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BabelStone Maritime is a font that provides 78 colourized glyphs for International Maritime Signal flags, Nato signal flags, other maritime signal flags, and miscellaneous maritime flags. The glyphs are mapped to Basic Latin letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

This font uses the COLR/CPAL format for layered colour fonts, which is supported by all major browsers (including IE11, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome) running on Windows 10. The coloured flags also display correctly in Microsoft Word 2016, but most desktop applications (such as Notepad) do not currently support colour fonts. In applications that do not support colour fonts, the font provides black and white fallback glyphs showing an ASCII character within a flag or pennant of the same shape and size as the corresponding colour glyph.


BabelStone Maritime (48 points)

Supported Flags

The tables below render each flag character in the BabelStone Maritime font, either using the font installed on your local machine or using a WOFF font if the font is not installed on your local machine.

As many of the flags have white areas, and the font glyphs do not have a border, they may not display well on a plain white background. Two different solutions are shown in the tables below. In the first 'Flag' column, the background for the flag is set to a neutral non-white colour (light gray in this case). In the second 'Flag' column, CSS is used to apply a border to the flags:

.outline { text-shadow: -1px -1px #000, 1px -1px #000, -1px 1px #000, 1px 1px #000; }

Flag Letters

The 26 flag letters map to the corresponding lowercase Latin letters.

Character Flag Description
a a a A Alfa
b b b B Bravo
c c c C Charlie
d d d D Delta
e e e E Echo
f f f F Foxtrot
g g g G Golf
h h h H Hotel
i i i I India
j j j J Juliet
k k k K Kilo
l l l L Lima
m m m M Mike
n n n N November
o o o O Oscar
p p p P Papa
q q q Q Quebec
r r r R Romeo
s s s S Sierra
t t t T Tango
u u u U Uniform
v v v V Victor
w w w W Whiskey
x x x X Xray
y y y Y Yankee
z z z Z Zulu

Flag Numbers (ICS)

These are the pennants for numbers defined by the International Code of Signals. They map to the digits "0" through "9".

Character Flag Description
0 0 0 0 Zero
1 1 1 1 One
2 2 2 2 Two
3 3 3 3 Three
4 4 4 4 Four
5 5 5 5 Five
6 6 6 6 Six
7 7 7 7 Seven
8 8 8 8 Eight
9 9 9 9 Nine

Flag Numbers (NATO)

These are the flags for numbers used by the NATO. They map to "@" (for zero)and the uppercase letters "A" through "I" (for one through nine).

Character Flag Description
@ @ @ 0 Zero
A A A 1 One
B B B 2 Two
C C C 3 Three
D D D 4 Four
E E E 5 Five
F F F 6 Six
G G G 7 Seven
H H H 8 Eight
I I I 9 Nine

Flag Substitutes

These are substitute or replacement flags used to indicate a repeat of the first, second, third or fourth flag in the hoist. The first three substitute flags are used by the International Code of Signals and NATO, but the fourth substitute flag is only used by NATO. These map to symbols for the shift state of the digits "1" through "4" on the US keyboard.

Character Flag Description
! ! ! 1st Substitute
" " " 2nd Substitute
# # # 3rd Substitute
$ $ $ 4th Substitute

Naval Maneuvering Signal Flags

These map to uppercase Latin letters "J" through "Z", and "%" and "&".

Character Flag Description
J J J Code/Answer Pennant (ANS)
K K K Preparatory (PREP)
L L L Question (INT)
M M M Negation (NEGAT)
N N N Designation (DESIG)
O O O Course Pennant (CORPEN)
P P P Turn (TURN)
Q Q Q Screen (SCREEN)
R R R Speed (SPEED)
S S S Station (STATION)
T T T Port (PORT)
U U U Starboard (STBD)
V V V Formation (FORM)
W W W Division (DIV)
X X X Squadron (SQUAD)
Y Y Y Prompt
Z Z Z Emergency (EMERG)
% % % Subdivision (SUBDIV)
& & & Group (FLOT)

Miscellaneous Flags

These are other miscellaneous flags not defined by the International Code of Signals or NATO. They map to various symbols and punctuation marks.

Character Flag Description
* * * Diver Down
+ + + Red Cross
- - - Red Crescent
~ ~ ~ Jolly Roger (Skull and Crossbones)
_ _ _ White Flag
^ ^ ^ Black Flag
[ [ [ Å Åke (Swedish)
\ \ \ Ä Ärlig (Swedish)
] ] ] Ö Östen (Swedish)

Version History

Version Date Notes
0.000 2018-02-17 Initial release
0.001 2018-02-23 Fix for black/white tilde glyph


BabelStone Maritime is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1, which means you are free to use it for personal or commercial purposes, and to redistribute it by itself or as part of a free or commercial software package, just as long as you do not sell the font on its own. The license also allows you to modify the font in any way you like, as long as the modified font does not use "BabelStone" in its name. Please read the license for details.

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