Pictures of Tangut Texts and Artefacts from the Baisigou Square Pagoda


Baisigou Square Pagoda before it was destroyed in 1990

Photographs of the Ruins of the Pagoda

Ruins of the pagoda

Ruins of the pagoda

Northwest corner of the pagoda

Detail of northwest corner of the pagoda

Plaster on the northwest corner of the pagoda

Central pillar on the third floor of the pagoda

Robber tunnel at the base of the pagoda

Painted plaster among the rubble of the pagoda

Cylindrical central pillar among the rubble of the pagoda

Octagonal central pillar among the rubble of the pagoda

Tangut books (F017) at site of discovery among the rubble of the pagoda

F064: Wooden supporting pillar from the centre of the pagoda (塔心柱)

F065: Wooden tablet with Tangut inscription in ink (西夏文木牌)

F017: The Auspicious Tantra of All-Reaching Union (吉祥遍至口和本續)

See Auspicious Tantra of All-Reaching Union for details.

Front cover (F023-1) and open folio (F022-12) of Auspicious Tantra of All-Reaching Union: Supplementary Explanations




F052: Print of Uṣṇīṣavijayā (顶髻尊胜佛母像)

F056: Buddha prints (佛印)

F027: Buddhist Manuscript Scroll (西夏文佛经长卷)

Written in a very hard to read cursive Tangut script, this scroll is probably a commentary on a Buddhist text. The penultimate line indicates the end of scroll 3.

The last line, which may be in a different hand to the rest of the scroll, states: "owner" followed by the Tangut family name "mẽpụ" [酩布] and an unrecognised Tangut given name.

Length: 574 cm; Height: 16 cm.

F028: Buddhist Mantras (西夏文经咒)

Length: 59.5 cm; Height: 24.5 cm.

F029: Buddhist Mantras (西夏文经咒)

Length: 46 cm; Height: 29.5 cm.

F073: Clay Stupas (小泥塔)

About 5,000 miniature clay stupas were found, about 99% small-sized, and 1% large-sized.

Large-sized: Height: 5.5–6.0 cm; Diameter: 6.0 cm.

Small-sized: Height: 3.0–4.0 cm; Diameter: 3.0–3.5 cm.

F074: Clay Buddhas (小泥佛)

About 1,100 miniature clay buddhas were found, about 75% small-sized, and 25% large-sized.

Large-sized: Height: 4.0–5.0 cm; Width: 2.0 cm; Thickness: 1.0 cm.

Small-sized: Height: 3.0 cm; Width: 2.5 cm; Thickness: 0.5 cm.

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