀貌 DSD p. 280 UK-10348 IRGN2232
U+E6DE ⿺毛若 ruò DSD p. 344 UK-10354 IRGN2232
U+E6DF ⿰石審 shěn DSD p. 360 UK-10355 IRGN2232
U+E6E0 ⿰扌窣 DSD p. 387 UK-10356 IRGN2232
U+E6E1 ⿰妥刂 tuǒ DSD p. 413 UK-10357 IRGN2232
U+E6E2 ⿰氵夐 xiòng DSD p. 460 KC-07515 IRGN2229
U+E6E3 ⿺毛戉 yuè DSD p. 528 UK-10358 IRGN2232
U+E6E4 ⿰氵笮 zhā DSD p. 538 UK-10359 IRGN2232
U+E6E5 ⿰口孱 zhàn DSD p. 542
LFC p. 254
UK-10360 IRGN2232
U+E6E6 ⿰矢次 DSD p. 572 UK-10361 IRGN2232
U+E6E7 ⿰口捨 《成都方言詞典》 p. 151 UK-10448 IRGN2232
U+E6E8 ⿰扌篾 《成都方言詞典》 p. 155 UK-10449 IRGN2232
U+E6E9 ⿰扌宵 《成都方言詞典》 p. 155 UK-10450 IRGN2232
U+E6EA ⿰口杀 Omar L. Kilborn, Chinese Lessons for First Year Students in West China (1917) p. 20 UK-10433 IRGN2232
U+E6EB ⿳𥫗⿴北白几 Omar L. Kilborn, Chinese Lessons for First Year Students in West China (1917) p. 67 UK-10434 IRGN2232
U+E6EC ⿰高⿱品水 Omar L. Kilborn, Chinese Lessons for First Year Students in West China (1917) p. 156 UK-10435 IRGN2232
U+E6ED ⿰月戛 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 87 UK-10455 IRGN2232
U+E6EE ⿰虫戛 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 87 UK-10456 IRGN2232
U+E6EF ⿱非射 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 124 UK-10457 IRGN2232
U+E6F0 ⿰米堯 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 180 UK-10458 IRGN2232
U+E6F1 ⿰月乃 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 267 UK-10459 IRGN2232
U+E6F2 ⿸疒壬 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 284 UK-10460 IRGN2232
U+E6F3 ⿰口恁 《柳州方言詞典》 p. 285 UK-10461 IRGN2232
U+E6F4 ⿰口⿵门牙 Simplified form of U+20F6B 𠽫 《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 137 UK-10462 IRGN2232
U+E6F5 ⿰牙岂 Simplified form of U+24611 𤘑 《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 138 UK-10463 IRGN2232
U+E6F6 ⿰亻赖 Simplified form of U+2B8FB 𫣻 《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 138 UK-10464 IRGN2232
U+E6F7 ⿰米尧 《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 139 UK-10465 IRGN2232
U+E6F8 ⿰纟囊 Simplified form of U+26203 𦈃 《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 141 UK-10466 IRGN2232
U+E6F9 ⿰皮央 《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 141 UK-10467 IRGN2232
U+E6FA ⿰丁央 《柳州市志(第7卷)》 p. 141 UK-10468 IRGN2232
U+E6FB ⿹气咅 《福州话实用字典》 p. 13 UK-10540 IRGN2232
U+E6FC ⿰口鄂 《福州话实用字典》 p. 237 UK-10541 IRGN2232
U+E6FD ⿸疒鐵 《福州话实用字典》 p. 300 UK-10542 IRGN2232
U+E6FE ⿰鱼奚 Simplified form of U+2EB0A 𮬊 《澄海方言研究》 p. 143
U+E6FF ⿰卤咸 Non-standard simplified form of U+9E79 鹹 《澄海方言研究》 p. 196
U+E700 ⿰勿是 《澄海方言研究》 p. 254
U+E701 ⿱𥫗怎 DFFC p. 30 UK-10486 IRGN2232
U+E702 ⿰毕鸟 Simplified form of U+9DDD 鷝 DFFC p. 59 G_PGLG3049
U+E703 ⿵门西 Simplified form of U+95AA 閪 DFFC p. 150 UK-10488 IRGN2232
U+E704 ⿰臭斤 DFFC p. 204 UK-10489 IRGN2232
U+E705 ⿰石长 Simplified form of U+40BB 䂻 DFFC p. 312 UK-10490 IRGN2232
U+E706 ⿰𧾷尽 DFFC p. 329 UK-10491 IRGN2232
U+E707 ⿵门丅 Simplified form of U+E78E HZFY p. 88 UK-10757 IRGN2232
U+E708 ⿰虫冓 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 8 folio 7a UK-10322 IRGN2232
U+E709 ⿰土觜 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-31
U+E70A ⿱覀之 YL p. 69
U+E70B ⿸疒攻 YL p. 73
U+E70C ⿰口厖 YL p. 83
U+E70D ⿰乡邦 YL p. 89
U+E70F ⿰馬⿱灭又 YL p. 221 KC-07736 IRGN2229
U+E711 ⿰⿳⺊冖米攵 YL p. 260
U+E713 ⿰石憑 YL p. 311
U+E714 ⿱代石 YL p. 338
U+E715 ⿰目叔 YL p. 384
U+E716 ⿰亻䘚 Variant form of U+5005 倅 YL p. 144
U+E717 ⿱宀䘚 Variant form of U+21A27 𡨧 YL p. 408
U+E718 ⿱山䘚 Variant form of U+5D12 崒 YL p. 375
U+E719 ⿰扌䘚 Variant form of U+637D 捽 YL p. 408
U+E71A ⿰氵䘚 Variant form of U+6DEC 淬 YL p. 144
U+E71B ⿰火䘚 Variant form of U+7120 焠 YL p. 144
U+E71C ⿱犭䘚 Variant form of U+731D 猝 YL p. 408
U+E71D ⿰米䘚 Variant form of U+7CB9 粹 YL p. 144
U+E71E ⿰訁䘚 Variant form of U+8AB6 誶 YL p. 144
U+E71F ⿰酉䘚 Variant form of U+9189 醉 YL p. 144
U+E720 ⿰䘚隹 Variant form of U+28FFC 𨿼 YL p. 416
U+E721 ⿰屯鸟 Simplified form of U+E722 刘艳新、向能来、彭书桃 著:《似鹅非鹅 似鸭非鸭 知道吗?它是~》,《湖北日报》,2015年8月11日,06版 UK-10968 IRGN2232
U+E722 ⿰屯鳥 Traditional form of U+E721 《篇海》 UK-10987 IRGN2232
U+E723 ⿰山布 UK-10980 IRGN2232
U+E724 ⿰土匡 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-21 GDM-00025
U+E725 ⿰火身 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-51 UK-10854 IRGN2232
U+E726 ⿵门弄 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿵門弄 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-47
U+E727 ⿰土𨈣 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-76
U+E728 ⿱㚘土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-27
U+E729 ⿰氵状 Simplified form of U+23D8D 𣶍
U+E72A ⿰氵众 Simplified form of U+6F68 潨 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-89 GDM-00083
U+E72B ⿰土少 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-30 UK-10881 IRGN2232
U+E72C ⿺见↷见 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿺見↷見 UK-10909 IRGN2232
U+E72D ⿵门见 Simplified form of U+28D3C 𨴼 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-28 GZA-623876
U+E72E ⿰山先 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-26 GDM-00057
U+E72F ⿱不足 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-78 UK-10937 IRGN2232
U+E730 ⿱艹帮 SJ/T 11239—2001 24-13
U+E731 ⿺乙平 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-77
U+E732 ⿱不立 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-26 UK-10995 IRGN2232
U+E733 ⿰土夺 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-16 UK-10924 IRGN2232
U+E734 ⿱山往 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-84
Founder Population Information Font (see IRG N2333)
UK-10945 IRGN2232
U+E735 ⿰畜定
U+E736 ⿰忄廉
U+E737 ⿵门贡 Simplified form of U+28D9B 𨶛 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-48
U+E738 ⿱𥫗丕
U+E739 ⿰山务 Simplified form of U+21EB1 𡺱 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-03 UK-10919 IRGN2232
U+E73A ⿱艹媽
U+E73B ⿰石裴
U+E73C ⿰石寡 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-80 UK-10925 IRGN2232
U+E73D ⿱入子 《孝义县志》(北京: 海潮出版社, 1992) p. 30
SJ/T 11239—2001 17-66
U+E73E ⿰土九 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-06
U+E73F ⿰土刃 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-20
U+E740 ⿰身大 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-01
U+E742 ⿰氵轨 Simplified form of U+23DFE 𣷾 UK-10922 IRGN2232
U+E743 ⿱叔土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-43
U+E744 ⿱亠丿 Qínpǔ (琴譜) notation for 吟
U+E745 ⿰土𤲞 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-35
U+E746 ⿱薮土
U+E747 ⿰氵⿸厂元 2nd stage simplified form of U+6E90 源
U+E748 ⿰冫口 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-87 UK-10946 IRGN2232
U+E749 ⿰土⿱田令 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-40 GDM-00038
U+E74A ⿱山瓜 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-93 GDM-00056
U+E74B ⿱车石 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱車石 UK-10576 IRGN2232
U+E74C ⿰土虔 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-36 UK-10577 IRGN2232
U+E74D ⿲土水土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-25 UK-10578 IRGN2232
U+E74E ⿰土戋 Simplified form of U+2134C 𡍌 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-59 GDM-00022
U+E74F ⿱天怕 or ⿱夭怕 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-64 UK-10996 IRGN2232
U+E750 ⿱𥫗毫 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-17 UK-10869 IRGN2232
U+E751 ⿰纟坠 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰糹墜 UK-10430 IRGN2232
U+E752 ⿰齿最 Simplified form of U+2A666 𪙦 UK-10431 IRGN2232
U+E753 ⿰农毛 Simplified form of U+23C0A 𣰊 UK-10432 IRGN2232
U+E754 ⿱出水 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-90 UK-10590 IRGN2232
U+E755 ⿵门水 Simplified form of U+9596 閖 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-34 GDM-00154
U+E756 ⿰马登 Simplified form of U+4BB4 䮴 UK-10592 IRGN2232
U+E757 ⿰月苔 UK-10985 IRGN2232
U+E758 ⿰口夯 《成都方言詞典》 p. 166
U+E759 ⿰𧾷勾 UK-10020 IRGN2232
U+E75A ⿰鸟鸟 Simplified form of U+2A15D 𪅝
U+E75B ⿱⿰角角⿰角角
U+E75C ⿱⿰鸟鸟⿰鸟鸟 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱𪅝𪅝
U+E75D ⿱𡫥𡫥
U+E75E ⿰纟厚 Simplified form of U+F64C
U+E75F ⿰氵篦 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-87
U+E760 ⿰扌琶 SJ/T 11239—2001 25-19
U+E761 ⿰呆易
U+E762 ⿱错六 Simplified form of U+30F49 𰽉
U+E763 ⿵门录 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿵門录
U+E765 ⿶凵灵
U+E766 ⿰曾等
U+E767 ⿰皮兄
U+E768 ⿸尸查 UK-10931 IRGN2232
U+E769 ⿱𥫗抯 UK-10932 IRGN2232
U+E76A ⿱勿坏 UK-10933 IRGN2232
U+E76B ⿱勿顽 Simplified form of U+F5D8 UK-10934 IRGN2232
U+E76C ⿱勿会 Simplified form of U+F64D UK-10972 IRGN2232
U+E76D ⿰钅责 Simplified form of U+494A 䥊 UK-10926 IRGN2232
U+E76E ⿰厓见 Simplified form of U+2784B 𧡋
U+E76F ⿰纟赤 Simplified form of U+26017 𦀗 UK-10916 IRGN2232
U+E770 ⿱那样 UK-10917 IRGN2232
U+E771 ⿰夸支 UK-10847 IRGN2232
U+E772 ⿱艹勒 SJ/T 11239—2001 24-37 UK-10947 IRGN2232
U+E773 ⿰口如 FYDK 上 25 V-F0B19 IRGN2241
U+E774 ⿰氵粀 UK-10396 IRGN2232
U+E775 ⿰钅嬴 Simplified form of U+28BE4 𨯤 UK-10397 IRGN2232
U+E776 ⿰身贫 Simplified form of U+2827A 𨉺 UK-10398 IRGN2232
U+E777 ⿰米齐 Simplified form of U+30AD5 𰫕 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-65 GDM-00133
U+E778 ⿸疒财 Simplified form of U+2B7AD 𫞭 UK-10399 IRGN2232
U+E779 ⿰米妻 GXM-00339
U+E77A ⿰⿱肉米产 UK-10401 IRGN2232
U+E77B ⿱酥灬 UK-10402 IRGN2232
U+E77C ⿱折瓦 UK-10403 IRGN2232
U+E77D ⿰土聂 Simplified form of U+214F3 𡓳 UK-10404 IRGN2232
U+E77E ⿱未母 UK-10405 IRGN2232
U+E77F UK-10406 IRGN2232
U+E780 ⿰饣劳 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰飠勞 UK-10407 IRGN2232
U+E781 ⿸尸妥 UK-10408 IRGN2232
U+E782 ⿰纟些 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰糹些 UK-10409 IRGN2232
U+E783 ⿰酉合 UK-10411 IRGN2232
U+E784 ⿰禺欠 UK-10412 IRGN2232
U+E785 ⿰虫施 UK-10414 IRGN2232
U+E786 ⿰火勒 UK-10415 IRGN2232
U+E787 ⿰火阉 Simplified form of U+24477 𤑷 UK-10416 IRGN2232
U+E788 ⿰鱼卑 Simplified form of U+4C5D 䱝 UK-10417 IRGN2232
U+E789 ⿰未曾 CAED p. 293
GFZ p. 148
U+E78A ⿰石又 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-08
U+E78B ⿱龷叩 Abbreviation for 革命 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E78C ⿱艹⿸厂生 Abbreviation for 共産 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E78D ⿱仝心 Abbreviation for 同志 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E78E ⿵門丅 Abbreviation for 問題 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E78F ⿸厂史 Abbreviation for 歷史 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E790 ⿱⿳亠丷冖义 Abbreviation for 帝國主義 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E791 ⿱次义 Abbreviation for 資本主義 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E792 ⿱?及 Abbreviation for 無産階級 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E793 ⿱次及 Abbreviation for 資本階級 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E794 ⿴囗示 Abbreviation for 國際 Tao-tai Hsia, China's Language Reforms (New Haven, 1956) Appendix A
U+E795 ⿱艹守 L2/17-111 UTC-02980 IRGN2233
U+E796 ⿰土只 王谢杨, 生僻地名用字 UK-10948 IRGN2232
U+E797 ⿰土窊 王谢杨, 生僻地名用字
SJ/T 11239—2001 22-56
U+E798 ⿱石非 王谢杨, 生僻地名用字
SJ/T 11239—2001 36-94
U+E799 ⿰米某 L2/17-099 UTC-02979 IRGN2233
U+E79A ⿰亻赏 Simplified form of U+511F 償 24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 4820 UK-10286 IRGN2232
U+E79B ⿰亻员 Simplified form of U+508A 傊 24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 4778 UK-10285 IRGN2232
U+E79C ⿰钅宝 Simplified form of U+28C26 𨰦 24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 5024 UK-10287 IRGN2232
U+E79D ⿰钅粟 Simplified form of U+4954 䥔 24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 6775 UK-10290 IRGN2232
U+E79E ⿰钅与 Simplified form of U+28B94 𨮔 24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 6528 GXM-00114
U+E79F ⿰礻类 Simplified form of U+79B7 禷 24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 4522 UK-10284 IRGN2232
U+E7A0 ⿰讠言 Simplified form of U+8AA9 誩 24Shi : Sòng Shǐ 宋史 p. 6528 UK-10289 IRGN2232
U+E7A1 ⿰火齐 Simplified form of U+3E04 㸄 24Shi : Míng Shǐ 明史 p. 223 UK-10293 IRGN2232
U+E7A2 ⿰钅盖 Simplified form of U+9449 鑉 24Shi : Míng Shǐ 明史 p. 1806 UK-10294 IRGN2232
U+E7A3 ⿰钅尹 Simplified form of U+28960 𨥠 24Shi : Míng Shǐ 明史 p. 5329 UK-10296 IRGN2232
U+E7A4 ⿰钅类 Simplified form of U+28C25 𨰥 24Shi : Míng Shǐ 明史 p. 4405 UK-10295 IRGN2232
U+E7A5 ⿰石畢 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 18 folio 6a
U+E7A6 ⿰扌阖 Simplified form of U+E7BF
U+E7A7 ⿺毛八 《浦江縣志》(清光緒31年[1905年]) 卷三 p. 15
U+E7A9 ⿻⿻丅八从 HFDC p. 3185 UK-10367 IRGN2232
U+E7AA ⿰饣农 Simplified form of U+297CA 𩟊 HFDC p. 3508 UK-10368 IRGN2232
U+E7AB ⿺风隶 Simplified form of U+F64E HFDC p. 4330 UK-10369 IRGN2232
U+E7AC ⿰亻⿱龹马 Simplified form of U+512F 儯 HFDC p. 4910 UK-10370 IRGN2232
U+E7AD ⿰鸟戋 Simplified form of U+2CDDF 𬷟 HFDC p. 5011 UK-10371 IRGN2232
U+E7AE ⿰曹勺 HFDC p. 5270 UK-10372 IRGN2232
U+E7AF ⿰坌页 Simplified form of U+2CC47 𬱇 HFDC p. 6621 UK-10373 IRGN2232
U+E7B0 ⿰齿赞 Simplified form of U+2A687 𪚇 HFDC p. 6809 UK-10374 IRGN2232
U+E7B1 ⿱𥫗枢 Simplified form of U+4269 䉩 HFDC p. 6848 UK-10375 IRGN2232
U+E7B2 ⿰钅戛 Simplified form of U+2CAFF 𬫿 HFDC p. 7254 UK-10376 IRGN2232
U+E7B3 ⿰麦夜 Simplified form of U+2A345 𪍅 HFDC p. 7309 UK-10377 IRGN2232
U+E7B4 ⿰麦连 Simplified form of U+2A366 𪍦 HFDC p. 7436 UK-10378 IRGN2232
U+E7B6 ⿰麦㐱 HFDC p. 7436
U+E7B7 ⿱鑫车 Simplified form of U+28403 𨐃 HFDC p. 7474 UK-10379 IRGN2232
U+E7B8 ⿰禾⿴囗也 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 12 folio 5a
UK-10323 IRGN2232
U+E7B9 ⿸疒各 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 20 folio 6b
UK-10324 IRGN2232
U+E7BA ⿰扌欒 《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》卷五 UK-10336 IRGN2232
U+E7BB ⿰扌栾 Simplified form of U+E7BA 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 24 folio 1b
《李渔全集》第十三卷:《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》(浙江古籍出版社2010年) p. 183
UK-10325 IRGN2232
U+E7BC ⿰革反 Used for writing Bai language (方块白文) 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 30 folio 4a
See @WangXieyang on Twitter
UK-10326 IRGN2232
U+E7BD ⿴囗扁 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 31 folio 6b
UK-10327 IRGN2232
U+E7BE ⿰𧾷⿱蓺𧘇 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 32 folio 5b
UK-10328 IRGN2232
U+E7BF ⿰扌闔 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 32 folio 10a
UK-10329 IRGN2232
U+E7C0 ⿰石店 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 33 folio 3b
XBDB 8953: NGJ
UK-10330 IRGN2232
U+E7C1 ⿰火夸 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 41 folio 3a
《李渔全集》第十三卷:《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》(浙江古籍出版社1991年) p. 134
UK-10331 IRGN2232
U+E7C2 ⿰飠皆 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 49 folio 15b
UK-10332 IRGN2232
U+E7C3 ⿰饣皆 Simplified form of U+E7C2 《李渔全集》第十三卷:《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》(浙江古籍出版社1991年) p. 238 UK-10337 IRGN2232
U+E7C4 ⿰飠禾 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 49 folio 15b
UK-10333 IRGN2232
U+E7C5 ⿰饣禾 Simplified form of U+E7C4 《李渔全集》第十三卷:《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》(浙江古籍出版社1991年) p. 238 UK-10338 IRGN2232
U+E7C6 ⿰石否 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 62 folio 25b
UK-10334 IRGN2232
U+E7C7 ⿰糹堂 《新刻金瓶梅詞話》 ch. 68 folio 20b
UK-10335 IRGN2232
U+E7C8 ⿰纟堂 Simplified form of U+E7C7 《李渔全集》第十四卷:《新刻绣像批评金瓶梅》(浙江古籍出版社1991年) p. 51 UK-10339 IRGN2232
U+E7C9 ⿰倉頁 PSJ p. 744 UK-10299 IRGN2232
U+E7CA ⿱⿰石豕土 PSJ p. 744 UK-10300 IRGN2232
U+E7CB ⿱艹𣧃 PSJ p. 745
U+E7CC ⿰咠頁 PSJ p. 745
U+E7CE ⿸屵吕 PSJ p. 747
U+E7CF ⿰𦰩夾 PSJ p. 748
U+E7D1 ⿰釒䓒 PSJ p. 749
U+E7D2 ⿰釒臭 PSJ p. 749 T12-2128 IRGN2231
U+E7D3 ⿺麥頁 PSJ p. 749
U+E7D4 ⿱𥫗𫄻 PSJ p. 750
U+E7D5 ⿱𥫗八 PSJ p. 750 UK-10301 IRGN2232
U+E7D6 ⿰片倉 PSJ p. 753 UK-10302 IRGN2232
U+E7D7 ⿸片丶 PSJ p. 753
U+E7D8 ⿱穴作 PSJ p. 755
U+E7D9 ⿰糹亨 PSJ p. 755
U+E7DA ⿰衤祭 PSJ p. 755 UK-10303 IRGN2232
U+E7DB ⿰⿱叕木刂 PSJ p. 755
U+E7DC ⿰衤舀 PSJ p. 755 UK-10304 IRGN2232
U+E7DD ⿰衤邑 PSJ p. 756 UK-10305 IRGN2232
U+E7DE ⿰扌甯 Variant form of U+64F0 擰 PSJ p. 756 UK-10306 IRGN2232
U+E7DF ⿸厂查 PSJ p. 756 UK-10307 IRGN2232
U+E7E0 ⿺走荅 PSJ p. 757 UK-10308 IRGN2232
U+E7E1 ⿰軍夋 PSJ p. 757 UK-10309 IRGN2232
U+E7E2 ⿰口⿸广些 PSJ p. 758
U+E7E3 ⿰口⿱?𠮷 Corrupt form of U+20F79 𠽹 PSJ p. 758
U+E7E4 ⿰扌甹 PSJ p. 760 UK-10310 IRGN2232
U+E7E5 ⿺爪昜 PSJ p. 760 UK-10311 IRGN2232
U+E7E7 ⿰市鳥 PSJ p. 762 UK-10314 IRGN2232
U+E7E8 ⿱站瓦 PSJ p. 763 UK-10315 IRGN2232
U+E7E9 ⿰木⿴囗𠂭 PSJ p. 763 UK-10316 IRGN2232
U+E7EA ⿺辶𬀷 PSJ p. 764 UK-10317 IRGN2232
U+E7EB ⿰牜業 PSJ p. 764
U+E7ED ⿰魚隼 PSJ p. 766
U+E7EE ⿰享⿳一䒑几 Corrupt form of U+23135 𣄵 PSJ p. 766
U+E7EF ⿰虫苟 PSJ p. 766 UK-10318 IRGN2232
U+E7F1 ⿰马犬 Simplified form of U+4B7E 䭾 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-88
U+E7F2 ⿱山皮 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-11
U+E7F3 ⿺九六 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-47 GDM-00005 IRGN2228
U+E7F4 ⿱山伏 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-28
U+E7F5 ⿱牛田 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-06
U+E7F6 ⿱山地 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-13
U+E7F7 ⿱穴地 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-45 GDM-00126 IRGN2228
U+E7F8 ⿰阝弄 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-50
U+E7F9 ⿱甪土
U+E7FA ⿱㐌土
U+E7FB ⿱外土 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-85 GDM-00003 IRGN2228
U+E7FC ⿸尸寸 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-46
UTC-02981 IRGN2233
U+E7FD ⿰石寻 Simplified form of U+25587 𥖇 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-75
U+E7FE ⿰土仓 Simplified form of U+2A907 𪤇 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-39
UTC-02983 IRGN2233
U+E7FF ⿰木间 Simplified form of U+6A7A 橺 SJ/T 11239—2001 33-15
UTC-02984 IRGN2233
U+E800 ⿱𥫗畚 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-11
UTC-02985 IRGN2233
U+E801 ⿳一田一 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-12
U+E802 ⿹⺄身 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-83
U+E803 ⿱𥫗䑬 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-25
U+E804 ⿰鱼严 Simplified form of U+29F74 𩽴 SJ/T 11239—2001 42-35
UTC-02989 IRGN2233
U+E805 ⿰土处 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-84
U+E806 ⿰土夭 Not unifiable with U+2BB5B 𫭛 (WS2017 00667) SJ/T 11239—2001 19-35
U+E807 ⿱敬土 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-05
UTC-02992 IRGN2233
U+E808 ⿳甫𠆢氺 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-92
U+E809 ⿺辶芫 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-34
UTC-02994 IRGN2233
U+E80A ⿱解山 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-33
UTC-02995 IRGN2233
U+E80B ⿴囗昏 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-25
UTC-02996 IRGN2233
U+E80C ⿰土干 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-12
U+E80D ⿱𥫗样 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-09
UTC-02998 IRGN2233
U+E80E ⿰石罢 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰石罷 SJ/T 11239—2001 37-37
UTC-02999 IRGN2233
U+E80F ⿰土在 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-15
U+E810 ⿲彳车亍 Simplified form of U+4853 䡓 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-39
UTC-03001 IRGN2233
U+E811 ⿰氵汆 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-90
UTC-03002 IRGN2233
U+E812 ⿰冫蚕 SJ/T 11239—2001 18-05
UTC-03003 IRGN2233
U+E813 ⿰日百 L2/17-062 UTC-03004 IRGN2233
U+E814 ⿰纟尼 Simplified form of U+25FE1 𥿡 L2/17-062 UTC-03005 IRGN2233
U+E815 ⿱波虫 ~蟖 SFCY p. 29 UK-10452 IRGN2232
U+E816 ⿹⺄田 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-78
U+E817 ⿱𥫗厘 L2/17-062 UTC-03008 IRGN2233
U+E818 ⿰土郎 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-68
U+E819 ⿺辶小 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-19
UTC-03010 IRGN2233
U+E81A ⿰土冲 L2/17-062 UTC-03011 IRGN2233
U+E81B ⿱石井 SJ/T 11239—2001 36-17
UTC-03012 IRGN2233
U+E81C ⿱𥫗强 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-27
UTC-03013 IRGN2233
U+E81D ⿱𢪒土 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-53
UTC-03014 IRGN2233
U+E81E ⿰土劣 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-23
UTC-03015 IRGN2233
U+E81F ⿰土躭 L2/17-062 UTC-03016 IRGN2233
U+E820 ⿺尾康 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-56
UTC-03017 IRGN2233
U+E821 ⿺毛羊 SJ/T 11239—2001 34-85
UTC-03018 IRGN2233
U+E822 ⿱分水 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-86
U+E823 ⿸尸下 SJ/T 11239—2001 31-45
UTC-03020 IRGN2233
U+E824 ⿻乃丶 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-39
UTC-03021 IRGN2233
U+E825 ⿰土凸 SJ/T 11239—2001 19-63
UTC-03022 IRGN2233
U+E826 ⿱𥫗鲁 Simplified form of U+25D87 𥶇 SJ/T 11239—2001 41-26
UTC-03023 IRGN2233
U+E827 ⿰土巫 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-70
UTC-03024 IRGN2233
U+E828 ⿰𤣩曹 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-42
UTC-03025 IRGN2233
U+E829 ⿱山许 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱山許 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-43
UTC-03026 IRGN2233
U+E82A ⿰土處 L2/17-062 UTC-03027 IRGN2233
U+E82B ⿱山与 Simplified form of U+3818 㠘 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-50
UTC-03028 IRGN2233
U+E82C ⿰石呈 L2/17-062 UTC-03029 IRGN2233
U+E82D ⿰亻庵 L2/17-062 UTC-03030 IRGN2233
U+E82E ⿰田屯 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-05
UTC-03031 IRGN2233
U+E82F ⿰土𢆓 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-79
UTC-03032 IRGN2233
U+E830 ⿰土袅 Simplified form of U+21469 𡑩 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-50
UTC-03033 IRGN2233
U+E831 ⿰土⿱㓁工 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-19
UTC-03034 IRGN2233
U+E832 ⿰土冝 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-17
UTC-03035 IRGN2233
U+E833 ⿱不光 SJ/T 11239—2001 16-18
UTC-03036 IRGN2233
U+E834 ⿰土非 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-41
UTC-03037 IRGN2233
U+E835 ⿰缶晏 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-43
UTC-03038 IRGN2233
U+E836 ⿰缶並 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-42
UTC-03039 IRGN2233
U+E837 ⿱艹园 Simplified form of U+8597 薗 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-88
UTC-03040 IRGN2233
U+E838 ⿱山奋 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱山奮 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-78
UTC-03041 IRGN2233
U+E839 ⿱山引 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-76
U+E83A ⿱山长 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿱山長 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-61
UTC-03043 IRGN2233
U+E83B ⿸厂带 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿸厂帶 SJ/T 11239—2001 17-04
U+E83C ⿱山角 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-64
UTC-03045 IRGN2233
U+E83D ⿰土恋 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰土戀 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-51
UTC-03046 IRGN2233
U+E83E ⿱山猫 SJ/T 11239—2001 28-18
UTC-03047 IRGN2233
U+E83F ⿱山因 L2/17-062 UTC-03048 IRGN2233
U+E840 ⿰土来 Simplified form of U+E594 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-71
UTC-03049 IRGN2233
U+E841 ⿰氵雾 SJ/T 11239—2001 30-77
UTC-03050 IRGN2233
U+E842 ⿰虫⿱死肉 SJ/T 11239—2001 40-34
UTC-03051 IRGN2233
U+E843 ⿱大男 SJ/T 11239—2001 24-78
UTC-03052 IRGN2233
U+E844 ⿰氵丫 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-63
UTC-03053 IRGN2233
U+E845 ⿱沃鸟 Simplified form of U+2A055 𪁕 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-09
UTC-03054 IRGN2233
U+E846 ⿱大方 L2/17-062 UTC-03055 IRGN2233
U+E847 ⿰木企 L2/17-062 UTC-03056 IRGN2233
U+E848 ⿰日兵 L2/17-062 UTC-03057 IRGN2233
U+E84A ⿰土贡 Simplified form of U+213B4 𡎴 SJ/T 11239—2001 20-64
UTC-03059 IRGN2233
U+E84B ⿰乐鸟 Simplified form of U+2A1F1 𪇱 《蒙古译语女真译语汇编》(1990)
U+E84C ⿱田令 SJ/T 11239—2001 38-14
U+E84D ⿱山了 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-45
UTC-03062 IRGN2233
U+E84E ⿰土肴 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-56
UTC-03063 IRGN2233
U+E84F ⿰土勇 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-19
UTC-03064 IRGN2233
U+E850 ⿵门朱 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿵門朱 SJ/T 11239—2001 29-42
UTC-03065 IRGN2233
U+E851 ⿰土廉 SJ/T 11239—2001 23-38
UTC-03066 IRGN2233
U+E852 ⿰口热 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰口熱 SJ/T 11239—2001 26-03
UTC-03067 IRGN2233
U+E853 ⿱合水 SJ/T 11239—2001 35-91
UTC-03068 IRGN2233
U+E854 ⿰土斜 SJ/T 11239—2001 22-79
U+E855 ⿰石晏 ZGDDC p. 1131 L2/17-062 UTC-03070 IRGN2233
U+E856 ⿰土间 Simplified form of U+58B9 墹 SJ/T 11239—2001 21-12
U+E857 ⿱巛贝 Simplified form of U+27D32 𧴲 SJ/T 11239—2001 32-11
UTC-03072 IRGN2233
U+E858 ⿰石齿 Simplified form of U+255CA 𥗊 L2/17-062 UTC-03073 IRGN2233
U+E859 ⿸疒立 L2/17-062 UTC-03074 IRGN2233
U+E85A ⿰叉页 Simplified form of U+29450 𩑐 L2/17-062 UTC-03075 IRGN2233
U+E85B ⿰义页 Unifiable variant of ⿰叉页 SJ/T 11239—2001 39-84
U+E85C ⿰茶阝 L2/17-062 UTC-03077 IRGN2233
U+E85D ⿰阝台 L2/17-062 UTC-03078 IRGN2233
U+E85E ⿰氵⿱甫𠇍 L2/17-062 UTC-03079 IRGN2233
U+E85F ⿰山贡 Simplified form of U+21EAD 𡺭 SJ/T 11239—2001 27-46
U+E865 ⿱自夲 Variant form of U+768B 皋 HJFC p. 9
U+E867 ⿱𠔿卓 Variant form of U+7F69 罩 (U+262DA 𦋚) HJFC p. 9
U+E869 ⿱?几 Variant form of U+864E 虎 HJFC p. 9
U+E86D ⿰产刂 Draft simplified form of U+5277 剷 HJFC p. 4 UK-10941 IRGN2232
U+E86E ⿰⿻王丷力 Draft simplified form of U+52C1 勁 HJFC p. 4
U+E86F ⿱吅厂 Draft simplified form of U+56B4 嚴 HJFC p. 4
U+E870 ⿰口苏 Draft simplified form of U+56CC 囌 HJFC p. 4 GXM-00253 IRGN2228
U+E871 ⿷匚佥 Draft simplified form of U+5969 奩 HJFC p. 4
U+E872 ⿱宀⿰丬未 Draft simplified form of U+5BD0 寐 HJFC p. 4
U+E873 ⿱刀寸 Draft simplified form of U+5C0E 導 HJFC p. 4
U+E874 ⿰彳⿻王丷 Draft simplified form of U+5F91 徑 HJFC p. 4
U+E875 ⿱?友 Draft simplified form of U+6182 憂 HJFC p. 4
U+E876 ⿸?心 Draft simplified form of U+616E 慮 HJFC p. 5
U+E877 ⿰扌𡨴 Draft simplified form of U+64F0 擰 HJFC p. 5
YYTYZD p. 142
Cowles 1914 (no. 2896)
U+E878 ⿱将木 Draft simplified form of U+69F3 槳 HJFC p. 5
U+E879 ⿰木𡨴 Draft simplified form of U+6AB8 檸 HJFC p. 5
U+E87C ⿰氵𡨴 Draft simplified form of U+6FD8 濘 HJFC p. 5
U+E87E ⿰氵⿸?心 Draft simplified form of U+6FFE 濾 HJFC p. 5
U+E880 ⿰犭𡨴 Draft simplified form of U+7370 獰 HJFC p. 5
U+E881 ⿸疒节 Draft simplified form of U+7664 癤 HJFC p. 5
U+E882 ⿸疒邕 Draft simplified form of U+7670 癰 HJFC p. 5
U+E883 ⿰糹韦 Draft simplified form of U+7DEF 緯 HJFC p. 6
U+E884 ⿰糹𪺮 Draft simplified form of U+7E34 縴 HJFC p. 6
U+E885 ⿰糹𠬤 Draft simplified form of U+7E79 繹 HJFC p. 6
U+E886 ⿰糹宾 Draft simplified form of U+7E7D 繽 HJFC p. 6
U+E887 ⿰糹卖 Draft simplified form of U+7E8C 續 HJFC p. 6
U+E888 ⿰月坣 Draft simplified form of U+819B 膛 HJFC p. 6
U+E889 ⿸?月 Draft simplified form of U+819A 膚 HJFC p. 6
U+E88A ⿲丨丿⿱𠂉品 Draft simplified form of U+81E8 臨 HJFC p. 6
U+E88B ⿰舟监 Draft simplified form of U+8266 艦 HJFC p. 6
U+E88C ⿱艹⿻王丷 Draft simplified form of U+8396 莖 HJFC p. 6
U+E88D ⿸?力 Draft simplified form of U+865C 虜 HJFC p. 6
U+E88E ⿰訁仑 Draft simplified form of U+8AD6 論 HJFC p. 6
U+E88F ⿰訁风 Draft simplified form of U+8AF7 諷 HJFC p. 6
U+E890 ⿰訁韦 Draft simplified form of U+8AF1 諱 HJFC p. 6
U+E891 ⿰訁刍 Draft simplified form of U+8B05 謅 HJFC p. 6
U+E892 ⿰訁卖 Draft simplified form of U+8B80 讀 HJFC p. 6
U+E893 ⿱⿲丨丨又豆 Draft simplified form of U+8C4E 豎 HJFC p. 6
U+E894 ⿰貝卖 Draft simplified form of U+8D16 贖 HJFC p. 6
U+E895 ⿰車仑 Draft simplified form of U+8F2A 輪 HJFC p. 6
U+E896 ⿰車乔 Draft simplified form of U+8F4E 轎 HJFC p. 6 V-F059B IRGN2241
U+E897 ⿺辶⿻王丷 Draft simplified form of U+9015 逕 HJFC p. 6
U+E899 ⿰釒冈 Draft simplified form of U+92FC 鋼 HJFC p. 6
U+E89A ⿰釒产 Draft simplified form of U+93DF 鏟 HJFC p. 7
U+E89B ⿰釒聂 Draft simplified form of U+9477 鑷 HJFC p. 7
HJF p. 5
U+E89C ⿰⿻𤣩丷頁 Draft simplified form of U+9838 頸 HJFC p. 7
U+E89E ⿰馬𠬤 Draft simplified form of U+9A5B 驛 HJFC p. 7
U+E89F ⿵鬥九 Draft simplified form of U+9B2E 鬮 HJFC p. 7
U+E8A0 ⿰目楚 chú XFC p. 127 UK-10380 IRGN2232
U+E8A1 ⿰石恩 èn XFC p. 249 UK-10381 IRGN2232
U+E8A2 ⿰马居 Simplified form of U+29905 𩤅
XFC p. 494 UK-10382 IRGN2232
U+E8A3 ⿰阝仑 Simplified form of U+966F 陯
XFC p. 592 UK-10383 IRGN2232
U+E8A4 ⿰身长 Simplified form of U+8EBC 躼
XFC p. 594 GXM-00016
U+E8A5 ⿰纟勉 Simplified form of U+26094 𦂔
XFC p. 645 UK-10385 IRGN2232
U+E8A6 ⿰米⿴囗夂 XFC p. 667
U+E8A7 ⿺风毛 Simplified form of U+4AFD 䫽
XFC p. 708 UK-10386 IRGN2232
U+E8A8 ⿰身建 qián XFC p. 753 UK-10387 IRGN2232
U+E8A9 ⿸广𤆌 sāo XFC p. 797 UK-10388 IRGN2232
U+E8AB ⿰讠庶 Simplified form of U+8B36 謶
XFC p. 856 UK-10390 IRGN2232
U+E8AC ⿰勿爱 wài XFC p. 946 UK-10391 IRGN2232
U+E8AD ⿰讠甲 Simplified form of U+46C5 䛅
XFC p. 987 UK-10392 IRGN2232
U+E8AE ⿰衾页 Simplified form of U+2951D 𩔝
XFC p. 1028 UK-10393 IRGN2232
U+E8AF ⿳⿴𦥑同冖月 Variant form of U+81D6 臖
xùn, xìn
XFC p. 1037
U+E8B0 ⿰扌缘 Simplified form of U+22DFB 𢷻
XFC p. 1108 UK-10394 IRGN2232
U+E8B1 ⿰讠曹 Simplified form of U+470A 䜊
XFC p. 1118 UK-10395 IRGN2232
U+E8B2 ⿰饣考 Simplified form of U+E8C4 马骥《成都方言》(2012年) p. 199
U+E8B3 ⿰贝娄 Simplified form of U+27DE1 𧷡 XGBY p. 201 UK-10771 IRGN2232
U+E8B4 ⿰口估 XGBY p. 318 UK-10772 IRGN2232
U+E8B5 ⿰口睡 XGBY p. 331 UK-10773 IRGN2232
U+E8B6 ⿰口榃 《肇庆市志》 (Guangzhou, 1996) p. 900
U+E8B7 ⿰氵⿳甫𠆢氺 Cf. U+E85E
U+E8B8 ⿰飠帮 KBC p. 20 UK-10611 IRGN2232
U+E8B9 ⿰贝店 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰貝店 KBC p. 51 UK-10612 IRGN2232
U+E8BA ⿰日念 KBC p. 58 UK-10613 IRGN2232
U+E8BB ⿰日聂 Simplified form of U+2330D 𣌍 KBC p. 58 UK-10614 IRGN2232
U+E8BC ⿰月下 KBC p. 111 UK-10615 IRGN2232
U+E8BD ⿰火壳 KBC p. 123 UK-10616 IRGN2232
U+E8BE ⿱𥫗垒 KBC p. 169 UK-10617 IRGN2232
U+E8BF ⿰扌麦 Simplified form of U+2B77E 𫝾 KBC p. 175
CAED p. 273
UK-10618 IRGN2232
U+E8C0 ⿰𧾷农 Simplified form of U+2819E 𨆞 KBC p. 216 UK-10620 IRGN2232
U+E8C1 ⿰土阿 KBC p. 217 UK-10621 IRGN2232
U+E8C2 ⿱艹洗 KBC p. 244 UK-10622 IRGN2232
U+E8C3 ⿰𧾷帣 KBC p. 262 UK-10623 IRGN2232
U+E8C4 ⿰飠考 Derived traditional form of U+E8B2
U+E8C5 ⿰𧾷匝 KBC p. 303 UK-10624 IRGN2232
U+E8C6 ⿰翏宽 Simplified form of U+21B18 𡬘 KF p. 48 UK-10625 IRGN2232
U+E8C7 ⿰戾支 Variant form of U+3A90 㪐 KF p. 61
U+E8C8 ⿺走责 Simplified form of U+47C4 䟄 KF p. 61 UK-10626 IRGN2232
U+E8C9 ⿰石国 Simplified form of U+2554F 𥕏 KF p. 61 UK-10627 IRGN2232
U+E8CA ⿰口万 Simplified form of U+5667 噧 KF p. 133 UK-10628 IRGN2232
U+E8CB ⿱𥫗残 Simplified form of U+4254 䉔 HFZ p. 29
MFDC p. 533
UK-10566 IRGN2232
U+E8CC ⿰目买 Simplified form of U+4072 䁲 HFZ p. 71
U+E8CD ⿰钅而 Simplified form of U+E5B0 HFZ p. 85 UK-10410 IRGN2232
U+E8CE ⿰目单 Simplified form of U+2DFDE 𭿞 HFZ p. 96
U+E8CF ⿰口页 Simplified form of U+35BD 㖽 HFZ p. 100
U+E8D0 ⿱四十 HFZ p. 126
U+E8D1 ⿱五十 HFZ p. 126
U+E8D2 ⿱六十 HFZ p. 126
U+E8D3 ⿱七十 HFZ p. 126
U+E8D5 ⿰岂犬 Simplified form of U+7343 獃 HFZ p. 174
U+E8D6 ⿰口岳 HFZ p. 225
CAED p. 324
U+E8D7 ⿰马念 Simplified form of U+9A10 騐 HFZ p. 286
U+E8D8 ⿱士𧹒 Non-standard simplified form of U+8CE3 賣
U+E8D9 ⿰米⿱成肉 Variant form of U+81A5 膥
U+E8DB ⿰月察
U+E8DC ⿰口促 V-F174B IRGN2241
U+E8DD ⿰口歴
U+E8DE ⿱艹嫖 《粤西十縣市粤方言調查報告》 (Guangzhou, 1998) p. 522
U+E8DF ⿰釒帮 《粤西十縣市粤方言調查報告》 (Guangzhou, 1998) p. 504
U+E8E0 ⿰虫叔 《粤西十縣市粤方言調查報告》 (Guangzhou, 1998) p. 533
U+E8E1 ⿰口恣 《粤西十縣市粤方言調查報告》 (Guangzhou, 1998) p. 669
U+E8E2 ⿰奈隶 《粤西客家方言调查报告》 (Guangzhou, 1999) p. 87
U+E8E3 ⿰石连 Simplified form of U+40DB 䃛 《粤西客家方言调查报告》 (Guangzhou, 1999) p. 113
U+E8E4 ⿱㓝田 Fāngyán 方言 1979.4 p. 303
U+E8E5 ⿱小面 Fāngyán 方言 1990.1 p. 11 GDM-00049 IRGN2228
U+E8E6 ⿲口亻糸 Variant form of U+55BA 喺 Fāngyán 方言 1990.2 p. 135
U+E8E7 ⿰女能 Fāngyán 方言 1990.2 p. 156 UK-10774 IRGN2232
U+E8E8 ⿰𧾷呙 Simplified form of U+8E3B 踻 Fāngyán 方言 1990.3 p. 174
U+E8E9 ⿰赤兒 Fāngyán 方言 1990.3 p. 176 GXM-00188
U+E8EB ⿰口怕 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 270
U+E8EC ⿰口逻 Simplified form of U+21197 𡆗 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 271
U+E8ED ⿵门尔 Simplified form of U+28CF4 𨳴 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 273
U+E8EE ⿰厓鸟 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰厓鳥 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 274
U+E8EF ⿰钅牢 Simplified form of U+289AD 𨦭 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 275
U+E8F0 ⿰土坚 Simplified form of U+21416 𡐖 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 280
U+E8F1 ⿱艹梦 Simplified form of U+26FCF 𦿏 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 280
U+E8F2 ⿰目盖 Simplified form of U+2DFEB 𭿫 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 281
U+E8F3 ⿱𰃮土 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 282
U+E8F4 ⿰口铎 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰口鐸 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 282
U+E8F5 ⿰口猛 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 282
GFZ p. 140
U+E8F6 ⿰口劣 Fāngyán 方言 1990.4 p. 283
U+E8F7 ⿰目迎 PSCSG p. 260
U+E8F8 ⿰犭活 PSCSG p. 265 UK-10775 IRGN2232
U+E8F9 ⿰口样 PSCSG p. 275 UK-10413 IRGN2232
U+E8FA ⿱汤皿 Simplified form of U+76EA 盪 《韶关土话调查研究》 (Guangzhou, 2009) p. 200 GDM-00108 IRGN2228
U+E8FB ⿰𠂎己 Modern form of U+20479 𠑹 《上海话大词典(拼音输入版)》 (Shanghai, 2008) p. 301
U+E8FC ⿰魚来 Semi-simplified form of U+9BE0 鯠 《潮汕方言:潮人的精神家园》 (Guangzhou, 2012) p. 98
U+E8FD ⿴囗君 《潮汕方言:潮人的精神家园》 (Guangzhou, 2012) p. 118
U+E8FE ⿳穴士𧹒 Non-standard simplified form of U+7AC7 竇 《广府方言》 (Guangzhou, 2012) p. 94
U+E8FF ⿰钅掌 Simplified form of U+9423 鐣 《肇庆民间歌谣》 (Guangzhou, 1988) p. 54
《阳山县志》(北京: 中华书局, 2003年) p. 84
《抚宁县志》(石家庄:河北人民出版社, 1990年2) p. 59
U+E900 ⿰口爷 《肇庆民间歌谣》 (Guangzhou, 1988) p. 64
U+E901 ⿰衤寿 Simplified form of U+2E5BB 𮖻 《肇庆民间歌谣》 (Guangzhou, 1988) p. 68
U+E902 ⿰土骨 《长治方言志》 (Beijing, 1985) p. 100 GDM-00033 IRGN2228
U+E903 ⿸尸𤼭 《廉江县志》 (Guangzhou, 1995) p. 757
U+E904 ⿰虫吕 《信宜方言志》 (Guangzhou, 1987) p. 145 UK-10776 IRGN2232
U+E905 ⿰爿臿 Mistake for U+7250 牐 ? 《北京话词典》 (Beijing, 2013) p. 95
U+E906 ⿺走颠 Mistake for U+27F4D 𧽍 ? 《北京话词典》 (Beijing, 2013) p. 222
U+E907 ⿰火⿱龹马 Mistake for U+71A5 熥 ? 《北京话词典》 (Beijing, 2013) p. 841
U+E908 ⿸广夫 Vulgar simplified form of U+5E93 库
U+E909 ⿰目妻 《胭脂扣》 (Beijing, 2013) p. 109 UK-10991 IRGN2232
U+E90A ⿰木烹 YTFYY p. 14
U+E90B ⿰𧾷忝 NPC p. 175
U+E90C ⿰𧾷點 NPC p. 175
U+E90D ⿰虘支 YTFYY p. 16
U+E90E ⿰月扒 YTFYY p. 19
U+E90F ⿰月枕 YTFYY p. 28
YYTYZD p. 142
Cowles 1914 (no. 129)
U+E910 ⿰扌坎 YTFYY p. 28
U+E911 ⿰𫥎刂 YTFYY p. 33
U+E912 ⿰氵⿱穴𢀛 Variant form of U+6ED8 滘 YTFYY p. 36
U+E913 ⿰纟咅 Simplified form of U+42E8 䋨 YTFYY p. 36
U+E914 ⿰丽見 Semi-simplified form of U+4695 䚕 YTFYY p. 42
U+E915 ⿱折手 YTFYY p. 48
U+E916 ⿰氵⿴囗𠅇 YTFYY p. 55
U+E917 ⿰口揖 YTFYY p. 56
YYTYZD p. 142
Cowles 1914 (no. 3033)
U+E918 ⿰土⿱㓁林 Variant form of U+2BB9A 𫮚 YTFYY p. 75
U+E919 ⿱囚? 《五雜組》 (Ming ed.) juan 13 f. 29b
U+E91A ⿱㐫冏 《五雜組》 (Ming ed.) juan 13 f. 29b
U+E91B ⿰镸重 《五雜組》 (Ming ed.) juan 13 f. 29b
U+E91C ⿰虫崩 Eiso Chan, Proposal to add an ideograph to UAX #45 (2016-12-24) UTC-02975 IRGN2233
U+E91F ⿰当瓦 Simplified form of U+3F46 㽆 Tán Wénxīn 谭文炘. "Diànbái Líhuà (Mǐnnán yǔxì) cíyǔ lìshì (xùyī)" 电白黎话(闽南语系)词语例释(续一); Wénshǐ Xiéyīng 文史撷英 no. 13 (1994) p. 43.
U+E920 ⿱句黾 Simplified form of U+2A4DF 𪓟 Tán Wénxīn 谭文炘. "Diànbái Líhuà (Mǐnnán yǔxì) cíyǔ lìshì (xùyī)" 电白黎话(闽南语系)词语例释(续一); Wénshǐ Xiéyīng 文史撷英 no. 13 (1994) p. 44.
U+E921 ⿲讠言言 Simplified form of U+27B5B 𧭛 Tán Wénxīn 谭文炘. "Diànbái Líhuà (Mǐnnán yǔxì) cíyǔ lìshì (xù'èr)" 电白黎话(闽南语系)词语例释(续二); Wénshǐ Xiéyīng 文史撷英 no. 13 (1998) p. 57.
U+E922 ⿰𧾷岚 Simplified form of U+2814F 𨅏 Tán Wénxīn 谭文炘. "Diànbái Líhuà (Mǐnnán yǔxì) cíyǔ lìshì (xù'èr)" 电白黎话(闽南语系)词语例释(续二); Wénshǐ Xiéyīng 文史撷英 no. 13 (1998) p. 61.
U+E923 ⿱不风 Simplified form of U+295B2 𩖲 Tán Wénxīn 谭文炘. "Diànbái Líhuà (Mǐnnán yǔxì) cíyǔ lìshì (xùsān)" 电白黎话(闽南语系)词语例释(续三); Wénshǐ Xiéyīng 文史撷英 no. 13 (2000) p. 79.
U+E924 ⿰亻𮧯 Variant form of U+5049 偉
U+E925 ⿰𮧯舀 Variant form of U+97DC 韜
U+E926 ⿱啟月 Variant form of U+43FF 䏿 CSHTZ p. 12
U+E927 ⿰纟施 Simplified form of U+2609B 𦂛 CSHTZ p. 14
U+E928 ⿱大䖵 CSHTZ p. 26
U+E929 ⿰钅昴 Simplified form of U+E92A CSHTZ p. 34
U+E92A ⿰釒昴 Derived traditional form of U+E929
U+E92B ⿰自坐 Corrupt form of U+213E9 𡏩 CSHTZ p. 56
U+E92C ⿰自力 Corrupt form of U+20852 𠡒 CSHTZ p. 72
U+E92D ⿱龸石 Variant form of U+2C488 𬒈 CSHTZ p. 154 UK-10587 IRGN2232
U+E92E ⿰氵⿸厂⿰屰刂 CSHTZ p. 166
U+E931 ⿱髟闲 Simplified form of U+9B1C 鬜 CSHTZ p. 203 UK-10589
U+E932 ⿱㓁幕 Variant form of U+20587 𠖇 GC p. 108
U+E933 ⿲糹耳少 Variant form of U+7DF2 緲 GC p. 109
U+E934 ⿰扌⿱𰀢見 Variant form of U+652C 攬 GC p. 292
U+E935 ⿰氵厯 Variant form of U+701D 瀝 GC p. 304
U+E936 ⿰口厯 Variant form of U+56A6 嚦 GC p. 304
U+E937 ⿸疒厯 Variant form of U+7667 癧 GC p. 304
U+E938 ⿱雨厯 Variant form of U+9742 靂 GC p. 305
U+E939 ⿰釒𫠣 Variant form of U+934A 鍊 GC p. 316
U+E93B ⿻刀乀 Vulgar form of U+5169 兩 GC p. 320
U+E93C ⿸?⿱田皿 Variant form of U+76E7 盧 GC p. 326
U+E93D ⿰⿱爫冊乚 Variant form of U+4E82 亂 GC p. 334
U+E941 ⿵門𪛉 Variant form of U+9B2E 鬮 GC p. 507
U+E943 ⿱𥫗𫔮 Simplified form of U+25CD1 𥳑 GC p. 513
U+E944 ⿰訁⿱𠫓冉 Variant form of U+8B1B 講 GC p. 525
U+E948 ⿱冖? Variant form of U+5BEB 寫 GC p. 630
U+E94A ⿱雨业 Variant form of U+865B 虛 GC p. 687
U+E94B ⿱丿⿸中丶 Vulgar form of U+8846 衆 GC p. 781
U+E94E ⿰骨⿳丿罒水 Variant form of U+29A7A 𩩺 GC p. 1071
U+E950 ⿰土裴 HZFY p. 21 UK-10755 IRGN2232
U+E951 ⿰石囦 HZFY p. 84 UK-10756 IRGN2232
U+E952 ⿰𧾷费 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰𧾷費 HZFY p. 100 UK-10758 IRGN2232
U+E954 ⿰鼠鸟 Simplified form of U+F66B HZFY p. 181 UK-10760 IRGN2232
U+E955 ⿰女圼 HZFY p. 187 UK-10761 IRGN2232
U+E956 ⿸尸丛 HZFY p. 187
U+E957 ⿰𧾷⿵门𫠣 Simplified form of U+8E9D 躝
Cf. U+2816C 𨅬
HZFY p. 190 UK-10762 IRGN2232
U+E958 ⿰虫歪 HZFY p. 311 GDM-00145
U+E959 ⿰卤齐 Simplified form of U+2A286 𪊆 HZFY p. 313 UK-10764 IRGN2232
U+E95A ⿰木泡 HZFY p. 384 UK-10765 IRGN2232
U+E95B ⿰目足 HZFY p. 394 UK-10766 IRGN2232
U+E95C ⿰禾厌 HZFY p. 456 UK-10767 IRGN2232
U+E95D ⿰身历 Simplified form of U+2829B 𨊛 HZFY p. 456
HFDC p. 7126
UK-10768 IRGN2232
U+E95E ⿰替页 Simplified form of U+29557 𩕗 HZFY p. 459 UK-10769 IRGN2232
U+E95F ⿰耆页 = Unencoded traditional form: ⿰耆頁 HZFY p. 459
U+E960 ⿺乙當 Derived traditional form of U+EA48
U+E961 ⿰扌⿱𠂉品 Derived traditional form of U+EA4F UK-10365 IRGN2232
U+E962 ⿰亻闌 Derived traditional form of U+E969
U+E963 ⿰𧾷鸟 Simplified form of U+28119 𨄙 LZ p. 635 UK-10594 IRGN2232
U+E964 ⿰口张 Simplified form of U+2BAE7 𫫧 LZ p. 635 UK-10595 IRGN2232
U+E965 ⿰刃刃 LZ p. 636 UK-10596 IRGN2232
U+E966 ⿰口敬 LZ p. 636 UK-10597 IRGN2232
U+E967 ⿰虫啬 Simplified form of U+27497 𧒗 LZ p. 644 UK-10598 IRGN2232
U+E968 ⿰虫革 LZ p. 644
LFC p. 185
UK-10599 IRGN2232
U+E969 ⿰亻阑 Simplified form of U+E962 LZ p. 646 UK-10600 IRGN2232
U+E96A ⿰禾总 Simplified form of U+25865 𥡥 LZ p. 648 UK-10601 IRGN2232
U+E96B ⿱山宕 LG p. 18
U+E96C ⿰鱼共 Simplified form of U+4C4B 䱋 LG p. 21 GZA-619541 IRGN2228
U+E96D ⿰𧾷禀 LG p. 52
U+E96E ⿰隹鸟 Simplified form of U+4CE1 䳡 LG p. 98 GKJ-00042 IRGN2228
U+E96F ⿱艹堡 LG p. 110
U+E970 ⿰口⿸虍命 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E971 ⿰亻⿱七天 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E972 ⿰口⿸虍令 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E973 ⿱天本 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E974 ⿴囗旡 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E975 ⿱大亨 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E976 ⿸尸元 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E977 ⿰身真 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E978 ⿱天卩 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E979 ⿰君⿱玄火 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97A ⿰氵⿱屯火 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97B ⿴囗神 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97C ⿱入塵 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97D ⿱罒⿰肖光 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97E ⿰月窗 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E97F  ⿱幻京 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E980 ⿰虚覺 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E981 ⿰生妄 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E982 ⿰氵⿱民心 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E983 ⿱朋寂 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E984 ⿱地元 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E985 ⿰亻𡥘 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E986 ⿰木⿳金⿰水火土 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E988 ⿱三⿰三三 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E989 ⿱⿲男男男女 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E98A ⿱無⿰無無 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E98B ⿰正真 Error for U+9755 靕 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E98C ⿳䀠冖叔 Error for U+E983 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E98D ⿰木⿳金⿰水土土 Error for U+E986 《亳州老君碑古字譜》
U+E98E ⿰春春 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E98F ⿱春⿰春春 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E990 ⿰花花 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E991 ⿱花⿰花花 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E992 ⿰雷雷 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E993 ⿰雨雨 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E994 ⿱雨⿰雨雨 广东省梅县程江镇万秋楼内的客家谚语
U+E995 ⿱林林 中华人民共和国第二代居民身份证用字 GDM-00079
U+E996 ⿰扌⿱因皿 WYY p. 37
U+E997 ⿰虫釆 WYY p. 50
U+E998 ⿰扌⿱罒维 Non-standard simplified form of U+651E 攞 WYY p. 185
U+E999 ⿲扌至⿺支丶 RWDCLN p. 431
U+E99A ⿰月⿱目一 RWDCLN p. 449
U+E99B ⿳日八寸 RWDCLN p. 451
U+E99C ⿱利今 RWDCLN p. 148
U+E99D ⿱不是 XCSZ p. 13 UK-10579 IRGN2232
U+E99E ⿱不畏 XCSZ p. 13 UK-10580 IRGN2232
U+E99F ⿰勿畏 XCSZ p. 13 UK-10581 IRGN2232
U+E9A0 ⿷匚赣 Simplified form of U+3536 㔶 XCSZ p. 40 UK-10582 IRGN2232
U+E9A1 ⿰讠亚 Simplified form of U+46E9 䛩 XCSZ p. 114 UK-10583 IRGN2232
U+E9A2 ⿱⿷匚夹心 XCSZ p. 414 UK-10584 IRGN2232
U+E9A3 ⿰木戏 Simplified form of U+237F5 𣟵 XCSZ p. 525 UK-10585 IRGN2232
U+E9A4 ⿰目聂 Simplified form of U+25349 𥍉 XCSZ p. 781 UK-10586 IRGN2232
U+E9A6 ⿳丿由一 Early form of simplified fish radical U+9C7C 鱼 《汉字简化方案》(Beijing, 1956) p. 10
U+E9A7 ⿰衤习 Example of an incorrect simplification of U+8936 褶 《简化字总表》(Beijing, 1964) p. 5
U+E9A8 ⿰讠夸 Example of an incorrect simplification of U+8A87 誇 《简化字总表》(Beijing, 1964) p. 5
U+E9A9 ⿰丰阝 Example of an incorrect simplification of U+9146 酆 《简化字总表》(Beijing, 1964) p. 12
U+E9AA ⿱戈兀 Example of an incorrect way of writing of U+5C27 尧 《简化字总表》(Beijing, 1964) p. 13
U+E9AE ⿳𠚊八夂 Variant form of U+21570 𡕰 DDY p. 152
U+E9AF ⿰扌𢦣 DDY p. 158
U+E9B0 ⿰口秘 19SXXKF p. 33 UK-10637 IRGN2232
U+E9B2 ⿰口晡 19SXXKF p. 34 UK-10638 IRGN2232
U+E9B3 ⿰阝⿱且下 19SXXKF p. 35 UK-10639 IRGN2232
U+E9B4 ⿰口遐 19SXXKF p. 35 UK-10640 IRGN2232
U+E9B5 ⿰口桍 19SXXKF p. 35 UK-10641 IRGN2232
U+E9B6 ⿱敝也 19SXXKF p. 35 UK-10642 IRGN2232
U+E9B7 ⿰扌惹 19SXXKF p. 35 UK-10643 IRGN2232
U+E9B8 ⿰口擎 19SXXKF p. 35 UK-10644 IRGN2232
U+E9B9 ⿰去丫 19SXXKF p. 35 UK-10645 IRGN2232
U+E9BA ⿰口柿 19SXXKF p. 36 UK-10646 IRGN2232
U+E9BB ⿺廴歪 19SXXKF p. 36 UK-10647 IRGN2232
U+E9BC ⿰衤這 19SXXKF p. 36 UK-10648 IRGN2232
U+E9BD ⿰矢哥 19SXXKF p. 37 UK-10649 IRGN2232
U+E9BE ⿰矢過 19SXXKF p. 37 UK-10650 IRGN2232
U+E9BF  ⿰口娣 19SXXKF p. 37 UK-10651 IRGN2232
U+E9C0 ⿰口溪 19SXXKF p. 38 UK-10652 IRGN2232
U+E9C1 ⿱穴來 19SXXKF p. 38 UK-10653 IRGN2232
U+E9C2 ⿰口剿 19SXXKF p. 40 UK-10654 IRGN2232
U+E9C3 ⿰女臼 19SXXKF p. 41 GXM-00352
U+E9C4 ⿰口潭 19SXXKF p. 42 UK-10656
U+E9C5 ⿰口惨 19SXXKF p. 42 UK-10657 IRGN2232
U+E9C6 ⿰口杉 19SXXKF p. 42 UK-10658 IRGN2232
U+E9C7 ⿰⿱⺈韭刂 19SXXKF p. 42 UK-10659 IRGN2232
U+E9C8 ⿰口掩 19SXXKF p. 42 UK-10660 IRGN2232
U+E9C9 ⿰亻⿱氏森 19SXXKF p. 42 UK-10661 IRGN2232
U+E9CA ⿰力罧 19SXXKF p. 43 UK-10662 IRGN2232
U+E9CB ⿰口鵪 19SXXKF p. 43 UK-10663 IRGN2232
U+E9CC ⿰夸晏 19SXXKF p. 44 UK-10664 IRGN2232
U+E9CD ⿰口奠 19SXXKF p. 44 UK-10665 IRGN2232
U+E9CE ⿰𧾷練 19SXXKF p. 44 UK-10666
U+E9CF ⿰巾賛 19SXXKF p. 45 UK-10667 IRGN2232
U+E9D0 ⿰口玎 19SXXKF p. 46 UK-10668 IRGN2232
U+E9D1 ⿰口汀 19SXXKF p. 46 UK-10669 IRGN2232
U+E9D2 ⿰口勝 19SXXKF p. 46 UK-10670 IRGN2232
U+E9D3 ⿰月頃 19SXXKF p. 46 UK-10671 IRGN2232
U+E9D4 ⿰喜分 19SXXKF p. 46 UK-10672 IRGN2232
U+E9D5 ⿰口肫 19SXXKF p. 47 UK-10673 IRGN2232
U+E9D6 ⿰未⿱成肉 Variant form of U+81A5 膥 19SXXKF p. 47 UK-10674 IRGN2232
U+E9D7 ⿰諞另 19SXXKF p. 47 UK-10675 IRGN2232
U+E9D8 ⿲彳忽亍 19SXXKF p. 47 UK-10676 IRGN2232
U+E9D9 ⿰口横 19SXXKF p. 47 UK-10677 IRGN2232
U+E9DA ⿰扌釘 19SXXKF p. 47 UK-10678 IRGN2232
U+E9DB ⿰口聼 19SXXKF p. 47 UK-10679 IRGN2232
U+E9DC ⿰口零 19SXXKF p. 47 UK-10680 IRGN2232
U+E9DD ⿰骨横 19SXXKF p. 48 UK-10681 IRGN2232
U+E9DE ⿰口釘 19SXXKF p. 48 UK-10682 IRGN2232
U+E9DF ⿰口儉 19SXXKF p. 48 UK-10683 IRGN2232
U+E9E0 ⿰口帮 19SXXKF p. 48 UK-10684 IRGN2232
U+E9E1 ⿰口卬 19SXXKF p. 49 UK-10685 IRGN2232
U+E9E2 ⿰口仰 19SXXKF p. 49 UK-10686 IRGN2232
U+E9E4 ⿰口想 19SXXKF p. 49 UK-10687 IRGN2232
U+E9E5 ⿱冖棟 19SXXKF p. 50 UK-10688 IRGN2232
U+E9E6 ⿰口凍 19SXXKF p. 50 UK-10689 IRGN2232
U+E9E7 ⿰𧾷壓 19SXXKF p. 51 UK-10690 IRGN2232
U+E9E8 ⿰屑甲 19SXXKF p. 51 UK-10691 IRGN2232
U+E9E9 ⿰口洽 19SXXKF p. 51 UK-10692 IRGN2232
U+E9EA ⿰去⿱⿻土吅回 19SXXKF p. 51 UK-10693 IRGN2232
U+E9EB ⿲氵丢⿱⿻土吅回 19SXXKF p. 51 UK-10694 IRGN2232
U+E9EC ⿰口蛤 19SXXKF p. 52 UK-10695